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Phenterthin Diet Pill
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I received a email from this company about a new diet pill call Phenterthin, I received this offer for 4.95. I order, received pill, which didn't work. About 20 days later I received a 149.95, bill on my bank account form this company. I was shock, I didn't order any more pills from this company or any other. My first order of pill was from a company call They not only change company name to nexfenlabs usa, but charged me a 149.95 fee. I email the first company many times. They finally told me they were the wrong company, and to email the other company next. All morning long I have got one round around after other, I still have not got to talk to anyone personal.

Do not order from either company, it is a big mess, they didn't make it clear that I would be charge 149.95 fee and more pill would be mail to me, if I didn't cancel. Or if I canceled It would be cost me a 49.95 fee, what a shock to me and my bank account.

Pure Energy charged my card 149.95 for product not ordered.Refuses to take it back without a 50. cancellation fee.
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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- 8/1/07, they have not changed the bad credit from that scam credit place in Moontownship. They lied on the same thing said I did not return the product. When they returned my money as a good gesture they said not to return it. They also say they won't accept returns anyway. I am waiting for the Attorney General also. I sent it to Illinois and they sent it to OK but have heard nothing for a while. They settled with me with the BBB then forgot I had them on the news and reported them everywhere. So they still have the nerve to lie on everything. I have told the workers I talk to they are possibly looking at prison time with their bosses. Everyone needs to go the Attorney General way, it is the only way we may stop them. but yes, seems they keep thinking up new ways to change the companies name. What jerks.

Pure Energy Products, pure rip off. I ordered a sample 4.95 for a weight loss product. I took the pills about 4 days even halving them the last 2 days with the effect that they could kill me. 20 days later I get a package in the mail,had to sign for it,with more product. Checked my charge card to find 149.95 had been charged on it. There was no type of paperwork in the package to even say where it was charged or why. I called the # on the bottle, the only place you could find it. 1-888-527-0870 and talked to a man named Byron. He was rude and arrogant. Said there were no refunds and if I cancelled it would cost me a 50. dollar cancellation fee. I tried opening their terms with no links opening. The ad came up on a pop up ad in my email. This company is a rip off. I have currently called the News 8 on your side, the FBI for internet fraud, States Attorney's General's office of Illinois, the BBB of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.So far I did get the charges reversed on my card, but from what I am reading on other sites they get a collections agency after you immediately. Never heard of a legit collections agency getting after you within a month. So I think that is bogus too. the website is, they also sell thin tabs under same name. I hope with everyone going after them they will get off the internet and spot preying on innocent people.

I complained to even the News Channel 8 on your side. They did the story on TV. By contacting all the agencies I did they refunded my money. I contacted the BBB of Oklahoma, put in a complaint, I reversed the charges but then they refunded my money after I sent in report to TV , FBI< BBB. States Attorney of Illinois. The collection agency also tried to get me but I sent them a certified letter demanding proof of signed contract. They legally have 45 days to get the information to you otherwise you can fight them with the law backing up on them. They have to send you the proof in the time allotted by the law.
They have backed off of me, the collection agency was calling but I threatened them with the fact that they will not give me a physical address where they are in PA. They refuse, so I told them I am also having them investigated. When they go to get me again I will ask them why the company Pure Energy refunded my money in full. They no longer have a case on me. Write letters, put in complaints everywhere, even the TV station. They will fold. They have changed their terms and conditions so many times now that they got scared after me and even started putting the amount you will be charged. Plus they are saying they will sue you for 10k NOW. Fight them with everything you have and don't stop, they will fold.

I have been contacted by the Att General of Il who has now referred the complaint to OK Att General. Pure Energy did refund my money but has still kept me on the credit file as non payment even though they refunded my money through mediation with the BBB of OK. When I read the letter they sent to the Att Gen office it was that they did not even acknowledge refunding my money but now says I owe it again. Every word on the letter they sent to the Att was a lie. They twisted every thing around to make them look like they are angels. I have put in the complaint now that they have persisted on ruining my credit even though we reached an agreement though the BBB. At least I have proof that the BBB mediated and I think I even sent all of the to the Att Generals office. They even repeated that their links worked. Yeah right, when you hit the link on the email page it never came up. They have rewritten their site so much that you don't even understand anymore. At least now they do mention a price whereas before they did not. They are acting like they never even refunded my money. I am trying to mediate again also through the BBB of OK but they are really very confused and they don't remember the agreement for some reason. I will wait to hear from the OK Att Generals Office.

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Hi, Please DO NOT respond to any "diet supplements" from Nexgen Labs, LLC (or This company is a COMPLETE RIPOFF. It's too good to be true, I learned that after a $160.00 lesson, ouch.
They send solicited emails, offering FREE trails, just submit CC# for shipping of only $4.95, than 2 weeks later, sends a months supply for $149.95, & charges your CC#, WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE until its too late. NO information on their web site CANCELING their product until after you submit your CC#, THAN, web site gives you run-a-around which is not only confusing, but deceitfully cons consumers. This company borderline illegal, should be investigated, shut down & money's return to consumers for buying their "bogus" product.

