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Network Solutions
13861 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171
570-708-8700 (ph)
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By -

We are trying to change ‘Primary Account Contact Change' where our domain name is registered. Some years ago people that they were reasonable about all these account are no longer with us. Our hosting company now out of service here in Turkey. We need to change hosting company so we need to DNS relocation. Then we figure out that we cannot do this because no one knows what the account password is.

We get in touch with the Network Solution. They have informed us to fill a form which they call ‘Primary Account Contact Change Form Service Request' so done. Send them with fax. Then message came fax was not readable send them with e-mail. This ‘Primary Account Contact Change Form Service Request' form is a kind of form that is hard to put information in it. So we did.

Message came back saying that document was altered. Then we re send them. No answer. Then again resend them. No response. Then send them mail and asking how we can prove that we are the owner. Before these mails I send them other mail that our company lawyers needs to get in touch with their company lawyer. In the meantime. Our old hosting company spare one server and they have done by pass or something like that to keep our web address up and running. It is bit slow but better than nothing. I am still trying to resolve this issue. Any assistance will be appreciated. This company Network Solutions is not helpful.

Long relationship gone bad/UPDATED
By -

HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- Have spent thousands of dollars at Network Solutions and recommended them to others, despite high cost and long waits on phone for tech service. Usually, I got good and friendly help. Not now. I found high MONTHLY charge on my credit card for 1 service. Tried to find what it was. Could not see product listed or find way to stop it from my account page.

Called customer service at night -- long wait +1 disconnection (they did call back -- very nice). Was promised service would stop and a refund. Why? SEO service was attached to wrong website: How could Network Solutions help me sell organic beef by analyzing a website that's NOT about organic beef? SEO got high monthly fees for them, but they could not have analyzed my website: site they "promoted" does not pertain to organic beef.

Update: Rep who was refusing refund has helped me a bit. The company has backed off this month's charge on my credit card & canceled SEO package. Certainly a step in good direction, & I appreciate it. But we're still not resolved on craziness of their saying their SEO work promoted our "organic beef" -- but the SEO promoted our website not pertaining to organic beef. I may have won a small battle, but lost an expensive war -- unfair. But a lesson learned. Hope more good news follows... Will still be fighting for it.

My site has been down for 4 days now.
By -

HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- I cannot even begin to explain the nightmare it has been doing business with Network Solutions. It is sad to say the least that a company like this can be allowed to be in business. There is no regulation to hold companies in this industry accountable. They have no support. They lie. They don't give accurate information. My website has been down for four days because they migrated it to V7. They said it would only take a few hours. They migrated it to the wrong copy, didn't move my site certificate. Gave me the wrong information for my registrar. Has anyone else had this problem? Please contact me if you have. My site is still down.

Don't Buy Network Solutions E-Commerce
By -

They messed up my E-commerce site after they upgrade their software. My site had gone all of the sudden and complain what happened. They said they upgrade. But they didn't tell me when it's done and didn't have a chance to review my site before they relaunch. I called many times, spoke to supervisor. He worked on some but I found further problems next to next. Then they never reply my emails.

I still have a major problem with opening my site on IE. Having problem with IE means majority of user is IE. I am losing great deal of customers everyday. People leave from my site as soon as they find malfunctioning. Anyone tell me what is the real solution on this matter?

Never Use Network Solutions Ever!!!
By -

NEVER USE Network Solutions. They do not care about customer at all. When you call customer service, they just issue service request number. And they do what they want. I renewed 3 year renewal on Mar 15 and cancelled right away after I found their service fee is too expensive. Customer service representative said they would refund money but I got an e-mail that I have to use their service for 3 years according to their policy. Decision maker hide and send this kind of e-mail to me.

Then, I had to call customer service so many times and fight with them to get money back. Finally, they refunded my money. But, they deleted my web hosting service account on Mar 22 without any notice even though my expiration date is May 26, 2011. I could not get any business e-mails.

I called customer service to recover web hosting service but I got only service request number. They sent me an e-mail that I must purchase new web hosting service package to recover it even though they deleted my web hosting service account before expiration date of 5/26/2011. They know that it is wrong but they just urge me to purchase new web hosting service package to recover web hosting service. I had to fight with them 3 days. I could not get any e-mails while fighting.

Finally I purchased web hosting package through other company to get my business e-mail. Network Solutions hurt my own business. I run a small trading company. I cannot run my company without e-mails. But, Network Solutions does not care about it. They just want to sell their web hosting package with hurting my business. I really like to sue Network Solutions if any lawyer can take this case.

