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Dental Assistant School In Parlin, NJ A Big Scam!
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PARLIN, NEW JERSEY -- The New Jersey School of Dental Assisting in Parlin, NJ (they also have a new school in Forked River, NJ July 2008) advertises that they will train you in Basic Dental Assisting so you can obtain an entry level Dental Assistant job. Training was promised in the operatory lab, dark room and front office. The school operates out of an actual dental office, but they fail to tell you that you won't be using the facilities.

Bookwork was done in the morning in the reception area, which anyone could have done by getting the book and reading and answering questions. We bascially went around the room each week reading the question and answering it. The afternoon portion of their program was supposed to be the hands on training to apply what you learned in the bookwork. What we got was two afternoon instructors who basically told us their personal lives. They brought in their own instruments from their jobs and just passed them around. They just laughed off our weekly concerns about applying the reading to hands on training telling us not to worry and that we would all get jobs. Never had any hands on training with them; they could not grade us on that part of the program as there wasn't any. Their brochure stated that they use Dexter (lifelike manniquin) for hands on training. Instead we saw an alginate bowl with a set of false teeth !!!!!!!! Our class was 14 students with 12 of us dissatisfied. I know there are others.

This school charges $2,630.00 per student. They are pulling in $36,820.00 per class by a retired dentist who isn't even there to see what is going on, but yet states that we are liars. He knows exactly what is going on. They do not train you for any procedures that the dental offices need; even though they send out letters to area dentist's stating their graduates are fully trained in all procuedures and front desk.

Don't even show their students how to properly sit in the assistant's chair. Maybe the retired dentist should be the afternoon instructor !!! If you are thinking about becoming a Dental Assistant, save yourself a lot of money by not attending this school. You would be better off going to a dental office and asking them if they would hire you off the street and training you themselves !! Beware also that this school offers an X-Ray course. The school states that everyone passes their courses (straight from the directors mouth).

THE NEW JERSEY SCHOOL OF DENTAL ASSISTING IS A SCAM with them laughing all the way to the bank and us getting bitten !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Company Response 02/12/2009:
In response to the complaint letter sent by a former student who we are able to identify by the fact that it is the only complaint we have received in the three years the school has been open.

The school class she attended had three instructors and an onsite Director. No one was told she was having a problem. Students having difficulties are given additional personal attention. A similar letter was received several months after her graduation and was the first time we knew of her difficulties.
It was apparently sent at a time when she was having personal and financial problems,
It is impossible to address the vague complaints in this letter but the much maligned manikin is the same one used by dental and dental assisting schools throughout the country. Each Dexter costs over one thousand dollars and two were available for her use.

I would like to encourage potential students to come to one of our schools, attend a class, talk to our students and instructors. call some of our graduates and make up your own mind.
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Anonymous on 10/23/2008:
This is the second complaint on this school in as many days. I have no reason to doubt the assertions made in both complaints. Is the 'school' accredited by anyone? How do students pay tuition (Are student loans involved?)? If any of the tuition is paid for with student loans, the US Dept of Education may take interest in your experiences (as would any real accreditation agency). You may also check with your state's attorney general to see if such schools must be licensed and if there are requirements for any agency oversight of such schools.
corgimom on 10/23/2008:
All states have a State Board of Dentistry (Google it)that licenses dentists (just like doctors). Call them and file a complaint of fraud against the dentist- you will need the dentist's name. That will hurt him more than the Dept of Education (but you need to do that too). Be ready to document, document, document.
Principissa on 10/23/2008:
Umm this is a dental school not a dentist. The Dept. of Ed. would be the one to complain to since there is no dentist practicing at this school.
Anonymous on 10/23/2008:
Did I miss something or did you not take a tour through this place before enrolling?
peppergrl on 02/14/2009:
I went to the school also. I never saw Dexter! Their advertisements are very misleading and their response to the complaint was full of lies. The school is poorly run and a waste of time and money. 12 of the 14 students were indeed unhappy with what they got for their money. I definitely would not recommend this school to anyone.
Been Bitten on 02/19/2009:
The school's response is totally false. It was not just one student, but 12 out of 14 students (one could not be located and one that agreed with us, but did not want to get involved) that sent a written complaint to the school and State. All 14 of us would tell you that we never saw or used Dexter (lifelike manikin). Wish the school would have taken a little over $2,000.00 of the $36,820.00 they robbed us of. If the school had truly identified the one student they say was the only complaint, why have they not contacted me personally by phone. Instead they wrote a reply letter to each of us and basically said we were liars. The director was on site when she wanted to be, not during the entire class. I invite anyone who reads this and attended the school to voice your opinion. If you've been wronged by them, please speak up. The Parlin school is closed now and they are operating out of Forked River. BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous on 02/19/2009:
Good for you, Been Bitten! Keep plugging away at this. A lot of proprietary schools just move on and change names when they get caught ripping off students. DO send your concerns to the US Department of Education. Write your Congress Critters too. If the tuition is $37K, student loans HAVE to be involved. If they are not providing the education students pay for with those loans, they need to have their money source cut more loan eligibility for their students.
hesitant on 04/29/2011:
if this has been going on since 2008 and the parlins office has been closed, why are there two more locations open (forked river and new brunswick)? they have GOT to stop ripping off students.
kimberlyy on 12/30/2012:
I am currently attending the forked river location of the NJ School of Dental Assisting and I could not be happier with it. It was well worth the tuition in my opinion. My teacher is very good, certified in many areas of the dental field, actually works in the field and takes board exams just to make sure her curriculum covers everything we will need to know. We do at least a little hands on work every week on Dexter, some days more than others. Yes its a good amount of work in a shorter amount of time, but its well worth it if you are willing to put the effort in. I knew nothing about dentistry at all when I started a little over two months ago, but now I feel I would be comfortable and confident working as a dental assistant. Disreguard these old comments and other locations, you will not be disappointed if you try it!
Dominique on 07/09/2013:
Hi I have just graduated from the first 10 weeks of basic dental assisting at the FORKED RIVER school and am now moving onto the next 10 weeks of radiology..I would highly recommend attending this school if dental assisting is what you want to's aggressive and a lot of work but well worth it in the must be committed but my teacher Pat is wonderful..she attends current board exams for preparation of our course and prepares us for what's ahead..Pat has been in the field of dental assisting for over 30 years..she has a CDA COA and she's an RDA! She is still currently working in the field and is up to date with everything! She's a fantastic teacher and will push you but as I said earlier its worth it and helps you out more than you realize..I don't know what the other comments are referring to for there are two dexters in our school both which we do hands on work..I don't understand the negative comments for I have none myself but the postings were a few yrs ago either they attended a different school or had a completely different teacher idk but the forked river school and pay as your teacher will get you far..I already have a job in assisting and I was more prepared then most of the staff that worked thereby just coming to this please listen to the new responses and make sure you have the correct school and attend of this is what you want to do..the New Jersey school of dental assisting (forked river) they do have another in New Brunswick as well if that's closer for you
amanda on 08/12/2013:
The forked river school is amazing and would highly recommend attending. The teacher pat dodrill is a very highly respected and smart individual in the feild and will do everything she can to help you with what you need. She is a great teacher and the moral of the story is that you cannot be lazy. You have to do a lot of reading and work at home due to it being a short course but if your dedicated it is possible. Those other comments in my opinion were probably done by another teacher from another school because of how good pat is that all interested individuals in the feild attend her classes! Take my advice. Sit in on a class and see for yourself.
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