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How can I get Nextel to cancel our account when we can't yet afford to pay what we owe?
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MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- First, I called their customer service line last month. They said our contract is up this month (April) and we would save $200 if we wait til April to cancel.

Phoned them again, got heavily accented person, who gave me this number to cancel: 1-866-235-1057. It had been disconnected.

Phoned their customer service again and got English speaker, but he put me "on hold" and eventually I got cut off.

Went to "Nextel Sucks" website to get their corporate number to override the useless customer service (703)433-4000. "Executive" would only give her first name, Deborah. She said we had to pay our balance by the 26th, then we could cancel the next day but right now our account is suspended because we ran out of money. She said if we don't pay by the 26th of this month, they'd automatically cancel our accounts and send our bill to a collection agency.

Is this the only way we can cancel?
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Suusan B. on 04/01/2008:
Unfortunately, the answer to your question is "yes". It appears you signed a contract that expires on or about April 27th and that your account is currently suspended for non-payment. So you either need to pay what you owe plus the April charges and then cancel or pay what you owe plus a $200 early termination penalty - - I would say, of course, whichever costs less. They don't care that you "ran out of money" - - you are under contract and they will send you to collections faster than you would ever think possible.
tnchuck100 on 04/01/2008:
Suusan B. is telling you like it is. In addition, when you do get around to canceling the account be sure and do it in writing. Send it to them certified mail/return receipt requested. If you don't they could continue charging each month until their incompetent customer service actually does cancel it.

NEVER rely on the word of ANY customer service representative. What they tell you on the phone is easily denied later. Guess who loses.
Anonymous on 04/01/2008:
You know, I'm very proud of my fellow M3C commentators...two responses and nobody bashed the poster for being 'stupid' or 'financially irresponsible'. You answered the question with facts and kindness. Bravo to you both!!
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Customer Service and Service Managers Who Cannot do their jobs correctly, or in a timely manner!!
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FLORIDA -- Nextel has become the most customer unfriendly company in the world. I guess since their merger with Sprint, us little guys just don't matter as the make the millions/billions (from us little guys). My phone was recently stolen/lost, and the first problem I encountered was there was nobody available to shut off the service until the following day, allowing unauthorized usage to cost me ridiculously (should Nextel have made international calls, long distance calls, or just went over my minute plan). That's not the issue, the fact of the matter is that there was nobody available to service a customer in distress trying to do the right thing; STOP SERVICE ON A MISSING PHONE!!
We notified the customer service dept, and advised of the situation, and was notified at that time that our contract had repair/replacement insurance and would be easy to resolve the situation. Calling the customer service center a little later, to confirm that all details were finalized, I was told by another customer rep. that we did not have insurance on the phone, and would have to pay full price on the replacement phone. I made another call to the customer service line, and was ignorantly placed on hold for more than an hour, as the message stated that the calls were answered in the order they are received. Finally I got tired of holding on for nothing, and recalled another phone number for customer support, and was speaking with an agent within several minutes that was less than knowledgeable in their job description. After serval requests, I was FINALLY TRANSFERRED to a customer service Supervisor, who, based on the circumstances of the inefficiency of their own customer service agents agreed to comp(credit)me with the cost of the replacement phone, and further agreed to upgrade the unit for no charge at all. The Supervisor transferred me to the shipping dept, who advised that there was no order posted on my account to credit or to ship me a replacement phone of any type. When asked to transfer me back to the supervisor, that person couldn't be located, and I was transferred again, this time to a supposed Member of Management, who failed to stand behind his/her own Customer Service Supervisor, claiming that there was no insurance on the account. How many sets of contracts do they keep at Nextel, as each agent reads something different from the other?! I am now requesting a copy of the "taped" conversations we had, including the outrageously long on ignore. I will not let Nextel treat me like this, as I pay my bill, at the rate Nextel charged me for minute usage. Now its up to Nextel to honor its own Commitment of Customer Service, even if they have to spend some out of pocket money..........NoPhoInHand 12/18/06
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HUNTINGDON VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA -- Where do I begin. My husband got a Nextel i530 phone a year ago. He liked Nextel phones because of the walkie talkie feature. I had Verizon(never, ever should have switched). I decided to switch to Nextel. I got the i710 phone a year ago. My husband gets about 7 dropped calls a day, no service in a lot of areas in PA, when someone tries to reach him, people get "please hold while the Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located". It goes right into voice mail. God for bid if there was an emergency. We take both phones to the Nextel Service store. The guy at the store said my husband's phone was discontinued because a lot of people have complained about this phone. Also, he takes the phone in the back to check out the battery. He comes back and shows us a dent in the battery. My husband has to pay for phone. He doesn't get one for free. He checked out the battery the day before and there was no dent in the battery. We both got new phones. The guy said you should upgrade your phones every year. He also said that phone my husband got, he should not get dropped calls, he should get service in all areas in Pa. Well, he still got dropped calls, no service in areas of PA and that annoying message when someone tries to call him. We decide to send both phones back. My husband goes to the store to return the phones, they can't help us. We have to call Nextel to see what we need to do. My husband calls Nextel and they say the place we got the phones has to send the phones. My husband goes back to the store and they can't help us. We have to send the phones back. My husband has his old phone and Nextel's service is the worst. Dropped called, no service, etc. Luckily his contract is up. My phone needs a new battery. I have to pay $60.00 for the battery. Mind you, the phone is under warranty. I get no service in certain areas of PA. I am fed up with Nextel. I never should have switched. My husband has lost business due the bad service. In order to break out of the contract, it is $200.00 which I think is ridiculous. The service sucks, so why do we have to pay the termination fee. Nextel is the WORST!!!! I will never recommend anyone to go with Nextel. They lie!!!! Whoever is thinking about going with Nextel, think again. You will have problems. Trust me!!!!

