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Do Not Trust Newpro Window
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MASSACHUSETTS -- A few years back we had a house fire. We had to gut the house and start from studs. We got an estimate from Newpro windows and although I loved the windows the price was ridiculous! When I called to tell them I was not interested a manager came out to meet with me. Now I am offered windows that look just like what I want but are used for commercial buildings but are almost 1/2 the cost. Still having the same quality and warranty I agree to buy them (13 in total).

Day of install all old windows were removed and new ones were being installed, until end of shift came around (and it was Friday). Installer was going to leave w/ holes in my house where windows should have been. The calls begin to a supervisor and job gets finished. Now every winter since install there have been service calls for the drafts and non locking windows etc. They come out cork it or tell me nothing can be done. Next we find one window has been leaking. Many calls many tech visits and supervisor visits. We are not happy.

We are under the impression that because of the quality of the install that the windows would all be replaced. That was long before Christmas. March comes and the appointment is finally scheduled. We were told we had to wait because everyone wanted new windows in for tax season. Screw old customers we prioritize the new - is how I felt! Well when they get here I find out we are only getting 2 windows replaced. The leaking unit we are told was installed with the flashing backwards.

I continuously express my dissatisfaction with the company and request once again all of the windows be replaced. Told need to have another supervisor come out. Now I guess I have seen every supervisor because now the manufacturer is coming out to waste more of my time. Newpro isn't paying my heating bill but sure are good at giving me the runaround. I will be filing complaints w/ bba and cpa.

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