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Netspend Fees are Ridiculous
Posted by GoSox on 07/21/2010
Netspend has now starting to charge $2.50 per ATM withdrawal. On top of that, the customer can only withdraw $325 per transaction. So, to get my money off the card (because I refuse to pay $1-2 for every purchase I make, even on online) I have to pay the $2.50 every time plus the bank fee of $3.00.) I only want a debit card to receive my benefits, and getting it a few days earlier does not make up for all the money Netspend charges. I see they got their act together with charging to check your balance in the automated system, but upped fees in other areas. Their savings account is bullcrap when you do tap in the savings the fees applies to that money too! So to even get your savings money you will be charged the same fees, which takes the interest part of the savings. Trust me, Netspend is not doing consumers any favors.

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Posted by FlShopper on 2010-07-21:
Why not just open an account at a credit union or bank?
Posted by bcd on 2010-07-21:
Apparently some people have such an unfavorable banking history they don’t even qualify for a checking account.
Posted by goduke on 2010-07-21:
Actually, if you left a negative balance of like $1 at a bank, they can load it into the banking system to that you can't open an account at most banks for up to 5 years. It's very much like the mob.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-07-21:
As shopper said, why use them unless you are in that pool with checksystems that prevent you from getting a conventional account. If that's the case, then comparing fees to a bank wouldn't be apples for apples. You review has value to readers as people should note from this fee list what their alternative will be if they misuse their checking account.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
goduke, Thanks for sharing your experiences. So what fashion of prepaid debit card do you use or are you totally a cash-and-carry type of guy?
Posted by goduke on 2010-07-21:
I use oklahoma cow chips for currency, Stew.
Posted by Maggie on 2014-03-03:
Some comments made here by bcd, goduke are not everyone's situation. My granddaughter was going to DC on a class trip and the Visa card was for her to use. We are still waiting for validation of the card as of today 03/03/2014.
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Netspend..... a class action lawsuit should be filed against them
Posted by Nacgirl on 05/21/2010
I used my Netspend card for the first time May 19 the following day I stopped at a kwik Pantry, entered the store looking for an ATM but did not find one so I handed the clerk and asked for $10 gas, he swiped the card I entered the PIN got a receipt and left, my next stop was at a local pharmacy to pick up some prescription meds, the card was declined several times. I called the local ACE and was advised I should not have got that piece of crap, the clerk said she discourage everyone from getting them because it is a scam and I now agree with her. I called corporate only to be told the balace would reappear in a few days, but overnite my balance on line went from -$0.50 to $0.50.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 05/26/2010:
We would like to apologize for the huge inconvenience this has caused. We can assure you that our company is not a scam and that we have serviced over 7 million customers since we began. Unfortunately when you use your card at gas pumps, and inside some gas stations, there will be a hold of around 55.00 on your card. This hold is in place in case if someone gets more gas then what was available on the card. We do state in our terms and conditions that this may occur, but understand it can be frustrating. Hopefully by now your money has been released. We hope that this does not discourage you from using our service, but in the future it is best to try to pay for gasoline with a debit purchase to avoid this type of hold. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
Thank you,
NetSpend Corp.
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Posted by Charles Bishop on 2013-05-20:
Went back to Ace this year to get my routing number and account
Number, I was given a sheet of paper with the wrong information. So, the people at Ace and Netspend say to go to court. My
Income tax returns were put in this wrong account. I can not get any of my taxes back, due to an error from Ace giving me the wrong information. They claim they are not at fault. Here I come
Texas state District Atty ofc and a class action suit.
Posted by shirley on 2013-07-07:
my whole socail security check was stolen off my card i contacted netspend they told me i have to wait 10 bis days i also contacted the store were my card was suposly used that morning mind you i never left my home the day this transcation happen the store told me they had no transcation from my card netspend has been rippin people off for year and they get away with it every time
Posted by NetSpend on 2013-07-09:
We are very to hear that there were unauthorized transactions on your account.

