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Posted by Gotused on 04/30/2007
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- My ex-wife went to a Nextel store, signed my name to a contract in 2004 and She ran the phone bill up to 1,176.04. After calling Nextel customer service for 2 years trying to resolve this matter i had all the documentations that i needed to prove that this was forgery and they would never work with me. Now in 2007, they have sent me into collections. I feel this is very unfair being that I tried so hard, even got a investigation report and proved that so many things Nextel was saying was completely wrong and now my credit is destroyed! But I am not finished with Nextel. I will get to the bottom of this and clear my credit.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-30:
What happened to the retail clerk that signed her up for service? obviously they knew she was forging your name, didn't she have to show ID, her SSN, etc?
If you haven't already, I'd press charges against the ex too, what kind of person does this?
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Customer Service and Service Managers Who Cant do their jobs correctly, or in a timely manner!!
Posted by NoPhoInHand on 12/18/2006
FLORIDA -- Nextel has become the most customer unfriendly company in the world. I guess since their merger with Sprint, us little guys just dont matter as the make the millions/billions (from us little guys). My phone was recently stolen/lost, and the first problem I encountered was their was nobody available to shut off the service until the following day, allowing unauthorized usage to cost me ridiciously (should Nextel have made international calls, long distance calls, or just went over my minute plan). Thats not the issue, the fact of the matter is that there was nobody available to service a customer in distress trying to do the right thing; STOP SERVICE ON A MISSING PHONE!!
We notified the customer service dept, and advised of the situation, and was notified at that time that our contract had repair/replacement insurance and would be easy to resolve the situation. Calling the customer service center a little later, to confirm that all details were finalized, I was told by another customer rep. that we did not have insurance on the phone, and would have to pay full price on the replacement phone. I made another call to the customer service line, and was ignorantly placed on hold for more than an hour, as the message stated that the calls were answered in the order they are recieved. Finally I got tired of holding on for nothing, and recalled another phone number for customer support, and was speaking with an agent within several minutes that was less than knowledgeable in their job description. After serval requests, I was FINALLY TRANSFERED to a customer service Supervisor, who, based on the circumstances of the ineffiency of their own customer service agents agreed to comp(credit)me with the cost of the replacement phone, and further agreed to upgrade the unit for no charge at all. The Supervisor transfered me to the shipping dept, who advised that their was no order posted on my account to credit or to ship me a replacement phone of any type. When asked to transfer me back to the supervisor, that person couldnt be located, and I was transfered again, this time to a supposed Member of Management, who failed to stand behind his/her own Customer Service Supervisor, claiming that there was no insurance on the account. How many sets of contracts do they keep at Nextel, as each agent reads something different from the other?! I am now requesting a copy of the "taped" conversations we had, including the outrageously long on ignore. I will not let Nextel treat me like this, as I pay my bill, at the rate Nextel charged me for minute usage. Now its up to Nextel to honor its own Commitment of Customer Service, even if they have to spend some out of pocket money..........NoPhoInHand 12/18/06
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Why Nextel Customer Service Is so Bad
Posted by Etaoin Shrdlu on 09/26/2006
Why is Nextel Communications customer service so bad? First of all, they outsource their customer service to a Texas-based company called ACS. In Portland, OR, site of one of their larger centers, they pay people the state minimum wage to start, and currently agents will top out at $10/hr. Many other call centers in the Portland area start people off at $9/hr. or more. So a lot of the people they hire have no experience. It is not uncommon to find people there who have never held a job before.

ACS does not get paid by Sprint Nextel to train people. It's all "non-billable" time. TMobile trains their people for eight weeks (or so I've read elsewhere on the Internet and heard from other agents at the Portland location (yes, I work there, but not for much longer, I hope). Verizon trains their people for five weeks, even at their outsourced call centers, although having been through their customer service training at an outsource center in the Portland area, I question if the training is as good as if Verizon itself were doing it.

