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Unethical Siphoning of Water in Drought State
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CALIFORNIA -- I want to appeal to all people of America and abroad to stop supporting the draining of water in the state that provides the MAJORITY of domestic fruits, vegetables and tree nuts which you have enjoyed for DECADES. This wonderful place has provided YOU with healthful, reasonably priced and contributed BILLIONS in federal tax revenue. Now, the greedy Europeans are here in the San Bernardino Mountains, sucking the very water needed to produce these healthy foods into cheap plastic bottles.

With the Obama regime signing over the previous waters of OUR Great Lakes, the world's largest source of fresh water to CHINA, that's right CHINA, did we really need the likes of the Globalist Oppressors, drying up what is left of the water in California? Or don't you have any sense at all? SAY NO TO NESTLÉ - all they care about is money. Do YOU say "To hell with American men & women who have worked California's fertile land for over a century and food for YOUR BELLIES?" SAY NO TO NESTLÉ. THEY ARE BLEEDING AMERICANS DRY!

No One Better Lay a Finger on My Butterfinger!

I'm not sure if these are new to the market, or just new to me? But I wanted to say that they are delicious, and also very conveniently packaged. I love the individual bite size candies so that you aren't forced to eat the entire candy bar at once. However, they are not just miniature sized Butterfingers, like the ones catered around Halloween. These are actually a different snack altogether, with the center resembling the taste of a Butterfinger. These have more of a "Take-5" quality to them. Anyway, thanks to the Nestle company for developing a variation of the classic standby!

Frozen Lean Cuisine Chicken Dinners Recalled, Meals May Contain Pieces of Hard Plastic, According to the Company

Nestlé Prepared Foods Company in Springville, Utah is recalling approximately 879,565 pounds of frozen chicken meals that may contain foreign materials, the U. S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service said. The objects were identified as small pieces of hard plastic, which were discovered after the company received consumer complaints and a report of one injury.

The following products are subject to recall: 9.5-ounce packages of “Lean Cuisine Pesto Chicken with Bow Tie Pasta" brand frozen meals. Printed on each side of each package is a production code of “8280595912,” as well as a use-by date of “Best Before MAY 2010.”

10.5-ounce packages of “Lean Cuisine Chicken Mediterranean” brand frozen meals. Printed on the side of each package is a production code of “8231595912” or “8241595912,” as well as a use-by date of “Best before SEP 2010”; a production code of “8263595912,” “8269595911” or “8274595912,” as well as a use-by date of “Best before OCT 2010”; or, a production code of “8291595912” or “8301595912,” as well as a use-by date of “Best before NOV 2010.”

12.5-ounce packages of “Lean Cuisine Chicken Tuscan” brand frozen meals. Printed on the side of each package is a production code of “8234595911” and a use-by date of “Best before SEP 2009”; a production code of “8253595911” or “8269595912” as well as a use-by date of “Best before OCT 2009”; or, a production code of “8292595911” or “8296595911” as well as a use-by date of “Best before NOV 2009.”

Each package also bears the USDA mark of inspection, as well as the establishment number “EST P-9018.” The frozen chicken meals were produced on Aug. 18, Aug. 21, Aug. 28, Sept. 9, Sept. 19, Sept. 25, Sept. 30, Oct. 6, Oct. 17-18, Oct. 22 and Oct. 27 and were distributed to grocery stores nationwide. Consumers concerned about an injury from consumption of the products should consult a medical professional. Consumers with questions should contact Nestlé Consumer Services Center at (800) 227-6188. The toll-free USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline is 1-888-MPHotline (1-888-674-6854).

Absolutely One of the Best Lean Cuisine Meals I Ever Tried
By -

COLORADO -- Due to my recent oral surgery, I have to eat soft foods for a few days. I wanted something that I could microwave, yet still enjoy. I bought a package of Lean Cuisine's new fajita-style chicken spring rolls, and I am hooked! They are delicious. Made with white meat Chipotle chicken, corn, black beans, bell peppers and onions. I do not like spicy foods, but they do have a nice hint of spice, just right, not overpowering. They come 3 servings per package, and you get two packages. They are packaged in a little cooking cardboard sleeve. They cook up very nicely in two minutes, and 30 seconds if you are using an 1100 watt microwave oven.

They also have instructions if you are using a 700 watt microwave oven. It makes a nice, quick meal. They are 200 calories, with 7 grams of fat, 2 grams of fiber. If you follow the Weight Watchers new points plus program, they are 5 points per package. I made a side serving of my favorite Botan Calrose rice (Japanese white rice), and I was good to go!!! I bought them at King Soopers. I'm sure they are available at your local grocery store. They also have other spring roll flavors, but so far, I've only tried the fajita-style chicken spring rolls. Give them a try. I think you'll like them just as much as I do! They really are delicious. I ate them plain but add your favorite sauces.

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