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Stainsafe warranty
Posted on
As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

Here's the problem: I purchased a sofa and also purchased the warranty for Stainsafe protection. The sofa got stained and I called immediately the customer service department to find out what to do. I was then told what product to get to clean the stain. I did this but the stain would not come out. I again called and was told they would send out a tech to professionally clean the sofa. Well this took you six months with repeated calls from me to ever get someone out here. In fact Stainsafe ended up giving me the cleaning company phone number and I had to set up the appointment myself. The tech cleaned the sofa and the stain still wouldn't come out. In fact the cleaning solution left a white ring on the sofa arm and cushions. At this point I said it was unacceptable, so they said they would replace the cushion covers. This was fine, but for one the dye lot didn't match which I understand is not covered, but it didn't solve the problem of the white ring left on the arm of the sofa from the cleaning solution from the tech they recommended.

After going back to the store where I purchased the sofa (Seamans) they told me to contact Stainsafe, which I did, and they again sent out an inspector from Stainsafe after waiting weeks to make the appointment. This inspector told me at this time that the material was defective and put this in his report to Stainsafe. This was 7 weeks ago and I have heard nothing back from them.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate Stainsafe honoring their warranty agreement. I want the sofa replaced immediately. No more replacing cushion covers, no more runaround. Just replace the sofa with a new non-defective one. I want to be contacted immediately about this claim and I want it resolved not put in the dead letter file any longer.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/21/2003:
"I feel your pain".

I came across your problem while researching StainSafe in an effort to resolve a dispute I presently have with the company.

Perhaps this will sound familiar to you:

My wife and I recently purchased some furniture, and a 5-year StainSafe warranty.

Just less than a month after delivery, my wife discovered an ink mark on the arm of our loveseat. It would appear that the mark was made by an errant pen while she was paying bills.

I read the StainSafe warranty, found that this was covered, and identified all items StainSafe required to be reported to file a claim.

Since the contract permitted either telephone or e-mail, I opted for the latter. The day after I e-mailed my claim, I received a reply from StainSafe.

At first, I was quite happy to receive such a rapid response; however, when I opened the message, I discovered that the sender had failed to attach a claim form.

I immediately notified them of the omission, but received no further communications for several days.

After 21 days passed, I telephoned. After waiting for a substantial time on the phone, a recorded message came on to inform me that, due to the heavy volume of telephone calls, I should consider e-mail.

I went back to my computer, and sent a somewhat angry message. Soon thereafter, I received a reply, and this time, a claim form was included.

I immediately filled out the claim form and returned it in a new message.

After two days, I received a reply from StainSafe, informing me that, since I failed to file the claim within five days, pursuant to the terms of the contract, the claim was denied.

Go figure!!!!

I am presently making a final attempt to resolve the matter personally; however, my next step will be the Oklahoma Insurance Commission.

If neither of these works, well. . . .

I just happen to be a licensed attorney.

Anonymous on 06/08/2003:
re: stainsafe
I purchased the 7 yr. contract. My recliner"s vibrator and heater went bad. I contacted stainsafe 8 months ago and as of today June 8 03 have had no results. The will not answer my e-mails which I have sent over 125. Their 800 number must only have one operator because I am on hold for hours every time I call. The company needs to get a kick in the butt, they won't do any thing except the money.
Joe 505-744-5634
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wells fargo
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

I have a car loan through wells fargo and two days ago they repossessed it. I have tried to explain that I had to buy a new boiler for my home that was 6,000 and had to have my roof repaired so with all of this happening I got behind I have offered them the money owed to make the loan current but they are refusing to reinstate me and told me that I have to days to refinance it with a different company or it will go to the auction. I am trying my best to make things right but they refuse to try to work with me. Trough the 7 months that I have had the loan I have only received one statement in the mail from them I received no call or letter for the threat of repossession.Everyone I have spoken to refuses to let me talk with a supervisor and is very rude and treats you like you are a piece of garbage and I am not I just got behind and now I am trying to do the right thing and get caught up instead of running away and claiming bankruptcy like people usually do.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I would like someone to ask wells fargo why they can't send statements or call or let someone try to get caught up on there loan if they still have proof of making good money and obviously just got behind.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
Jambra on 06/07/2007:
Not getting statements is no excuse for not paying back a loan. It's your responsibility to pay back what you borrow.
Anonymous on 06/07/2007:
First, read through your loan contract. It will probably cover most of the issues you are raising and what you agreed to.

