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Did Not Receive Voicemails for a Month!
By -

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO -- This is the complaint letter I sent Nextel: I am writing to express my complete dissatisfaction with the quality of service which I am receiving from Nextel Communications. My cellular number is **. The reason I am writing is that I did not receive my voicemail message for AN ENTIRE MONTH! I am a single woman who lives alone and I have no land line in my home. I am 100% dependent on my Nextel cell phone to keep me in contact with business associates, family and friends. This afternoon, while I was at work, I received a call on my Nextel cell phone. However, due to a deadline, I was unable to answer the phone in that moment.

A minute later, the phone chimed again, letting me know that I had received a voicemail. When I checked the voicemail, I discovered, to my complete horror, that I had 19 voice mail messages. I sat at my desk, stunned, as I listened to messages dating all the way back to mid-December 2004 until the present time. This was the very first time that I was listening to these messages. I had never received any of these messages previously! I immediately called Nextel Customer Service and Customer Support. I was told that there was nothing wrong with my Nextel cell phone.

I was given a very vague explanation about how Nextel noticed a problem on their end and had subsequently "pushed" the voicemail messages through to me. I was told to call back if I ever experienced this problem again! I am OUTRAGED. I depend entirely on this cellular telephone as I do not have a land line in my home. I need to receive my voicemail messages in a TIMELY manner. Some of the messages I received were from my personal physician, who was calling to give me test results that I was anxiously awaiting. She and her staff members left SEVERAL messages.

Do you know that pain and anguish that I experienced while I waited to hear from them? Do you know how embarrassing it is that she believes that I ignored several calls? There were many holiday greetings from friends and family that I never received until today. Some had called more than once. I will now have to make many phone calls to apologize to many people for not responding to their voicemail messages, messages that I never received until today! I have been very dissatisfied with Nextel Communications in the past. I experience dropped calls most of the time.

Check my records. You will see that I often have to call a party SEVERAL times in order to complete a conversation. This is NOT acceptable. Next week, I will be traveling to Puerto Rico. I can make calls to Puerto Rico through Nextel's Nationwide Long Distance network but for some inane reason I have been told that my cell phone will not work on the island. This is just another example of the inadequacy of Nextel Communication's service. Not receiving my voicemail messages for an entire month is totally UNACCEPTABLE. There is no excuse for negligence like this. I expect to be released from my service contract IMMEDIATELY, so that I can seek a RELIABLE wireless service provider.

Customer Support
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- What can I say... It sucks big time. Save yourself from a whole bunch of headaches. Go with another provider.

Customer Service and Service Managers Who Cannot do their jobs correctly, or in a timely manner!!
By -

FLORIDA -- Nextel has become the most customer unfriendly company in the world. I guess since their merger with Sprint, us little guys just don't matter as the make the millions/billions (from us little guys). My phone was recently stolen/lost, and the first problem I encountered was there was nobody available to shut off the service until the following day, allowing unauthorized usage to cost me ridiculously (should Nextel have made international calls, long distance calls, or just went over my minute plan).

That's not the issue, the fact of the matter is that there was nobody available to service a customer in distress trying to do the right thing: STOP SERVICE ON A MISSING PHONE!! LET'S PROCEED TO THE NIGHTMARE ON NEXTEL STREET. We notified the customer service dept, and advised of the situation, and was notified at that time that our contract had repair/replacement insurance and would be easy to resolve the situation. Calling the customer service center a little later, to confirm that all details were finalized, I was told by another customer rep that we did not have insurance on the phone, and would have to pay full price on the replacement phone.

I made another call to the customer service line, and was ignorantly placed on hold for more than an hour, as the message stated that the calls were answered in the order they are received. Finally I got tired of holding on for nothing, and recalled another phone number for customer support, and was speaking with an agent within several minutes that was less than knowledgeable in their job description.

After several requests, I was FINALLY TRANSFERRED to a customer service supervisor, who, based on the circumstances of the inefficiency of their own customer service agents agreed to compute (credit) me with the cost of the replacement phone, and further agreed to upgrade the unit for no charge at all. The Supervisor transferred me to the shipping dept, who advised that there was no order posted on my account to credit or to ship me a replacement phone of any type.

