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1.4 out of 5, based on 81 ratings and
159 reviews & complaints.
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PO Box 2136
Austin, TX 78768-2136
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Prepaid Visa Card.
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIIO, TEXAS -- Purchased prepaid card hanging on PayPal... one of the names the company used. Called to activate the account. Talked directly to a representative who said "I activated your card." They want all your personal information, "Fed. Gov. requires." Just like a bank card. I did not want a 'credit card', just a prepaid card to make purchases. I had given them well over $100. The card was not activated two days later. I called again. Too busy, they would call back. They did, within 24 hours. I was not home. They left a message they would call again, but did not.

I called, waited 20 minutes before talking to a representative who said the card would only be activated after I sent them verification of all the info... copy of my SS card, address... etc. I said "I would not do that." I wanted to cancel get my money back. Rep. said she would cancel but it would be 20 business days before I got my money. It would cost me $5.95 to cancel. I paid $5.95 to purchase the card... so I spent $11.90 for nothing, could not use the card... It didn't take them 20 business days to take my money. As a senior... I need my money before 20 business days.

It is hard to get a hold of anyone first of all, then can't get a supervisor, "not available." NEVER buy one of these cards again. Other cards were cheaper, one 2 minute telephone call to activate... no fees to check balance. NetSpend has fees for everything. It means "You will net spend into our business." Thank you.

I Met a Customer Service STAR at NetSpend and Wow!
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Rating: 5/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I can be quite vocal when it comes to complaining about something I don't like, it's easy. However, when I receive great service I like to celebrate it as well. The call I had was a "once in a lifetime" type of call. It was like speaking with an old time friend who related to me well and was able to take care of my needs as a NetSpend customer as well. Now I think it will be impossible for me to think of NetSpend without a smile on my face. My customer service agent was kind, supportive and incredibly helpful.

Even though I had many other things to do, I just wouldn't be able to sleep without writing a review just like I told him I would. NetSpend makes me happy by paying me ahead of time. I have my money and can take care of what I need to while my co-workers are still waiting for their checks. Also if I am in a tight spot their $10 cushion has covered me. No cost for it at all. I can go over and then it's taken back when I get my next deposit. You won't know how cool that is until you have to use it. I am so used to it that when I have $500 in my account, in my head I say I have $510 -- LOL! Sweet!

I won't get paid for this and I don't work for them. I am simply keeping my world. I told my representative that I would post at least 5 reviews because I was just that "happy". Magic doesn't happen with every person we come into contact with but sometimes it does and it's best to rave about it. If I was angry I'd probably write 10 reviews so really I am just balancing things out in the universe. I am sending out some good and it feels good. I hope everyone gets to speak with a good representative.

Tip: Sometimes when you see someone isn't going to help you/isn't nice, just end the call and call back for that perfect one. I have done that with every customer service line in the world. Also, I work in customer service and I always try to be that "person" that you are happy you reached. I will speak to you kindly and smile even if I am sad or ticked off :-) as I do everything I can to help you because I love being treated well too! Cheerio!

NetSpend Is a Fraud. DO NOT USE, They Stole My Money.
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, GEORGIA -- All the money was stolen from my card $890.00 on 05-12-20012. 2 days before this happened my account was blocked so I called customers service and was told that somebody has been calling in on my account, and they asked if it was me and I said "no" and that the person was 1 digit off and so that's why they blocked my account - OK, good. Then I was told that I had to send over documents to the fraud department. I asked to speak to the fraud department. Then I was told that I could not speak to the fraud department because the fraud department does not speak to customers directly, I could only fax them or email them.

I emailed them the documents that they had requested and then they unblocked my account. OK the next morning ** transferred $890.00 from my account to their account. I received a text telling me this so I immediately called NetSpend to let them know that I didn't do this transaction and I need the money put back into my account. Well ** had made a transaction of $705.23 and they put $184.77 back on my account. Now I had to go to the claims department to dispute the transaction so that I could get my money back.

Now here is where the problems come in. Why was it that when my account was blocked the first time and I called in and asked to speak to the fraud department I was told that they do not speak to customers directly I could only email or fax them, but now that my money is stolen I can speak with the fraud department?

The fraud department then ordered me a new card, changed my pin number, and my security question. Now that my money is stolen and I have to wait 2 weeks 10 business days, it's OK to speak with the fraud department? When I finally did speak with the fraud department I asked them this same question.