What ACS ends up with is a wide range of people answering phones for Nextel. Some can be very good. They're there for the customer and willing to take the time to explain stuff and correct problems, in spite of ACS's insistence on keeping average handle times short (under six minutes and the agent gets a bonus, over seven minutes and the agent gets negative points on the bonus system). But many calls are, by their nature, short, so even helpful agents can average under six minutes without sacrificing good service, even if an ocassional call goes well over a half hour or even an hour.

But not all agents are that good. Some simply have no work ethic and practice call avoidance. I know of one person who, when he takes calls, is pretty good, or so I've been told. Problem is, sometimes he just takes off his headset while he's still got his phone set to receive calls and goes wandering off to chat with his friends. I've seen him ignore calls for at least fifteen minutes at a stretch, and it doesn't bother him one bit. It also doesn't seem to bother any of the supervisors much, which is pretty bad. Other agents put customers on hold to answer personal cells phone calls (taking cell phone calls on the floor is a big no-no, although it's a rule that is only occasionally enforced), chat with their buddies who are either on break or ignoring calls, whatever.

When I started working for ACS two years ago, I got trained for two weeks to do the Welcome call. That's where new customers call in and we verify their information, make sure their price plan and any additions were set up correctly, remove a block on outgoing calls (sometimes customers have not been informed of this block and the need to call in), and do a short pitch for calling 411. Welcome agents do not get involved in billing issues. That's for Care agents or Customer Finance. Welcome agents don't do sales, but they do frequently have to unscrew screwed-up accounts because Sprint Nextel (and just plain Nextel before the merger) outsource their telemarketing (where salespeople call customers) and telesales (where customers call in) to foreigners in places like India, the Philippines, and possibly Argentina, although the latter may be Customer Finance.

Whoever came up with the bright idea to outsource sales to foreigners is not living in the real world. As a Welcome agent, I was used to getting several calls a day where customers complained about hardly being able to understand the foreigner, and those calls usually involved accounts that were totally screwed up. I simply can't understand why someone would think that starting a business relationship with a customer is best accomplished by having the customer talk to someone who is barely understandable and often misrepresents what is being offered. Nextel offers plans that have free incoming calls. They also offer what they call the Fair and Flexible plan for individuals and families. The Fair and Flexible plans DO NOT have free incoming calls. I can't tell you how many customers I've talked to who were told that Fair & Flexible plans DO have free incoming calls. Some have told me they questioned that, and the foreign salesperson insisted that incoming calls were free on the Fair & Flexible plan. Lying to the customer does not strike me as being good customer service. Maybe some of these foreign salespeople simply don't care if they misinform American customers. Maybe they were poorly trained. Probably its a little of both.

The ACS call center in Portland is highly dysfunctional, and lately, things got worse. Management decreed all Welcome agents had to also be "trained" in Customer Care. I put trained in quotes because the so-called training was a disgrace - for me, it was four days classroom time, with the second day being a repeat of the first because they decided to add a bunch of people to the class on the second day. The new bunch started three hours later than my group, so we had two instructors, with a lot of unnecessary repetition. Then I spent a day with my headset plugged into another agent's phone, then a week taking calls in an area with people available to answer questions. I quickly found out how grossly inadequate the so-called "training" was. I'm reasonably intelligent, but suddenly I was lost in a sea of stuff I'd never been told about. Most of the problems have been with billing. A good training center would spend easily a week on billing. I got about half a day, and very little of that was hands-on.

So now, even though I really want to help customers, and do my best, I feel incompetent. I do what I can. I ask questions, get help from supervisors either over the phone or in person, and really want to help customers as long as they're reasonable. Some have been quite patient and willing to work with me, and I'm sorry I've taken up so much of their time for what is often a routine call for someone properly trained or someone who's flubbed around enough to learn what to do. It's getting better, but it's not good enough. I hope to be out of ACS very soon.

I will never buy a Sprint or Nextel phone. I know how bad their customer service is, from the inside, and I know why J.D. Powers and Associates ranks them sixth out of six among the major cell phone companies.

