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Don't Sign Up With Netease – It Is Anything But Easy
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SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- On Friday 07/25/08, Netease, in their finite wisdom, shut off our domain for email access. Our company is now unable to receive emails and multiple phone calls to the company have resulted in a major run-around in resolving this matter. The company outsources ALL of their customer service and tech support to India so you will not be able to reach anyone at the company location in Santa Rosa, CA.

It has been 4 days now and still there is no resolution to this problem with none in sight for that matter. The only resolve I have now is to move our host mail to another provider. The really irritating part is that this whole issue could have easily been avoided with a simple courtesy call to our company from Netease.

Illegally Turning Us In to a Collection Agency

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- Netease had access to our account for auto withdraw for their monthly bill. They did this for almost 12 months, then shut our service off with no warning because, according to them, we "hadn't paid our bill." After speaking with the service rep (waited on hold for 30 minutes to this), he agreed and told us he would take it out of our account. We terminated our service at this time (because of their history of POOR customer service) and told the rep to take the remaining money out of our account for the final bill. He agreed.

Now, almost 1 year later, we have gotten two letters from a collection agency for money that we supposedly owe Netease. There was no reasonable attempt to contact us about this matter (which is illegal), never mind the fact that WE DON'T OWE THEM MONEY. 1 week ago, (after waiting on hold for almost 30 minutes), Netease agreed this was their fault and that THEY would contact the collection agency and they would also send us a letter stating we did not owe them money.

I haven't received a letter. I spoke with the collection agency and Netease has never spoken with them. The Netease salesman took my name and number and told me someone would be calling me, but no-one has called. My husband and I have both e-mailed their "help" line and no one has even e-mailed us back. I waited on hold for 1 hour yesterday and no-one ever picked up the customer service line.

When I called the sales line on my cell phone, the salesman assured me I was "the next in the customer service cue" -- after which I waited for 40 minutes and no one ever picked up the phone. The ironic part is, that after waiting on hold for 25 minutes and then calling the sales line -- I WAS THE ONE WHO HAD TO SETTLE THE SALESMAN DOWN. I told him I was trying to keep an even temper and that he was the one being obnoxious with me for no reason and to please settle down.

All I want is what this company has promised: a letter stating we were wrongly turned in to a collection agency and that our account has been in good standing since we terminated our service. When I spoke with the woman at Cal Coast Collections, she laughed and said, "Netease is doing this to so many people. Just send us a letter so we can protect you from them." When I told her that Netease said they would talk to Cal Coast Collections, she laughed again and said, "Honey, they just tell you what you want to hear so you'll get off the phone."

This company is criminal and full of liars. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Check out the lawsuits against them. They are criminals. They will screw up your credit, turn off your service and then never even try to fix their mistakes. They don't care about their customers at all. Please pass this on to your friends and families. If you want to contact these criminals or have had problems with them as well, their address is: 1220 North Dutton Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 94501. Their phone number (go to sales -- it's the only line they answer) is: 707-569-500.

Netease Lies

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased 3 months of internet service by telephone for a former friend that didn't have a credit card only to find out a week later that he had secured an ISP. I was never told this was a non-refundable deposit or I never would have paid. I can't use this dial-up service as I use broadband.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: I want my money back, this service was never used. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

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