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DON'T replace broken Nextel phones w/out expecting new contract
Posted by Killboxer on 01/26/2004
I am an attorney and can't believe the games that Nextel is playing, and so far they have gotten away with them. I dropped one of my two cell phones in a rain storm and replaced it. I had the number changed to the new phone. NO ONE at Nextel told me that by replacing a broken phone I would be EXTENDING my contract one year from the date of the replacement of the broken phone. They explain that the $200.00 I paid for the replacement was a "promotional fee" (bull) and that I would have paid a lot more without it. The phone prices are NOT clearly delineated as promo or regular on their website (in fact there is no classification of prices so how is one to know? Nextel has been rude, obnoxious and their service is slow. Warning--they claim that their contract is in their user manuals (I bought mine on line). I never signed anything. I am disguisted at the long hold times (up to an hour) and the rude attitudes of the staff. I may be one customer, but I am on a committee which recommends cellular and other products for thousands of members. Based on my 2 years experience, I would not recommend this company to anyone. I have used other companies and NO ONE has been this bad. Buyer beware.

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Posted by wearecruisers on 2004-01-26:
I will be glad when Verizon has their 2-way service in all areas. I have been with Nextel for 5 years and will be leaving very soon.
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Lack of phone service
Posted by Dizzy489 on 07/16/2004
GOULDSBORO, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased two cell phones from a Nextel distributor. It took 5 days to get phone and they charged me $12.80 for next day shipment with Fed Ex. I tried using the phones at my home they do not work in my area of Gouldsboro PA. They have antenna here , but they only service the people on the interstate highway. I have called them , written to them to get out of my contract early without paying the $200. fee for early termination. They keep telling me that they will be getting service in my area within a year. So I must pay them $114.00 a month for two phone that I can not use in my area. I even went to the PA Attorney Generals office and they told them tough luck he is using the phones. Well I do use it when I am in an area where they work Ha Ha. All I want from them is my contract broken with no penalty fee.
What ever you do . Don't get involved with Nextel this company is the bottom of the barrel.
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Nextel Contracts Must be Illegal
Posted by Rvs on 01/24/2004
I lost my phone. For $400 I can get a new one but I have to sign on for an additional year. I could get a new phone cheaper for 2 more years. They never have the phone you lost available again nor can you use your old accessories. This is a rip off of the most massive proportions and has to be illegal. I have to pay $400 to get out of my contract. They never said if you need another phone you are enslaved to these charlatans. I won't pay it. I would rather challenge them in court and notify all our representatives.
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Posted by killboxer on 2004-01-26:
The exact same thing happened to me. They claimed I upgraded my phone! See my review above under "Don't replace your phones". I suggest the Atttorney General's Office, the Federal Trade Commission and good ole word of mouth. The key is to complain and not give up--there is strength in numbers.
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How can I get Nextel to cancel our account when we can't yet afford to pay what we owe?
Posted by Jjpet on 04/01/2008
MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- First, I called their customer service line last month. They said our contract is up this month (April) and we would save $200 if we wait til April to cancel.

Phoned them again, got heavily accented person, who gave me this number to cancel: 1-866-235-1057. It had been disconnected.

Phoned their customer service again and got English speaker, but he put me "on hold" and eventually I got cut off.

Went to "Nextel Sucks" website to get their corporate number to override the useless customer service (703)433-4000. "Executive" would only give her first name, Deborah. She said we had to pay our balance by the 26th, then we could cancel the next day but right now our account is suspended because we ran out of money. She said if we don't pay by the 26th of this month, they'd automatically cancel our accounts and send our bill to a collection agency.

Is this the only way we can cancel?

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Posted by Suusan B. on 2008-04-01:
Unfortunately, the answer to your question is "yes". It appears you signed a contract that expires on or about April 27th and that your account is currently suspended for non-payment. So you either need to pay what you owe plus the April charges and then cancel or pay what you owe plus a $200 early termination penalty - - I would say, of course, whichever costs less. They don't care that you "ran out of money" - - you are under contract and they will send you to collections faster than you would ever think possible.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-04-01:
Suusan B. is telling you like it is. In addition, when you do get around to canceling the account be sure and do it in writing. Send it to them certified mail/return receipt requested. If you don't they could continue charging each month until their incompetent customer service actually does cancel it.