As for a decline in Nextel customer service since the merger with Sprint, it might not have much to do with the merger. I do know that ACS has been paying people hired after I was hired less, with raises coming more often but only equalling 2/3 of the former rate over a year's time. I don't know why phone service may be worse, but I suspect it might have a lot to do with increased sales resulting in a greater load on cell towers. Maybe Sprint has mandated cutbacks in maintenance, but I don't know.
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Posted by Toni I. on 2006-09-27:
I used to have an account with Nextel, but I dropped them soon after they merged with Sprint. Customer service has always been substandard, but it has gotten progressively worse to the point where it is now unbearable.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-27:
I don't care for the Sprint customer service either. I had to unravel a billing error with them yesterday!
Posted by know what you mean on 2006-09-28:
In late 2005 I started working at ACS in Portland. I got the job through a temp agency Spherion. I had never worked at a call center before so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I was told by this temp agency that I would be well trained. The first two weeks were the "training" classes. You sit at the computer and go through a program which I found relatively simple. During these two weeks we were told that we were not being trained on everything we would need to know. After those two weeks we were sent out to "training bay" which had us taking calls with customers while help walked around that got all pissed off whenever somebody would ask a question. They treated not only me but pretty much every person that asked a question like dirt, which would intimidate some people into taking chances rather asking a question. I was amazed at how little I knew. I felt guilty at not knowing what I needed to know to help the customers. When it comes to going in and making changes on an account, reps should have no major questions. If you screw it up, the customers will have to call again later and hope that the next person will get it right! Absurd. For those two weeks I was able to wing it because I just decided to take the crap and raise my hand if I needed help. Also called the help desk if necessary. Then they had us "hijack" where we would put on a head set and listen to the "experienced" reps take calls. One of the girls I was working with was terrible and should have been fired, especially since she went on and on about she hated her job anyway and the pay ect. This girl was so rude and she kept this going on through out the calls until several people became so angry they were screaming at her and then she would put them on hold until they dropped off. And all of the people around us would laugh. Like that's how they want to be treated when they call one of these places!? She also played with her cell phone while being rude to the customers and sent text messages. She said that she had been there for about a year. Since they keep track of what you do on your phone, I find it hard to believe that they would have not picked up on this at some point. This call center also said that they had a huge problem with credit card fraud. Then why do you allow people to have cell phones, pens and paper ect at the computer while they are taking payments from customers and also have access to other info such as ss#? After those two weeks I felt absolutley overwhelmed when I officially went out onto the floor and had to take calls with no help except for the help desk but they don't like to get too many calls of course. I was definitely not given the training I needed to be successful at taking calls. It is absurd to hire mass amounts of people and not train them properly and then have more problems later. They also, had some of the more experienced reps acting as supervisors on the phones and yelling at customers. I saw that as well. If I had been the customer I would have paid the $200 and taken my business elsewhere.
Basically having a cell phone is a pain. I am doing prepaid and if I ever can get myself to sign a contract it will definitely not be Sprint together with Nextel. They do not care about their customers.
Posted by breezybrook on 2006-12-11:
My god, those are horror stories!!! I work for Nextel government/corporate customer care, but it is NOT part of ACS. We were very well trained, 6 long weeks of training, in fact. The behavior you both described by your fellow employees is absolutely unacceptable in my call center, and quite frankly, I would kick everyone's ass at one of those centers. Good God. I do have to say, obviously, some agents are better than others, no matter how much training is involved. As someone who works for the company, I know just how terrible their cellular service really is, and I feel awful for most of my customers. I'm the jerk who probably loses the company more money than anyone else because, these customers go through hell. I'm constantly adjusting bills and giving out discounts on phones and sometimes waiving early termination fees (don't tell, it's a big NO-NO) I just do not agree with Nextel's policies, considering how terrible their cellular service is.
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Nextel WILL Rip You Off!
Posted by Peterpanippleskin on 08/23/2006
SPRING LAKE, MICHIGAN -- I began with Nextel in January, 2006. When I started with them they told me that I had to have a $100. security deposit on my account because my credit is not so great.
