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Fraud And Dispute
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEXAS -- This by far is the most experience that I have had from any company. 05/15/14
there was an charge on my Netspend Card for $57.73 transaction in Miami Florida for gas and I was using my card at the same time in Orlando Florida which the two cities are 300 miles apart. And 05/16/14 there were 7 addition charges for gas totaling $580.57. I had always maintain possession of my Netspend Card. I called them on the 05/16/14 I when I seen the charges and reported it to the as soon I as saw the charges. The question that I had for the Customer Service Agent is how could thay allow 7 gas charges to be processed on my card in a totally different city? And second question how could the company allow 7 different gas charges to process within an hour time. The company does not have a fraud system to check there customer spending trend? They don't protect your money ! I spoke with three different Customer Service Agents and they all advise that I needed to send a letter advising that I didn't authorize the transaction and advise that I haven't allowed anyone to use my card and advise that I tried to work it out with the Merchant. I explained to them that they have me filing a (courtesy claim ) (Dispute)and not fraud claim. I explained to them I worked for an bank and I know exactly what they are doing they lie and tell ten business at first then after the 10 business days expire they then tell you they will dispute with the merchant or Master Card which can take 60 days to resolve. But now I see why they don't protect your money cause they won't help you get I back nor refunded when they are the ones that allowed fraud to take place. They are scam do not trust them. They got me with releasing you direct deposit 2 days earlier I have place comments on my Facebook Instgram twitter warning people not to use them.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- My name is Alisha Adair. I would love to tell you how Netspend has ruined my life. I had direct deposit with them through my job, well this is twice that they allowed unauthorized companies to take my money out of my account.

It happened Sept 5 2013 they allowed AT&T to take 500.00 out of the account which I didn't approve. I had to go to hell and hot water to make them release my funds.

The second time was September 19 2013 they allowed AT&T to take 853.00, left me with 40.00.

I am a single mother with three kids and had no money for groceries. I called Netspend they told me to call AT&T to get my money released. I did then they said to forward an email to faxrequest@Netspend, still they tell me that wasn't good enough.

I called all weekend, I cried screamed and yelled there is no supervisor or manager to talk to because if you do they hang up on you. They are a ripoff. I want to sue them. I spoke with twenty different people they all kept saying I have to wait. I went 5 days without any money or food for my children I had no gas in my truck to go anywhere.

Finally on the 5th day I speak with a supervisor who name is Ryan who tried to tell me the fax and email and conversation with AT&T on a 3 way call still wasn't good enough. I screamed and cussed and ask to speak with a manager who never came. They said that the back office was releasing my funds to me at that time .. Okay but who's the back office and on top of that this company can not be in Texas not to offend anyone but they sound like there in the middle east somewhere or Indonesia every one had a accent and it wasn't Texas talk it sounds like there middle eastern.

Get out why you can do not use this card do not get direct deposit believe you will regret it.

Alisha Adair
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User Replies:
cmthru on 09/25/2013:
Appears to me that you authorized AT and T to withdraw payments from the card . Bad mistake as you have found out. You need to access your AT and T account online and remove the auto-pay. Then manually make payments yourself.
Jay on 09/25/2013:
cmthru, the sad thing is even if auto pay is stopped they will retain that information forever and use it whenever they feel that are owed money. Right or wrong.

The best thing to do is shut down this Netspend account and find a credit union to handle your money. Pay your bills though their bill pay system.

Autopay,especially through direct access to the money, is a dangerous thing to do. This is a prime example.

YOU handle you money. YOU control when and how much money leaves your accounts. DO NOT trust others to automatically handle it for you.
cmthru on 09/26/2013:
Jay, if the auto-pay is removed AT and T will no longer have the authorization to withdraw funds. If they continue to do so that could subject them to possible legal action.
CU on 09/26/2013:
Why in the name of heaven would you ever do business with an outfit like this? You could open a free account at your local credit union and have your payroll go there. Then if there was a problem, you can go in and talk to a live person who will make a genuine effort to fix it.
Removing the auto pay will not necessarily remove the access to the account, so at the very least you should close out this account and get another. Prefereably not with Netspend, as they will sometimes transfer access to a new account from the old.
ticia232 on 09/27/2013:
LW is your phone plan with AT and T? Because they seem to be the problem here. I once had a problem with them but it was before autopay and someone had racked up thousands of dollars in third party calls from jail.
Netspend, is probably asking for more because AT and T is telling them that you had to allow it, because it didn't stop after the first $500, even though they should have put a stop on the fraudulent phone calls the first time you called by putting a block on your phone number, that you must have allowed it.

