New Pro Windows

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New Pro Windows
26 Cedar St
Woburn, MA 01801
866-573-8310 (ph)
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Very Disappointed
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I was originally quoted over $38,000 to replace 19 windows! The sales
rep, realizing this was way out of my price range began to offer
special incentives bringing the price down to a mere $1,600 per window, with of course the stipulation I would sign that evening.

After much discussion, he proceeded to call his supervisor at 9:00 p. m.! This time, more could be added to entice me to take the bait. By placing a lawn sign and providing a personal review on Facebook, the price could be reduced an additional $4,000. In less than 2 hours, my original quote was decreased over $12,000 indicating it was overpriced to begin with. Unless you are wealthy or like deception, stay away from NewPro!

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