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Trying to return a phone
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INDIANA -- In April I upgraded to an i930 Nextel phone so I could "take my world with me". Because it didn't allow me to "take my world with me" as they promised I called Nextel on May 10 (within my 14 days for returning the phone) and after talking to at least 5 different people I got someone who did know how I could return the phone. She did all the things she needed to and then said she would email me the information I needed to send the phone back. I gave her my email address and she read it back to me. However I never received the email from Nextel. On May 23 I sent them an email inquiring about returning the phone. Today, May 26 I got an email back with a number to call. The first person I talked to looked up the info, said that they had probably gotten the email wrong and passed me off to a different person.

This person had to go through the whole process again and when she finally got through reading my file said that since the 14 days had passed that I could no longer return the phone. I requested a supervisor and was told her supervisor had just stepped out. I told her I'd wait. Five minutes later she said the supervisor would be gone for quite a while. I told her I'd wait. Five minutes later I got a "supervisor". This person said the same thing. That I wouldn't be able to return the phone because it was past the 14 days. And to make matters worse the two women were laughing like it was the funniest thing they had ever heard ("come on - let's see just how mad we can make her"). I kept requesting a higher manager but was told there wasn't one. I finally hung up after fully expressing my feelings about Nextel customer support. I replied to the email I'd received from Nextel this morning but suspect it will be several days till I hear anything. I did include a link to at the Nextel reviews. I will be writing a letter to our Attorney General and contacting my lawyer to see what he can do. I will NOT be a Nextel customer again!

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rhondam718732 on 05/26/2006:
It sounds like you didn't purchase your phone froma Nextel dealer/store. It's usually better to do so. That way you can return the phone back to them and get your $ back w/out mailing the phone back, etc. I found this works best. They should have documented your return request and allowed you to return it, but you did admit to waiting almost 2 weeks before calling them back...that might pose a problem.
CDE on 05/29/2006:
I had almost an identical experience with Nextel. I've been a customer with them for over 5 years, but as a result of this experience, I cancelled my account. Know what they did? Charged me $200 EARLY TERMINATION FEE! I'd sure like to know what about 5 years constitutes an early termination.

In my case, I ordered the worldwide phone and realized its limitations (in spite of the Nextel salesperson's assurances to the contrary). The Nextel salesperson also said that I could return the phone to a Nextel store within the time period. So this person was not being truthful -- or, to be generous, knowledgeable -- throughout the call.

