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Unauthorized Transactions-Stolen Acct Information
Posted by Daybyday2200199 on 12/20/2011
MONTEBELLO, CALIFORNIA -- I used to be a happy Netspend customer until my account information somehow got stolen and unauthorized transactions for almost $300.00 was taken from my account. I get the automatic text messages so I was at work when the first charge came in for about $29.00 for some gas station in Texas, mind you I live in California and have never visited Texas. About 30 min later another charge for $108.39 another gas statation in Texas. Well bells went off and I told my boss I had a major emergancy and needed to leave and go withdraw my money & find out what is going on. So while I am driving to the check cashing store I am on hold the whole almost 20 min with Netspend workers telling them my situation over and over, meanwhile I am getting more angry and frustrated. Finally I am supposedly transferred to a dispute resolution person or so I thought. I told him AGAIN what was happening and he told me that if I blocked the card everything would be ok and that the pending transactions were going to be removed and my funds given back asap. While I was speaking to him ANOTHER charge $125.09 was debited which was proof it was fraud and not my charges. So I blocked my card and was given another temp card but was still linked to my account. I asked will there be a chance these charges hit again? No the Netspend employee said, because my card was blocked he said. Well this was all on a Monday, by Wed of the same week my account is short I noticed over $100.00 so I check online and what do you know one of those fraud charges did come in and get deducted. Livid I called Netspend only to be given the run around and told I would now have to dispute the charge. Fine after over an hour of getting now where I will dispute it. Well now its Thursday and I check my account only to see another charge hit that was to be blocked this time for the larger sum of $125. What the hell I thought was going on here? How could these charges I had reported as fruad be paid? Also so many days later? Well of course here I go again calling Netspend so angry because I have to speak to these customer service reps who don't know ANYTHING besides what they read on their scripts. No one with authority ever gets on the line. I requested to speak with a manager and the idiot representative had the nerve to ask why? Are you kidding me I just finished explaining it to you twice!! So finally I get a manager, tho I highly doubt it was because they tell you the same thing the representative did a before. Well this manager tells me that the merchant "Forced" the transactions and that just because my card was blocked and pending transactions removed didn't mean the charges would not hit my account. I went through the roof. I started screaming I was so angry because I had asked this question when I first reported the fraud, and two how come they allowed these transactions I reported as fruad to be forced by the merchant. What was the point of blocking my card then? If I was told this on Monday when I first called I would have taken all my money out of the account period!!! So I calm down and ask ok so now what, how do I get my money back. I was then told I would now have to file a Claim dispute and an investigation would be done but it would first take 10 days for me to even get any initial information. What the heck! So even though I reported it as fraud I am now having to file and fax to Netspend a Dispute letter and wait 10 days for the investigation to begin? What investigation if I reported it as fraud in the first place? So then the so called manager tells me I can try calling the merchants too and see if they will refund the money. I lost it again because I said I don't know who the hell the merchants are in Texas because I live in California. That I had called to report the fraud to avoid any of what I am dealing with now. My money was taken without my consent and I reported it to Netspend only to have them jerk me around. Whats even more fishy is how they are located in Texas and the charges that were made with a fake credit card come to find out were in Texas as well. Funny how the charges started to happen right when my Christmas bonus was deposited. Three years of having the card and nothing like this happeneded but right when the largest deposit ever is done a week later charges begin? Makes me think its an inside job. Lets see what happens now? I am a single mom who works to freaking hard to let this happen. Netspend better do right by me. Christmas is now ruined because this has thrown off all my allocated funds and bills. Thanks NETSPEND!!!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-20:
Thieves pick Christmas time to commit fraud cause people are so busy spending money that they may not notice any missing right away. My debit card info was stolen last year a few weeks before Christmas. I highly doubt that this is an inside job on Netspend's part. The thieves could have gotten your info months ago, but waited until the holidays to use it. Netspend has to investigate the charges. Yes, it's obvious that it isn't you making the charges in another state, but they still have to investigate all fraud. You will get your money back, but it may take awhile. It sucks to be a victim of identity theft. I've been there. Just be patient and let Netspend do their job.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2011-12-20:
Also, please don't forget to notify police to get a report. It should help.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2011-12-20:
I have heard a lot about people losing money to net spend, a lot of fraud. Obviously they are not that secure or people wouldn't be having these problems. I would never trust a card like that to hold my funds. I always use my bank debit card. Its much easier and faster to cancel *they cancel it immediately if i lose it or its stolen*. And it does sound suspicious like someone could've worked for the company as its in the same state...but hard to prove. I hope it gets cleared. I know disputes can take awhile. Sometimes they give it 30 days to dispute something, i have had that happen before.