Also see following web sites for more information:
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Thank you for your time & God Bless.

Nexgen Labs - Beware
By -

OKLAHOMA -- Pure Energy,PE Labs,Nexgen Labs ( or all answer the same phone line on the contact phone number for Phenterthin.
The website for (that is the only one that works) says to contact That website does not work. The website on the bottle is, that website does not work.

The phone number for all is 866-611-6897. They give out all three or four or more websites. However don't expect any help as the only response they give is to contact a website that does not work. No live operators are at the phone number all they do is give out websites and they will not call you back.
There address is 1025 SW 59th ST, OKC, OK 73109-4909 Other phone numbers are 405-631-2211 and 1-800-664-4494 and a fax number of 405-631-6380.

I have been trying for way over a week to locate a division of this company that will respond to me in person.

Health warning
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FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- This product enlarged my prostate gland and made me bleed out the rear. I contacted this company to inform them of the hazard and ask for a refund of $149.95 which was charged to my credit card before the said date. I did not read the terms of the agreement, and so, I lost $ 149.95 and stuck with a product that I can't use, because I never received a reply from this company. The free bottle of Phenterthin is not free, don't be fooled, this company rips you off.

Rippoff / Unethical business practices
By -

BASTROP, TEXAS -- This company has very unethical business practices, they offer a "free" trial offer just pay shipping and handling of 4.95, sounds great but if you don't scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the terms and conditions link, which is usually broken, you will be charged a 149.95 in 20 days if you don't cancel your membership, which the only place you find this is in the "terms in conditions". they make it very hard to find any info such as address or direct line contact info. But if you go to Oklahoma BBB and search under physical enhancement labs you will find all the info you need including how many people they have ripped off

A Ripoff Scam
By -

I live in mo and was also taken like the others that I have read their stories on pure energy products, aka usaveonpill.Com, I paid with a credit card for the free 15 day supply and they charged my credit card around the 10/23/06, I guess they had just started there scam. I had ordered the free ones around 9/30/06. I called to talk to the supervisor and lisa said she was the supervisor, very rude. I ask to speak to the owner of the company and she said she would take my # and have him to call me back within 24 hours but as usual, to this day he has never called me back or answered any of my e-mails, I sent several e-mails, and yes ur right, none of the web sites will open up for u either, once u been scammed. Well I just got my final decision back from my cc company a few days ago, and they said since I didn't have any proof that I sent the pills back, they was going to have to let the charges stay. So I have been ripped off too. I guess they r just down right liars at pure energy. I guess when they get the pills back they just scam someone else. I wonder if they know their going to go to hell for that stuff. They will be the ones to pay for doing people like this. I have contacted the attorney general here in mo and they sent me a complaint form, but I didn't know all this stuff was on here, I just ran across all this tonight. Something needs to be done to these ripoff scammers instead of them ripping honest hardworking people off like this. This should be against the law. If anyone has any info on my complaint please be sure and let me know. I am filing a complaint with the mo attorney general. It probably won't do any good though, but I have learned one good lesson from this,
n o t h I n g is free, just remember that and I will never put my cc# back on here ever again, this has taught me a lesson.

Ripped off & scammed in mo

Deceptive Trade Practices
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- It is a deceptive business practice to offer something as free when it costs no less than $50.00 - $149.00 to cancel or to continue. In Texas, refer to the Business & Commerce Code Chapter 17 Deceptive Trade Practices. File a report with your local BBB and the State Attorney General. We should probably sign a petition for a class action lawsuit or to bring criminal charges against specific individuals, not the company (which will close and "change" names).

All the info you need on this company is listed on the Oklahoma BBB web site. Do a search for physical enhancement labs. address 1025 s. w. 59th st. Oklahoma City, OK 73109 phone 888-527-0870 additional DBA names pure energy products, p e labs, c&f fulfillment center, thin tabs.

Sign a petition regarding this company.

It is one big SCAM!!
By -

I ordered a 15 day free trial from this company. Not even 2 weeks later, they charged without my knowledge or consent $159.00 to my credit card saying I had agreed by not contacting them and cancelling within 10 days. WHAT A SCAM! I didn't read the small print. They didn't care. I am getting divorced over this heartless company!!!! AND-to make matters worse-the product really SUCKS. It makes me jittery and feel like I am going to have a hearty attack.

So, now I am stuck with 2 months worth of these crappy diet pills!!! Free trials are NEVER worth it!!!! And this company treated me so RUDE. They just don't care at all!!!

Diet Pill
By -

I was on-line and a offer came up to try a free diet pill-Phenterthin for just shipping $1.97. I tried the pill it didn't work. Not realizing they were going to continue shipping additional bottles for $149.98 again with NO paperwork for me to cancel it. I finally found the website there's no customer service agents.

Everything is done by e-mail. I think its a scam to get your money. Why is it you can get a prescription for diet pills for a lot less that's FDA approved yet they charge you $149.98 for 2 bottle.

Be very careful if you try there 'free sample'.

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