Second, I hope that this isn't the actual letter you sent to the Atty General. With all the mis-spellings and misused grammar, it probably won't be taken very seriously. That's why they include spell and grammar checking in most word processing programs.
Anonymous on 06/07/2007:
It is hard to find the laws for NY repossession of cars but I don’t think they have to tell you when they are coming to get it. One would think they at least give you a warning. As far as your other problems they really don’t care and I don’t think the state will either.

Sorry about you problem and hope you can take care of it soon.
adzidek on 06/07/2007:
I imagine that they don't tell you when, or don't give you a warning, because people would take precautionary measures (blocking the car in with another car/truck), hiding the car, taking two wheels off, etc.)
Anonymous on 06/07/2007:
That was my point as well adzidek and I agree.
poppapia on 06/07/2007:
Robf, it's grammar, not grammar. How much time did Wells give you after repossessing the vehicle? By federal regulation, they must provide you with 10 days notice, to either reclaim the vehicle (usually by getting a loan somewhere else), or to retrieve any personal belongings that were in the vehicle. Bankruptcy won't help you with getting the car back, because I don't think you can get filed in two days. If the car is sold, Wells will come after you for any deficiency plus expenses, so at that time, you will need to decide whether to go the bankruptcy route. The repossession and default have already dinged your credit, so if the deficiency judgment is more than you can afford, bankruptcy may be your only option. However, you knew payments were due, with or without a coupon book or payment notice. Did you move after getting the loan and not have mail forwarded, because I find it hard to believe Wells didn't contact you via mail, usually certified.
Dedicated Reader on 06/07/2007:
Your own words sum up your problem, "I have offered them the money owed to make the loan current." In other words, you want to pay them what you should have already paid them, and then have the loan continue as before -- until the next time you default.

Why would Wells Fargo want to work with you? You made a contract with them and after only seven months you broke it. It doesn't matter how many reasons you had -- you broke the contract. If you had truly wanted to repay this loan and get it in good standing, you should have gone to them BEFORE you missed the first payment.

The best you can do now is find another lender willing to take a chance on you or face the facts that you've lost the vehicle.

And for your assertion that filing for bankruptcy is what people usually do is wrong -- the vast majority of people pay their bills on time.
Jambra on 06/08/2007:
Dedicated Reader, I do believe that you have hit the nail squarely on the head. Great response.
DebtorBasher on 06/08/2007:
Jambra is right...statements are sent out as a courtesty, they are not required to do so. A person still owes the money by the due date whether they get one or not. However, I know if you don't get a statement, it can slip by you, it's happened to me once. I didn't realize it until I got my statement the following month and seen they didn't get a payment the month, I called right away and made the payment over the phone. It's easy to forget a payment without that montly statement as a reminder but, you learn from it and start keeping track of your payments by logging what payments are due when.
poppapia on 06/08/2007:
Debtor, you are correct, but to miss a statement for several months doesn't seem right.
Skye on 06/08/2007:
You are an adult, and therefore, have to be responsible for taking care and making sure things get paid. Not getting a statement, is not an excuse to not make your payment.

Did you think your loan was forgiven??

We all have things that come up unexpectedly, but that's not an excuse to ignore a financial obligation. If money is tight, how about a 2nd, part time job??