When asked to transfer me back to the supervisor, that person couldn't be located, and I was transferred again, this time to a supposed member of management, who failed to stand behind his/her own Customer Service Supervisor, claiming that there was no insurance on the account. How many sets of contracts do they keep at Nextel, as each agent reads something different from the other?!

I am now requesting a copy of the "taped" conversations we had, including the outrageously long on ignore. I will not let Nextel treat me like this, as I pay my bill, at the rate Nextel charged me for minute usage. Now it's up to Nextel to honor its own Commitment of Customer Service, even if they have to spend some out of pocket money. No Phone In Hand. 12/18/06.

By -

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA -- Where do I begin. My husband got a Nextel i530 phone a year ago. He liked Nextel phones because of the walkie talkie feature. I had Verizon (never, ever should have switched). I decided to switch to Nextel. I got the i710 phone a year ago. My husband gets about 7 dropped calls a day, no service in a lot of areas in PA, when someone tries to reach him, people get "please hold while the Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located". It goes right into voice mail. God for bid if there was an emergency. We take both phones to the Nextel Service store. The guy at the store said my husband's phone was discontinued because a lot of people have complained about this phone.

Also, he takes the phone in the back to check out the battery. He comes back and shows us a dent in the battery. My husband has to pay for phone. He doesn't get one for free. He checked out the battery the day before and there was no dent in the battery. We both got new phones. The guy said you should upgrade your phones every year. He also said that phone my husband got, he should not get dropped calls, he should get service in all areas in PA. Well, he still got dropped calls, no service in areas of PA and that annoying message when someone tries to call him. We decide to send both phones back. My husband goes to the store to return the phones, they can't help us.

We have to call Nextel to see what we need to do. My husband calls Nextel and they say the place we got the phones has to send the phones. My husband goes back to the store and they can't help us. We have to send the phones back. My husband has his old phone and Nextel's service is the worst. Dropped called, no service, etc. Luckily his contract is up. My phone needs a new battery. I have to pay $60.00 for the battery. Mind you, the phone is under warranty. I get no service in certain areas of PA. I am fed up with Nextel. I never should have switched.

My husband has lost business due the bad service. In order to break out of the contract, it is $200.00 which I think is ridiculous. The service sucks, so why do we have to pay the termination fee. Nextel is the WORST!!! I will never recommend anyone to go with Nextel. They lie!!!! Whoever is thinking about going with Nextel, think again. You will have problems. Trust me!!!

Trying to return a phone
By -

INDIANA -- In April I upgraded to an i930 Nextel phone so I could "take my world with me". Because it didn't allow me to "take my world with me" as they promised I called Nextel on May 10 (within my 14 days for returning the phone) and after talking to at least 5 different people I got someone who did know how I could return the phone. She did all the things she needed to and then said she would email me the information I needed to send the phone back. I gave her my email address and she read it back to me. However I never received the email from Nextel. On May 23 I sent them an email inquiring about returning the phone.

Today, May 26 I got an email back with a number to call. The first person I talked to looked up the info, said that they had probably gotten the email wrong and passed me off to a different person. This person had to go through the whole process again and when she finally got through reading my file said that since the 14 days had passed that I could no longer return the phone. I requested a supervisor and was told her supervisor had just stepped out. I told her I'd wait. Five minutes later she said the supervisor would be gone for quite a while. I told her I'd wait. Five minutes later I got a "supervisor".

This person said the same thing. That I wouldn't be able to return the phone because it was past the 14 days. And to make matters worse the two women were laughing like it was the funniest thing they had ever heard ("come on - let's see just how mad we can make her"). I kept requesting a higher manager but was told there wasn't one. I finally hung up after fully expressing my feelings about Nextel customer support. I replied to the email I'd received from Nextel this morning but suspect it will be several days till I hear anything. I did include a link to at the Nextel reviews. I will be writing a letter to our Attorney General and contacting my lawyer to see what he can do. I will NOT be a Nextel customer again!

This company should get the Oscar for worst customer care, ever
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- It's hard not to spend an insane amount of time writing about how awful this company's service in almost all departments really is. The only place where you will be treated courteously (but note: but not with promises that will be kept) is from sales. And I could literally (not an exaggeration) write many, many pages documenting how terrible they treat their customers, starting with rudeness, disinterest and lack of knowledge and going downhill from there to outright lies, total ignorance about their own products, services and company organization, but I'm truly worn down.