NEVER rely on the word of ANY customer service representative. What they tell you on the phone is easily denied later. Guess who loses.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-01:
You know, I'm very proud of my fellow M3C commentators...two responses and nobody bashed the poster for being 'stupid' or 'financially irresponsible'. You answered the question with facts and kindness. Bravo to you both!!
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Customer Service
Posted by Tstearns on 08/14/2007
I have never in my life dealt with such an idiotic mentality as many of the Nextel customer service rep's. In all fairness, in my many dealings with them, some of their employees are very good & trying very hard to help. Their abilities are limited usually because they aren't authorized to make things right.... and when you end up speaking to the authorized person and/or the Supervisor, the service and attitude quickly deteriorates. Quite honestly, I think it must be a mentality or culture that is ingrained within the company because there can't possibly be this many morons working at the same place.

Has anyone had any luck pursuing their problems with Nextel. Maybe the 'Better Business Bureau'...?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-15:
What are the specifics of your complaint? You don't mention why you needed to talk to a Supervisor...

There are complaints about pretty much any company you can think of that has a customer service department. A lot of studies have been done about the high turnover rate of the customer service industry for all business types.

In the wireless industry, the average time spent as a phone rep is less than 18 months, according to industry studies, and most wireless businesses experience a 60% or higher turnover rate, which means that there is a constant flow of newly trained reps that do not know or understand all company policies. The reason for the high turnover rate is that the mental stress of taking phone calls for 8 hours a day becomes too much. The pay isn't great and many view it is a temporary job until they can move on to bigger and better. Having done this type of work before, I for one, have a lot of respect for those that do it, many think it's a job that only "morons" do, but I can tell you it takes a special skill set to be able to sit in a cubicle for 8 hours a day and talk to 70+ customers, many that are downright rude and obnoxious.
Posted by tstearns on 2007-08-15:
Latest problem is this: I changed to Verizon coverage on 5/30/07 and my Nextel contract expired on 5/25/07. I contacted Nextel on 5/24 & asked if I needed to cancel before contract expired or if I could continue coverage and pay per day until I ported phone #'s over to new carrier. They assured me I would only be charged per day of use of Nextel services after the contract expiration. My 16 year old son had contacted them on 5/23 & he received a different answer. Nextel had told him we would have to port new #'s on 5/25 to avoid another month of service. I contacted another person at Nextel on 5/25 just to double-check & they absolutely assured me I would only be charged per day. I did this just so I could have the names of two people who gave me this info knowing well that Nextel billing and resolution re: service issues is always a big challenge. I have reams of notes on all of my billing and service problems for the past few years of using Nextel. I was usually able to find a reasonable solution after spending hours on the phone and threatening to cancel service.... This time, because I have already switched to a new carrier, they are absolutely obnoxious and difficult. I'm trying to convince them I should only pay for 5 days of service & they're billing me for a full month. Of course they only have notes of my son's conversation with them even though the people I spoke with assured me they would document their notes. It may sound strange that I asked them to do this but I cannot begin to explain the problems I've had with Nextel. It is beyond what I could begin to explain, absolutely horrible...
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-15:
I have Sprint and Vonage.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-15:
thanks for clarifying what your issue is.

Have you asked for their customer relations department information since you haven't been able to get this resolved? You are correct, you shouldn't be charged for a full month if it was only 5 days, you should have received a prorated bill.
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Customer Support
Posted by Stuck in Houston on 07/19/2007
What can I say... It sucks big time. Save yourself from a whole bunch of headaches. Go with another provider.
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Swap Return Policy
Posted by PUPPYLUV on 07/11/2007
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My boyfriend robert got me a cell phone for my b-day , he add it on his plan this makes 3rd phones that he has now, so Nextel send me the phone out in 2 days, first it was not the phone I wanted , I said I'll use it for a couple of days then return it if I didn't like it that's what Nextel said to do. After one week I really didn't like it so I called Nextel customer care... While I was at work , they kept me on hold 4 ever and they send me to another department I was on hold again I just got mad and tied of being on hold , cause I was at work and had to do my work , so the next day I called back on my way to work it was around 7 am hoping since it was early in the morning I wouldn't be on hold , ohhhh what a joke this customer service had me on hold again from one department to another telling them the same inf and story over and over again, I just hung up... So now it's 2 weeks since I had this phone that I don't want !!!! I decided to call after work since I knew I had 30 days to return it I said I got to return it for the phone I wanted . I called Nextel customer service I explain to 4 different departments my story and told 4 different department my inf over and over I was at the 3rd operator I was on hold for 25 min before speaking with the 4 person by this time I was so tied and mad the operator final got on and asked for my inf I said no I don't want to speak with another customer care person just get me a supervisor now ..He said he would need to know why and needed my account information I told him I was tied of giving my acct inf over and over and over again no more just get me a supervisor he said the supervisor would need my inf before getting on the phone. So their I go again giving him my inf and telling him all I want to do is return this phone they send out to me which is the wrong phone... And I wanted them to send me out the phone that I wanted. For my b-day after all it was a b-day gift ,, so this operator said to me you need to speak to someone in sales I said no !!!! I already spoke with someone in sales , billing , customer care, and return and in return and swap department I told them what I wanted to do return this phone for the phone I wanted in the first place I spoke to this person for 20 min she said ok she gave me a tracking number to return the phone and she said ok what's the phone you want then we got disconnected after talking for about 20 min I told her I was talking on the phone they send me she knew the number since I already told her and all the other sales persons there so we got disconnected I waited 20 min I thought she would call me back to get the inf on the phone I wanted and to finally finish this order hell no I waited 20 min no one called me so now you know why I don't want to speak with no one but a supervisor.... This is so freaking....Bad... Nextel is so (what they say )is a good company ....Is so false... My old phone company t-mobile never gave me the run around like Nextel service why is it so hard to return a phone and get another one is that so hard....