Ok... I agreed. No big deal.
I ordered my i265 phone and when it got to my house I called to get it activated.
I was told that to get my phone activated I would have to pay $150. to get it activated.
I was angry about that because no one told me this ahead of time.
Ok. I have poor credit. So, I went ahead and paid the extra $150. for a total of $250. in deposits before my service became active.
It is now August, 2006.
I called Nextel yesterday to get another phone on my contract. I needed two phones on the same line. I upgraded from 800 minutes per month to their "Buisness 3000" Plan. That would have given me 3000 minutes for each phone.
The woman on the phone (Christine) told me that there was No Problem for me to upgrade. She told me that all they needed to do is sell me another i265 phone for $49.99 and a $25.00 activation fee, and that the charges would come out of my security deposit and that they would bill me for all of that in my next bill. My phone bill balance was up-to-date, as it has been each month.
Today, August 23, 2006 my new Nextel phone came to my home. When I called Nextel to activate the phone I was told that they could not activate the phone until I paid them $100.
I was so damned angry that I told them they could stick their phones and their service up their behind.
They are NOW going to keep my security deposit and try to bill me $200. for cancelation of my Nextel account. I told them that they will NEVER get $200. from me, and that I will be telling everyone that I know that Nextel is disgusting.
Not only that, Nextel is expensive!
I am NOW with AT&T Cingular Wireless.
I have 900 minutes for $49.00 per month, plus taxes and service charges.
I was paying Nextel over $100. per month for 800 minutes.
Cingular has the same coverage and I have a better phone... and the phone is FREE, except that I don't have free incoming calls. Oh well!
Goodbye Nextel!
NEVER again. NEVER! ...and you will NEVER get $200. from me for cancelling your lousy service. When your service is lousy and someone at Nextel tells me one thing and then later tells me that I have to pay another $100. to activate a phone when that was never mentioned before I purchased an upgraded contract with you. No Way! Why would I stay with Nextel (or anyone) when the terms of service are misrepresented... for the second time!
And then, a customer rep. began telling me that if my credit wasn't so bad I wouldn't be having this problem.
The issue wasn't my credit. The issue is Nextel!
To those who are reading this: If you think that this can't or won't happen to you, you are mistaken. Go with Nextel and see just what they do to to you, as well. Good luck!
and... goodbye Nextel!
My God, Nextel... you suck! Bad!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-24:
Yikes! You needed to 'talk' for 50 hours a month?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-25:
50 hours? I know maney girls that can do that in less then 48. lol
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Posted by Topcat on 08/17/2006
HUNTINGDON VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA -- Where do I begin. My husband got a Nextel i530 phone a year ago. He liked Nextel phones because of the walkie talkie feature. I had Verizon(never, ever should of switched). I decided to switch to Nextel. I got the i710 phone a year ago. My husband gets about 7 dropped calls a day, no service in alot of areas in PA, when someone tries to reach him, people get "please hold while the Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located". It goes right into voice mail. God for bid if there was an emergency. We take both phones to the Nextel Service store. The guy at the store said my husband's phone was discontinued because alot of people have complained about this phone. Also, he takes the phone in the back to check out the battery. He comes back and shows us a dent in the battery. My husband has to pay for phone. He doesn't get one for free. He checked out the battery the day before and there was no dent in the battery. We both got new phones. The guy said you should upgrade your phones every year. He also said that phone my husban got, he should not get dropped calls, he should get service in all areas in Pa. Well, he still got dropped calls, no service in areas of PA and that annoying message when someone tries to call him. We decide to send both phones back. My husband goes to the store to return the phones, they can't help us. We have to call Nextel to see what we need to do. My husband calls Nextel and they say the place we got the phones has to send the phones. My husband goes back to the store and they can't help us. We have to send the phones back. My husband has his old phone and Nextel's service is the worst. Dropped called, no service, etc. Luckily his contract is up. My phone needs a new battery. I have to pay $60.00 for the battery. Mind you, the phone is under warranty. I get no service in certain areas of PA. I am fed up with Nextel. I never should of switched. My husband has lost business due the the bad service. In order to break out of the contract, it is $200.00 which I think is ridiculous. The service sucks, so why do we have to pay the termination fee. Nextel is the WORST!!!! I will never recommend anyone to go with Nextel. They lie!!!! Whoever is thinking about going with Nextel, think again. You will have problems. Trust me!!!!

