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Horrible Customer Service and Security
Posted by Clmccoy on 10/27/2007
A couple of months ago, several of their servers crashed, and our website was down for over 2 weeks before we were allowed to upload it. We finally were able to move the web hosting to Godaddy, but since Network Solutions had moved our domain name to another of their servers, we couldn't move that for 2 months!!! Now, the 2 months has passed, but they won't acknowledge our requests for the authorization code to transfer the domain name.

It's been 3 days, and they won't respond. It's INSANE! Stay FAR FAR away from this horrible company!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-27:
We also use GoDaddy, they are a very good company. As for Netsol they are a dead dinosaur that can't do anything right anymore. Call GoDaddy and see if they can help you out. They have English speaking CSR's in Phoenix that know what they are doing and can help. (VH post)
Posted by ParsecSam on 2008-04-13:
I am having the same problem with YAHOO - They have not redirected the web hosting to Verio, a company I have been with Verio since 1966. Never any problems contacting Verio or getting the help I needed. YAHOO shouldn't be allowed. Decided to sue them at $175 dollars an hour for all of the time I have spent trying to talk to a human or getting my domain up and running, almost two months now. If you decide to use YAHOO for web hosting, take note: when you have a problem, don't call them, just shout YAHOO - the results will be the same and you will save hours of frustration.
Parsec Sam
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Terrible Support and Reliability of Mail Service
Posted by SUPPORT4013 on 02/25/2014
I am an IT service provider and I have moved many of my customers to Network Solutions for email and web hosting which I totally regret. Email is totally unreliable huge lags in emails 4-6 hours. Servers are unresponsive messages.

Network Solutions has Partnered with a message filtering company. Numerous emails being filtered out for false spam. Business losing money because of there incompetence. Before you pick a hosting company do some homework and look at complaints registered against them. Network solutions is a winner in that department.
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Refuse to Refund Registration for Unregistered Domain
Posted by Hit.happens on 12/12/2013
HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- They took my money to register my domain, then failed to do so. I only discovered this after my web-hosting company informed me of its UN-registered status. My alleged "registered" domain was subsequently taken and registered with GoDaddy. I informed Network Solutions of their gross negligence, attached the official true registrar and domain-owner's details, and demanded that they refund the money. They refused on the grounds that it's not their policy to issue refunds, and told me to not renew the domain registration with them at the end of its one-year term. Still, they insist they are the registrants, despite the FACT that they NEVER did register it. This is now a clear case of taking money under false pretenses and fraud.
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Network Solutions--wants $60 to fix THEIR web hosting mistake
Posted by Ejistook on 06/21/2013
HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- I am fed up and will end the years for which I have been a customer. After purchasing a supposedly-sufficient and complete WordPress blog hosting package, the entire thing shuts down after a minimal number of posts to my blog and I get error message (below) that insufficient memory has been allocated to the package (as packaged and sold by Network Solutions). After untold hours fruitlessly trying to solve it, I call customer service and am told there is nothing I can do EXCEPT to pay $59.95 to change the memory settings.

Obviously, they should know to include sufficient settings in what they package and sell--rather than do an after-the-fact bait-and-switch to pay them $59.95 to make this simple tweak to THEIR package. There were no options originally offered me to specify a different memory. How many other customers are they ripping off with this $59.95 fee?

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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-06-21:
Network Solutions and all of their scammy programs like Web.com are in trouble. Customers are fleeing Network Solutions for GoDaddy and 1 and 1. Network Solutions had it all at one time, then they got greedy and stupid. Hired a bunch of clueless CSR's and expected people to pay more for it.

Network Solutions, yesterdays news, stick a fork in them, they are cooked.
Posted by Deepanshu Jain, India on 2013-07-02:
I had hosted my website on network solutions 3 months back. Have transferred the website from network solutions to Godaddy 2 months back. Network solutions guys have activated an unnecessary service of My time support for free. I also didn't bothered much because it was not of my use. Once after shifting from network solutions, I raised the ticket at their support to deactivate my account. As they don't have option to disable the Auto Renew option on their website, I raised the request to deactivate my account. They deactivated my account. However, some how they kept My time support service ON and kept on auto renewing it every month. I cannot delete my credit card details from my account at network solutions website. I have contacted network solutions US support center but they never respond to me. I have raised many support requests but they always close this ticket stating the status as "Resolved" without even bother to confirm with me before closing it. I am feeling helpless. As they are deducting $30 every month from my credit card. Please help me raising this complaint to consumer court.
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Bold Face Lies
Posted by M.baker on 06/01/2013
LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA -- Network Solutions shut down one of my websites and when I and my tech people called this was the responses we received from our questions.