Keep fighting AT and T but DO NOT SCREAM OR CURSE! most reps I have found do more if you state your complaint calmly and clearly and are willing to do more for you.
NetSpend on 09/30/2013:
Dear Alisha,

We are very sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced with our service and the AT and T transaction.

We understand it can be a very difficult situation when funds are not available, but we are glad to see that this issue has already been taken care of. We will make sure that the agents you spoke with are addressed as this level of service will not be tolerated.

We will continue to educate our staff to be more careful, attentive and service oriented when handling our customer‘s concerns and we apologize again for any inconvenience.

Thank you,

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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I also got my refund put on Netspend card at recommendation of turbo tax and the day I got the refund of 8100 I withDrew some money and paid a few bills and the next day my card was blocked by Netspend said they needed to verify my id. They wanted dl, ss card, w2 and utility bill faxed to them and my card would be released in 6 hours, so I sent what they wanted and it was not enough even though every time I call they verify me with last four of ssn, said would take 48 hours that was on 2/10 on 2/13 said would be another 1 to 2 weeks.

Got pissed and closed account said would take 20 days to get check. Called today and check was returned to IRS so they say have no idea who to contact now to see where my money is, if anyone call help please need help....
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User Replies:
Jeff on 02/25/2013:
Wow. Thanks for the heads up. Seems like Netspend needs to get it together.
NetSpend on 02/26/2013:
We are very sorry to hear about the problems you experienced.

Please send your information to and we will make sure this is addressed.

Thank you,

wattamutt on 03/01/2013:
Had the same problem only I was using mine for direct deposit also. Went to a car auction to buy a car.. The froze
my account- I call them up- all I hear is "suspicious purchase".. Huh? They ask me to send some very sensitive information about myself then say its going to take 2 business days to clear up- OK. I wait the required time and call they closed my account and sent the damn money back to the Irs! What am I goin to do about my paycheck that's going out 2mmr? How am I going to buy pampers for my daughter? how am I goin to get bus fare to get to work?? I called them numerous numerous times nobody could explain to me why even after I sent the required documents they asked for- they STILL closed my account! They are dealing with human beings here with families and children who depend on that money that is in those accounts to survive! I don't know what I'm goin to do now- this is really an unnecessary hardship for me and my family
michael on 03/29/2013:
Netspend did the same to me , I opened and activated a card , my state refund was deposited , I was allowed to use that money and the account for 3 weeks , as soon as my federal return hit the account they froze it over 7k missing , Netspend says they sent it back to the IRS and the IRS says they don't have , I am ready to call the FBI to see if they can find it!
David on 04/07/2013:
I'm currently experiencing similar problems...I had my refund deposited used my card for 2 days then they locked my account I sent them all the information needed to unlock my account and now They keep telling me 48 hours,48 hours I've spoken to several people including supervisors and a manager of customer service still no help..They assure me that my account will be unlocked tomorrow Monday 8th but we will see.I'm very upset and would never recommend anyone use this company.I think everyone should get a lawyer and file a lawsuit against them to show them you cannot treat people like this!!
Anthony on 05/02/2013:
Netspend did the same thing to me. Put a block on my account, I sent in my id, ss card, and pay stub. after telling me many lies about not receiving it, it being too dark blah blah, I sent in utility bills as well. Once they had no more lies to tell me, they told me that they had sent it back to the IRS. Has anyone received there money after they sent it back to the IRS?
Kyle on 09/04/2013:
Has anyone with a rejected refund ever received their refund? I've been waiting 6 weeks
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Netspend False Advertisement Bad Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Thus company claims to post funds add soon as received this is not true they hold ach deposits for anywhere from 1 to 3 days to earn interest I assume. Customer service is hard to reach if you want to speak to a person. They give conflicting information if you ask detailed questions. If you email it takes them 48 hours for a response. This is not a good company and if I had researched before I wouldn't have gone with them. there are a few companies that are worth checking out.