Then I was told it is up to the customer service person to determine if they will transfer you to the fraud department or not. That is crazy and a policy that needs to be changed immediately because if I was allowed to speak with the fraud department when this first happened and they blocked the account, I would have changed the information then and they would not have been able to steal the money. My account being blocked and I had to send forms to the fraud department should have been enough cause for me to speak with the fraud department then also and this nightmare would not have happened.

Your foreign customer service is the worst I have ever experienced - very hard to understand English, rude will only answer question that they want to ask not the questions that you asked them. I have been a NetSpend customer for many years and have quite of my friends that use NetSpend because I told them about it, and this is the worst experience I have ever had with any company. I hope you will straighten this matter very soon and I hope to hear from you soon and get this matter resolved.

NetSpend Scam
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- My name is **. I work for the Federal Trade Commission and the goal of my company is to take class action against companies whom we deem as fraudulent or who seem to misrepresent themselves or who are crafty with their deceptive business practices in scamming consumers unknowingly. However, multiple consumers must call and make claims as we do not act on individual complaints, we rather look for trends and patterns in law violations and report them to our investigators and detectives who then take action against the company in question.

I have reviewed all the complaints on this website and they are all about the same issue regarding NetSpend. I defended this company on numerous occasions when filing complaints for consumers across the country telling them that it is the merchants fault when in actuality it is NetSpend's wrong doings. I have recently found this out the hard way.

I am sorry for everyone who sees this that has at least attempted to contact the FTC in regards to your debit cards being wiped clean for no apparent reason or having your funds disappear in a matter of hours. For example I checked my account at 9:30 in the morning and by lunch which is at 2:00 Pm Eastern Time my $100 + dollars had been taken off. They said that I had used it at a gas station for 5 Dollars and an ATM withdrawal for $80. If I'm not mistaken 80 + 5 = $85, so where the hell are my remaining funds.

Also I have attempted to provide them with Timecard records for the day in question to show that I did not make those transactions and they denied them. NetSpend corporation has repeatedly made unauthorized transactions that I did not approve or in some cases did not even have the funds available for.

Upon calling the institution in which they inform you that they will transfer you to their supervisor only to place you on hold for a lengthy amount of time and come back on the line only to try to deceive you with a different dialect than the previous agent. (The same person who said he would transfer you to a supervisor is the same agent even after he states that he is the supervisor.) I have caught several agents trying to dupe me into thinking I'm speaking with a higher authority and I am not. They had little to say after they were caught.

Although my disputes only amount to about 200-250 dollars, the times that they have made these unauthorized transactions came costly as I was taken to court for bills that were not paid due to their negligence. I have read some claims on here where people have lost hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars.

I urge everyone to contact the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-438-4338 and report this company so we can take action against them. The purported purpose of class action lawsuits is to give the common man the ability to take on the largest corporate or private entities (who can afford the very best legal services) and have a chance of redressing the wrong done by these entities. It is important to remember that even though the actual damage or cost to the individual class member may be small, the illicit gain to the corporate entity can be huge if done to hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of class members.

Company Response 10/24/2015:

I currently work for this company at a mid level management level. I want to give a honest opinion on a number of issues I see on this website and the daily reports on various events that go on thru the Netspend flow of work. The business is just that, a business and the goal is to earn as much money as possible. It shows here, incorrectly trained employees and especially the supervisors who oversee the call staff that have the most interaction with the customers.They are told to always defuse the situation when a customer needs or wants to speak to a supervisor. They are also told to simply transfer the customer to another telephone rep and pretend to be a supervisor. There are certain policies in place that make this company unethical. I am not writing this in spite, or to get back at the company. I am simply writing this because the great people who use this service because of the early pay service are generally low income and need every penny, and Netspend preys on them with the exuberant rates and fees it charges. They also pay a social media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc) moderator 24/7 to delete or deny any post or comment that would be negative to the overall company image. If you look at back door website that rates companies and services provided I would strongly suggest what they have to say and report, because Netspend has not reached its arm to it yet.They either pay, dispute or out right sue major website/store review organizations to silence the relative truth that Netspend is a poor, misguided, harmful company that preys on people and have no intention to ever stop its predatory practices. I speak as a current mid level management official that has had enough of the inflammatory business practices it forces its subordinates to out right lie to customers as long as the bottom line is always in the positive. Yes, this might eventually hurt my livelihood but I doubt that one opinion piece of my own company will have any effect on its customer base. But if tomorrow came and the FTC came to shut it down, I would walk away relieved because I have reached my moral code meter. Please stay away from Netspend.