The smart thing for all of us to do is start a class action suit against this beast, which at least might get the judge to order not only some compensation, but require certain behaviors and policies when dealing with customers. From returning a new phone that's defective, to getting to a supervisor (name any department, the problem is the same in that regard), to getting follow up or call backs (in the real world it's called "adult responsibility"), it's truly unbelievably bad. They sold me a phone that requires one to have a Windows PC (I don't) in order to upgrade from the operating system they sold it with and which they tell me is older than I need.

The OS it has is defective, and because the backlight doesn't work properly, downright hazardous (think life-threatening) when used while driving and trying to place or answer calls. Yet to upgrade I'd have to buy a Windows computer - they can't do the upgrade in any store, whether company owned or a franchisee. Every store has different service capabilities, none of them knowable until you call the store or - worse, just walk in after driving there.

Last week I drove a total of 250 miles trying to return a defective new phone and transfer my data from my old phone, along with over two days (FULL days) of my time. When they sold the original phone I was replacing two years+ ago, I paid for a service contract that was supposed to include upgrades, repairs, etc. Oooops, they just didn't bother to tell me no shop is capable of doing the work. While I generally can't complain about the phone service, itself, in most areas, buy this brand only if you are prepared to do battle to get your needs and their promises - both stated and implied - met.

And don't be surprised if each time you have to try to get something done by them, their "customer care" or "support" departments (oxymorons of the largest magnitude) bounce you from pillar to post all over the globe to people who know nothing of the company, their products and services. Finally, never expect to be able to know to whom you spoke, so if you want to escalate your issue, or complain about how the person dealt with you, you can't. Terrible company. Terrible service. Stay far away.

Billing for 1 month service after cancellation!
By -

NEW JERSEY -- We have been with Nextel for 4 years. Very loyal customer. Paid bill every month. Like most of you I cancelled my service because it was getting bad, dropped calls, no signal. I had a 2 year contract on my phone and when I called I swear they told me the 10th it would be out of contract. OK so when the 10th got here I called again just to make sure it was out of contract, they then told me no the end of contract was the 19th. I am like what but said o'well what's 9 more days. Let me tell you what 9 more days is. My billing started on the 17th of each month and the 19th put me into the next billing month.

So on the 21st I cancelled Nextel and went to another carrier and had my number ported over. Now because I had my number ported over and according to section 8 of the contract of which I did not have a copy. It says they will not prorate and I had to pay for the next months service and My phone is shut off and my service is cancelled. Now please explain to me how can you be billed for a service that is no longer in effect? The one to ask that question is not the FCC, they are on the side of the cell phone companies. They say well it must be in the contract and we have no control over the cell companies contracts.

I looked over my contract I got back in 2001 and the section 8 in my contract is not the same as Nextel's section 8 and when I signed my contract there was no such thing as porting numbers over to other phone or wireless carriers. Because we change our calling plan in 2003 that put us under the contract which I have never seen or was told about. How can we be held responsible for something we never seen or knew about. Bottom line is only in America can you be billed for a service you don't have and don't call your government and expect them to help you because they like most government and political pass the buck and the American people pay for it. Thank you.

Poor Service
By -

Originally I was with AT&T wireless for 2 years and saw them deteriorate in service whereby I switched my phone 2 times thinking my phone was getting old. Then after the big news hit that AT&T was going down and overcrowded their towers, I switched to Nextel because: they were around for a long time, they had the fancy black big walkie talkie phones, and was told government officials like FBI/CIA have special towers. BIG DEAL... READ ON. Their customer service is WORSE than AT&T.

Since this is my 2nd cell phone provider, I wanted a special feature whereby I could use my cell phone as a plug in feature for my laptop's 56 baud modem (laptop runs the show) just like it would at home on my LAN line. So I went ahead and splurged on the i730. Since I'm basically a meat-n-potatoes kind of guy, I don't need any fancy features. Heck, I never even use the address book or have special ring tones, wall paper etc. Just give me the basics - COVERAGE. I was told the i730 (a $200 phone) would do what I wanted with a USB adapter. I go ahead and place the order on the phone. The adapter never arrives. Then I get a credit for it and then it arrives.

