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Do NOT send your products here to be serviced!
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I used to work for this horrible company for 3 years at their Canada location. All I have to say is that these people know nothing about how to run a business. I may be a disgruntled, angry ex-employee, but it is the result of how the treat their employees. First of all, they don't care about their employees, or the conditions in which their employees work. The facility is disgusting, the bathrooms are in the same condition as a public mall washroom (nasty), they don't pay their employees even HALF of what they SHOULD be getting paid... They pay technicians MINIMUM WAGE! Are you kidding me!!??

And, oh yeah - They don't give raises. Yea, you read that correctly, they DON'T GIVE RAISES. Doesn't matter how long you've been there, or how well you perform in your job, they will NOT give you a raise in pay. Asking them for a pay increase is like going to a bank and asking the security guard to open the safe for you so you can help yourself to the thousands of dollars inside...won't happen.

Don't let me get started on false promises. They'll lead you to believe that you're doing such a great job, and a promotion is well on it's way - keep dreaming buddy. That promise was made just to keep your ass from leaving the company before they got what they wanted out of you.

Their technician quality? All ****. I wouldn't recommend anyone to send their laptops or gaming units to Nexicore for repair. The big problem with the repair quality, and the reason why so many people have issues with Nexicore repairs, is that the technicians do not care. Plain and simple. The techs are treated so poorly, that they just push the units out just to meet their daily target. There's no real care and effort going into the repairs. They don't get paid well, and they're treated like ****, so the only logical reaction ( and I don't blame them ) is that they don't give a *** anymore. Some are only really there because they have no choice but to work there for the time being. Its sad really when you think about it - You can't find work, so you're forced to work in a depressing **** with *** management.

Sigh, but in the end, they (management) are the ones making the real money, so why should they really care about the happiness of their employees right? Maybe because the lower the quality of repairs, the less business they will retain and obtain in the future. Looks like they're about to crash and burn anytime now too. I give them 4 more months tops before they go under.
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Nexicore bad choice for XBox repair
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SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- According to their web ad, Nexicore will "immediately repair" the XBox you send them and return it within about three days. That never happened.

First, I sent the XBox and after 10 DAYS, had to call THEM (they never gave me any email confirmation of my order, or even that they had received my XBox.) This started a pattern of my calling; having the customer service representative I spoke to not know what was happening and promising to "contact the technician" and give me an update "tomorrow;" at which time I would call AGAIN and still wouldn't get an answer. Two days before Christmas and almost three weeks after shipping my unit, they finally said they were waiting for a part and that's why it was taking so long. I demanded they return the unit immediately and refund my money. Then it took almost another two weeks for them to do THAT.

Had a local repair shop fix it within two days for $45 flat fee (and no parts were needed, just some re-wiring) versus Nexicore's $84 fee and month-long foot-dragging.

If you can, get a local repair shop or try some other repair service. These people have unbelievably bad customer service.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
Thanks for the heads up.
But, with that in mind, it also helps to do a little research into a company before entrusting them with your electronics. A webpage may say "we do blah blah blah" but reading reviews and doing research beforehand can also save a trip to headache-land when dealing with people that don't live up to the hype they give on their website.
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
After my 360 died for the third time I went out and bought a PS3...
jktshff1 on 01/08/2010:
TW, I read your comment and thought this was 'bout cars....wondering what a 360 and PS3
kargo27 on 02/05/2010:
I've used Nexicore to repair my son's OLD 360 four times now. He has one of the original ones that doesn't have the HDMI port. It gets the red rings of death about once a month. I've paid $84 to Nexicore and they've had to fix it 4 times already. Besides him doing without it, I've gotten my money's worth. I'll keep sending it back as long as they keep fixing it for free. When it finally takes a dump for good, I'll replace it with the Arcade version. This one has a better built motherboard and doesn't get the red rings as often as the older consoles do.

But they do take about a month to fix it and return it, so don't hold your breath. Communication with them is pretty bad, too, but knowing the reliability problems with the XBOX 360 console, it wouldn't surprise me if they were swamped.

However, if your 360 console does get the 3 red rings (of death), Microsoft will repair it free of charge for 3 years.

I also added a PS3 to our collection.
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Nexicore is Risky Business, Destroys Value
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The whole purpose of buying a pc warranty is to reduce risk and gain peace of mind. It is a very lucrative cash flow for Circuit City upfront and for nexicore as steady business without any marketing costs. Sweetheart deal. Have heard horrow stories but did not think it would happen to us.
Laptop power receptable loose not making connection with power cord. Shipped to NEXICORE with TWO Letters outlining power receptacle prob AND SPECIFIC REQUEST not to do anything with Hard Drive and sticky keyboard. Brian Thomas did great job of quickly repairing cord but chose to replace hard disk???? You have hiccups and doctor rips out intestines and sews back in updside down.

Years of data, files and photos. Letters asked please do not do anything to HDisk without checking with us was ignored. Calls to Circuit City and Nexicore President and Brian Thomas manager on 800-644-4494 x 2515 not returned.

Any contacts and suggestions? MS Office suite and other applications on my HD not transferred either.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/02/2007:
Hard to follow post but my question is where is the old hard drive? Can't they send you the old hard drive and you can get what you need off of it?
Nexicorevictim on 05/02/2007:
Great idea Superbowl. It is still my property they should not be negligent in disposing my hard disk and data on it. Someone suggested Nexicore might be overzealous in bilking warranty coverage and randomly replacing unrequested parts to maximize Nexicore revenues. Have left lots of messages, a very helpful person, Kim, said she would try and track. Will provide update on their service.
jewelzdag on 05/19/2007:
I work there and sorry that happened. Just so you know, what's *supposed* to happen, is when you take it to Circuit City they're supposed to offer a hard drive backup for a fee, if they are unable to back up your information then they are supposed to call us, then the manager will personally bring the laptop to us and tell us not to image the hard drive or include the old one if we have to. (At least I had this request once). Other than that, we are all under the impression that Circuit City offers you the option to back up your information, and sends us a sheet with the laptop that says by sending the laptop you agree that you have either paid the fee to have it backed up, backed it up on your own, or something to that effect. So I imagine somewhere along the line there was some miscommunication about that. Where the hard drives go that are replaced I don't know, and since I found this message a few weeks later than it was posted chances might be slim. If you could post the bcn (it's on that same black and white paper that had all your repair information on it), I could ask around and try and locate it for you, but I can't really make any promises since I have absolutely no authority... Circuit City really is supposed to inform the customers of the hard drive policy though...
TheDefendant on 06/05/2007:
What "NexicoreVictim" fails to point out is that in his contract it clearly states, in large, bold lettering, that Nexicore is NOT liable for any data loss and it is possible that we will delete any and all data during the repair. Furthermore, it also states this on EVERY service request form that is filled out by the customer when they want to send their product in for repair.

Despite the fact that the customer did NOT read their contract, Nexicore actually went above and beyond what is required by the service contract, and backed up all of the customers data per request AND sent the original, albeit defective, hard drive back to him. Let me tell you that there is not a single out of warranty (manufacture warranty) service provider that does that.

So the moral of the story is this. Read warranty contracts before you sign them, and if you decide not to read them, don't get angry at the warranty provider because you were too lazy to read.
mexihore on 09/20/2009:
I used to work there and I'll tell you the deal. It was started by a guy with no previous experience that worked for another company and stole the clientele and personnel. They pay most of their workers very little and work with bare bones support staff.
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