Nextel you need to stop transferring customer's from one department to another ...
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Posted by CrystalSword on 2007-07-12:
Please don't use caps, it's rude, and you are YELLING!
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-07-12:
Yes,typing in all caps is rude and from the tone of this letter it seems that you were also yelling at the reps, which is why you were getting nowhere. No one wants to talk to someone that is yelling and throwing a fit, regardless of why. You need to calm down and ask for a supervisor calmly.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-12:
It was your B-Day and you got a gift and you didn't want it! Now that's just ungreatful...
Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-12:
At one time, I wanted to get the Nextel phone, because of the walkie-talkie feature. Then I saw they had merged with Sprint, and I wouldn't cross the street to spit on Sprint...if they were on fire. Oh, well.
Posted by firengine103 on 2007-07-12:
EeeeeeYaaaah, Puppyluv, you sound like a cajun gal I know
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Stop Calling I'm not a customer I never was
Posted by Stop Calling Nextel on 07/09/2007
NEW JERSEY -- For the past year I have been receiving phone calls form Nextel at all times of the day, apparently they want their money from someone but they have the wrong number. I am not and never had Nextel so why are they calling my phone and demanding money? I tried calling their service department but they couldn't do anything I would need to know the account number how the hell would I know the account number!!!!!!! I just know that Nextel has the wrong number and I want them to stop calling my house. I have been recording these messages for a while so I can get a lawyers input on the situation. They should try typing in my phone number they are calling and see what comes up so they can correct the problem instead of this going on for another year. I did try calling the number that was left on my caller ID and I got some car dealership and he was upset and said he was getting allot of this and wanted to know what he should do. Nextel you definitely suck you are harassing my household and this guys car dealership.

You have the wrong people we are not your customers and never will be your service in the help department stinks.

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Posted by Sail27 on 2007-07-09:
Simply send them a cease and decist letter and state that the alleged debt is not yours
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-09:
Most likely they are using a collection agency.

They may be using a caller ID Spoofing device/service.