We require 10 business days to perform an initial investigation of your claim. Please send your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will be happy to look into this for you.

Thank you,

Posted by No Name on 2013-10-01:
Netspend is a liar they have had my funds on hold for months and everytime I call or email I am told that they are waiting to hear back from someone else. However, nothing is being done and Netspend continues to hold my money in abeyance.
Posted by TIMOTHY ELLIS on 2014-02-20:
its been a week i havent been able to use my card netspend has $1577.of my money and ive faxed proof of who i am with a statement from child support with my address and a letter from state franchise tax board which is less then 30 days old and still they are bullshitting me not letting me use my account. im notifying texas attorney general first thing tomorrow. i have a baby to feed and things i would like to get with my money.
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Worst Prepaid Card Ever
Posted by Perkyjayknoll on 01/01/2013
ANYWHERE, MICHIGAN -- This is by far the worst prepaid card worldwide. Don't get this card, get a Walmart money card, or something else. When you get the card you have to pay 5.95 to load it, which is normal, but then you pay 1.00 PER single credit transaction, and 2.00 PER debit transaction. On top of that they charge a 5.95 fee a month to keep the account open. This is the worst card I have ever had, and their customer service sucks.
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Posted by Susan on 2013-01-02:
Two clicks on their website tells you everything you need to know in terms of costs which should be reviewed before opening an account.
Posted by NetSpend on 2013-01-02:
We understand your concern regarding the fees associated with your account.

These fees are charged due the services we offer with the card. Currently, there are two different plans you can set up. The Pay As You Go plan charges 1.00 for every credit and 2.00 for every debit transaction. The Fee Advantage plan will waive these credit and debit transaction fees for 9.95 a month (ATM fees, load fee, balance inquiry, etc. would still apply.)

The load fees can be different depending on where you go. Some locations are free to load, while others may charge up to $5.00.

The 5.95 account maintenance fee will only be charged after 90 days of inactivity. This can be avoided by using your card at least one every 3 months, or leave a zero balance.

If there is anything else we can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call customer service at 1-86-NetSpend (1-866-387-7363).

Thank you,


Posted by fran on 2013-04-29:
got a netspend income tax put on cant get money out without charges. no atms if any where are they close to negaunee, mi googled target was to have one got rid of it.
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Received a card I did not request. No customer service available to resolve the problem
Posted by Don L on 06/03/2010
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I received a prepaid debit card from Netspend. I did not request such a card, nor have I opted in to receive such an offer from another site. I do not appreciate a pre-approved debit card being shipped to my mail without my requesting it. The possibilities for abuse and identity theft that this present if this mail was intercepted are far to high.

I destroyed the card, but I wanted to speak with a customer service representative to insure that no account had been opened in my name, but the 800 number provided with the card does not allow access to live customer support, only taped messages.

A quick review of the Internet revealed many complaints against this company. I am now very concerned that they have my credit information and may possibly have an account in my name. I will be watching my credit report very closely for the next year.

I plan to forward the offer they sent me to the Attorney General with a complaint and I urge all other who receive unsolicited debit or credit cards to do the same.

