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Net 10 Customer Service Non-existent
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I have had Net 10 phones for years, and never had a complaint until I actually tried to use what they call a "service." Their web site says that you can easily transfer minutes from one phone to another, but does NOT warn you that doing so will result in your own phone being de-activated.

I tried a week ago to transfer SOME of my accumulated roll-over minutes to a friend's cell phone. He had an emergency and was on the road. One of Net 10's techs did the transfer, but failed to mention that my own phone would be deactivated. I did not discover that until I tried to use it the next day. It took two days of phone calls, emails, and a complaint to the FCC to get my phone re-activated. The very next day, Net 10 de-enrolled me from my Easy Minutes plan, which frankly seemed like retaliation for the FCC complaint.

I had to pay a second monthly fee to re-enroll. My phone showed the additional minutes, but no additional service days. My account page online did not show me enrolled in Easy Minutes at all. I waited four days for the page to update, and it never did. Emails to their customer service department generated only form letters that resolved nothing. I called their customer service line this morning, waited on hold for 25 minutes, and finally spoke to a tech again. She updated my phone screen... and then de-enrolled me from my Easy Minutes plan AGAIN!

She said she did not have the capacity to extend the contract, and that I now have to wait until the end of next month to re-enroll AGAIN, or I would be billed a THIRD time this month.

This kind of "service" is beyond outrageous. I have never experienced such a lack of customer service from any company. I do not recommend that ANYONE buy a Net 10 phone -- the trouble, abuse, and grief are not worth the cheap minutes.
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How to complain to NET 10 Prepaid phone
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I have a Net 10 phone, and for all of last year I had an automatic 150 min. a month added to my phone and was billed on a credit card, worked well until Dec 09 I got billed but to get my minutes and airtime I had to call and wait for a human to give me a long string of numbers to get the minutes, same thing in Jan.. Now in Feb. 2010 I was billed on Feb. 2 and my airtime expired 2/14, but on 2/15 my phone still showed 2/14 due date and no new minutes! So I called the phone number they provided me in the original agreement, the recording said they had a large volume of calls and could not take my call, to call back at another time, same message on the 16th, 17th, so on the 18th I called my credit card company and disputed the charges and blocked them from ever charging my card again. God Bless Chase, the best credit card company in the world. But because I had 697 minutes on my phone I went to Walmart and bought a 200 min, card, but when I tried to use it all I got was invalid code, so I called the number on the card and waited, and waited, 3 people later and a hour later, I was told she could not help me because the original 150 minutes was still pending, she could not ad the minutes from the card I bought, so I gave up with her. When I first called I had asked the first girl for the corporate number and when I called this number I still had to wait on hold, but a human answered and after 50 minutes I had the 200 minutes and 2 months airtime added to my phone. I will not go back to the original plan and as soon as I find another phone company to move to, I will give my phone to a relative and let them use up the minutes.

Number to call to get real help from this company in 1-800-876-5753
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User Replies:
Frenchie on 02/20/2010:
Net10 is an excellent phone I know for I sold them and have had one for several years. Never found a spot where I could not use.

Go to Walmart where you bought it and have them get it straightened out. Don't take no for an answer from WM as they have a special number they can call and get a body at in a few minutes the problem will be solved. I know all of this first hand. The problem is WM with incompetent people working in the electronics department.
craigie wilder on 03/25/2010:
I have had net10 for 4 years now, and just got my self a samsung t401g phone after my last one had been in a swimming pool accident, and when I tried activating my phone there were all forms of problems and no one helped me, one day later I tried again but was more settled and trying to be nice to the Cs people and they sorted my problem out in 10minutes, Got back all my minutes and am happy as ever. You cannot just give up so easily, Cs are people and yes they make mistakes but it's worth trying and trying for the amount of money I'm saving!
Kathy101 on 04/25/2010:
I am an avid Net10 user. My advise is avoid CS altogether.. Get10 a new phone in person and use the number that comes with it. also buy your minutes in person. Keep it simple and it is simple. Net10 is fantastic value for money at 10c per minute so make it work. I like being on prepaid as contracts are so over priced and Net10 does justice to proving good usage at a great price ;)
Lili09 on 04/30/2010:
Net10 has been a life saver in this tough economy. I switched from a contract about 2 yrs ago and since my savings have piled up. The flat rate lets you pay for only the minutes you need and use and there service is fantastic. I have never had to really deal with CS so I cannot comment on that, but I do recommend net10 to all.
Camo normo on 05/26/2010:
I originally used net10 because I needed a back-up phone. I then had a month when I used it about 3times more than my normal phone and it came out cheaper than my normal phone even though I didn’t use the normal phone. So I got rid of it and now I only use net10. Its way cheaper because you’re paying for what you get, there are no useless bells and whistles you don’t need. You want minutes and text and net, you pay, you get, you save money. End of story. I love not getting a love note at the end of the month from my cellular carrier for a small fortune. Who needs contracts?
LizzyGirl66 on 06/30/2010:
Sorry what you have gone through, I find it very surprising actually. I've had Net10 for a year and am huge fan. I've had nothing but a perfect experience with it - great savings and great coverage. The price is so low to stay connected with friends and family. Net10 = THE BEST
Tippie on 10/23/2010:
What a shame you had such a lousy experience. And isn't it awful when everyone around you seems to have no glitches...almost as though you attract them all for yourself (I had that with a vehicle I once bought). I must say though, I've only ever had one bad experience with customer services, and if I take into account the issues I had with my previous provider, that's not bad going. I will be honest too, at the low prices Net10 now charge, I'd deal with a whole lot more before I gave up the savings I'm now enjoying. I joined their unlimited plan and am now paying $50 for it, everything included! A bit of bad customer service once in a while doesn't weigh up that badly for me versus the cheap rates on a good network, with no overages, etfs or bills. But ultimately, you need to look at what works and is important to you...
pjpackrat on 10/26/2010:
I did stay with Net 10, but I did not stay with the automatic charge on my credit card, I just buy the card and add minutes because it does get a signal almost everywhere I go, works way better at my house than even Verizon. I have not had to call customer service since the last problem and that's a plus!
shawna on 02/17/2013:
Got my net ten number which belongs to a different person who goes through a different company net ten refuses to fix problem turned them in to the fix net ten has horrible customer service can't understand anything they say. Now have a phone that won't work and all my calls go to a man in different state.
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