When I discovered I couldn't return the phone to a store, I called Nextel. It was on a Saturday, the last day of my return period. They said I had to call on Monday, and since that would be after the 14 day period, I was looking not at a RETURN but at a BUYBACK. He actually had the nerve to say I probably wouldn't get much for it as a buyback.

I insisted it was a return and kept persisting until I got a supervisor (at least an alleged supervisor). That person said they'd credit my account directly, without me going through business services. I was satisfied with that but was so frustrated with Nextel by this time, I went to my T-Mobile store and bought a phone, porting my Nextel number.

Two days later, I picked up my mail and there was a bill from Nextel for early termination. All I can think is that when I ordered the global phone, they decided that triggered another contract. I specifically asked the salesperson about that since, had I thought another contract was required, I would never have bought the phone. I've been waiting for the right moment to flee Nextel (and Sprint).

They'll never -- repeat NEVER -- see that $200 from me.

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This company should get the Oscar for worst customer care, ever
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- It's hard not to spend an insane amount of time writing about how awful this company's service in almost all departments really is. The only place where you will be treated courteously (but note: but not with promises that will be kept) is from sales. And I could literally (not an exaggeration) write many, many pages documenting how terrible they treat their customers, starting with rudeness, disinterest and lack of knowledge and going downhill from there to outright lies, total ignorance about their own products, services and company organization, but I'm truly worn down. The smart thing for all of us to do is start a class action suit against this beast, which at least might get the judge to order not only some compensation, but require certain behaviors and policies when dealing with customers.

From returning a new phone that's defective, to getting to a supervisor (name any department, the problem is the same in that regard), to getting follow up or call backs (in the real world it's called "adult responsibility"), it's truly unbelievably bad.

They sold me a phone that requires one to have a Windows PC (I don't) in order to upgrade from the operating system they sold it with and which they tell me is older than I need. The OS it has is defective, and because the backlight doesn't work properly, downright hazardous (think life-threatening) when used while driving and trying to place or answer calls. Yet to upgrade I'd have to buy a Windows computer - they can't do the upgrade in any store, whether company owned or a franchisee. Every store has different service capabilities, none of them knowable until you call the store or - worse, just walk in after driving there.

Last week I drove a total of 250 miles trying to return a defective new phone and transfer my data from my old phone, along with over two days (FULL days) of my time.

When they sold the origninal phone I was replacing two years+ ago, I paid for a service contract that was supposed to include upgrades, repairs, etc. Oooops, they just didn't bother to tell me no shop is capable of doing the work.

While I generally can't complain about the phone service, itself, in most areas, buy this brand only if you are prepared to do battle to get your needs and their promises - both stated and implied - met. And don't be surprised if each time you have to try to get something done by them, their "customer care" or "support" departments (oxymorons of the largest magnitude) bounce you from pillar to post all over the globe to people who know nothing of the company, their products and services. Finally, never expect to be able to know to whom you spoke, so if you want to escalate your issue, or complain about how the person dealt with you, you can't.

Terrible company. Terrible service. Stay far away.
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Billing for 1month service after cancellation !
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NEW JERSEY -- We have been with Nextel for 4 years, very loyal customer,paid bill every month.
Like most of you I cancelled my service because it was getting bad, dropped calls, no singal.
I had a 2 year contract on my phone and when I called I swear they told me the 10th it would be out of contract. OK so when the 10th got here I called again just to make sure it was out of contract, they then told me no the end of contract was the 19th. Iam like what but said o'well what's 9 more days.

Let me tell you what 9 more days is. My billing started on the 17th of each month and the 19th put me into the next billing month.
So on the 21st I cancelled Nextel and went to another carrier and had my number ported over.
Now because I had my number ported over and according to section 8 of the contract of which I did not have a copy. It says they will not prorate and I had to pay for the next months service and My phone is shut off and my service is cancelled.
Now please explain to me how can you be billed for a service that is no longer in effect ? The one to ask that question is not the FCC, they are on the side of the cell phone companies. They say well it must be in the contract and we have no control over the cell companies contracts.