I would try American express they have excellent customer service and you always get a person whom speaks perfect English.
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User Replies:
Obsfucation on 02/21/2013:
I am totally baffled as to why anyone would use a service like this, unless their past banking experience is so flawed that no financial institution will open an account for them. You can go into any community bank or credit union and get these services and much, much more for free. Why deal with these clowns?
That being said, ACH deposits arrive at the financial institutions with a posting date attached, indicating when they should hit the account. Typically it is 2 or 3 days after being received. It is all automatic, so no one is selectively holding the funds.
There are a very small number of financial institutions who will post the transaction as soon as it comes in, regardless of the date but most will not do this. The reason is that if they post a Friday deposit on a Wednesday, but the sender cancels it on Thursday (which happens), they have to scramble to get their money back.
If your pay date is officially on a Friday, and the funds hit your account on Friday, then everything works as planned. If you aren't seeing your funds until Monday, then you have a beef.
NetSpend on 02/26/2013:
Customer service is very important to us and we continually look into ways to improve this.

We can assure you that as soon as we receive a deposit, it is made available on the account.

Please send your information to and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you,

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Netspend Are Thieves!!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TEXAS -- I used Netspend this year for my taxes, instead of using someone else's bank account like I have in the past. Well, I was told by one of their agents to use this certain ATM so I wouldn't be charged the ATM fees, because I had to make three transactions. Well that was a lie. I would have used an ATM with cheaper fees, if they charge. No problem. Point is I was lied to.

Also the text messages you get with updates on your balance and info they send you, I was told was free only text message rates apply on my behalf. I just want the money put back on my account now that I'm informed correctly. Not the money I took out just the charges they charged for lying to me. I have tons of people I'm doing their taxes. I told them about this card, but now I will absolutely not let this happen to them. I actually have someone coming by today to do their taxes. I will not let them use this card. I will have them use their parents account for direct deposit.

Also customer service wouldn't tell me where I could go to take all the month off my card so I don't have to deal with this nonsense and lies anymore.

I am reporting them mainly because when I asked to talk to a supervisor they put me on hold and hung up after I waited probably 30 minutes being transferred around forever and to get someone on the line after their crazy automated system that clearly needs to be updated with a option to go straight to a customer service agent. If anyone knows where to go to take all my money out I would greatly appreciated it.
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User Replies:
brittany.neill24 on 02/07/2013:
Obviously my post was edited. Goog gracious people. I didn't even use vulguar language.
leet60 on 02/07/2013:
This card, has a horrible reputation, for being a fee heavy product. I do understand your frustration at being misled, however, it is your responsibility to fully understand the terms and fees involved in any card of this type. Netspend terms clearly indicate a fee of $2.50 per transaction for ATM withdrawals, with no caveat regarding the transaction being "fee free" at any particular ATM. Sorry for your experience, but remember - if it isn't in writing, anything you are told is not valid.
brittany.neill24 on 02/08/2013:
Then maybe you shouldn't have customer service. I do a lot of taxes for people. Have another one today just like I did yesterday. They wanted to use this card. I advised them to use a trustworthy ie parents account for direct deposit. It also says in the papers with the card on your end ATMs fees are waived the first month free. Didn't happen. I will be calling everyone I can including anything that has to do with stopping this company. All you guys at Netspend is steal then say well its your fault. Bad service. Never had such bad service with a prepaid card before.
brittany.neill24 on 02/08/2013:
It also says text alerts are free in your paper work and I was being charged for that. I had to cancel that. This is sad. I am with the person who wants to do a lawsuit I have plenty friends that are lawyers so no we will not end up with .37 cents like whoever said that or came up with that number. I also asked where I could pull all money out and they wouldn't tell me. Time to do this ASAP!
dominique on 02/24/2013:
You can go to any ace checkk cashing locations. I am also taling all of my money off this damn card immediately
NetSpend on 03/05/2013:
We apologize for the problems you have experienced with our service and the fees charged on your account.

Please send your information to and we will look into this for you.

Thank you,

IommoI on 07/23/2013:
with regards to the fees they work in this way:
2.50 for atm plus whatever the atm charges
1.00 for credit purchases
2.00 for debit purchases

there is an alternate plan that lets you pay
5.00 a month
this cancels out the 1 and 2 dollar fees
but not the atm fees
for people who did their taxes on the card the deal was that the 1st 5.00 fee after activation was to be waived, not the atm

it is true that the agents do not clearly communicate this info but it is also your responsibility to thoroughly understand the deal that you are getting into, furthermore it is an irresposibility on your part to do taxes for other people and advise to use a card that you do not understand
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Netspend Stole My Money/Unhelpful With Dispute/Bad Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- On December 8th I went to a local 711 to withdraw $300 from a Citibank ATM. The ATM never dispensed the cash but took the funds out of my card. I called Netspend to file a dispute. Their customer service is horrible. It took me 3 tries to get through to someone decent to hear me out.

