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NetZero...Might As Well Talk To A Brick Wall !!!
Posted by on
A year ago, I subscribed to NetZero while staying at my Dad's house when my Mom passed away. Being that I was going to be there for about 3 months, and there was no Internet connections there, I decided to subscribe to NetZero and use them temporarily while I stayed there...until I got settled into a new place where I can use my SBC/AT&T DSL service.

NetZero offered a free trial period, after the trial I would be charged only $9.99 per month. Good enough for 3 months. I constantly had sign on problems and connection problems with them. But, I wasn't spending a lot of time on line anyway, mostly just at night, so I put up with it.

Once I got moved and had my DSL service transferred to my new apartment, I called NetZero to cancel. They told me I didn't have and account with them. I explained I did, and I've been using the service for two or three months. They checked and insisted that I had none. They said there was no record of it. I told them I didn't know WHAT their records showed, but I want to make sure I'm not charged any more monthly fees. They said I wouldn't be charged because there is no record.

Well...I KNEW there was record of it SOMEWHERE, since I was able to sign on. I uninstalled the program from my computer and didn't use it since I called them.

Next thing I know, I was charged for the $9.99. I called them and told them again, that I had canceled it...gave them the date and time I called and the name of the person I spoke with. I told them they said I had no account. I told this representative that they WILL credit back the charge...they said they can't...I said they WILL...finally they said they would. I wasn't convinced, I just felt they told me that to get me off the phone. When I didn't see any credit given after about two weeks, I called again. No record found of me ever calling and talking to them. After demanding that they connect me with an 'English speaking US Citizen who lives in the UNITED STATES' (yes, that's exactly how I made the request)...I finally got another representative on the phone. I explained the entire situation, she knew right away what the problem was and said, they always have "that problem with them" and she assured me that I would be credited and the account cancelled. I checked my statement and found the credits for two months on it and thought all was finally done. YEAR LATER I got the following Email sent to my SBC account from them:

From: NetZero Member Services
Subject: Notice of Account Deactivation
Date: Monday, January 25, 2010, 1:25 AM

Dear NetZero Member,

Our records indicate that you have not signed in to your NetZero Free Email account in at least one year. Please sign in at webmail. within the next 30 days or we will have to deactivate your account.

Use the Member ID below to sign in to NetZero.

Member ID:

If you have forgotten your password, please visit

Your Free NetZero Email comes with all these great features:

. Video Mail or Video Chat - Talk face-to-face with anyone at any email address - even a non-NetZero member.*
. Spam/Virus Protection - Blocks junk mail & helps protect you from viruses.*
. Mobile & Web Access - From any Internet-connected computer or mobile phone.*

We hope you take advantage of your NetZero Free Email account by signing in at webmail.


NetZero Member Services

My response:

Well of course I haven't signed on for a year....I CANCELED IT A YEAR AGO..not only did I cancel it but I had to call to cancel it THREE TIMES....I canceled it because no one there knew what they were doing and couldn't understand simple English. It looks like nothing has changed!
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User Replies:
MRM on 01/25/2010:
I did have the same problem canceling NetZero while on the PAID version. With the free version, if you want to terminate your account, you don't need to do anything. Please note that I use Netzero as my backup when my DSL goes kaput.
Anonymous on 01/25/2010:
You still get the free email, or did you miss the words FREE EMAIL. Even yahoo will tell you if you don't sign in for a specific length of time they will cancel your account. It is not the internet account, it is the EMAIL.
DebtorBasher on 01/25/2010:
Mr. Mike...I had the paid version as well...they told me I didn't have to 'cancel' because I didn't have an account, yet...they were billing me.
Lady Scot, I did see the 'free email'..but when I canceled, I told them to cancel everything that I didn't want anything more to do with NetZero. Everything including the email service as well because I was not using the email service and was not intending on using it after canceling the Internet service. So, now they notify me a year later to let me know it will be deactivated because ... uh...I HAVEN'T USED IT for a year? I would think that telling them to cancel it BECAUSE I wasn't going to be using it, would have given them a clue of some sort.

