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Woodland Hills, CA 91367-6679
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No Help, Just Screwed Out Of Money
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- I am still having the same problem I tried to have fixed last month, when you raped me for $27.30 (12-30-08)! I want to upgrade this computer to XP-Pro, SP-3. But when I do, it screws up my Juno email! This is what I am seeing: "Unable to display e-mail message." "Juno 5.0 Juno is unable to display this email message." "This is most likely due to a problem with the sender's e-mail software."

It appears all the messages I have restored are there but I am only seeing the headers only and no messages. I am also receiving e-mails and can only see the header and no body of the message... just the "Juno is unable to display this e-mail message." I have looked on GOOGLE under JUNO 5.0 Juno is unable to display this e-mail message and nothing comes back on this problem..

I figure that you owe me! I've been a customer for a number of years. This is the FIRST TIME I've asked you for help! AND what did you do? You screwed me out of $27.30! NO HELP, NO SOLUTIONS. It's not a good business practice to screw your loyal customers!

Spam Blocking by Email Service NetZero.
By -

I bought and paid cash for 1 year of NetZero premium internet email service. I got their most expensive package. Then I started getting notices from them that some emails had been blocked by their spam email blockers. I am totally outraged by this action for the simple reason that once an email is addressed to me it is my property and I and I alone have the sole right to determine what I shall or shall not receive, read, delete or do with as I see fit.

I am just as angered by the deluge of emails as everyone else is but it is obvious that not even the United States government with all of its might and power has been able to do anything whatever to stop the ever growing flood of spam so what makes Netzero think they are better at the game than the government is?

I am being damaged by their illegal controls and feeble attempts to do something about spam, porn and all the rest of the never ending junk emails. I fully intend to take them to federal court if necessary to put a stop to this intrusion upon my rights and my privacy. Creditwrench.

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