The first 2 representatives I got made me feel like it was my fault, and after asking for a supervisor no one would put me through, because I got my security questions wrong they kept hanging up on me. Finally the 3rd time the person I got who finally heard me out and could speak English gave me directions on what to do. But now after telling me I had to wait 10 business days, they are now saying it's going to take up to 45 days. I'm very frustrated on why this investigation takes so long. That money was to be used for xmas presents and now I have no way to get my children their gifts.

The day before this whole situation happened, I ordered a new card as I qualified for the over draft plan. When I called on the day of my dispute they stated there was never a new card ordered. The workers are rude, they need to learn better English to assist customers. I hate Netspend and I want my money back. As soon as this is all over with I am no longer going to be dealing with them after being a loyal customer for over 2 years.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 12/14/2012:
I don't know how one could possibly prove that they had not received funds when an ATM confirms a transaction. I'd suppose they have to manually have the ATM video tape reviewed and account for the funds. I'm not surprised that the whole process takes so much time. Aggravating I know, but very understandable.

Hopefully you'll get the funds returned. Please keep us in touch if you don't.
leet60 on 12/14/2012:
You might want to check the ATM for a number to reach the company that owns the device. Part of the delay you are experiencing is that the owner of the device has to verify the funds were not available at the time of your withdrawal. If they can speed up the process by notifying Netspend as soon as possible it should help to resolve the issue more quickly. The remainder of the time is simply a hold by "Netspend" or their bank, to ensure the ATM owner does not dispute your claim.

You can try to pressure Netspend to act more quickly. I am not certain this number is up to date but found it on my contacts list:

CEO of Netspend Dan Henry@ 512-532-8200 Ex. 8780
amber on 12/17/2012:
I am in the same boat except it was Verizon that took an unauthorized amount. Netspend is not helping and xmas is ruined.
Rhonda Schoonover on 01/31/2013:
Just got a Netspend card in the after reading the reviews no way I'm poor already!Thanks for the info!
Lance on 06/24/2013:
Someone called Netspend customer service and posed as me in assistance to transfer my entire paycheck into their account. I filed a dispute and was told it would take 10 business days to process. I escalated to a manager and advised this is all the money I have and I can't wait 10 days to get MY money back, in which they assisted in help stealing. I have been with Netspend for 2 years now and will NEVER do business with them again. Their customer service is horrible and not based in the Unisted States, and they barely speak English!! I am very disgusted with this so-called bank and will take my business elsewhere. They are treating me like the criminal instead the criminal that actually stole my money.
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The Refund That Block My Hold Account
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I've been with Netspend for 3 years, until May 23,2012...Waiting on a refund from a furniture store to return money to my Netspend visa; Instead of holding the refund off until its approved, Netspend added the unsettle refund to my account, stopping all excess to my personal money. Later Netspend shut down my hold account, where my direct deposit, from my job monies is going into. I did everything they ask, faxing the receipts and so for to verify the incoming refund!still no answer;spoke to several managers and agents; Am continue been BLOCK OUT from my own hard earn money? Today technology could separate the refund that's on hold, instead of blocking me out from my own personal money. I guest every Netspend member will have their day. Unfortunately mine will be in court.
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/27/2012:
Let us know how the court goes, if you would.
Tonya on 06/07/2012:
I have Netspend also, and they have blocked me from being able to transfer funds to my girlfriends account, who by the way has Netspend also. I have tried and they asked me some questions and when I answered them and 1 of the questions did not pertain to me at all and I told the lady that it did not pertain to me and she told me that I failed and I had to send all this information to them and I told them you have it all but they refused to unblock my account transfers. I have liked them since I been with them but I am getting ready to get a checking account with someone else, it was nice getting paid a day in advanced but to have to deal with this its not worth it.
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Hacked Netspend Debit Account
Posted by on
My account was hacked in August 2011. I noticed an auto text via my nespend account for a purchase that I did not perform or authorize. I immediately contacted Netspend to inform them and asked them to cancel my account immediately. I asked them what I needed to do to resolve it and get my funds back. They told me to fax or "mail" my letter to them, and they also told me what info to include. I did everything they told me to. I went to a local ups store, to fax it. The clerk tried twice; it would not fax. So, the error code was on Netspends end. I went ahead and mailed it so it would not delay the dispute. I mailed it certified mail. I went to my local post office a few days later and they post office confirmed it was received by the austin Texas address 5 days after I had mailed it. I contacted netsend to inform them they should have it. Finally, they said they did not ever receive it, they closed my claim. I got a letter about re-opening my claim if I fax the info. I had to re-fax all the information again. They got that 3 weeks after the initial mailing of info. So...... (It goes on).... They got the fax on September 15Th and told me "10" more days and I would get a letter about the dispute, and a phone call. Netspend is associated with Metabank. This is how they perform their bank transactions with the debit card service. I have looked up Metabank & will contact them as well. This is ridiculous. If Netspend is fdic backed, I sure hope they refund my card asap. Well, good luck Netspend users!!!!!!!