Read Company Response
Company Response on 06/09/2010:
We understand that receiving a card that you never requested can be very alarming. We have precautions set in place to avoid any identity theft so we can assure you that your information is safe. The only information do we receive is your name and address. We also follow the same regulations and compliance as any other financial institution, so consumer privacy is one of our number one concerns. We sometimes receive information from certain websites that you have visited when it is believed that you would be interested in our card. If you do not want the card you can simply throw it away. We apologize you were not able to get through to our customer service but we are available M-F from 8am-10pm (CST) and Sat-Sun from 8am-8pm(CST). Again we apologize for any misunderstandings and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Thank you,
NetSpend Corp.
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Posted by Steve on 2011-12-01:
I too received an unsolicited card in the mail. I called the only numbers I could find for the company, and it turns out that the only way you can actually end up talking to someone is if you press the number 'to report a lost or stolen card'. She was a nice lady, but did not want to spend the time talking to me about the offer (probably isn't allowed to) as I had several questions for them. She finally gave in and let me ask my questions. I was really just testing them out. I still say this is a muck-rake company with several traps set in place to gain as many fees as possible from you. I did find out, or so she said, that if you do have an overdraft of up to $10, the company will cover it for up to 80 days with no charges, fees, or penalties. Something smells fishy about that, but perhaps it's true. I can't imagine any money grubbing card company letting you get away with that. I guarantee there would be some kind of penalty.
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May They Burn In Hell!
Posted by SSS29 on 12/26/2008
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- On 12/25/08 I discovered that 14 unauthorized charges were made to my Netspend debit card. I called Netspend and was HORRIFIED to find out that not only was all of my money taken but there wasn't anything I could do about it. According to netspend, because these transactions are still "pending" I have to wait until they go through and then and only then can I start the dispute process (by the way the charges were all made on 12/24 and I is now 12/26 & they are still "pending"). Meanwhile I have $0 and I could be waiting for who knows how long to get my money back. The company treated me as if I were to blame for using my debit card online at some point in my life allowing someone to hack into my computer and gain access to my #. I was able to contact some of the companies that charges were made from and they were wonderful in immediately refunding my money when they realized that the billing address that the person who stole my number used and my actual billing address did not match up.

Another point I brought up to Netspend was how the transactions were allowed to be authorized if the billing address did not match up. They had no answer for this and continued to tell me that they couldn't do anything until the merchants collected their money. Many of the merchants were unable to be contacted because they are fraudulent businesses who's telephone numbers lead to no where or have been disconnected. I was informed by Netspend that many of these companies were associated with an online gambling site that is out of the country. I am filing a complaint because of the inability and unwillingness of the company Netspend to answer for why they approved transactions when the billing address was incorrect and also for their "too bad so sad" attitude towards refunding my money or helping me expedite the return of my money from these fraudulent charges.

They made me feel like I was being punished for having my debit card # stolen and now I have to figure out what I am going to do for money until my dispute goes through. NO ONE at this company is American. That is to say that it is beyond obvious that the foreigners that have been hired to answer the phones are reading from a script and God help you if you ask a question that is not in their list of scripted answers because then they will just start talking to you about something else. if you are thinking of opening a Netspend account just light a match and set yourself on fire, it's less painful!
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2008-12-26:
Was this a prepaid debit card that was sold by a retail store? Sometimes hackers and scammers would copy the serial and PIN numbers on these cards while they are still on the store's racks, and they would check online at the prepaid debit card's (or gift card's) web site, and wait for someone to purchase the card, then the thieves would charge items to the card, via online purchases or counterfeit plastic, without the knowledge of the person who purchased the debit card or gift card. Thus when the person who bought the card first tries to use it, it has zero value and was declined, due to some hacker draining the account without the purchaser's knowledge. Most gift cards and prepaid debit cards now have their serial numbers and PIN's covered with a silver scratch-off material. If the card's silver material was scratched off, DO NOT PURCHASE THE CARD.
Posted by SSS29 on 2008-12-27:
Yes, this was a prepaid card, but it was not purchased in store. I purchased the card through a place called the money box 5 YEATS AGO. They do not actually give you a card but give you a temporary number to use while you wait for your actual card. through some investigating I found out that this not only happened to me but several other people on the same day with all of the same companies that charged my card.
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Netspend Rip Off
Posted by Tdwusmc on 03/01/2013
After waiting 4 weeks to get my tax refund thru Netspend, I finally get my card I go to my bank and twice it is declined. then I am told to come back tomorrow. because the bank can only run the card twice in one day. I still have no cash.
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Posted by NetSpend on 2013-03-05:
We are very sorry to hear that your card was declined. You should still be able to use your card for debit or credit transactions.

Please send your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will investigate why this occurred.