I looked over my contract I got back in 2001 and the section 8 in my contract is not the same as nextels section 8 and when I signed my contract they was no such thing as porting numbers over to other phone or wireless carriers.
Because we change our calling plan in 2003 that put us under the contract which I have never seen or was told about. How can we be help responceable for something we never seen or knew about.

Bottom line is only in America can you be billed for a service you don't have and don't call your government and expect them to help you because they
like most government and political pass the buck and the American people pay for it.

Thank you,
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CrazyRedHead on 10/24/2005:
It is called a verbal contract. Also when you either purchase a new cell phone, for any type of discount or promo or agree to most, if not all promos you automatically agree to another contract if you go over the first 15/30 days. For example, the retail of the phone is 150.00 but you accept it for 75.00 and keep it over the 15/30 day return period you have just agreed to a new contract. All cell phone companies do it and it is actually in the contract. I don't know what Nextel's contract looks like but it is the very first thing in AT&T's contract and is in bold type.
Shakra on 10/24/2005:
I really think that this line was out of order - Bottom line is only in America can you be billed for a service you don't have and don't call your government and expect them to help you because they like most government and political pass the buck and the American people pay for it. "

Firstly, you presume quite a bit when you say that it can "only happen in America." You've lived in every other country? That line is pure hogwash.

Secondly, I don't know of a government agency in any country that would go after a company just because a consumer made a complaint. Wait...did you make a complaint to any government agencies?
If you feel as though you were really wronged by this billing, take them to court. You need to take responsibility and act. Anybody that waits around and twiddles their thumbs thinking somebody is going to do something for them without them doing a thing is obviously just on welfare.
CaptainSpaulding on 11/01/2005:
Lets face it... NEXTEL SUCKS!!!
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My next step to fight the bad Corps.
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CALIFORNIA -- To: California Bar of Lawyers Association.

RE: Unresolved business unfair an unhealthy judgments.
*-Please respond to the emails address above ONLY. Except for the Interested
Attorneys, I am not comfortable with telephone responses. I wish all telephone contacts will not be considered proves of attempts in any court of laws.

Dear Sir/Madam:

Hundreds of my attempts for peaceful resolutions have been wasted. Starting from each individual business organization to Government Laws and Regulations Enforcement Agencies, my enormous diplomatic effort, including contacts of the top nation and state Leaders, Attorney General, Senators, and Members of Congress, has been worthless.

Now that, with every and all occurrences, my Civil Rights have been seriously violated, especially the following one:

Civil Rights Act of 1866 -- "all persons shall have the same make and enforce contracts, to sue, be parties, give evidence, and to the full and equal benefit of all laws..."

With substantial evidences of fraudulences, conspiracies, ignorance with intents of criminal omissions due to, perhaps, financial and political involvements, and etc…, should the Government Agencies and Political Leaders be accountable for the consequences of the wrong doers by employing the rather impractical enforcement procedures and inappropriate corrective actions? For example:

1-Allowing all Service Providers utilizing the unequal and unfair condition in their Services Agreements that the subscribers have to revoke the rights to resolve any conflict beyond arbitration, removing themselves from being answer crimes before the court of laws.

2-In rare occasions, Government Agencies file charges against these Corporations for violating regulations. The Corporations are brought to hearings(?) and made suffering financial penalties. Whose money for settling the fines, the Corporate Officers’ or the cases’ winners’ money? Is it a practical regulating procedure? Will this actually stop the wrong doings with the wrong doers unharmed? What is the reason for one to bring these firms to hearing and then later be a part of the losers for winning the cases as these firms will create others ways to collect money for the fines( they may pay 1st and collect later or the fines were prepaid, either way)?

Thank you for considerations. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

If you want to know further information, go to nextelsucks site and read “MY NEXT STEP 1,2,3,4,5,6 AND 7.
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Anonymous on 06/15/2005:
I would like to introduce the NEW unibomber
Slimjim on 06/16/2005:
Really, the CA. bar will get right on this. What Nextel sucks site?
edrie2 on 07/26/2005:
The terms of the contract for this, and all other cell phone companies, are laid out in black and white and are readily available to the public. If you don't agree with the "terms" that are laid out in the contract that you, as a consumer, have read completely and thoroughly then DON'T SIGN THE CONTRACT. I mean come on take responsibility for your decisions. They are not hiding the conditions from you. You must agree to the "terms" before you can be held to their restrictions. That's why you should always read what you sign and NEVER sign anything that you haven't read completely (and if memory serves, in the small print of the terms and conditions Nextel makes provisions for rate plan changes and all sorts of other great stuff).