If you do not have a bank account, i recommend opening one up. Its safer than any of those cards.
Posted by MOMMYOF4 on 2014-01-09:
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Account being blocked
Posted by 06honeybee on 07/16/2011
On 7/15/2011 I received a text message by phone stating that a refund had been deposited into my account. I just got my direct deposit 2 days prior the this refund. this refund was from a credit from a dentist office yes I paid in January 2011 for services and used a different debit card and in April 2011 had to report the debit card I used for services lost or stolen so the credit could not be applied to the card used in January so I requested to have my credit applied to my Netspend account went thru no problem. this took place on 7/13/2011 and on 7/15/11 the funds went thru. ok on 7/16/11 I go to store to make purchases and my card was denied at checkout x2 times I checked atm for balance and the balance was well more than enough to cover purchase and I tried to withdraw I was denied acess to account. I went to the car hoping to get a positive response but instead I was told that since I didn't use the Netspend card for the services that my card was blocked and that I would have to provide documentation to support the credit/refund on my account. I explaned that I needed at least the money that was from my paycheck at least due to the fact that my mother had cancer and I was needing money for the trip and also my daughter was due any day to have her baby and I had gotten things for her household that she would be needing and I needed gas money. I was put on hold for well over an hour and another representative answered the call and I had to explain again what happen and what could be done and they were not trying to hear my concerns the necesity for the funds from at least from my payroll check I was told that they unfortunately could not do anything I never got to speak with management nor was I able to get my card unblocked not until I can provide Netspend with what I feel like personal documention none of their business information or the other choice is to have the merchant reverse the credit and once its off my Netspend account then they can release the funds what am I to do meantime my account is blocked. my mind is made up that I will close the account with Netspend they charge too much hidden charges and I don't like the fact that when you call in for a concern its no concern to them the only good thing I can say is that the getting a check 2 days faster was the only plus but now look at the picture it may be 2 more weeks before this issue is resolved and still no money but on Monday my plans will be to notify my payroll department and have my future funds re-routed to another provider and once I get my issue resolved never refer this company to anyone ever again
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Posted by MissLeopard83 on 2011-07-17:
It is always better to get a bank account. I never have liked the idea of the payroll cards. Seems dangerous to me. Good review.
Posted by Lynda on 2013-08-14:
I only use my card to pay a small bill online. I never put a lot of money on the card, but when I try to use my card, it noes not work . I go to the office where I purchase my netspend, they say my card is blocked and call the number on the back of the card. I call them, they want to charge me more money to answer my question. I can not put money on my card nor get money off my card, and no one to this day can tell me why my card is blocked. what good are the staff if they can not help a customer with simple question, then call the number on the back. Going online do not help.
Posted by NetSpend on 2013-08-19:
We are very sorry to hear that your account has been blocked.

Please send your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will be happy to look into this for you.

Thank you,

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Card Came 3 Weeks Later,my Refund Got Sent Back
Posted by Arline on 02/15/2011
I had my tax refund set up to get deposited onto my Netspend card. The card was ordered online the same day I filed my taxes. About 11 days later I saw on the IRS website that my refund was being direct deposited, before my card even arrived. I checked my account online and my balance was zero. So I called and they told me they had no record of an order. To make a long story short because they messed up by not sending my card out when they should have, my refund got sent back to the irs. So now I have to wait for a paper check. This is after calling Netspend every day for 5 days straight to find out when my refund would post(every time I called they said it post in 2 hours. When I finally called p###ed off on tues. Morning these idiots informed me they rejected the deposit because they couldn't verify my identity w/out a card. Now I received 2 cards from these idiots in the last 2 days.