The sad part is I have been a customer of Network Solutions for years and as we began to expand our web hosting we have encountered so many problems with Network Solutions and their tech's and customer support it is sad to say they have many untrained and under skilled people interacting with customers. I will be pulling all of my business away from Network Solutions and I would suggest that anyone that needs more than just a simple web site not use Network Solutions because they do not have the talent or skill to help you grow your business.

There are various domain names under this account, was the spam from the domain I’m working with www. redacted. com ? – we don’t know
What folder contains this malicious spam email code? - we don’t know
What time was the spam email sent out? – we don’t know – huge red flag! Everything on a server is logged
Do your log files show an unusual amount of email coming out of the domain – no it does not
What email addresses did they spam? – we don’t know – huge red flag! Everything on a server is logged
How many spam emails where sent out? – we don’t know – huge red flag! Everything on a server is logged
What is the ticket number that was issued authorizing the hosting packages suspension? – there is none
To reactivate a suspended account - is it not strict protocol that redacted or a Developer make certain changes to the account and then email/fax your Legal Team? - Yes
Why was the account reactivated? We’ve made no changes nor have we contacted your legal team by fax or email – we don’t know what proof do you have that any spam what so ever came out of this hosting package? – we don’t see anything to prove that.

Finally, I ask once again….was this account suspended because of spam emails? – we don’t know why it was suspended.

I’ve spoken to about 10 technicians, drilling them all them same way, they all break eventually and say - we don’t know what happened.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-06-02:
We left Network Solutions ages ago and went to GoDaddy. We never looked back. We were just happy to be rid of the nightmare. Many do not realize that web.com is owned and run by Netsol. It is also one of the worst hosting solutions on the web. Free web site then just a small monthly fee? Yeah right, People get a piece of crap five page template, then they are charged about $100.00 per month. 1,000's of complaints.

Nothing nice about Network Solutions, at all.
Posted by unreal on 2013-08-10:
same thing just happened to me in the last 3 days 10 technicians nobody knows why suspended what a joke ... I will be moving all my clients hosting packages away from network solutions
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Deceptive and Fraudulent Business Practices
Posted by 520hindsite on 02/04/2013
HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- Our company has used the services of Network Solutions when it was owned by VeriSign since 2001. Every now and again we are contacted by their sales department trying to sell us one of their new products.
I am not here to slam the company since I am only one of six million or more subscribers, but to tell you the truth of their deceptive business practices.
A few months ago we were contacted by a salesman for their Gorilla Marketing product. What you should know that before you start a conversation with anyone in this organization they have to verify your account. Once this is done you have given them access to your financial information or credit card on file. Now it so happens that we were coming up for our domain and hosting renewal. Whenever you renew the hosting the domain is always thrown in at no charge. Most subscribers know this and also know this would be foolish to set the auto-renew feature because you will be charged full price for both services. With the end of the month close at hand the salesperson became very anxious to close the sale, promising that if we signed up for the “Guerilla Marketing” service at eighty dollars per month the fee for the domain and hosting would be waived renewed and your card billed every month.
This is a method company’s use to develop revenue stream. So what this slick salesman does is set the auto-renew feature in anticipation of closing the deal. Before we can make a decision we are charged the full amount for the hosting and domain renewal which comes to nearly two hundred dollars. We contact customer service and are told that it will take up to ten days for the funds to be returned.
This is a form of embezzling. To avoid becoming a victim of this scam it is important that if you have a card on file to check the auto-renew feature often to avoid this from happening to you, or better yet do not leave your card on file with anyone. Before making this posting I have discovered that this is a common scam with this company. If there is an attorney that is interested in seeking a legal remedy this is the number for their corporate offices. (570) 708-8700
In August 2011, it was announced that Network Solutions will be bought by Web.com for $405 million and 18 million shares. On October 27th, 2011, Web.com announced the completion of the Network Solutions acquisition. This was immediately followed by the departure of CEO Tim Kelly and other key leadership. Large scale employee layoffs began the following day. By December 31st, 2011, over half of the office space in the Herndon, VA based headquarters had been vacated and returned to the property management. On March 31st, 2012, the company's Belleville, Illinois office was closed
The Web.com Group was formed as a result of the merger of Web.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: WWWW) and Website Pros, Inc. (NASDAQ: WSPI).
The company was initially funded with $65 million from Norwest Venture Partners, Crosspoint Ventures, Chase, Verizon (Bell Atlantic), Office Depot, and Dell; and subsequently by Insight Venture Partners just prior to its IPO. It took only six years from start-up to achieve its goal of dominating the market, and went public in 2005
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Get half your e-mail at twice the price.
Posted by Jim23 on 08/14/2012
VIRGINIA -- I have been a customer of Network Solutions for over 8 years.
I have a problem with my e-mail and have called the support line and have been put on "Hold" for 45 min. TWICE.
I guess their customers have lost their respect when they need help.
Funny thing, if you call any one of the sales numbers you can get a representative right away.
I'm beside myself, but there doesn't seem like there is any recourse.
I will be transfering all my domains and other product to another vender and reporting Network Solutions to the Better Business Bureau.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-08-14:
Move over to Godaddy they are cheaper and provide better service.
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Way Overpriced
Posted by Jessebae85 on 01/06/2012
I transferred my hosting to hostgator earlier this year and paid half of what Network Solutions wanted to charge me after 8 years of doing business with them. I thought that I had transferred my domain name as well but no. So when it expired and I had to renew through Network Solutions they not only charged me $25 reinstatement fee, but also $38 for one year. That's more than twice what I usually paid and more than twice what hostgator will charge me to renew with them next year. Unless you like paying extra and getting poor service, stay away from Network Solutions.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2012-01-06:
I thought Network Solutions got priced out of business long ago. I remember having to pay $50 a year for domain registration with them. Then we found GoDaddy who were registering for $9.99.
Posted by Old Timer on 2012-01-06:
Like Slim, we use GoDaddy for registrations. GoDaddy like HostGator offers all of the other domain services too. NetSol is a dinosaur from yester year that the industry has passed by. That had it all long ago and their greed and inability to change has cost them dearly.

