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Dumb shipping practice
By -

I ordered windows 7 pro from Newegg. I used econo shipping. My item was shipped (via UPS) from Tennessee and went to Atlanta. First off I never got an email saying the item was shipped and never got a shipping or tracking number. 2nd I really fail to see why it had to go to Atlanta when I live in Tennessee and the truck with the item on it drives through Nashville (UPS has a hub in Nashville) and Murfreesboro (which is where I live and where the package is being delivered to) to get to Atlanta. It makes no sense to me to ship it like that when all they are going to do is put it BACK on a truck to bring it BACK to Nashville to send it out for delivery.

Econo shipping or not, it is a waste of time/money/manpower and it is poor customer service to ship this item in this roundabout way causing the delivery of the item to be longer than what is really needed. Yes econo shipping is 4-7 business days but I would think if your company could get the product to the customer quicker and cheaper than expected by the customer then I would think they would do it. I know the route the trucks drive cause I work for FedEx and we run the same route.

To top it all off, it is being dropped off at the post office 2 miles from my house. What a horrible waste of MY time and the USPS time when UPS could just drop it off at my doorstep like they do with all my other packages!!! Instead of getting a praising review here Newegg is getting a very crappy one.

Newegg: A bait and switch internet company
By -

WHITTIER, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered these speakers, only to find out the day I received the package it was on sale for $30 less than what I paid for them. They said they would give me a $20 gift card but I was unable to return them because the product is sold as "no return". I asked for the $30 difference, they said they would but it would not have a warranty and I could buy one on their website for $26.99.

When I opened the package, it was a different speaker model set with a lower frequency response. They are a bait and switch internet company with no regard for fairness. I feel cheated that they took advantage of us. I found the same speaker set I purchased for $129 for only $55. Bottom line, will rip you off. They are only interested in profits. Don't do business with They are predatory...

Do Not Buy Newegg Gift Cards!
By -

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased online gift card from Newegg on 11/6/2009; the recipient never received email from Newegg containing gift card. I contacted Newegg customer service and they said they would resend the card to me and the recipient; neither of us received the card. I contacted the customer service department three more times and was told the card would be re-sent to both parties each time, but again, neither of us received the card.

On 11/30/2009, I asked that the gift card be canceled and the money refunded and I was told it would be refunded within 48 hours. I called again on 12/3/2009, as the money had not been refunded to my account, and was told by a customer service representative that the card had been canceled two weeks prior, long before I first contacted them inquiring about the status of the card. They were not able to tell me why it was canceled or by whom, and insisted that the money had been refunded to my account on 11/19.

My bank has no record of the refund, and Newegg has not provided me with any information from their records indicating the refund ever happened, despite my attempts to gain that information. I have spoken with numerous customer service reps and an escalation rep, all who have failed to provide me with any proof that Newegg refunded the money. I have filed a dispute with Bank of America about this matter, as attempts to work with Newegg to resolve the matter have been completely futile. I have been a loyal Newegg customer for years, but I will never purchase anything from them again after this ordeal.

Incredible Scam and Run Around
By -

My son has been a good customer at Newegg - buying many parts for the computers he builds. Recently he purchased a $600 Brothers laser multi-function machine for my home office. I was away and when I returned I was skeptical because I had always preferred HP machines. "Save the box", I warned him, "In case we have to send it back". Well the unit was quite large and heavy and we had no place to store the box which we promptly cut up and recycled.

The machine NEVER printed. We spent the next several days with 3 separate levels of tech support at Brother. Finally, they sent a tech person to our home. He worked on the machine for 4 hours, installing new parts, and he could not get it to work. He said to send it back to Brothers.

After much run around, I got customer service at Brothers and their Indian representative told me that I could not send the machine back yet. They had a "process" that had to be followed and that would require another repair man coming to my home. They would call me back in 30 days to arrange that. Meanwhile, I had no machine in my home office. At any rate, they never called back.

I followed up with Newegg as per their return policy. I had to pay UPS $40 to professionally pack it. Today I got an e-mail from Newegg telling me that they could not process the return because some of the accessories were missing. When I called to inquire they said because it wasn't in the original box they would have to charge me a 15% re-stocking fee which came to $100. Can you believe this nonsense!!!

No Customer Service
By -

I ordered an LCD TV from Newegg and submitted the order. Two hours later I wanted to add the extended warranty. Contacted customer service to add the service. I was told it could not be added so I told them to cancel the order and I would re-submit. Was told they couldn't do that because the item had shipped and they could provide the tracking number. I laughed and told them they may have a tracking number but it wasn't shipped. Was put on hold a few minutes and was told I would have to refuse shipment on the order. Now that was dumb. They are going to ship something they know will be refused.

After a few more discussions, I was advised they would recall the shipment and once the item was back in stock, I would receive credit. WHAT A JOKE. The item at best was sitting on the dock waiting to be shipped. More than likely, it was not even pulled from the shelf yet. Anyway, I will wait to see when the credit is processes. Be warned, after you place an order, you will have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Newegg Cancelled My Account And Won't Sell To Me For No Reason!
By -

I ordered a video card, sound card and power supply from NewEgg. The money was taken out of my bank account and the products were shipped. Then NewEgg put an intercept on the package and it was returned to them. I saw this and tried to login to my account to see what was up. It said my account was disabled. I called them and the lady said that the verification department issued the intercept and she would talk to them and email me their reason.

This is what I got: "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but we are unable to unblock the account in question or release information on why the account was blocked, unfortunately your address and account have been determined to be unserviceable at this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me."

I called them again and they won't give me a reason for canceling my account. They said that they would look into it, but it has been several days and nothing. They won't let me buy from them. This was the first time I tried to buy from them. This makes NO sense to me. Guess I will try TigerDirect or ZipZoomFly... Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Too bad because they had great process and I had heard good things about them.

Best Online Company
By - has to be the best online company for electronic (mainly computer) items on the internet. I have ordered several items over the last 12 months everything has been as stated. Shipping is always 3 day UPS.. They have deals and specials nearly everyday and even their normal prices are better than anyone else.

The only slight issue I do have is that they do not combine shipping.. Hopefully, they will resolve this one day. Customer service is accessible and responsive, returns are handled OK and tech support are also available. A first rate online company.

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