Thank you,

Posted by Sarah on 2013-03-07:
I had my tax refund come to me through net spend and I spent a quarter now have a holding my account they say I need to fax copies of my id ss card!!! And current bill for my addresS! that's crazy! I don't just fax that to unknown numbers.
Posted by aly on 2013-04-02:
They did the same to me sara , except on march the 20th they told me they sent the remainder of my refund back to the IRS? But the irs is saying they dont have !! I am calling the FBI tomorrow.
Posted by Sister on 2013-04-10:
Can not use my call at Walmart. It states decline and there is money in my account
Posted by angela on 2013-08-23:
Every time I check my balance its money missing..and they cant tell me why netspend is the worst ever if enough ppl get together we need to sue
Posted by larry mabry on 2014-03-09:
I've been waiting for my tax refund for a month now and when I call the number on the back i can't understand what the people are saying so what's the deal?
Posted by Liza Trejo on 2014-03-15:
I received my income tax on a netspend card go to find out that my card was empty with 32cents now there telling me there not going to reimburse me 8500 of my money
Posted by wanda caraballo on 2014-03-16:
I'm very upset with card,I reload my card and it charge me.then I tried to use it and it declined.still I haven't been able to speak to a representative, totally Suck!I lost my money.not cool.
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Posted by Jones_d43 on 02/24/2013
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I also got my refund put on Netspend card at recommendation of turbo tax and the day I got the refund of 8100 I withDrew some money and paid a few bills and the next day my card was blocked by Netspend said they needed to verify my id. They wanted dl, ss card, w2 and utility bill faxed to them and my card would be released in 6 hours, so I sent what they wanted and it was not enough even though every time I call they verify me with last four of ssn, said would take 48 hours that was on 2/10 on 2/13 said would be another 1 to 2 weeks.

Got pissed and closed account said would take 20 days to get check. Called today and check was returned to IRS so they say have no idea who to contact now to see where my money is, if anyone call help please need help....
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Posted by Jeff on 2013-02-25:
Wow. Thanks for the heads up. Seems like Netspend needs to get it together.
Posted by NetSpend on 2013-02-26:
We are very sorry to hear about the problems you experienced.

Please send your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will make sure this is addressed.

Thank you,

Posted by wattamutt on 2013-03-01:
Had the same problem only I was using mine for direct deposit also. Went to a car auction to buy a car.. The froze
my account- I call them up- all I hear is "suspicious purchase".. Huh? They ask me to send some very sensitive information about myself then say its going to take 2 business days to clear up- ok. I wait the required time and call they closed my account and sent the damn money back to the Irs! What am I goin to do about my paycheck that's going out 2mmr? How am I going to buy pampers for my daughter? how am I goin to get bus fare to get to work?? I called them numerous numerous times nobody could explain to me why even after I sent the required documents they asked for- they STILL closed my account! They are dealing with human beings here with families and children who depend on that money that is in those accounts to survive! I dont know what im goin to do now- this is really an unnecessary hardship for me and my family
Posted by michael on 2013-03-29:
Netspend did the same to me , I opened and activated a card , my state refund was deposited , I was allowed to use that money and the account for 3 weeks , as soon as my federal return hit the account they froze it over 7k missing , netspend says they sent it back to the IRS and the IRS says they dont have , I am ready to call the FBI to see if they can find it!
Posted by David on 2013-04-07:
Im currently experiencing similar problems...I had my refund deposited used my card for 2 days then they locked my account I sent them all the information needed to unlock my account and now They keep telling me 48 hours,48 hours Ive spoken to several people including supervisors and a manager of customer service still no help..They assure me that my account will be unlocked tomorrow Monday 8th but we will see.Im very upset and would never reccomend anyone use this company.I think everyone should get a lawyer and file a lawsuit against them to show them you cant treat people like this!!
Posted by Anthony on 2013-05-02:
Netspend did the same thing to me. Put a block on my account, I sent in my id, ss card, and pay stub. after telling me many lies about not receiving it, it being too dark blah blah, I sent in utility bills as well. Once they had no more lies to tell me, they told me that they had sent it back to the IRS. Has anyone received there money after they sent it back to the IRS?
Posted by Kyle on 2013-09-04:
Has anyone with a rejected refund ever received their refund? I've been waiting 6 weeks
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Great Prepaid Card
Posted by Barbarasimmons66 on 01/16/2013
Hi, my name is Barbara Simmons and I have been a Netspend member since 2010.