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Nextel Billing
Posted by AJCPA on 08/17/2006
ILLINOIS -- Oh my God! If you're even thinking about getting a Nextel wireless account you will be sorry as hell. Their connectivity is the worst and it was that way for all two years of our service. When our contract finally, mercifully ended, instead of a final bill we were sent to a collection agency. We were on their paperless billing plan and when we terminated our service they also shut off our web access to our account. Then, instead of just sending us that final bill they sent our final $72.28 to the aforementioned collection agency. We promptly paid the amount due and got another bill from the collection agency. When I called Nextel customer service I was told it was my fault for not contacting them after my web account was turned off to find out what we owed. When I said you got to be kidding and asked for the CSR's supervisor I was told the supervisor couldn't help me and to have a good day. Believe me, if you get hooked up with Nextel will not have many good days.
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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-08-17:
Whether they provide you with a bill or not, if it's a revolving account or contracted service with agreed upon payments - - it's up to the creditor to be proactive. Nextel sounds reasonable in saying "you should have called when you were unable to pay online." Now, I don't know how much time lapsend from when you terminated to when the collection letter was received, so they may have been quick on the trigger with that...but had you called the day of service termination or the following day and paid - you may have avoided this.
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Loss OF My money!!
Posted by Tbanks on 07/15/2006
MADISON, INDIANA -- My Husband & I ordered a nextel phone from Nextel via the internet on 06/05/2006. On 06/06/2006 they took our deposit out of our bank account. We opted for the free 3 to 5 businees day delivery of the phone. After 7 days went by we had not received the phone. To make a long story short and many hours on the phone (over a week & half period) with very rude csr's and numerous departments they aggreed to send us our phone. We got our phone on 06/15/2006. Two days later the phone was shut off due to the deposit not being paid according to them. I had to fax them copies of my bank statements (numerous times) to show them they took the money out. I had to give them my debit card numerous times also. Todays date is 07/15/06 and They have still not found my missing money. Today I was told to fax in the info once again that I might add is a costly little expense. They keep telling me to go ahead and pay the $100 again along with my bill and when this is resolved they will credit me. My bill which I received is $85.81 for biling date of 06/13/2006 to 06/17/2006. For which $30 is for shipping and handling. If you go back and read the first part of this I did not get the phone untill the 06/15/2006. My question is why was the phone activated & sent to begin with if they had not got my money. Where had my money gone, which I know they got it because my bank says so along with my statements. My husband and I are over the road truck drivers and we have missed out on about $5000 worth of loads because we was at the end of our contract with a previous cell phone provider and had it turned off when we got our nextel phone. Our disbatcher was unable to contact us which about cost us our job also. For 2 weeks I had to call them every morning to have them turn it back on to have it shut off in a couple of hours. In order to keep our jobs we had to buy a prepaid to keep in touch with our disbatcher which is also costly. So every time they had cut the phone off and turned it back on it was a $25 reconnect fee!! So now my bill is extremely outragous due to their mistakes which will go on our credit!!! I no longer ask for the phone to be turned on because I cant afford the reconnect fees. I talked to a Lady in Customer Care by the name of Chen that had more or less called me evry thing under the Sun and when I told her this conversation was being recored she tried to tell me I couldnt do this because of FCC regulations. My comback was yes I can as long as the other party is aware of this do to me being in law enforcement for years and she transferred me in a bat of an eye. I have never been lied to, treated as bad as I have, or shuffled around more in my entire life. I have sent an e-mail to consumer affairs, the Attorney General and contacted my news station. Monday I plan on making an appointment with an attorney which will cost me a weeks worth of pay by having to stay at home to take care of this. If anyone has any other suggestions or would like to go in on a law suit with me please feel free to contact me!!! From my understanding there are alot of people not Happy with Nextel and I think it is time we stop this nonsense of them walking on us and get what we deserve back!! Under what review does this fall into ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!
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Posted by Sunchaser1469 on 2006-07-29:
Words cannot describe (well they can but they are not nice words) how Nextel treated my husband and I. I kept on calling them and kept on asking for discounts since they screwed up all the time. The department you want to speak to is Retention. Keep a log of who you talk to and their id number and date and time. Writing letters to Nextel does not work either, dont bother e-mailing them because as a lovely customer service rep advised me "if we get your email and it is worth responding to, we will." Also, a service rep screwed up and gave me the phone number of a supervisor, to their direct phone number. His name is Mike Miller at 254-295-8724. Hope this helps.
Posted by Nextel/Sprint Hater on 2006-08-07:
I, too am having issues with them. I called to change my rate plan and was told that I had to extend my service another 2 years...this didn't happen in March when I changed my plan then! "They should've but, I don't know why they didn't" is what they told me. And then when I expressed to numerous RUDE csr's and a bit** of a supervisor that I sufferd a pay cut and couldn't afford my $80+ plan nor could I afford an extention...she told me that it was MY choice to change my plan in march..to which I responded but NOT MY CHOICE to take a paycut....and she basically told me it was my fault..that she was giving me options (change plan and extend contract or stay with $80+ a month) but i refused to work with them...didn't refuse..can't afford...then she complained to me about her bill being over $120 and problems with her phone...I didn't have problems with my phone, just their CSR's and HER. They really don't hold customer service and loyalty high...and from what i read, Sprint could give a flying F**K about Nextel's former loyal customer base pre merger...lovely isn't it? She told me i could pay the 200 ETF..i laughed right in her face
Posted by glenn47 on 2006-08-19:
Nextel, needs to be sued and put in there place they refuse to talk with you and each and every store has a different story, they lie cheat and steal from comsumers they can not and will not help anyone after they get there money and they can not answer any questions, why do we as comsumers take this lets get together and start a law suite to get our money back and to put this bunch out of business or at least make them stand on what the advertise. Am going to file a complant with the BBB and to contact my state rep of florida and see if this can;t be stop. lets make this a team effort and show them that we have rights and stop them in there tracks if not we are going to just end up like what happened with enron and mci. but it will be us that gets the shaft or gets more of a shaft.
Posted by dcham81 on 2006-10-11:
I have nextel right now and I am having the same problems. It took me forever to get my phones and now I am getting high bills that I know are not correct. Whenever I call the company I get the most rude employess up there. I can't afford to disconnect my phones until I get new ones because my husband is a truck driver just like you. I am considering when I do cancel them to sue them if for the money that I feel they took from me. I dare them to try to stick me with an earlt cancellation fee too.
Posted by s5056 on 2006-11-20:
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Billing from Nextel and Sprint
Posted by Beans on 06/22/2006
PEABODY, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have had Nextel for 2 year plus, I was very happy with them until sprint took it over. I would send in payment after payment and they never received them. I even had my comfirmation number but apparently that didn't matter to them.