That said, I don't like Nextel. I think their business practices are abhorrent and their customer service sucks (because they outsource their CS and their reps are not trained well and are paid the same wages as 10 year olds working in a sweatshop in Honduras).
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Poor Service
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Originally I was with AT&T wireless for 2 years and saw them detorirate in service whereby I swtiched my phone 2 times thinking my phone was getting old. Then after the big news hit that AT&T was going down and overcrowded their towers, I switched to Nextel because:

a) they were around for a long time
b) they had the fancy black big walkie talkie phones
c) was told govnt officials like FBI/CIA have special towers


Their customer service is WORSE than AT&T

Since this is my 2nd cell phone provider, I wanted a special feature whereby I could use my cell phone as a plug in feature for my laptop's 56 baud modem (laptop runs the show) just like it would at home on my LAN line.

So I went ahead and splurged on the i730.

Since I'm basically a meat-n-potatoes kind of guy, I don't need any fancy features. Heck, I never even use the address book or have special ring tones, wall paper etc. Just give me the basics - COVERAGE.

I was told the i730 (a $200 phone) would do what I wanted with a USB adapter.

I go ahead and place the order on the phone. The adapter never arrives. Then I get a credit for it and then it arrives.

I get this adapter, guess what. I looks like nothing that will work. Its a usb port on one end and a plug for the phone. Of course it won't work. It needs to have a normal phone jack from one of the cord to the phone. But I try it and even bothered my ISP knowing. Later, NEXTEL tells me after 90 minutes that they made a mistake.

Fine, I was stuck with a phone that I didn't need. But read on...

The thing that bothers me the most is the following

a) Bad coverage in modern buildings. Why is it that other people's provider gives them coverage and mine won't work

b) Why cannot I dial 911 when the battery is dead or when I'm in a dead zone. Isn't there a law on this?

c) Why is it that the sales tax on the bill is more than 15%

Since transporting number capability became legal last year, once I get this contract completed in July, I'm leaving them.

Though incoming service is free, I'm fed up. My main goal is to have a phone that works in the most important spots.

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Avonlady on 03/19/2005:
Dialing anyone, including 911, is impossible if you don't have connection to a tower. There is no law governing this because the mobile industry runs by tower systems and not satellite. It is impossible to have coverage in all areas. However, the GPS capability which is law on all new activated mobile phones is run by satellite. Nextel does not roam on any other companies towers. The direct connect feature is 'unique'to Nextel and therefore, the towers used for everyone's service within the company, only works from Nextel owned towers. The taxes are a sore spot for all mobile companies. Nextel charges taxes only governed by law. Please visit a site Nextel even offers to clients. It is Cell phone companies are fed up with gov't mandated taxes that they have to charge the customer. I suggest that anyone getting cell service with ANY cell phone company, visit that company website. Click on the coverage maps, look into their service agreements and be an informed customer. I realize that leading busy lives we often don't want to spend time looking at these things but knowledge is empowering. If the company doesn't have the service agreement on their website, go into one of their sales centers and ask for a copy to read over. Many people I deal with everyday get upset about service and contracts but I assure you the answers lie within that agreement.
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Customer Service
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I have never in my life dealt with such an idiotic mentality as many of the Nextel customer service rep's. In all fairness, in my many dealings with them, some of their employees are very good & trying very hard to help. Their abilities are limited usually because they aren't authorized to make things right.... and when you end up speaking to the authorized person and/or the Supervisor, the service and attitude quickly deteriorates. Quite honestly, I think it must be a mentality or culture that is ingrained within the company because there can't possibly be this many morons working at the same place.

Has anyone had any luck pursuing their problems with Nextel. Maybe the 'Better Business Bureau'...?
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Anonymous on 08/15/2007:
What are the specifics of your complaint? You don't mention why you needed to talk to a Supervisor...