I have never had any problems. My direct deposits are always on time and customer service is always great.

Keep up the good work.

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Posted by on 05/10/2012
TEXAS -- We tried to get my husband's new card authorized. because he is hard of hearing, he could not hear the woman's questions. and she would not let me answer the questions. We have only been married 59 (fifty nine) years! Did she think I was stealing from him? Also she would not let me talk to some higher up who might have helped us. We will never ever use Netspend again, and will never have a good word about them. They are also very rude to callers.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-05-12:
Try going to https://www.netspend.com/help/contact_us.shtml Send them an e-mail to see if they have an alternative way to communicate with them that can get your husband's card authorized, such as a TDDY line or perhaps using their FAX number.
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Account being blocked
Posted by 06honeybee on 07/16/2011
On 7/15/2011 I received a text message by phone stating that a refund had been deposited into my account. I just got my direct deposit 2 days prior the this refund. this refund was from a credit from a dentist office yes I paid in January 2011 for services and used a different debit card and in April 2011 had to report the debit card I used for services lost or stolen so the credit could not be applied to the card used in January so I requested to have my credit applied to my Netspend account went thru no problem. this took place on 7/13/2011 and on 7/15/11 the funds went thru. ok on 7/16/11 I go to store to make purchases and my card was denied at checkout x2 times I checked atm for balance and the balance was well more than enough to cover purchase and I tried to withdraw I was denied acess to account. I went to the car hoping to get a positive response but instead I was told that since I didn't use the Netspend card for the services that my card was blocked and that I would have to provide documentation to support the credit/refund on my account. I explaned that I needed at least the money that was from my paycheck at least due to the fact that my mother had cancer and I was needing money for the trip and also my daughter was due any day to have her baby and I had gotten things for her household that she would be needing and I needed gas money. I was put on hold for well over an hour and another representative answered the call and I had to explain again what happen and what could be done and they were not trying to hear my concerns the necesity for the funds from at least from my payroll check I was told that they unfortunately could not do anything I never got to speak with management nor was I able to get my card unblocked not until I can provide Netspend with what I feel like personal documention none of their business information or the other choice is to have the merchant reverse the credit and once its off my Netspend account then they can release the funds what am I to do meantime my account is blocked. my mind is made up that I will close the account with Netspend they charge too much hidden charges and I don't like the fact that when you call in for a concern its no concern to them the only good thing I can say is that the getting a check 2 days faster was the only plus but now look at the picture it may be 2 more weeks before this issue is resolved and still no money but on Monday my plans will be to notify my payroll department and have my future funds re-routed to another provider and once I get my issue resolved never refer this company to anyone ever again
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Posted by MissLeopard83 on 2011-07-17:
It is always better to get a bank account. I never have liked the idea of the payroll cards. Seems dangerous to me. Good review.
Posted by Lynda on 2013-08-14:
I only use my card to pay a small bill online. I never put a lot of money on the card, but when I try to use my card, it noes not work . I go to the office where I purchase my netspend, they say my card is blocked and call the number on the back of the card. I call them, they want to charge me more money to answer my question. I can not put money on my card nor get money off my card, and no one to this day can tell me why my card is blocked. what good are the staff if they can not help a customer with simple question, then call the number on the back. Going online do not help.
Posted by NetSpend on 2013-08-19:
We are very sorry to hear that your account has been blocked.

Please send your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will be happy to look into this for you.

Thank you,

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