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They decided not to honor the promotional code I was using and charged my credit card without notifying me of increase
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I think their clothing is of a decent quality if you get it at a sales price or with a promotional discount. However, be cautious applying the latter. They reserve the right to cancel promotions at any time, even after you made an order without the courtesy of notifying a customer.

I received the confirmation of the order for the right price but noticed a higher charge to my credit card after it was processed. That was how I found out they did not honor the promotional code after they completed my order. The communication with the customer service did not resolve the issue. The only resolution was to contest the charge with the credit company. This is certainly something I have not bargained for!

Beware of this Retailer
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I purchased a dress back in November of 2009. When it arrived, I tried it on & it didn't fit. I contacted NN to discover that they do not reimburse for returned shipping. I paid out of pocket & within 10 days it shipped back to them for refund. Luckily, I requested receipt!

Their return policy does state that it takes several billing cycles to receive credit. So, I waited. Contacted them in Feb & CS tells me that they received my return on an incorrect date & should be hearing from them in a couple days on refund. Within a day or two, I receive a merchandise credit e-mail because they stated that I did not return within their return time period. Which, was incorrect!

I immediately contacted them & explained that they were incorrect. I had receipts proving that my return was received by them well within the return period time frame. They responded back "as a one time courtesy" they will investigate & get back to me. Week goes by, no response. I contact them again & this time I tell them that if I do not get this matter resolved, I will contact the Better Business Bureau. Within hours I got a response from CS saying that a credit to my card would be there within 12 business days. This was April of 2010.

Service Stinks!
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I made an order amounting to about $55 from Newport News (including s&h) on Nov. 3, 2009, returned it early in Dec. 2009 because the quality was SO poor and the color was SO unlike shown in the catalog, and called a couple weeks later and was told that they received the return. I still had no credit returned by Jan. 16, so I called and they said the credit would appear on the next bill. The next bill came and still showed no credit on my account. Another bill came on March 13th in the amount of almost $90. I called the company and after a 35 minute wait, was told to call their bank.

After a shorter wait at the bank #, I was told to call their credit card company. I spoke to someone at the Newport News credit card co. and was told I should have paid the minimum due. I asked why would I pay anything on an item I returned months ago. This may be resolved by my paying them the s&h. I would advise you to NEVER order from them because a return is so difficult if you don't like the item. This is 4 months after my order and I won't know for at least another month to see if it has been resolved! I will NEVER order from them again!

No Customer Service - Refusal To Cancel An Order
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I just ordered a swimsuit today and called to cancel it immediately when I noticed that they had added additional fees above the original quoted shipping. It was over 30% of my order total. I talked to a representative after waiting on hold for 20 minutes. She said she couldn't cancel then and I would have to call back in 2 hours. I have called back repeatedly this afternoon and evening only to receive a message saying call volume is too high and to call back tomorrow. Are they kidding?!!!

I am left unable to cancel the order online or on the phone. It will be too late to stop its shipment if I ever get hold of them. The time I have spent would more than pay for the most expensive designer suit and I would have a much better product and experience. NEVER AGAIN. I didn't realize this was a Speigel company - they have a long history of customer abuse. I had nightmare dealings with them in the 90s. BEWARE!!!

By -

OLD BETHPAGE, NEW YORK -- Sometime in the year of 2001, I received a Newport News (FCNB) charge card. FCNB was the bank that provided the charge card, in which was also affiliated with Spiegel & Eddie Bauer. Newport News was a catalog company.
I had made misc. purchases on my charge card over the course of 3 years and had NEVER been late on a payment, might I add. Sometime in June/July of 2003, I filled out the change of address form on the back of my statement, along with payment. It was extremely important that my address be changed, due to a sudden move and was no longer able to receive mail at my prior address.

I did not receive another bill until October of 2003 (3-4 months later). The bill stated that my account was past due with added late fees and was currently with the collections department. I immediately called Newport News to get the situation resolved, only to find out that Newport News had filed for bankruptcy and the accounts were then being handled through a company by the name of Card Processing Center. I explained the situation, in that I sent in a change of address, but was never done. I asked that all late fees be removed due to the clerical error on the part of Newport News and my account be brought current with the major credit bureaus.

The company refused to make the changes, even after several phone calls to various associates and was told that my only option would be to send a letter to the complaints department. Then on October 15, 2003, I sent a certified letter to the complaints department, explaining the situation, with NO RESPONSE!! I then sent ANOTHER certified letter to the complaints department on February 29, 2004 with NO RESPONSE!

Then in March of 2004, I received a letter from a 3rd party collection agency demanding payment!! Unbelievable that they sent my account information to a 3rd party collection agency while it was still in a dispute status AND was not even given the proper handling, seeing that nobody responded to 2 certified letters!

Once again, in trying to get the situation resolved, I called the 3rd party collection agency on October 3, 2004 and spoke with a manager by the name of **. I explained the situation to her and she helped me get the problem resolved, so I thought. She had asked that I fax her a copy of the certified letter I had sent to the Card Processing Center, along with a letter to her explaining the situation.

At this time, I also made a payment over the phone in the amount of $162.00 to cover the full principle balance (balance before fees were added). Ms. ** also assured me that she would dispute this balance herself with Card Services and get this unfortunate situation resolved (she was in agreeance with me.) Nothing more was heard from any of these companies until October of 2004. In the beginning of October, I received yet another letter from a completely different 3rd party collection agency (Penncro Associates, Inc.) demanding a payment in the amount of $301.47!

Not to mention that during one of my previous phone conversations to Card Services (the company that took over Newport News accounts), I was informed by one of the employees that there have been several consumer complaints since the bankruptcy filing. He apologized for the unnecessary runaround that I was being put through and stated that he shouldn't be telling me this, but many customers complained of improper account handling and that there are more complaints piled on desks, than they know what to do with.

I have tried on numerous occasions to get this situation resolved and because of Newport News' negligence my good name is being negatively affected on my credit reports. It is disgusting that I had an account with this company for 3 years without any late payments and they still insist on trying to make my life miserable by hurting my good name, because of a mistake that THEY made! A mistake that they won't admit to and are now trying to make me pay over $300.00 in late fees because of it! Well, they will NEVER see that payment, as I did nothing wrong!

These companies shouldn't be allowed to punish the obvious good and paying customers, because they are too "good" to admit their mistakes. To me, it seems to just be another money making scam to make up for all of their bankruptcy losses and non-paying customers. If you have had trouble with this company, I would love to hear from you.

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Newport News, I'm never shopping there again. They advertise and take your money, but if you have to return, they now claim that signature style is in bankruptcy and cannot tell you when to be refunded. I purchase a swim suit and return it back in May. To this date, I was on the phone today with customer service and they won't be able to say what kind of refund if any it and it will not be until July. They should just stop selling if they are going to off this kind of service.

Do Not Shop There
By -

Never again!!! The worst quality, EVEN WORST customer service. Very incompetent, rude and unwilling to help. Refunds take years (literally!!) Do yourself a favor, save your money and shop elsewhere!

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