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Rating: 1/51

Money was put down on a prepaid card through NetSpend and they were quick and eager to take the money; however, a day or so after, put a block/hold on my card with no reason whatsoever. Since then, I have talked to the customer service and even emailed them about 100 times and each time, they are giving me a reason why I can't get my money. They keep telling me I need more documents proving I am who I state to be??? I gave them my license number, photo copy, even my SSN and Card, receipts with my name and address and they still say "more documentation is needed". I'm starting to questions if this company is legit or just a scam place. I want my money!

Pfft. Scam
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Rating: 1/51

I bought a card and preloaded $100. Got home only to discover I needed to order the card with my name on it. Fine. That came pretty quick. However, the money was not reflected on the card. I called to have this resolved. I was asked numerous questions only to be told they could not activate my card. For crying out loud, they knew what state I lived in in 1973. That was not info I gave them. Then they wanted me to mail in documentation. Oh, ** no!

I asked for a supervisor. The operator placed me on hold for just a few minutes. Not long. Then she came back to tell me she could open the account, but I wouldn't be able to do ANYTHING except add money. So I asked for a supervisor again and I'd wait however long it took.

The supervisor asked me the EXACT same questions. No deviation from my answers. S/he also cannot activate my account without documentation. Ridiculous. They don't need my documentation, I only put $100 on it. I'm not claiming an unreasonable amount, just give me my money. So now supervisor tells me s/he can activate my account for Over The Counter purchases only. Fine. I WILL be closing this account. Shouldn't be this difficult.

Illegally Holding My Money
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- I purchased a Netspend card with the understanding that I would be able to use it in any way in regards to ATM or debit purchases. Halfway thru using my card, I was embarrassed at Wal-mart and was told my card was declined. I then called Netspend and was told my card had been blocked and that they needed further information about me. So I sent them a copy of my driver's license, ss# and utility bill. I was then told that the information I provided was not sufficient enough and that they would not release MY FUNDS.

It has been a week now and I am still getting the run around from their customer service agents who cannot tell me anything or help me in any way. I am going to lose my home due to that. I pay a weekly rent and with them holding my money, I am obviously not able to pay. The only reason I got a call back was because I made a complaint to the BBB. And this still has not been resolved. All the money I have is on this card. I am left with no choice but to obtain the help and assistance of a lawyer. More money that I don't have.

Someone Stole Over $600 Dollars From Me
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- On March 12, 2014 at 7:02am $55.00 was deducted from my Netspend account. 7:36am an additional $55.00 was deducted out of my account. I called Netspend only to find that the call center didn't open till 8am. 7:48am $125 deducted from my account. 8am I call Netspend and inform them of fraudulent activity and that purchases were being made from my card that I have PHYSICALLY in my hand in Miami, Florida and I am PHYSICALLY located in Chicago, IL. Netspend response is that the transactions that were made are currently pending and wait 24 hours to dispute the charges.

8:48am $125.00 deducted from my account. 11:08am $87.10. I call Netspend and inform them of an additional charge that has been made. Same previous response was given. 11:25am $55.00 deducted from account. I call Netspend to request they block the card immediately and send a new card. I assumed that I was going to be sent a new card.

Today is 3/14/ 2014. I called in to Netspend to review information about my card because I can't even check my account online. I asked several times to speak with a supervisor because the representative obviously didn't understand that I HAVE NEVER SET FOOT IN MIAMI FLORIDA. Also, she asked did I spend $250 dollars at a gas station? My response, "I DON'T OWN A JET." I sent in a dispute letter as told and then told an investigation will be determined after 10 business days.

I was saving almost 1,000 dollars for one special day. I have been with my husband for over 6 years, married only 2. The first year married he was overseas. This is basically my 1 year anniversary. However, some disgusting dog had easy access to my information and now Netspend is making me suffer.

NetSpend Defrauded Customer
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I had paid my wife's insurance premium using my NetSpend card. My wife had an accident and totaled the vehicle. We canceled our insurance policy and they refunded our policy payments retroactively to the date of the accident. The insurance company sent 2 refunds to the card they had on record (NetSpend). One on Thursday and another on Friday. A day later my account was frozen without notice or explanation.

When I called customer service (and I use that title very loosely because they're third world country customer service representatives are barely understandable) they told me that my account was frozen due to fraud activity. Insinuating that I had committed some type of fraud. They also told me that I can have my insurance company take the money back and send me a check. This would release my other funds I have available on the card.