They disconnected me twice , when my payment was
already there. At the time my mother was dying at the hospital but they had no sympathy. I had to pay my bill again so they could put my phone back on. I am so discussed with them you just dont know. Now as of today they say I still owe mony. I finally cancelled them in April. The bill has been paid. I even received my cancelled check back but as of today I still owe them money.
I dont even have there phone anyone. I was willing to pay the disconnection fee just to get out of there.
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Posted by s5056 on 2006-11-20:
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Trying to return a phone
Posted by Jaeger74 on 05/26/2006
INDIANA -- In April I upgraded to an i930 Nextel phone so I could "take my world with me". Because it didn't allow me to "take my world with me" as they promised I called Nextel on May 10 (within my 14 days for returning the phone) and after talking to at least 5 different people I got someone who did know how I could return the phone. She did all the things she needed to and then said she would email me the information I needed to send the phone back. I gave her my email address and she read it back to me. However I never received the email from Nextel. On May 23 I sent them an email inquiring about returning the phone. Today, May 26 I got an email back with a number to call. The first person I talked to looked up the info, said that they had probably gotten the email wrong and passed me off to a different person.

This person had to go through the whole process again and when she finally got through reading my file said that since the 14 days had passed that I could no longer return the phone. I requested a supervisor and was told her supervisor had just stepped out. I told her I'd wait. Five minutes later she said the supervisor would be gone for quite a while. I told her I'd wait. Five minutes later I got a "supervisor". This person said the same thing. That I wouldn't be able to return the phone because it was past the 14 days. And to make matters worse the two women were laughing like it was the funniest thing they had ever heard ("come on - let's see just how mad we can make her"). I kept requesting a higher manager but was told there wasn't one. I finally hung up after fully expressing my feelings about Nextel customer support. I replied to the email I'd received from Nextel this morning but suspect it will be several days till I hear anything. I did include a link to my3cents.com at the Nextel reviews. I will be writing a letter to our Attorney General and contacting my lawyer to see what he can do. I will NOT be a Nextel customer again!

