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Beware Of This Company: New Mexico Catalog (80+ Complaints From The BBB)
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FAIRACRES, NEW MEXICO -- I made the mistake of ordering 20lbs of Green Chiles from (guaranteed 2-day air shipping) and they arrived 5 days late in a big ugly mess of a plastic bag. They shipped them regular mail and on a Thursday before a holiday weekend, so it took even longer.

They also don't answer phone calls or emails! I found out they own another business in NM: Picacho Market and I was able to get a hold of them there, which really upset them...Bottom Line: They are not willing to refund my money or send me another order.

Unfortunately, I now know they have this horrible track record and I'm just another victim.

They have an F rating with the BBB...80 complaints under David and Linda Taylor of New Mexico Catalog. and various bad reviews else where ( i.e.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/21/2009:
Credit card charge back? Web page says 2-day shipping is extra, did you pay extra for the 2-day shipping?
harpo79 on 09/21/2009:
Yes. A 2-day air surcharge is/was required ($22 dollars) and I paid it, but it took 5+ days to arrive. She sent it late on the Thursday before Labor Day weekend.

Ghostley on 11/29/2010:
After placing an order with New Mexico Catalog early November for fresh green chiles, we saw some of the negative reviews. Well, our green chiles came this past weekend in beautiful condition! We roasted them and ate some tonight and they are fabulous!!
roadrunner10 on 12/20/2010:
This is a terrible company...harpo79 the same thing just happened to me. I placed an order 2 day air shipping in mid NOVEMBER...guess what? I'm still waiting!!!! Only days before Christmas. I called today to cancel and they told me to late the food is at the shipping doc. It should arrive in 3 TO 5 DAYS!!
Sherbo on 12/12/2011:
I have used this company in the past to order frozen green chili and never had a problem. However, this time it has been a nightmare! They charged my credit card in October and now it is December and I still don't have my chili. I spoke with the woman who promised that I would have my chili or a refund by December 1. That was a lie. Don't be fooled by the low prices!
Isaac on 11/21/2013:
Bought my mother a rista for her 60th birthday (very special to her). I order this in August, her birthday was Sept and now it's the end of Nov and still have not seen it.
Jan Whitebear on 12/10/2013:
I ordered an overpriced ristra the end of October. I got confirmation of my order on November 4th saying that they were charging my cc, but that there would be a delay in shipping the ristra due to having to dry them out! I told them to cancel the order in that case. I didn't hear back from them so gave it a couple of days and then contacted them again via email. I told them to CANCEL THE ORDER! She said that they only needed a few more days and the ristras would be sent. I told her I needed it BEFORE Winter as this was a Fall decoration for the front of my house. I also told her that I could have just driven across the bridge into Portland, OR and bought some there as I saw plenty of them for sale a few days before.

I forgot about it for a little while and then on November 20th, contacted them again asking them where the heck my refund was. I KNEW they had not sent the ristras out "in a few days" as I surely would have received them by this time. I received NO ANSWER.

Finally, yesterday, December 9, 2013, I emailed them again and told them I was contacting my bank to file for a charge back against them since they collected money on my cc but never sent the merchandise! Wells Fargo was quick to give me my refund and did a charge back. They told me that this company was WAAAY past the date which they were required to get me my merchandise.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! They also do business as Guacamole's Patio as that is what the name was on my bank statement for this charge. This company needs to be put out of business! God only knows how many people they are fleecing this way! I took so long that I almost forgot about this until I was clearing out emails for the past few months and ran across it.
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New Mexico Ripoff!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FAIRACRES, NEW MEXICO -- I placed a substantial order for 10 lbs of New Mexico green chiles and 3 orders of chicken and green chile enchiladas last June. I received green chiles from MEXICO and FOUR orders of GREEN CHILE ONLY enchiladas, making the order 100% wrong, to include charging me $26 additional dollars for a 4th green chile only enchiladas that I didn't order.

I called the phone number countless times and left countless messages to no avail. I sent several emails and waited 2 weeks before getting a reply, only to be told that what I got was what I ordered, end of story. When I forwarded emails showing my order, they stopped responding all together. I kept emailing, and they finally said they would send me the New Mexico Chiles in August, but would do nothing on the over charge or anything to correct the incorrect enchiladas sent. It is now Sept. 30, and I have received neither the New Mexico chiles or a response to my continuing requests for help.

The customer service people were angry and dishonest and I will certainly find another source for my NM green chiles. I will also make sure that I use my American Express!

New Mexico Catalog should retract their online "Promise" to their customers. It is a blatant lie...
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Terrible Company!!!!
Posted by on
FAIRACRES, NEW MEXICO -- DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!I ordered 10lbs. of fresh Green Chili on 8/25/09, paying extra for expedited shipping, as suggested on the website, since I live in Washington state. I then started waiting...and waiting...and waiting. Then I started calling daily leaving the same message asking about the shipment of chili along with my phone number asking for a return call. The company deducted the $49 from my bank account on the 10th of this month. Still no chili...I finally got a return call 7 days ago saying my chili had shipped that week and would arrive that day or the next at the latest.

Still no chili and I've continued to leave daily messages AND emails with no replies! I have requested a refund and that has not appeared in my bank account either!! Two of the numbers listed are disconnected so I continue to leave messages on the same number...

Not sure what to do next but I want to spread the word that this company is stealing money from it's customers.
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User Replies:
Skye on 09/23/2009:
Do a chargeback on your credit card now.

Thanks for the heads up.
harpo79 on 09/24/2009:
They also own Picacho Market (Linda and David Taylor) can sometimes reach them at: 575-525-9764

You can also have a friend or family member call them from a different number and pretending to want to order something else, they returned my call then. (I acted like I was interested in a dining room table, to get them to call back). Unfortunately, it was the only way they'd return the call.

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Ripped Off
Posted by on
FAIRACRES, NEW MEXICO -- I ordered fresh green chile from this company and called to ensure they would arrive in time for a planned party. I made sure they knew that I needed them on Friday September 10th. They assured me they would arrive in time and had to change shipping method because I do not receive mail at my home. They changed shipping method from second day U. S.Postal to Fed Ex ground and the chiles did not arrive until Monday, September 13th and were in extremely poor condition. I ordered 50 lbs of chiles for the party which had to be canceled when the chiles did not arrive. The chiles are a perishable item and spoil quickly if not refrigerated. I contacted the company on several occasions about the problem and was given the run-around. I was told they would send chiles to all the people who were to attend the party. When that didn't happen I contacted them again requesting a partial refund since I was charged for second day air ($44 which they did not use, they shipped 4 business day ground), and since I was only able to salvage approximately half of the chiles. On Sept. 20 they sent an e-mal reply stating that they would send me a check for $79 which is a little less than half of what I was originally charged. I did not ever receive the check. They obviously had no intention of ever providing a refund. They told me this was the first time that this had ever happened and tried to blame Fedex. Now I know it's NOT the first time. Another victim.

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User Replies:
momsey on 11/05/2010:
Fight for your refund!

Just curious, what kind of party requires 50 lbs of chiles or else it's cancelled?
roadrunner10 on 12/20/2010:
This company really does suck....something similar happened to me
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