A company selling a spoof Caller ID service is due to launch tomorrow, according to a report by internet security firm Security Focus. Initially targeting debt collectors and private detectives, it offers a means of hiding the true identity of a telephone caller.
Posted by zonibrat on 2007-07-10:
Debt collectors are required by Fed law to immediately id themselves as attempting to collect a debt; state what the debt is & who owns the original debt in addition to who they are! FTC website has details & how to lodge complaint if violated - online or hard copy is available. Once you notify them by mail as Sail27 says, they cannot call you again. They could still pursue it: send you reply regarding 'your debt' & even post negative on your Credit Report - so keep a watch on that end. (I had this done by collection agency - not me, my debt, etc. Once I filed complaint it all went away!)
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Horrible service
Posted by Tarrah on 06/29/2007
12522, NEW YORK -- I've had Nextel coverage for a little over 2years. I've had nothing but problems. I've had people call my phone and not ring and go straight to the machine, lost calls, poor service all together. I called to cancel my phone and they stated that they would cancel it but never did. So a couple days later my phone was still on so i called and told them that i had cancelled it they stated that i called on the 25th, and the billing cycle ended the 24th, therefore the can shut the phone off. But I will still be charged for the next month a full bill. The staff whom took the call were very rude!
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Posted by Sparticus on 2007-06-29:
This is unfortunately ridiculously common. Many of these service providers train their people to do anything they can to keep you as a customer. I have no evidence to back this, but I believe they purposely don't close your account so they can squeeze an extra month or two out of you. It is almost starting to get like the airline industry where we expect stuff to get stolen if we leave anything of value in our checked bags. Well with the phone service industry, we can expect to make at least 2-3 calls to cancel our service before they actually do it. Just consider the first call the warm-up cancellation.... =)
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-29:
I agree Spart man and I think the stinking government should do there what we pay the worthless maggots for and regulate this kind of rip-offs.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-06-29:
Send a certified/return receipt letter informing them that you are canceling your service effective on the last day of your billing cycle. Now you have proof. No incompetent CSR to depend on.
Posted by dfields on 2007-06-29:
i agree with lidman... what are we paying our congressman to do nowadays? too many fradulent tatics used by companies to rip-off consumers. i mean, just look at the rebate scandals!
Posted by Ladderman on 2007-08-12:
I agree, and I get 10% off from my company for mine. I have called time and time again, and find out a year later, they get rid of customers for calling in too much, wish I was one of them. No more bills for a phone I can hardly use. Hope they rot.
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Cancel Service / Bad Credit Threat Letter
Posted by Lancer on 05/19/2007
I canceled my Nextel phone service about 2 weeks ago after 7+ years of dropped calls, disconnects and general poor quality service.

My wife enjoyed the 2-way walkie talkie feature, so I kept her phone and 2 for my children. I also had a Nextel through my work.

When my wife passed away last month, I decided to drop Nextel and get my children T-Mobile service. They absolutely love it.

I just received an important email message from Sprint telling me to read the attached letter.

The letter goes on to state that since they have not heard from me regarding my outstanding balance, they are going to forward my account to collection in 7 days.

I NEVER EVEN RECEIVED MY FINAL BILL YET !! In fact, I had just made a payment 1 week before I cancelled the service.

They go on to state that my account will be considered '"bad debt" in 7 days and will be reported to the 3 major credit bureaus.

This after over 7 years of paying my bill every month BEFORE THE DUE DATE !!!

I went online to pay the bill, because now I am worried about what they might pull with my credit but my website login was shut down.

I won't even bore you with the 1 hour run-around I recieved from their "customer service" fiasco.

Needless to say, they are unethical and unscrupulous for threatening a loyal customer's credit with absolutely no justification.

I wish there were a way for us to band together to put this company where they should be( OUT OF BUSINESS ) to protect future consumers from their abuse.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
UPDATE: Here is a copy of the collection letter:
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



We would like the opportunity to resolve any issue that may have caused your Sprint account to become past due. As of the date shown above we have not received full payment, and your account is scheduled to be placed with a collection agency within the next seven days.

Our goal is to reactivate your Sprint account as soon as possible. Please call 800-639-6111 to discuss payment arrangements or any other concerns you have with our service or the billing of your account. It is important that you call us immediately to prevent further collection action that may include:

* Your account will be sent to an outside collection agency.
* An early termination fee may apply to your account if the Sprint services are canceled within an active contract period.
* Your account may be classified as “bad debt” with Sprint if the account remains unpaid at the collection agency.
* Your account may be reported to the three national credit bureaus as past due.

Please help us avoid the additional collection activities.

We value you as a customer! Please call us today at 800-639-6111.


Customer Finance Services

Note: This letter is for the purpose of collecting a consumer debt owed to Sprint and any and all information obtained will be used for that purpose.
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Posted by Yasemin on 2007-05-20:
WOW! They can be that bad, huh! This is scary! I am still trying very hard to let them know that I want to cancel my 300 text plan and turn off that service completely. And they still try to trick me by saying that they can celled my plan but every time my daughter send or receive text message, they will charge 0.15 cents for each. Does anyone know any way to let them know that;
Posted by lancer on 2007-05-20:
TO Yasemin,

It is scary! You would think we would have somewhere to turn beside these gripe sites to resolve these issues.

We don't stand a chance.

Read this post of 9/26/06 by Etaoin Shrdlu "Why Nextel Customer Service Is so Bad - Customer Service " this is from a former Nextel customer service employee!!

Sorry I have no suggestions.
Posted by Yasemin on 2007-05-21:
I read it, thank you. Hope there is more employee like Etaoin Shrdlu!

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