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Do Not Shop There
Posted by Stefanie95 on 06/28/2010
Never again!!!

The worst quality, EVEN WORST customer service. Very incompetent, rude and unwilling to help. Refunds take years(literally!!).

Do yourself a favor, save your money and shop elsewhere!

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Posted by FlShopper on 2010-06-28:
I agree that the quality of their merchandise is subpar. I ordered something from them once; the item was not at all like the picture or the description in the catalog. But I will say that I had no problem returning it and receiving a credit on my card.
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Beware of this Retailer
Posted by Rosemarynj on 06/22/2010
I purchased a dress back in November of 2009. When it arrived, I tried it on & it didn't fit. I contacted NN to discover that they do not reimburse for returned shipping. I payed out of pocket & within 10 days it shipped back to them for refund. Luckily, I requested receipt!

Their return policy does state that it takes several billing cycles to receive credit. So, I waited. Contacted them in Feb & CS tells me that they received my return on an incorrect date & should be hearing from them in a couple days on refund. Within a day or two, I receive a merchandise credit e-mail because they stated that I did not return within their return time period. Which, was incorrect!

I immediately contacted them & explained that they were incorrect. I had receipts proving that my return was received by them well within the return period time frame. They responded back "as a one time courtesy" they will investigate & get back to me. Week goes by, no response. I contact them again & this time I tell them that if I do not get this matter resolved, I will contact the Better Business Bureau. Within hours I got a response from CS saying that a credit to my card would be there within 12 business days. This was April of 2010.
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Fraudulent Return Policies
Posted by Austin resident on 04/29/2010
I placed an order for a swimming suit back in November. I received the suit and it didn't fit so I placed it back in the bag and sent it back the very next day asking for a refund. I called and they said it would take up to six weeks to be refunded. In February I received a "merchandise certificate" because they claim it took more than 30 days for the swimsuit to be returned and they could not credit my card. Instead of calling and complaining, I go with it and order three items with the certificate. First two items, I received. The third item I call a couple of times and each time am told it's on back order. This morning I discover that $15.00 has been debited from my account for this order. I call Newport News and they said I should have received a check in the mail in March for the portion of the merchandise credit that was on backorder and that because they had my credit card number from the original order they could go ahead and debit my account for $15.00. I did not receive a check in March for the difference of the backordered item. I was not told I was receiving a check for that amount which I did not receive and certainly was not told that they would be debiting my bank account for the item when it finally came in. They told me this morning that they could debit my bank account for the backordered item now that it came in because the original swimsuit was ordered on the debit card. I asked why they could not then just credit my account instead of sending a check in March for the amt. of the backordered item or credit my acct. for the returned swimsuit which I returned promptly and they said they could not because it from a merchandise certificate. Although, I am only talking $15.00 here, they did not have authorization to take the $15.00 from my account.

I never received the check back in March for the backlogged item that was supposedly credited off their merchandise account amount which was a credit off my original order which was by my debit card. Their story is contradictory to their own policies, very shysty and smacks of fraud.
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Service Stinks!
Posted by Chessie1 on 03/13/2010
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I made an order amounting to about $55 from Newport News (including s&h) on Nov. 3, 2009, returned it early in Dec. 2009 because the quality was SO poor and the color was SO unlike shown in the catalog, and called a couple weeks later and was told that they received the return. I still had no credit returned by Jan. 16, so I called and they said the credit would appear on the next bill. The next bill came and still showed no credit on my account. Another bill came on March 13th in the amount of almost $90. I called the company and after a 35 minute wait, was told to call their bank. After a shorter wait at the bank #, I was told to call their credit card company. I spoke to someone at the Newport News credit card co. and was told I should have paid the minimum due. I asked why would I pay anything on an item I returned months ago. This may be resolved by my paying them the s&h. I would advise you to NEVER order from them because a return is so difficult if you don't like the item. This is 4 months after my order and I won't know for at least another month to see if it has been resolved! I will NEVER order from them again!

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No Refund after three months from Newport News Clothing
Posted by Gosabgo on 03/05/2010
HAMPTON, VIRGINIA -- I feel what the other consumers "Kela Kelly" and "Sleight" are going through because I am having the same problem with Newport News Clothing, going through the same thing with them. My problem started with a Christmas present order for family members last year and the entire order was all wrong, wrong colors, item, sizes and everything. I send the return back the same day before the UPS driver left my residence. Have not hear anything back after a month so I called them, nothing, called again, and nothing. After two months, I called back again they finally see my return after two months.

