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STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Sleaze bag operation charging twice what cars are worth, and delivering half of what you expect. Cheap paint jobs. Severely flawed mechanics that cost thousands to set right. Black interiors spray painted tan. Cars listed on the website that they don't own - bait and switch. And having sold a car to them only to read outrageous lies about its provenance and condition when listed on their website, I can tell you that it is all intentional. It's all rather appalling.

Let's hope that this depression flushes all rip off artists, scamsters, and sleaze bags down the toilet. This is one of those operations that deserves to get flushed. I've had my experience with this company, and of course it was poor. Personally, I think the owner has a very flawed sense of morality and ethics. During my dealings with them, they used absolutely every sleazy used car salesman trick in the book. It was a throwback to a GM dealership in the 70s. If you want a nice sports car, look to a reputable dealer. If you want an overpriced hack job, do business with them.

PS- don't be deceived by their website. They do NOT have all of those cars in stock. The better ones were sold long ago. Can you say bait and switch? SOP with them.

Also, don't believe their ads in Hemmings Motor News. Same deal. Someone should report them to Hemmings. Perhaps I will do that next.

PPS - I see that on the new website they've done away with their long winded explanation about how "no rust" means "no rust holes, " "Rebuilt engine" means must a been rebuilt at some point since the car was new because it still runs - barely, and "show condition" means showing it off at the local firehouse, not a real car show. Instead, read the legal disclaimer carefully. Now, they're not responsible for any factual error, which means you can't believe a thing this guy says on his website.

I would like to follow up and say that what the previous person said is true.

Almost all the MGBs I went to go look at, that were shown on their website, were "sold" long ago... If they even had them to begin with. And they now have a new website and they are still listing those same MGB's that were supposedly sold. Total bait and switch. Its funny that the ones that were "sold" looked so nice, but the ones he then directs you to are total pieces of garbage.

Again, stay away from this place.. your better off looking for a classic British car through local clubs or even Craigslist.

P.S. I think I might just send a complaint to Hemmings as well, they should know what a scam this place is and they should not be associated with them.

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Anonymous on 01/21/2009:
Very helpful, niche review. I owned several MGs, Triumphs, and a Jag XKE. All of them purchased no more than 3-4 years from 'new'. I imagine it is tough to find one 30+ years later in any kind of condition. If 10% of your post is accurate, this outfit deserves skepticism.
old fart on 01/21/2009:
Hey Doc... I had a '59 MGA 1600... what a sweet little car...

Some lady driving too fast for conditions ..
squashed it like a bug in 1965...
She was driving a '55 chevy..
Anonymous on 01/21/2009:
OF - My eyes got moist when I read about your deceased MGA. Brit cars leak, are mechanically unreliable, difficult to find parts for, are often uncomfortably small, and usually dangerous to drive on roads with bigger vehicles...I LOVE 'EM!
old fart on 01/21/2009:
4 speed, 4 on the floor, shift through gears without using the clutch, (speed shifting)... turn 360 inside a two car garage.. ride like a buckboard... I would kill to have it back...
Anonymous on 01/21/2009:
Indeed. Driving 40mph in the rain with the top up...and your lap still filled with water. Gawd I miss them.
old fart on 01/21/2009:
Tonneau covers leaked like a sieve too....
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