The point to the review isn't just about the Email account, but the way they handle cancellation requests in general. Getting the email this morning, just pushed me to finally write the review I should have written a year ago.
PepperElf on 01/25/2010:
reminds me of the time I had AOL.

I didn't really want AOL but they had the "first month free" and it was the easiest way to get online to download netscape.

So I did that, and started using netscape instead. then it got close to the end of the month. I had just heard some lady on the radio talking about how much hell it was to cancel, which reminded me I had to do the same thing

First Rep: tells me my account is being "upated" and I will have to call back in 48 hours to process it. He was foreign but I don't know if that was a factor or not.

But I knew they were going to lie. instead of fighting with him I hung up.

Then I called back 20 minutes later. The new tech (American accent) canceled my account and gave me the confirmation number. I received a snail mail version of it within the month and I was free.

Mom was luckier. I got her off of AOL and on to netscape cos I was able to find her 7.99/month service. and without AOL software it ran faster too. When she called up she was prepared to fight them and didn't have to. her reasons to cancel were "personal" and they accepted her request.

couldn't convince her to use a faster service. until the bundle ended up being cheaper than what she was paying for phone, tv, & dialup. the difference in speed really shocked her. :)
DebtorBasher on 01/25/2010:
AOL ... LOL ... they always seem to have a better deal that they just happen to have for their long time customers. Of course, those long time customers never know about them until they try to cancel. LOL...I used to call every now and then and tell them I wanted to cancel, just to see what better deal I was able to get because I knew they wouldn't cancel it on my first request.
DebtorBasher on 01/25/2010:
DebtorBasher on 01/25/2010:
I just got a reply from them regarding the response I sent them as stated above...I rest my case!

Re: Re: Notice of Account Deactivation --> Ref #
January 25, 2010 10:59
From: ""


Thank you for contacting NetZero.

This is an automated reply and no further response will be sent. Please do not reply to this email.

If you are looking for help here are some useful links:

* Online NetZero Help Center:

* Online Billing and Account Center:

* Reset/Retrieve your Password:

* Lookup Access Numbers in your area:

* Order/Download NetZero Software:

Thank you for choosing NetZero.


NetZero Member Services
Anonymous on 01/25/2010:
DB, I missed that this was your review. :)

I had AOL for 13 years. When I canceled, I still had, and still have, my AOL email address. Every 6 or so months, I get an email in my alternate email box to log into my AOL email. I don't use it very often but have it for a certain family member to contact me.
DebtorBasher on 02/19/2012:
Man-O-Man, I sure miss LadyScot and PepperElf!
TXHarleyDude on 05/21/2014:
In March of this year I tried Netzero and their "Hotspot" to see just how good the service might be since the free internet at a Texas RV Resort I frequent during the winter months is not the best. Why Netzero? Because Netzero was the most cost effective WIFI internet service in the area. It was to be a one month test before going back north for the summer months
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VALENTIA, CALIFORNIA -- Run from Netzero RUN!!!!
outsourced customer service will give you a run around and laugh at you. Once they get into your credit card they will continue to charge you. $2 a minute for tech support. Go to Rip Off Report and read the hundreds of negative reviews.

You will go through your 2 M data in a week because the hotspot uses data even when your computer is off? They say it's a heartbeat. I downloaded a usage meter and have used about 100Mb in 5 days their meter says 500Mb customer service says you have to turn the device off when not in use "how convenient"