I cut those suckers up and threw them out. I advise anyone w/ an ounce of common sense to stay as far away from Netspend as you can. There are so many other better debit card companies out there.
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Netspend Is A Fraud!
Posted by Mnola on 04/09/2009
WISCONSIN -- On 4/9/09 I arrived home to find a nice, new NetSpend Prepaid Visa in my mail. This would have been fine except for the fact that I did not apply for this card!

The letter enclosed said that a financial service provider and nationwide websites recommended me for this prepaid card. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

I called their customer service line and got the runaround for about 20 minutes until I actually got a live person named "Joel" (who could barely speak English to boot) who then asked me for the card number for verification purposes & to close the account. Of course, I did not feel comfortable doing this, so I didn't. I advised her that I did not apply for this card, did not want the card, and was there an address that I could mail the card (cut up) back to the company. The representative then advised me that there was no such address & kept insisting that I give the card number.

I also plan on contacting the credit reporting agencies tomorrow and my Better Business Bureau.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-04-09:
It is illegal for a company to open a credit card in your name without authorization. It is a federal crime and a violation of the Truth In Lending Act. Report this to the Federal Trade Commission at http://www.ftc.gov/
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-09:
Soaring, I agree with your referring them to the FTC, the only issue I have is you stating that it is illegal for the company to open a credit card without authorization. Netspend has an out as this is not a credit card. It is a prepaid visa card...there is no credit involved. These cards cannot be used until you add money.

To mnola, This is not the first complaint about cards being issued without having applied for it. For good measure even though these cards do not require credit checks, I'd still file a fraud alert with the credit reporting agencies... just to be sure that no other activity is initiated without you knowing about it. This company also claims to be a member of the Better Business Bureau. I'd file a complaint with them and see what the company's response to your inquiry will be.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-04-09:
Prepaid? How did I miss that...
Posted by emmdee on 2009-05-16:
The giving of a prepaid debit card that needs to be activated and has zero value unless you add money to it is probably not going to be considered fraud. Even if it was not requested, it is simply an advertising gimick. My son had a debit card issued by the college he attends, not requested, and that is how they would reimburse if he is ever owed a refund from the school. In that case they would load the card with money, he is supposed to activate it but has not yet - he owes so not really needed.
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A Debit Card Nightmare!!!
Posted by BCC on 07/28/2007
Run from this company. Get away quickly and don’t come back. Be afraid..be VERY afraid. I am amazed that Netspend has not been recognized yet as a scam. I have never dealt with a more horrific organization in my life. We received 6 $50 cards from a relative as gifts for our children. Not realizing that they needed to be used within a certain time, (they did not include the T’s and C’s with the cards) we held onto them a while before activating. When we called to activate them, we were told that charges had incurred on the cards amounting to more than HALF the original balance of $300. After 2 or more hours and speaking with no less than 4 agents and 2 managers, they finally reinstated the original balance. Also, they charge you for EVERYTHING they can think of. They charge for using the card. They charge for NOT using the card (within a certain time). They even charge to get the card’s balance over the phone.

Get this…I called the toll free number to get the balance on the cards. The automated person said there would be a .50 charge to get the balance and that if I use the website, there would be no charge.