Dp in Texas
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User Replies:
M W O on 02/20/2014:
My Netspend Metabank account was hacked today. When I called NetSpend they really did not seem to care stating they cannot open a claim on a pending transaction. This as an unauthorized debit by a recycling company in Texas!!!!
drake on 03/11/2014:
they can actually open a claim. The reason why they can't open a claim for pending transaction is that they need to wait for the merchant to.collect it because in opening a claim, it's a legal process and they'll going to send your claim to visa/MasterCard corporation .
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Card Came 3 Weeks Later,my Refund Got Sent Back
Posted by on
I had my tax refund set up to get deposited onto my Netspend card. The card was ordered online the same day I filed my taxes. About 11 days later I saw on the IRS website that my refund was being direct deposited, before my card even arrived. I checked my account online and my balance was zero. So I called and they told me they had no record of an order. To make a long story short because they messed up by not sending my card out when they should have, my refund got sent back to the irs. So now I have to wait for a paper check. This is after calling Netspend every day for 5 days straight to find out when my refund would post(every time I called they said it post in 2 hours. When I finally called p###ed off on tues. Morning these idiots informed me they rejected the deposit because they couldn't verify my identity w/out a card. Now I received 2 cards from these idiots in the last 2 days.

I cut those suckers up and threw them out. I advise anyone w/ an ounce of common sense to stay as far away from Netspend as you can. There are so many other better debit card companies out there.
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Netspend Fees are Ridiculous
Posted by on
Netspend has now starting to charge $2.50 per ATM withdrawal. On top of that, the customer can only withdraw $325 per transaction. So, to get my money off the card (because I refuse to pay $1-2 for every purchase I make, even on online) I have to pay the $2.50 every time plus the bank fee of $3.00.) I only want a debit card to receive my benefits, and getting it a few days earlier does not make up for all the money Netspend charges. I see they got their act together with charging to check your balance in the automated system, but upped fees in other areas. Their savings account is bullcrap when you do tap in the savings the fees applies to that money too! So to even get your savings money you will be charged the same fees, which takes the interest part of the savings. Trust me, Netspend is not doing consumers any favors.
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User Replies:
FlShopper on 07/21/2010:
Why not just open an account at a credit union or bank?
bcd on 07/21/2010:
Apparently some people have such an unfavorable banking history they don’t even qualify for a checking account.
goduke on 07/21/2010:
Actually, if you left a negative balance of like $1 at a bank, they can load it into the banking system to that you can't open an account at most banks for up to 5 years. It's very much like the mob.
Slimjim on 07/21/2010:
As shopper said, why use them unless you are in that pool with checksystems that prevent you from getting a conventional account. If that's the case, then comparing fees to a bank wouldn't be apples for apples. You review has value to readers as people should note from this fee list what their alternative will be if they misuse their checking account.
Anonymous on 07/21/2010:
goduke, Thanks for sharing your experiences. So what fashion of prepaid debit card do you use or are you totally a cash-and-carry type of guy?
goduke on 07/21/2010:
I use Oklahoma cow chips for currency, Stew.
Maggie on 03/03/2014:
Some comments made here by bcd, goduke are not everyone's situation. My granddaughter was going to DC on a class trip and the Visa card was for her to use. We are still waiting for validation of the card as of today 03/03/2014.
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