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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-05-26:
It sounds like you didn't purchase your phone froma nextel dealer/store. It's usually better to do so. That way you can return the phone back to them and get your $ back w/out mailing the phone back, etc. I found this works best. They should have documented your return request and allowed you to return it, but you did admit to waiting almost 2 weeks before calling them back...that might pose a problem.
Posted by CDE on 2006-05-29:
I had almost an identical experience with Nextel. I've been a customer with them for over 5 years, but as a result of this experience, I cancelled my account. Know what they did? Charged me $200 EARLY TERMINATION FEE! I'd sure like to know what about 5 years constitutes an early termination.

In my case, I ordered the worldwide phone and realized its limitations (in spite of the Nextel salesperson's assurances to the contrary). The Nextel salesperson also said that I could return the phone to a Nextel store within the time period. So this person was not being truthful -- or, to be generous, knowledgeable -- throughout the call.

When I discovered I couldn't return the phone to a store, I called Nextel. It was on a Saturday, the last day of my return period. They said I had to call on Monday, and since that would be after the 14 day period, I was looking not at a RETURN but at a BUYBACK. He actually had the nerve to say I probably wouldn't get much for it as a buyback.

I insisted it was a return and kept persisting until I got a supervisor (at least an alleged supervisor). That person said they'd credit my account directly, without me going through business services. I was satisfied with that but was so frustrated with Nextel by this time, I went to my T-Mobile store and bought a phone, porting my Nextel number.

Two days later, I picked up my mail and there was a bill from Nextel for early termination. All I can think is that when I ordered the global phone, they decided that triggered another contract. I specifically asked the salesperson about that since, had I thought another contract was required, I would never have bought the phone. I've been waiting for the right moment to flee Nextel (and Sprint).

They'll never -- repeat NEVER -- see that $200 from me.

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The worse customer service ever !!!!
Posted by J rock on 03/30/2006
NEW ALBANY, INDIANA -- In December of 2005 I called Nextel customer service and asked when my contract was over and I was informed the contract ended in October 2005 and I could cancel my contract at anytime. Nextel made me a decent offer on a one year contract so I decided to maintain my service while my wife decided to cancel her service. When my next bill came I had a $200 termination fee. When I followed up on with Nextel I was informed the contract did not expire until May of 2006. So because of their pathetic and incompetent customer service, Nextel is cutting off our service because I will not pay the $200. Now, how about that for good customer service!!!!How can you do business with a company that has such lousy customer service?????
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Posted by CobraCat77 on 2006-03-30:
it sounds to me like you and your wife had two separate accounts and only your contract ended in october.

next time get a confirmation number or the name of the person you speak to every time you call. could save you $200 down the road
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