So I quickly hung up the phone before I received the balance and went immediately (within 5 minutes) to the website. There it was, the .50 cent charge. Just on principal, I called them up and had the .50 removed.
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Posted by FoggyOne on 2007-07-30:
Most gift cards are like this. Comapnies make a fortune on them. Why not give cash? With cash don't pay to get the cash (other than the cash amount), you don't pay to use the cash, you don't have an expiration date on cash, etc... Gift cards are really a stupid idea for consumers but a smart idea for companies.
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Netspend False Advertisement Bad Customer Service
Posted by Morgancontessa on 02/21/2013
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Thus company claims to post funds add soon as received this is not true they hold ach deposits for anywhere from 1 to 3 days to earn interest I assume. Customer service is hard to reach if you want to speak to a person. They give conflicting information if you ask detailed questions. If you email it takes them 48 hours for a response. This is not a good company and if I had researched before I wouldn't have went with them. there are a few companies that are worth checking out.

I would try American express they have excellent customer service and you always get a person whom speaks perfect English.
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Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-02-21:
I am totally baffled as to why anyone would use a service like this, unless their past banking experience is so flawed that no financial institution will open an account for them. You can go into any community bank or credit union and get these services and much, much more for free. Why deal with these clowns?
That being said, ACH deposits arrive at the financial institutions with a posting date attached, indicating when they should hit the account. Typically it is 2 or 3 days after being recieved. It is all automatic, so no one is selectively holding the funds.
There are a very small number of financial institutions who will post the transaction as soon as it comes in, regardless of the date but most will not do this. The reason is that if they post a Friday deposit on a Wednesday, but the sender cancels it on Thursday (which happens), they have to scramble to get their money back.
If your pay date is officially on a Friday, and the funds hit your account on Friday, then everything works as planned. If you aren't seeing your funds until Monday, then you have a beef.
Posted by NetSpend on 2013-02-26:
Customer service is very important to us and we continually look into ways to improve this.

We can assure you that as soon as we receive a deposit, it is made available on the account.

Please send your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you,

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Deliberate Dishonest Refusal to Refund Money
Posted by Steph.l.hales on 12/08/2012
LOVELAND, COLORADO -- I initiated an order online which, legitimately, resulted in a hold on those funds until the order was completed. Due to unavailability of the online vendor, the order was cancelled the next day. 14 days after the order was cancelled, the funds were still held in pending transaction status. I emailed the vendor and received a response stating they had notified the card company 3 times that that order had been cancelled and the vendor released the funds. I forwarded the email in a secure message in my online account.

The auto response is that it would take 48 hours. 3 days later, funds are still not released and still no additional response from customer service. I called customer service, they said to forward the email from the vendor verifying the order was cancelled and they would release the funds in 6-8 hours. 24 hours later, funds are not released. I called customer service back and was told that I needed to forward to a different email address, and they were unsure why I was given an incorrect email address, but to forward the verification of cancelled order again to the CORRECT address and funds would be released in 6-8 hours.

Today, 24 hours later, funds still not released. I was told they had no record of any correspondence from me - not the email, not the SECURE MESSAGING - nothing. I was told that if I wanted the funds to be released, I needed to call the vendor and ask them to fax, on their letterhead, a letter stating the order was cancelled! Despite the fact that all banking transactions are electronic and I have the confirmation with a specific name, order#, transaction # and domain name obviously from the vendor, now I have to request the vendor to take the time and expense of writing a letter on my behalf.

I am filing this complaint, certified letter to Paypal, their co-branded card partner, BBB, CFTB and banking authority for this transaction in our state. Sadly, aside from the complaints, the only other action I can take is to discontinue using this vendor for any reason.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-09:
I agree that if you're dissatisfied, the best thing you can do is not use them. Ironically, this means the hold on the funds or line of credit doesn't make any difference.
Posted by stacey on 2013-03-13:
I am also dealing wirh the same issue. I placed an order with best buy.... almost a month later I still dont have my money back. I will be contacting rhe bbb.
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Posted by WANDA789 on 05/11/2012
FLORIDA -- This is informative to the company itself & to public review. I found this to be ONE OF THE WORST pre paid card experience ever. I was simply put cash on someone Net Spend card that was in the need of cash. I had to call Net Spend 4 times. Spoke with three people one lady twice. The Third lady I spoke to was rude loud a total B! Poor customer service!! EVER I WOULD NOT BUY OR AFFILIATE MYSELF WITH NET SPEND NON WHAT SOEVER. I WILL NOT REFER MY FAM OR FRIENDS TO NET SPEND.. JUST HORRIBLE

