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Nextel - A Huge Rip Off
By -

My hubby and I had an account with Nextel and had problems with them since day one. They screwed up the initial order, overcharged us on almost every bill, and shut our service off more than once without our knowledge. Today we received a call from a collection agency stating that we owe Nextel a whopping $450 for the account we had with them. The account was paid off in full in Sept. 2006, but yet the account was turned over to collections for non-payment. This is the first time either of us had heard anything from Nextel since I paid off the account. This was the first phone call we received from the collection agency too.

We called Nextel customer service to find out what is going on. We should have saved our breath. We were transferred several times to different reps, none of which had any idea what was going on. We finally talked with one rep **, the only rep who would give a first name mind you, and ** said that the account is no longer in the system. So he transferred us to their finance department to see if someone there could find the account. After waiting on hold for almost 30 minutes we finally talked to a rep who said that Nextel terminated the service on June 7, 2006 yet they still billed us through August 7th and we would have to pay a $400 termination fee for Nextel terminating the service and for taxes and late fees on the account.

The rep also said that Nextel has sent billing statements to us for six months with no response so the account was turned over to a collection agency. We never received anything in the mail about this account or received one phone call about it, until today. When we asked the rep when the statements were sent, the rep had no response other than the account was sent to collections for non-payment. Nextel claims the first collection agency sent out notices for 6 months with no response, so the account was turned over to a second collection agency who also claims to have sent collection notices for another 6 months and that agency turned the account over to a third collection agency who has the account now.

How could this be? I'm not a expert, but how does Aug. 2006 til June 2007 add up to be 18 months in Nextel's calendar? Nextel shut the service off without any notification in June and when we called customer service about it back in June, the rep said Nextel had every right to terminate service at any time without customer authorization or notification. Then the idiot rep asked if we would like the service reactivated for a whopping fee and probably locked into another contract agreement. We told the rep no, absolutely not. We were not paying to reactivate the service when we didn't ask for it to be shut off in the first place.

Now almost a year later Nextel wants this whopping fee from us and has turned the account over to collections. Now our credit is ruined and even if we pay the fee, this will still be on the credit report. I think Nextel has extremely poor business practices, by terminating phone service at will, then expecting the customer to pay for it and lock themselves into another contract. I have wrote to both the BBB and Attorney General about Nextel. I'll be surprised if they do anything about it. Stay away from Nextel and Sprint!

"Our customers come first" is a bunch of baloney
By -

So, I've been a Nextel client for almost 4 years. We use a total of 4 phones in our business. Last year, one of our employees left. When I attempted to remove the employee's phone from our contract, I was told okay by the C/S rep and I was glad that was done. When the bill came, I discovered the employee's name had been removed but not the employee and we were still being charged. So, I called. I was told it would cost $200 to remove the employee from the contract. As much as that annoyed me, I let it go because the monthly fee was cheaper and our contract was due for renewal. I resolved then to find a new phone service.

Then, as sometimes happens in business, I did not have the cash to pay my bill last month. It was a few weeks overdue. When I finally had the money, I wrote the check and put it in the mail. Meanwhile, I got a nasty phone message from Nextel saying my phone would be disconnected if I didn't make a phone payment right away. I called them and told them the check was in the mail (and it was) and I could not make another payment. They said, okay. Thank you. But, I got ANOTHER phone message saying my phones were going to be turned off...if I didn't pay the bill.

So, I called AGAIN! This time I was told too bad. They suggested I cancel my check, and pay over the phone. I refused. They cut off my phones. By then, new charges had accrued. My online account said if I paid by the 8th of January, I'd be okay. So, I called to make a phone payment of the new charges...knowing that the current charges would be paid within days, maybe hours, as soon as the check I wrote arrived. The C/S rep told me that paying the new charges would not get the phones turned back on. And, that it would take 2-3 business days for the phone payment to post, anyway!

So, Nextel now has full payment and has not reinstated my phone service. I can't wait to cancel this account. Their customer service is so bad they couldn't PAY me to come back to them. Their policies on how to treat customers are among the worst in the business. They are losing not only me and my 4 phones, but all the people I can convince to go elsewhere. Oh, and worse...trying to check things online is useless since they merged with Sprint. Sprint doesn't recognize my account at all! The online section insists I don't have admin privileges (but I do) and on the phone - I just get an automated message saying, "We cannot place your account."

Contract that binds ONLY the customer
By -

Nextel is overpriced and unable to provide reliable service. They have failed to provide service, and then wanted me to pay for their inability to function! I started having serious problems with the signal, dropped calls, hanging up and powering off, wouldn't register I even got calls… it was terrible! I thought it was a problem with the actual phone, which was pretty old, so I bought a new one. This phone had the same problems! It powered off and on, dropped calls, wouldn't answer calls, wouldn't register calls… but it was worse because now my voicemail would complete half the message and then hang up without allowing people to leave a message!

I've had the phone for four months have been unable to use it with any amount of reliability. And I'm paying an enormous amount of money both for the overpriced phone (boy did I feel stupid when I found out that other companies give this phone away free and I paid $150 for it) and the service ($80 for service that I don't get).

When I tried to work it out with Nextel, their only solutions were to give the phone to someone else (because someone else would buy a phone plan that doesn't work?), transfer to Sprint (I didn't sign with Sprint.. why should I be forced to have a plan with them now? Don't I get a choice?) or to pay $200 to have it disconnected (so I have to pay Nextel sort of as a little thank you money for failing to service me at all). None of these are acceptable, but Nextel service was unfriendly and uninterested. Worse still, when I tried the option to switch to Sprint, they were going to charge me an activation fee, slap me with a 2 year contract, and I'd have to get a whole new phone!

I talked to 3 people from Sprint and 3 people from Nextel. None of them said the same things twice… even within the same company! They have no idea what they are talking about and they don't even care! Nextel is obviously not very interested in providing customer service or a product that is worth anything. They slap you with that 2 year contract that apparently ONLY binds the customer NOT Nextel and then take you for everything that you are worth. Now I've got an overpriced cell phone that I'm still paying a monthly bill of $80 and the phone is just going to sit in a drawer for the next few months until I am able to pay the disconnect fee. The whole thing just seems like someone's cruel joke!

Nextel Isn't Helping to Solve Their Dropped Calls Problem
By -

CONYERS, GEORGIA -- I have a Nextel phone and I can't get my dropped call problem solved. Its been a nightmare... I call some techs, don't speak enough English to hear me. Come on Nextel, if you cannot provide the service that so many people have signed contracts for... then please make it good to us who are paying our bill.

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