There are complaints about pretty much any company you can think of that has a customer service department. A lot of studies have been done about the high turnover rate of the customer service industry for all business types.

In the wireless industry, the average time spent as a phone rep is less than 18 months, according to industry studies, and most wireless businesses experience a 60% or higher turnover rate, which means that there is a constant flow of newly trained reps that do not know or understand all company policies. The reason for the high turnover rate is that the mental stress of taking phone calls for 8 hours a day becomes too much. The pay isn't great and many view it is a temporary job until they can move on to bigger and better. Having done this type of work before, I for one, have a lot of respect for those that do it, many think it's a job that only "morons" do, but I can tell you it takes a special skill set to be able to sit in a cubicle for 8 hours a day and talk to 70+ customers, many that are downright rude and obnoxious.
tstearns on 08/15/2007:
Latest problem is this: I changed to Verizon coverage on 5/30/07 and my Nextel contract expired on 5/25/07. I contacted Nextel on 5/24 & asked if I needed to cancel before contract expired or if I could continue coverage and pay per day until I ported phone #'s over to new carrier. They assured me I would only be charged per day of use of Nextel services after the contract expiration. My 16 year old son had contacted them on 5/23 & he received a different answer. Nextel had told him we would have to port new #'s on 5/25 to avoid another month of service. I contacted another person at Nextel on 5/25 just to double-check & they absolutely assured me I would only be charged per day. I did this just so I could have the names of two people who gave me this info knowing well that Nextel billing and resolution re: service issues is always a big challenge. I have reams of notes on all of my billing and service problems for the past few years of using Nextel. I was usually able to find a reasonable solution after spending hours on the phone and threatening to cancel service.... This time, because I have already switched to a new carrier, they are absolutely obnoxious and difficult. I'm trying to convince them I should only pay for 5 days of service & they're billing me for a full month. Of course they only have notes of my son's conversation with them even though the people I spoke with assured me they would document their notes. It may sound strange that I asked them to do this but I cannot begin to explain the problems I've had with Nextel. It is beyond what I could begin to explain, absolutely horrible...
Anonymous on 08/15/2007:
I have Sprint and Vonage.
Anonymous on 08/15/2007:
thanks for clarifying what your issue is.

Have you asked for their customer relations department information since you haven't been able to get this resolved? You are correct, you shouldn't be charged for a full month if it was only 5 days, you should have received a prorated bill.
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Stop Calling I'm not a customer I never was
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NEW JERSEY -- For the past year I have been receiving phone calls form Nextel at all times of the day, apparently they want their money from someone but they have the wrong number. I am not and never had Nextel so why are they calling my phone and demanding money? I tried calling their service department but they couldn't do anything I would need to know the account number how the hell would I know the account number!!!!!!! I just know that Nextel has the wrong number and I want them to stop calling my house. I have been recording these messages for a while so I can get a lawyers input on the situation. They should try typing in my phone number they are calling and see what comes up so they can correct the problem instead of this going on for another year. I did try calling the number that was left on my caller ID and I got some car dealership and he was upset and said he was getting a lot of this and wanted to know what he should do. Nextel you definitely suck you are harassing my household and this guys car dealership.

You have the wrong people we are not your customers and never will be your service in the help department stinks.
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User Replies:
Sail27 on 07/09/2007:
Simply send them a cease and decist letter and state that the alleged debt is not yours
Anonymous on 07/09/2007:
Most likely they are using a collection agency.

They may be using a caller ID Spoofing device/service.

A company selling a spoof Caller ID service is due to launch tomorrow, according to a report by internet security firm Security Focus. Initially targeting debt collectors and private detectives, it offers a means of hiding the true identity of a telephone caller.
zonibrat on 07/10/2007:
Debt collectors are required by Fed law to immediately id themselves as attempting to collect a debt; state what the debt is & who owns the original debt in addition to who they are! FTC website has details & how to lodge complaint if violated - online or hard copy is available. Once you notify them by mail as Sail27 says, they cannot call you again. They could still pursue it: send you reply regarding 'your debt' & even post negative on your Credit Report - so keep a watch on that end. (I had this done by collection agency - not me, my debt, etc. Once I filed complaint it all went away!)
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