So I explain to them that they were Christmas presents and I had to go out shopping all over again and buy family members gifts. I ask for a refund and they refuse. So I asked again for my money back or refund and the refuse again. So I report them to the BBB and all of a sudden, I received a email stating that they can give me a up front credit but I have to give them my credit card number to put another credit my account just in case I might get credit double. Now does that make any sense to you - I will be still out the amount they owe me because they will have charged me twice for the order that I do not have. Anyway, I was told that legal actions can be taken out against them and reporting this to the Consumer affairs as well. Now if you have not notified the BBB in Norfolk, VA - you should because they have my complaint regarding this mess. You see, I'm getting my money back.

Truly, I thought that I was alone on this but I see that they are making others mad at them. Thanks for sharing.
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Posted by donna on 2011-06-13:
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The news about Newport News is bad, very bad indeed!!
Posted by Sleigh2882 on 02/13/2010
HAMPTON, VIRGINIA -- I placed several orders with Newport News in November of 2009. Never did I imagine the unbelievable hassle I was about to get myself into. I'm not even sure how this company can get away with doing business this way or how their employees can live with themselves for treating people in such a horrid manner.

After the items I ordered arrived nearly 4 weeks later, I found that most of them were of terrible quality (snags in the material, uneven, unfinished seams, sizing is way off, etc.). I kept only 2 of the items and returned them immediately via their UPS sticker (which incidentally costs you an extra $6.95 PER ITEM and they will deduct this from your return amount...if you ever see any of that money back). I kept copies of the UPS stickers and confirmed the day, time, and signature of when it arrived back on their dock on December 16th. Two weeks later I called Newport News and they confirmed that the items did arrive and that the processing of the return would take about 5-7 additional business days.

Two weeks later, I called back and they said it would be another 10 days to process the returns. In other words, the company gets to sit on your money for as long as they want...hoping that you will forget about it or get tired of the hassle and move on. Six weeks later, I filed a dispute with my credit card company, providing them with the documentation from the UPS tracking system where Newport News had received the returned items. My credit card company could not get any response from Newport News regarding the returns.

Two days ago I received a "past due"?? invoice from Newport News for $233.00. This is about double the amount for all my orders and makes no sense whatsoever. So I called Newport News again (this makes 7th call so far throughout this whole ordeal) and they said that I owe THEM now for items that I returned 2 months ago and that they show in their records as having been received. Huh?

They told me someone would have to call me back (I said, yeah, I've heard that before). Today, lo and behold, someone from Nova Scotia called today trying to collect $233 from me for items returned 2 months ago. I couldn't believe it. I asked the extremely rude woman, "So, let me get this straight. You want me to pay you $233.00 for items I've returned 2 months ago because your company doesn't want to process the return in a timely manner? In other words, you want me to pay double for items that YOU show in YOUR computer as having been returned?" She just said, ma'am, you owe us $233. So I said, so after I give you another $233.00, how long before you credit back my account for the items that were returned 2 months ago"? No joke, she said 5-7 business days. Uh, huh. I started to tell her that's what the first person told me when I called to inquire the first time about my return and she literally SCREAMED through the phone, "I don't know how to explain it to you any better than that!" and slammed the phone down in my ear. Very mature and professional.

I wish I would have done my homework three months ago and researched this "company" before placing any orders with them. If you decide to place an order with Newport News and it isn't what you expected, you will be better off keeping the merchandise, giving it away, or selling it. Otherwise, get ready to be hassled for a long, long time.

Horrible, horrible company. Newport News...SHAME ON YOU!!
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No Customer Service - Refusal To Cancel An Order
Posted by KSINKS on 09/05/2008
I just ordered a swimsuit today and called to cancel it immediately when I noticed that they had added additional fees above the original quoted shipping. It was over 30% of my order total.

I talked to a representative after waiting on hold for 20 minutes. She said she couldn't cancel then and I would have to call back in 2 hours. I have called back repeatedly this afternoon and evening only to receive a message saying call volume is too high and to call back tomorrow. Are they kidding?!!!

I am left unable to cancel the order on-line or on the phone. It will be too late to stop its shipment if I ever get hold of them. The time I have spent would more than pay for the most expensive designer suit and I would have a much better product and experience.

NEVER AGAIN. I didn't realize this was a Speigel company - they have a long history of customer abuse. I had nightmare dealings with them in the 90s. BEWARE!!!!!!
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-09-05:
try contacting your credit card company. they sometimes can stop payments.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-06:
Speigel is still around? Thought they went out with the old Sears Roebuck catalogs of the last century. Madconsumer has the best answer.
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