I get this adapter, guess what. I looks like nothing that will work. Its a usb port on one end and a plug for the phone. Of course it won't work. It needs to have a normal phone jack from one of the cord to the phone. But I try it and even bothered my ISP knowing. Later, NEXTEL tells me after 90 minutes that they made a mistake. Fine, I was stuck with a phone that I didn't need.

But read on... The thing that bothers me the most is the following: Bad coverage in modern buildings. Why is it that other people's provider gives them coverage and mine won't work. Why cannot I dial 911 when the battery is dead or when I'm in a dead zone. Isn't there a law on this? Why is it that the sales tax on the bill is more than 15%. Since transporting number capability became legal last year, once I get this contract completed in July, I'm leaving them. Though incoming service is free, I'm fed up. My main goal is to have a phone that works in the most important spots.

Nextel is Dangerous
By -

MISSISSIPPI -- When I signed up for my Nextel phone I was told that you do not get it that day because THEY program in your name to the phone for you. So they charge me $12.80 to next day FedEx it. I was told the total for my new phone and service fees was $59 and the monthly bill would be charged to my account each month. Fine. I watched the man charge my card the $59. After discussing with my sales rep how important it is I do receive the phone the next day because of a long trip I plan on leaving for the very next afternoon he assures me without a doubt it will be there. It wasn't, which was OK, these things happen.

Being that it was a holiday weekend I would not receive the phone until Tuesday. Of coarse I was still expected to pay the overnight delivery charge. When I called my sales rep to inquire about the matter he wouldn't return my calls. One of the other reps in the office said I was more than welcome to drive the 15 miles to their office to pick up a loner phone. I did. When I got there I turned on the phone to make sure it worked before leaving. It didn't because the battery was dead. I was told I had to charge it myself. Fine. I did that. That Tuesday my phone came and all was forgiven. Then I get my bank statement and it says I was charged $109.

I called my sales rep AGAIN to discuss this matter. His reply was "I will look into it and call you right back." I gave the man two days, I thought he might be doing some serious investigative research into the matter for me. He wasn't. I called him again. His response to not calling me back was "Oh yeah, I should have called you back." Anyway, he explains that the charges were for oh this and that. Why was I not told about these charges and why does Nextel think it is OK to take it upon themselves to charge me extra fees after the fact.

I am locked into a 2 year contract but the way I see it they have already broken their half of it by charging unstated fees and not providing the service agreed upon. After mentioning this to people, I was stunned to find out how many people this has happened to. Being overcharged EVERY month and Nextel telling them, "Awe, we'll fix you up next month" but not following through. Why are they allowed to get away with this? I am making my mission to inform as many people as I can to stay away from Nextel and their shady business dealings. And the service sucks. In one minute, out the next. Go Verizon. They are good people!

Wicked Bad Customer Service
By -

BOSTON -- First off I was lied to by my sales person and was forced to upgrade my plan. After a 20$ increase, two days later when I tried to use text messaging, the real fun began. I called Nextel to have them fix my phone and not once, but three times customer service asked me if I wanted to cancel my plan. This is a nice trick they play with customers who are locked into a contact. After informing them I was a new customer and would not receive any penalties if I did "cancel my plan", they were more receptive to my problem.

I have gone through over month of phone calls to customer service (still haven't fixed the problem), over 15 different people, 3 engineering departments, 2 managers, and 3 tier III tech support people. Two techs actually up sold me to the tune of 10$. Each new tech that tried to fix the problem tried the same thing the last one did, each time ignoring the fact that I told them everything the last tech did. It was like the jar of pickles that wouldn't open and everyone had to give it a try. Three people "took ownership" of my problem. Sure they did... It still doesn't work.

Did you know that Nextel technicians do not have direct lines. How convenient for them? I asked "How do your kid get a hold of you?" Their response, "We have a internal connection, that we use". So I asked for that number and very quickly they changed the subject. As I reflect on my extensive exploration of the Nextel customer service departments, I feel that they are probably one of the worst I've dealt with; and I have dealt with AT&T. The thing that bothered me most was that no flags went up for management. No one saw this problem through or cared enough.

The experience I've had is a direct representation of poor management starting from the top. I feel the structure of the customer service is designed to give customers the run-around. I realize this reads as a novel, but so did the "notes" on my account as one tech described. I appreciate your time, and strongly recommend that you never switch to Nextel, and if you do, I hope you never have a problem where you need to call customer service.

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