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-05-11:
Without some details there is just not much to be gleaned from this review. What took place?
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Hacked Netspend Debit Account
Posted by Drpitasi26 on 09/25/2011
My account was hacked in August 2011. I noticed an auto text via my nespend account for a purchase that I did not perform or authorize. I immediately contacted Netspend to inform them and asked them to cancel my account immediately. I asked them what I needed to do to resolve it and get my funds back. They told me to fax or "mail" my letter to them, and they also told me what info to include. I did everything they told me to. I went to a local ups store, to fax it. The clerk tried twice; it would not fax. So, the error code was on Netspends end. I went ahead and mailed it so it would not delay the dispute. I mailed it certified mail. I went to my local post office a few days later and they post office confirmed it was received by the austin Texas address 5 days after I had mailed it. I contacted netsend to inform them they should have it. Finally, they said they did not ever receive it, they closed my claim. I got a letter about re-opening my claim if I fax the info. I had to re-fax all the information again. They got that 3 weeks after the initial mailing of info. So...... (It goes on).... They got the fax on September 15Th and told me "10" more days and I would get a letter about the dispute, and a phone call. Netspend is associated with Metabank. This is how they perform their bank transactions with the debit card service. I have looked up Metabank & will contact them as well. This is ridiculous. If Netspend is fdic backed, I sure hope they refund my card asap. Well, good luck Netspend users!!!!!!!

Dp in Texas
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Posted by M W O on 2014-02-20:
My Netspend Metabank account was hacked today. When I called NetSpend they really did not seem to care stating they cannot open a claim on a pending transaction. This as an unauthorized debit by a recycling company in Texas!!!!
Posted by drake on 2014-03-11:
they can actually open a claim. The reason why they can't open a claim for pending transaction is that they need to wait for the merchant to.collect it because in opening a claim, it's a legal process and they'll gonna send your claim to visa/mastercard corporation .
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Rip Off!!!
Posted by Xpqynm on 03/27/2010
I initially had heard about the rip offs of these cards and their scams...but I decided to try this thing out just for experimentation. I am so surprised people accept this type of scams by banks and lenders. Anyhow I purchased the card for $9.95 and added $50.00 to it. When I decided to try to purchase something on line....they said that if it was Credit they would charge me $1.00 and if it is Debit then $2.00...plus also for a month you have to pay $6.95 and if you want annually you pay something like $65.00+.... doesn't anyone catch the rip off here? And to try to get to customer service it is virtually impossible and what to speak of them being English speaking.

Also I was informed I would be charged to terminate the card $5.95 plus other charges....and that they could not refund the money...Were are they consumer reporters on these issues???
Read Company Response
Company Response on 04/01/2010:
We apologize that you were not aware of the fees associated with our card. We do list our fees in the terms and conditions that come with the card, but the location that sold the card should have informed you as well. There are two different payment options: Pay As You Go or the Fee Advantage Plan. Pay As You Go will charge 1.00 for credit transactions or 2.00 for debit transactions. The Fee Advantage plan will charge 9.95 a month but will waive the credit and debit transaction fees. Choosing the correct plan would all depend on how much you plan on using the card. The 5.95 fee for a refund check is also listed in our terms and conditions; we normally advise using the card to avoid having to get a refund check. We recommend everyone to read the terms and conditions for any product but we apologize that you were unaware of these fees.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-28:
From Netspend website: "You can select a fee plan based on how often you use your card." You have to log in to change your preferences.
Posted by mike on 2013-03-01:
The guys are full of it. These guys want give my money that was direct deposited in my account. I have a driver license sociel security card tax form credit card bills phone bills the check stub were my direct deposit went in. That s not good enough they will take power bill . Guess what the power is in my wife name. But that bill they will take.so I've told them to send the money back to my job. So I've waited about 14days .


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