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Internet Fraud
Posted by on
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

Order number #0137469, Date 4/12/2005SKU Description Quantity Unit Price Price
RBLA660 1000 Watt High Performance 4 C 1 $92.59 $92.59
Tax Amount $0.00
Total $96.23
Business Name: Quality Car Audio
I ordered the above item. It was listed as refurbished with a five year warranty.I received it in a box without a receipt or any proof of purchase. It looked as if it had been in a car accident. It was scratched on all sides. The installer said it was defective had had a loose wire in it. I e-mailed this cpompany within 24 hoursw of receipt. I e-mailed ever single department requesting a return authorization number. No answer. I filed a New York Better Business Bureau complaint with no answer. Basically They stole almost $100 and sent me a box of scrap metal!!!
Mailing Address:
Quality Audio Inc.
5314 16Th Ave. #083
Brooklyn NY 11204

Company Address
1 Liska Way Suite 303
Monroe NY 10950

Fax: 718-504-4856

As a resolution, I would like the following:

A call tag to pick up this piece of metal and a refund.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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AOL service to Apple computers
Posted by on
LARCHMONT, NEW YORK -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

AOL provides far less features for Apple computers than for Window-based systems; yet, the monthly fees are the same. AOL should either reduce their fees for Apple users or bring AOL for Apple up to par with Window-based systems.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 05/22/2005:
You know, it's not against the law to not have as good a deal as the next guy. If A&P ran a two for one that Shoprite doesn't, does the consumer protection office need to act? Not a very valid complaint an AG"S attention, if anyones.
LegalCollector on 05/23/2005:
Both AOL and Apple are crap. You get what you bought. Theres a reason why the vast majority of PC users run Windows and Cable/DSL.
bill on 05/23/2005:
SlimJim is right. There is nothing here for the NY AG to investigate.
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Poor account handling, didn't follow proper protocol
Posted by on
As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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cashed the check, never sent the product
Posted by on
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

These people were allowed to advertise their products in NY newspapers, I sent a order for my 90 year old mother because she can't leave the house for shopping, these slimy JD Marvel people, cashed the check and never sent the Moccasins I ordered, (been 11 weeks now) Either the Canadians, (fat chance) or the U.S.State attorney office should put them out of business so they cannot prey on anyone else, especially americans, let them sell to the French, in France, they deserve it!

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I would like the Moccasins for my mom or a refund, and see that they no longer can advertise on the internet or the papers, etc.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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Parole Violation
Posted by on
TUCKAHOE, NEW YORK -- As a honest consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

A former employee was to pay back restituion to my company and has not nor has the Parole Officer done anything about this. The amount taken was $55,500.00. He was to make payments in the amount of $500 a month. Currently he is in arrears of $3,500.00.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

Want him to pay or to have his parole revoked. The Parole Officer does not return phone calls.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details regarding this incident.
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Lousy Service
Posted on
NORTHERN, NEVADA -- J.D. Marvel Products, Inc. should not be allowed to stay in business. All they are interested in is our $$$, and don't follow up on any problems after they sell you their merchandise. They have gotten their last order from us (and if we don't get our refund soon, we plan to take further action through our State Attorney General's Office Fraud Unit). It's not the money that we're out, but rather it's how Marvel totally ignores any correspondence you send them -- but they sure take your money in a hurry!!
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Poor Service
Posted by on
CHAMPLAIN, NEW YORK -- On April 28,2003 My mother who is 83 years old ordered 3 pair of slippers from J.D. Marvel Products Inc. Received a copy of the cashed check 14 days later. She has yet to receive the slippers and today's date is 9-8-03.
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Anonymous on 09/19/2003:
J.D Marvel Products is a bogus company and I refuse to believe that it is so hard to stop these people from stealing the way they do. Can someone please help with this?
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Posted on
ALABAMA -- Ordered 4-14-03. Item never received. Got notice on 7-7-03 that there was a delay but delivery would be made. My check had been cashed. Still have not received item. Is this a scam?
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