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Bad company
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BRADY, TEXAS -- This company has very unethical business practices, they offer a "free" trial offer just pay shipping and handling of 4.95, sounds great but if you don't scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the terms and conditions link, which is usually broken, you will be charged a 149.95 in 20 days if you don't cancel your membership, which the only place you find this is in the "terms in conditions". They make it very hard to find any info such as address or direct line contact info. If anyone has had any success with this getting their money back please let me know.


Brady TX
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Sparticus on 05/30/2007:
I think I'm going to make it my own personal vendetta to find a contact from this company where folks can get a refund... this is getting ridiculous... Someone needs to shut this company down.
Sparticus on 05/30/2007:
Try contacting

He appears to be the owner of the website...
jammer29 on 05/31/2007:
Let me know how I can help. Who is bryanforester and how can he help?
TexasTaxGoy on 06/04/2007:

I have file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's Office on this company. I noticed that you live in Texas as well. It may well be everyone's time if you went to
and filed a complaint as well. The more of us who complain the better chance we have of stopping this deceptive act.
cbunnys4me on 06/27/2007:
I have my bank trying to get my money back for me. I had to go on the website to log in and submit a ticket well I used my user name and my password that I have been using for years and when I went back to see if they replied to my cancellation I could not get in it said password invalid. I tried again and again and it said the same thing. well I had to reregister and makeup a new password and the same thing again I could not use my madeup password. so I called the order phone number and the woman was very nice and I explained everything to her and she even tried getting in with my password and she could not get in. so she took my number and told me she was going to try to help me. a couple of days after I was charged 149.95 dollars which led to multiple overdrawn in my account and I called again and I got the same lady her name was ashley and she told me she was going to try again. weel about a week later after depression set in I got a call from I don't know who but he whatever his name was he didn't let me know, told me I was not putting my passowrd in right I fussed with him for a while until I explain over and over what I was doing and he told me then that I was not supposed to type in my password I was supposed to type in just the word password and I told him there is nowhere in the terms that say that and he told me he couldn't help me and I told him I guess I just got screwed ND HE TOLD ME I GUESS YOU DID SAND HUNG UP ON ME AND never heard from this copmany again. hopefuly my bank institution will get to the bottom of this and if they do I will let all of you know.
Hotred on 11/29/2007:
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Maybe Under Different Name: Nexgenlabsusa.Com
Posted by on
MISSOURI -- I received an e-mail I thought was interesting today. Pure Energy Products maybe under different name now, and they offer free pills too. So beware consumers. I could be wrong but it says free bottle of Phenterthin. They have changed the name of the pill and the company. I just thought I would let you all know this.

Southernbelle in MO
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Sparticus on 04/23/2007:
So what happened with you and the original company? Is this another one of those false promise pills that offer a "free trial" only to charge you 3 days later... ?
Anonymous on 04/23/2007:
Sparticus, Pure Energy Products was/is out of Oklahoma. They get your CC number and bang away at it for months at $149.95 per month. Buyer was supposed to get a bottle for $4.95 S&H with 14 days to return or cancel. Lots of complaints around on them.
Sparticus on 04/23/2007:
Thanks superbowl... I hadn't heard of them...
tnchuck100 on 04/23/2007:
Go to:
Read the Terms & Conditions. At the minimum it will cost you $54.90 to hit that SUBMIT button.

That works out to $1.25 per pill regular price and $3.66 per pill for your "free" pills.
jayberry on 04/25/2007:
I would like to confirm that is run by pure energy products. I have been fighting them on ripping me off and am trying to find anything I can about them. I found the website a couple of weeks ago. It looked so familiar "Phenterthin 37.5 Free Trial" so I looked it up on a "whois" website and sure enough it is registered by Bryan Forrester of Pure Energy Products. If you compare this ad with the Phentrazine 37.5 Free Trial ad the description is word for word identical! Its like they're trying to start all over. So do beware these guys are pathetic.
SOUTHERNBELLE02 on 04/26/2007:
desertdog on 05/16/2007:
all the info you need on this company is listed on the Oklahoma bbb web site. do a search for physical enhancement labs. address 1025 s. w. 59th st. Oklahoma city, OK. 73109 phone 888-527-0870 additional dba names pure energy products, p e labs, c&f fulfillment center, thin tabs.
manager listed as mr. chris wilson and operations manager jason white.

good luck to everyone going after these scumbags, follow through with complaints to bbb, fbi internet crimes and states ag office it is worth it.
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Posted by on
DOLTON, ILLINOIS -- I want to discontinue any future shipments as well as a refund on a future shipment for which I have already been charged as I have not received the product as of this date (7/17/07)!

I have not taken any of the samples sent as my doctor has advised against their use as I have already had a stroke and the use of this product may instigate another!
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Hotred on 11/29/2007:
I got TAKEN by this company-You were VERY smart not to take their heart attack pills!!!This company is a total -total scam-they go by different names-and they scam everyone!!!
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Buying Phenterthin
Posted by on
HICKORY, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Your product really works,however I really can't afford it at this time. I've received a new shipment. I want to send it back . I need the address. I need to which card it is on and if it has been charged. If it has, I will need a refund form.

Thank you,
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Skye on 07/04/2007:
Their live chat is currently open.

Send them your request.

Here is the site:
Ponie on 07/05/2007:
Just how many cards do you have that you 'need to which card it is on?' Wouldn't it be easier for you to call your cc's to find out? The best way to have handled it was to cancel before your next shipment was due.
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