You cannot return device for refund when it doesn't work well where you live.
It is on the Sprint network "worst in America"
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Billed me for unauthorized use I do not have net zero
Posted by on
I was desperate after being disconnected by AT&T 4 times, so looked for telecommunications companies that offered internet. Net zero was described on phone and I learned the online internet program could be picked up at Wal mart. Instead they sent a disc and I refused it My postman helped me and it was returned I did not open I just received my Visa bill and net zero has charged me $17.90 I do not have the service and was shocked. I decided I could use Charter for my upper unit tenant Mark and myself I am an 81 year old widow who desired quick internet re-connection and Charter provided it. Help When I went on line to write to them I cannot because I do not have an account number Next step complain to Wisconsin consumer complaint department.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 06/02/2011:
Apparently, you signed up for something from Net0 because they have your credit card. Dispute the bill.
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Cancelling Service Almost Impossible-Shame On Them!
Posted by on
These people are criminals! Do not buy this service! I tried to cancel four times only to get advised of hold times exceeding 11 minutes each time. I finally got through this morning and advised that I wanted to cancel, the representative fought me for at least 10 minutes trying to convince me that I needed their basic service as back-up. After emphatically telling her NO, I WANT TO CANCEL COMPLETELY she then told me that they would do me a "favor" and keep my computer secure with Norton for free but actually would cost $4.95/month. After finally getting irate and again refusing this special offer I was treated rudely and when I requested a cancellation confirmation number she put me on hold for at least 5 minutes and I'm fairly sure she was just trying to "punish" me for insisting on getting that cancellation number.
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Anonymous on 04/13/2010:
Reminds me of the old AOL days. Shouldn't be this way. It should be easier to cancel than to join like it is with Netflix. Click :: Click - account canceled.

Good review!
tnchuck100 on 04/13/2010:
I recommend when canceling any subscription service, be it internet, cell phone, satellite TV or even a credit card, do it in writing. Specify exact date of termination and state you will not be responsible for any charges incurred after that date. Do it by certified mail/return receipt requested.

Now you have the power to dispute, with written documentation, any further charges.
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Posted by on
Netzero was fine until they started making all the new changes as well as Facebook. I liked it the way it was!!!!
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Alain on 05/28/2011:
Give feedback to them about this.
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Unauthorized charges
Posted by on
Exactly 3 weeks ago I discovered a 14.95 charge and another 1.00 charge on my checking account from Netzero. Both of these used my debit card. I have NEVER had any kind of service from Netzero. I called the bank to dispute the unauthorized charges. They immediately canceled my debit card & issued me another. Today, I found another pending 1.00 charge from Netzero using my NEW CARD NUMBER!!!!! This card has never been out of my possession, & I only received it 7 days ago! I called Netzero and asked about this, & I was told this account was opened up in my name. I informed them that these were fraudulent charges, twice in three weeks. I was transferred to 4 different departments. I asked them how they got the new debit card number, and they said I gave it to them. I hung up the phone and called the police to file a report. I have called the bank AGAIN and had my debit card cancelled, AGAIN. Does anyone have any ideas, or am I just going to have to cancel my debit card once or twice and month?!
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User Replies:
FlShopper on 06/25/2010:
Is there anyone else in your home who has access to your card?
momsey on 06/25/2010:
FlShopper poses a good question.

At this point, I don't think this is a valid complaint against Netzero. The complaint is rightfully against whoever is stealing your information.
jwain on 06/25/2010:
There's no one else in my home. I've come across quite a few people on the internet that have had this problem. I just don't understand how my new card was compromised 7 days after I received it.
memoryx57 on 06/25/2010:
Just a thought but I wonder if this could possibly be someone at your bank?
Is it a local bank where someone might know you or know of you? This whole deal is just kind of strange. I can understand that the first number could become compromised but not the second one especially since you're the only one that has access to it.
MRM on 06/25/2010:
I suspect identify theft going on here. You might have been shopping online, and while entering your debit card number, a spyware, used by hackers, have captured your card number.
MRM on 06/25/2010:
You must run an anti-spyware on your computer to scan for any spyware.
jwain on 06/25/2010:
I will definitely run anti-spyware when I get home, but I never used the second card online. How was that # compromised?
tnchuck100 on 06/25/2010:
Some banks will automatically transfer charges like this to the new card. I know, that was the purpose of canceling the old card. But some banks do not follow that logic. The only SURE way to stop this is to change banks.

You did not indicate which bank you are with but Bank of America, Chase, SunTrust and Wells Fargo are strong candidates for this kind of treatment.
MRM on 06/25/2010:
That's true, Chuck, that previous charges would transfer to new account number.