So, I called my insurance company and they told me there is no way to cancel a refund once it has gone through and accepted. They also told me that the card company can reverse the transaction on their end. But NetSpend reps claimed they are not able to do that, which is a blatant lie. I have a merchant account and I know first hand that transactions can be reversed by the bank or the merchant.

The representative asked that I send them proof of the transaction. I immediately complied and sent them documentation from the insurance company. This was on Saturday afternoon. They told me once they receive the documents it may take up to 8 hours to unfreeze my account and release my money. I printed out the documentation from my insurance company. I faxed the paperwork over to the number they provided me with. I received confirmation that the documents were received. In addition, I also emailed the same documents to the email address they provided me with. All emails were confirmed received.

There was never any response from them that night. I called on Sunday and asked for a supervisor. The phone representative avoided getting a supervisor by stalling and putting me on hold for 15 minutes. They did the same on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I have been placed on hold several times, for upwards of 40 minutes each time. I have document these phone calls for future reference.

The company's customer service tactics are proof that this is a criminal organization who intentionally refuses to help their customers and attempts to defraud them of their money. Unfortunately, I have given up after spending so much time trying to rectify this matter and have gotten nowhere with these people.

I now believe the money has been stolen and I am forced to take legal action against NetSpend and Meta Bank. In addition, I will be filing a criminal complaint with the New York State Attorney General's office as well as the Office of the Comptroller of Currency. After reading about so many customers who have been robbed by this company I have come to the conclusion that the defrauded customers should file a class action lawsuit against these criminals.

NetSpend Worst Idea Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Trying to get a bill paid due to bank account not being in order. I purchase the PayPal debit card. I put 50 bucks on it to cover the bill. I call to activate the card and I get asked maybe about a 4 to 5 times my address and SS. Finally I get a customer service agent who lets me know that I need verification credentials in order to activate. OK. Not so bad, but after faxing in some info.

I called back to check for activation as I had sent everything they needed to verify me. I got in touch with an agent after the same vetting process that I received earlier. The Agent states that they were unable to see my SS card due to the fax (which was fax from my workplace so I know that it shouldn't have been horrible quality).

So I sent two more faxes with a brighter resolution just in case so there would be no issue. I wait their 8 business hrs and call back to check and the agent tells me this time (after the same crappy vetting process) that there is problem due to the difference in my current address and my old address on my DL and I will need mail to verify my current address.

So I faxed mail, a bill from AT&T that has my address and name on it. Called back after another wonderful 8 business hrs only to find that the mail wasn't good enough and I needed an actual bill, which it was. Hold on, it gets better folks. After resending via fax numerous times, I give them the weekend to square this. I call them and this time they are not receiving my faxes now. I sent these documents over 10 times and they can't locate the info. All I want to do is pay a bill. They have all my current info but they still can't activate my card. Meanwhile I got 50 bucks I can't spend and my Internet account is about to go up due to lateness.

So I'm heated of course and decide to talk to MGR, on hold for about a half hr I reach a supervisor who tells me that whatever dept hasn't sent up my information and that in order to be able to use the card to pay a bill online I still need those credentials authorized. This is after at least 4 to 5 calls to NetSpend, two to three people asking me my address and social three different times and on each call.

So with that I was fed up. I want my money back. **, I think her name, informed me that it will take twenty business days in order to get my money back, which I heard prior while snapping on an agent on the phone about them not getting my info after at least 24 business hours. This is actually the second time I have talked to ** who has no Idea what is happening or why my info has not been processed.

So I'm fed up of course since now my bill has defaulted and I have the money that I was to use stuck at NetSpend. I chose to not use the card, they wanted me to just activated for store use early on but I refused. So I asked for money back regardless of the twenty day wait (which just seems ridiculous).

So I took down ** info and tried to get her managers info which she refused. I wanted some type of confirmation that I would get my money back and she had none just the ref number they gave me for the initial fax that they could never recover. SO now it's about two and a half weeks past the twenty days and I give them a call. I get ** who states that someone never deposited the check that needed to be sent. Of course she is so sorry, not sorry enough to expedite my money because another twenty days needs to go by before I get my the money.

So I give in, just activate the card so I can use the money on something. I'm sure that works for them because they get a nice 5% of it. Something tells me that this was the plan all along. So, way too much hassle just to pay a bill. I wouldn't recommend to an enemy or maybe I would. I would def stay away from NetSpend and all its associates.

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