Exceeds My Expectations
By -

GADSDEN, ALABAMA -- For once, so it seems sometimes, a company is as good as advertised. My wife and I had Network Solutions install our home secure computer network. They offered us several alternatives that made sense to us. We could choose wired, wireless or a combination of both. They did what they said they would do for the price quoted and within the time frame proposed. Installing our network hard drive and correcting some Comcast Voip problems was just bonus. Their techs were professional, neat and very helpful. We would greatly recommend them to any small business or large residential computer network installation, repair or service.

Network Solutions No Longer Up to Par
By -

HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- Within last 3 weeks our access codes have been re-set 11 (!!!) times for "security reasons". I guess we ought to be grateful and feel incredibly secure, however the price we have paid for this has become unbearable. Due to not being able to deliver files to a client by the deadline, we lost a project and consequently that particular client.

We feel increasingly frustrated and feel embarrassed for having to apologize to our clients for their repeatedly denied access. The unreliable service makes doing our job impossible. We receive no less than 4 marketing emails from NS per week, yet we have not once been notified of an interruption of service. NOT ONCE!

Since NS outsourced the CS and TS call center to Philippines the customer service and technical support are now unbearable due to cultural (+other) differences. 70% of the call time is spent listening the representative robotically apologizing in every sentence and repeating the same sentence over and over again. I understand that this might be intended as an expression of courtesy, but in truth it's utter waste of time and after the 30th apology, flat out annoying.

Nine years ago a phone call to NS was answered immediately - problems were promptly solved and the overall experience was so far above competition that it was worth paying more than for the competitors. Now I regrettably must say that NS is the worst and most unreliable vendor I conduct business with. Was it greed that resulted in all this or simply a wrong hire to the top spot in the organization?

Poor Customer Service for Email Problem
By -

CHENNAI -- I have been using email service from NS for more than 4 years. Never had an issue like what I have been facing now. From Sunday evening, the service got suspended. On checking with them, it was informed that if a mail id sends more than 1000 mails per day or to over 100 recipients, it gets automatically suspended. We never send so many emails and when I asked them to provide the mail id which was causing the problem, they were unable to provide the same. The service got automatically restored in 24 hrs.

On Tuesday evening at the same time, it again got suspended for the same reason and they told to check for any virus issues. Checked and there was no issue. Still they were not able to give me the exact email id which is causing the problem. Got automatically restored in 24 hrs.

Today again it got suspended and we are unable to even reach them on phone. I had to dial overseas number and hold for over 10 minutes, but there was no one to answer. My company is unable to take down time of email service and this is now forcing me to shift from Network Solutions. The least that they could have done was to inform all their clients about the real problem, so that we could have been better prepared. Suspending without any information is just unfair. The fact that I had to wait for more than 10 minutes and still unable to speak to someone on the helpdesk means that they have an issue and are not able to take any calls.

Very Poor Tech Support and Customer Service
By -

FLORIDA -- Since having taken over our site from Monster, customer Service and Tech Service are extremely poor or non-existent. Do not suggest using Network Solutions if looking for a web hosting company. We have had a problem with exact Fedex negotiated rates on our shopping cart. They have been unable to fix it and appear to have no intention of fixing it. They closed seven service tickets as being resolved when the issue was not resolved.

FedEx requested log files to see what info was being sent by API for the rates. Network Solutions had no intention of handing over these logs and have never done so. Absolutely the worst company to deal with. They should have stuck to just selling domain names!

E-Mail Hosting Customer Service
By -

We have had a problem for the past 3 days with our email hosted by Network Solutions and despite being "escalated to the highest" level 3 times, we continue to have a problem. We first alerted Network Solutions that mail is not being received. We normally get 100 - 200 emails daily, and we got none. Their response was to reindex the email host and we were told this solved the problem. We still did not get mail.

Again tech support said they cannot find any filters, blacklists, etc. that could be causing the problem and all should be good. We still got no email, even when sent from one Network Solutions hosted account to another Network Solutions hosted account. Using their own Webmail service, we could not reliably send and receive emails amongst email recipients within our own domain. Yet, Network Solutions continued to tell us they could not find a problem.

To make matters as bad as possible, we learned that failed emails are not returned to the sender or otherwise advised. Thus anyone sending us an email that we did not receive does not know we did not receive it and presumes we are not responsive to their inquiries relating to our business.

We had been using this email hosting for more than 7 months and never had a problem. Before we are put out of business by Network Solutions, we are moving this hosting to one of the Exchange servers we use for one of our other domains. Probably among the worst experiences ever in dealing with them. The ending tag line of every call to customer service is "Can we help you with anything else" is moronic and insulting given they cannot solve the most significant problem.

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