Do keep in mind this new game called "reinstatement" is being played by everyone, HostGator and GoDaddy too. GoDaddy is getting as much as $90 for a reinstatement. If you refuse to pay it your old domain ends up pointing to an adult site or something worse for ransom. People are making a living just in bartering and ransoming peoples expired domain names. It's a jungle out there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-01-06:
I use Godaddy they have good deals and are very affordable. .coms are going from 9.99 to 11.99 since verign owns the .com registry they can price those at whatever they wan't and icann won't regulate them.
Posted by jr on 2012-06-24:
Network Solutions is engaging in extortion with this $25 fee and knows it. I got mine refunded without any questions or explanations. However, that took getting through a huge customer service runaround, including two people lying and saying it was impossible to connect me with the "executive office" that makes refund decisions. The company clearly will refund the indefensible charge to anyone who makes it through their minefield. So here is to skip their lies and runarounds: A direct contact for their "Executive Support Office" is Tracy Lillis, 570-708-8700 ext 9125.
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Manage Account
Posted by Mehmet.beyaz37 on 10/28/2011
We are trying to change ‘Primary Account Contact Change' where our domain name is registered. Some year’s ego people that they were reasonable about all these account are no longer with us.
Our hosting company now out of service here in Turkey. We need to change hosting company so we need to DNS relocation. Then we figure out that we cannot do this because no one knows what the account password is. We get in touch with the network solution. They have informed us to fill a form which they call ‘Primary Account Contact Change Form Service Request’ so done. Send them with fax. Then message came fax was not readable send them with e-mail. This ‘Primary Account Contact Change Form Service Request’ form is a kind of form that is hard to put information in it. So we did. Message came back saying that document was altered. Then we re send them. no answer. Then again resend them. No response. Then send them mail and asking how we can prove that we are the owner. Before these mails I send them other mail that our company lowers needs to get in touch with their company lawyer. In the meantime. Our old hosting company spare one server and they have done by pass or something like that to keep our web address up and running. It is bit slow but better than nothing. I am still trying to resolve this issue. Any assistant will be appreciated. This company Network solutions is not helpful.
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Posted by NutterButter on 2011-10-28:
Have you called them? It seems like there's a lot of mailing going on here for something that couldn't be quickly handled on the phone. And speaking of mail, couldn't you just mail the form to them? Postal mail, not e-mail.
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Long relationship gone bad/ UPDATED
Posted by UrbanFarmer on 07/01/2011
HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- Have spent thousands of dollars at Network Solutions and recommended them to others, despite high cost and long waits on phone for tech service. Usually, I got good and friendly help. Not now. I found high MONTHLY charge on my credit card for 1 service. Tried to find what it was. Could not see product listed or find way to stop it from my account page.

Called customer service at night-- long wait + 1 disconnection (they did call back-- very nice). Was promised service would stop and a refund. Why? SEO service was attached to wrong website: How could Network Solutions help me sell organic beef by analyzing a website that's NOT about organic beef? SEO got high monthly fees for them, but they could not have analyzed my website: site they "promoted" does not pertain to organic beef.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-07-02:
Did you get your refund?
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