Jwain, do not use the card online until your computer is clean of spywares. I would not rely on any anti-spyware programs to get rid of spywares, so to be 100% sure that your computer clean of spywares, I would format the computer and re-install Windows.
tnchuck100 on 06/25/2010:
MRM, I was not referring to previous charges. I was referring to new charges from companies that had used the old number in the past and are now granted continued access because the bank will transfer the new charges to the new card.
MRM on 06/25/2010:
Oh, that's what you mean. I understand now.
jwain on 06/25/2010:
Why would they grant continued access when I filed a fraud report with the bank on that specific company? I bank with US Bank by the way. I've had them for years and never had a problem.
tnchuck100 on 06/25/2010:
jwain, the WHY is a mystery. But it is apparent from the facts stated in your your review US Bank must do this "grandfathering in" previous companies to the new card number as well. OR US Bank has an employee who doesn't like you. I tend to think the former.

As I stated previously, you may have to change banks to put a stop to NetZero.
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Customer Service The Worst
Posted by on
I subscribe to Juno MegaMail for a once a year fee to keep a permanent email address. I have tried to change my password that we are all cautioned to do regularly. They reply back, can only be done through the Juno Software which I don't have since I don't subscribe to their monthly DSL or dial up service. Support on the web leaves MUCH to be desired.

The main support requires listing your access number which I DON'T have. And phone service is VERY expensive. My warning: Look elsewhere for email and internet service!!!!!!!!!
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ISP provider service
Posted by on
I am trying to cancel my free Juno email account. I have spent hours on the phone with customer service who tells me "just don't use it for 60 days and it will go away." I haven't used it for a year and it is still there.

I have emailed, called and they all keep saying the same thing. Nobody seems to be able to cancel the account.

The customer service at Juno is terrible.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/23/2008:
It's free and you complain about terrible customer service? Just stop using it and forget the account ever existed.
lilydarling on 01/23/2008:
Just delete the software from your computer.
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Account Fraud
Posted by on
WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- Upon my request to cancel my account with Juno to avoid further charges, I receive confirmation that they would in fact put a halt to my account. Months later, I found that charges continued to take place from Juno. When I called to question this, they admitted that they had a cancellation request from me but did not understand why my account had not been cancelled. On top of this, they refused to credit me the wrongful charges. In addition, they claimed that I authorized tech support charges when, in fact, they offered them (verbally) to me free to keep me as an account member. They gave me the "runaround" as they transferred me from one operator to another, while constantly putting me on hold until my patience wore thin... United Online, Inc. is headquartered in Woodland Hills, CA, with offices in New York, NY, Renton, WA, San Francisco, CA, Orem, UT, and Hyderabad, India.
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User Replies:
msmel on 01/28/2006:
I so agree this company who along with Netzero same company is a rip off.they charge even when your not using there services and on top of that they say there going to do something and they don't.........And when you ask for a copy of your detailed bill? They say only these customers can have access (doesn't matter if you were that customer prior to upgrading)
turboredcart on 04/01/2006:
they have just done that to me! I am raging mad. I cannot find the contact info to email the CEO. I am so angry!
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Cancellation/Misleading Avertising
Posted by on
MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY -- Tried to cancel regular dial up in May 2007 and they accually started charging me more per month.

So I tried there DSL service and was later told that in order for me to install I would need addition hardware, which they never indicated.

Tried to cancel via phone and they just would not!
Could not get last name of customer servive agent, nor what company she worked for.
I have had enough, these companie will do anything
to increase short term earnings, its the old "sue me later" deal.
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User Replies:
Pomona Guy on 07/27/2007:
So what happened? Do you still have NetZero?
Anonymous on 07/27/2007:
DSL requires a special modem that plugs in to the phone line. Contact your local TelCo to see if they offer DSL, probably cheaper.
mithrandar on 11/16/2007:
I had both Juno (about 3 yrs) and Netzero (about 6 mths). I cancelled both in the same week, had to do each separately (different phone numbers for each). I just now (a month later) received a $25.00 cancellation fee from Netzero.

When I called to question the charge I was told that in is stated in my 'contract', when I asked 'what contract' (never saw one, was never advised of one, there was never before any mention of such) I was told that it was presented at the time I signed up. Never happened.

To make it short, I was basically told I was charged and that was that.
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