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Horrible service
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12522, NEW YORK -- I've had Nextel coverage for a little over 2years. I've had nothing but problems. I've had people call my phone and not ring and go straight to the machine, lost calls, poor service all together. I called to cancel my phone and they stated that they would cancel it but never did. So a couple days later my phone was still on so I called and told them that I had cancelled it they stated that I called on the 25th, and the billing cycle ended the 24th, therefore the can shut the phone off. But I will still be charged for the next month a full bill. The staff whom took the call were very rude!
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Sparticus on 2007-06-29:
This is unfortunately ridiculously common. Many of these service providers train their people to do anything they can to keep you as a customer. I have no evidence to back this, but I believe they purposely don't close your account so they can squeeze an extra month or two out of you. It is almost starting to get like the airline industry where we expect stuff to get stolen if we leave anything of value in our checked bags. Well with the phone service industry, we can expect to make at least 2-3 calls to cancel our service before they actually do it. Just consider the first call the warm-up cancellation.... =)
Anonymous on 2007-06-29:
I agree Spart man and I think the stinking government should do there what we pay the worthless maggots for and regulate this kind of rip-offs.
tnchuck100 on 2007-06-29:
Send a certified/return receipt letter informing them that you are canceling your service effective on the last day of your billing cycle. Now you have proof. No incompetent CSR to depend on.
dfields on 2007-06-29:
I agree with lidman... what are we paying our congressman to do nowadays? too many fraudulent tatics used by companies to rip-off consumers. I mean, just look at the rebate scandals!
Ladderman on 2007-08-12:
I agree, and I get 10% off from my company for mine. I have called time and time again, and find out a year later, they get rid of customers for calling in too much, wish I was one of them. No more bills for a phone I can hardly use. Hope they rot.
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Forgery-identify object
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LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- My ex-wife went to a Nextel store, signed my name to a contract in 2004 and She ran the phone bill up to 1,176.04. After calling Nextel customer service for 2 years trying to resolve this matter I had all the documentations that I needed to prove that this was forgery and they would never work with me. Now in 2007, they have sent me into collections. I feel this is very unfair being that I tried so hard, even got a investigation report and proved that so many things Nextel was saying was completely wrong and now my credit is destroyed! But I am not finished with Nextel. I will get to the bottom of this and clear my credit.
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Anonymous on 2007-04-30:
What happened to the retail clerk that signed her up for service? obviously they knew she was forging your name, didn't she have to show ID, her SSN, etc?
If you haven't already, I'd press charges against the ex too, what kind of person does this?
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Nextel Billing
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ILLINOIS -- Oh my God! If you're even thinking about getting a Nextel wireless account you will be sorry as hell. Their connectivity is the worst and it was that way for all two years of our service. When our contract finally, mercifully ended, instead of a final bill we were sent to a collection agency. We were on their paperless billing plan and when we terminated our service they also shut off our web access to our account. Then, instead of just sending us that final bill they sent our final $72.28 to the aforementioned collection agency. We promptly paid the amount due and got another bill from the collection agency. When I called Nextel customer service I was told it was my fault for not contacting them after my web account was turned off to find out what we owed. When I said you got to be kidding and asked for the CSR's supervisor I was told the supervisor couldn't help me and to have a good day. Believe me, if you get hooked up with Nextel will not have many good days.
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rhondam718732 on 2006-08-17:
Whether they provide you with a bill or not, if it's a revolving account or contracted service with agreed upon payments - - it's up to the creditor to be proactive. Nextel sounds reasonable in saying "you should have called when you were unable to pay online." Now, I don't know how much time lapsend from when you terminated to when the collection letter was received, so they may have been quick on the trigger with that...but had you called the day of service termination or the following day and paid - you may have avoided this.
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Billing from Nextel and Sprint
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PEABODY, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have had Nextel for 2 year plus, I was very happy with them until sprint took it over. I would send in payment after payment and they never received them. I even had my comfirmation number but apparently that didn't matter to them.

They disconnected me twice , when my payment was
already there. At the time my mother was dying at the hospital but they had no sympathy. I had to pay my bill again so they could put my phone back on. I am so discussed with them you just don't know. Now as of today they say I still owe mony. I finally cancelled them in April. The bill has been paid. I even received my cancelled check back but as of today I still owe them money.
I don't even have there phone anyone. I was willing to pay the disconnection fee just to get out of there.
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s5056 on 2006-11-20:
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The worse customer service ever !!!!
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NEW ALBANY, INDIANA -- In December of 2005 I called Nextel customer service and asked when my contract was over and I was informed the contract ended in October 2005 and I could cancel my contract at anytime. Nextel made me a decent offer on a one year contract so I decided to maintain my service while my wife decided to cancel her service. When my next bill came I had a $200 termination fee. When I followed up on with Nextel I was informed the contract did not expire until May of 2006. So because of their pathetic and incompetent customer service, Nextel is cutting off our service because I will not pay the $200. Now, how about that for good customer service!!!!How can you do business with a company that has such lousy customer service?????
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CobraCat77 on 2006-03-30:
it sounds to me like you and your wife had two separate accounts and only your contract ended in October.

next time get a confirmation number or the name of the person you speak to every time you call. could save you $200 down the road
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Cancellation Problems, Customer Service
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My daughter cancelled her Nextel phone service due to hidden fees. She proceeded to pay off the bill along with the $200.00 cancellation fee. Upon paying off the debt, Nextel reopened the service without written of verbal consent. She has called customer service. At first they wear willing to take care of the problem but now are unwilling to write their mistake off. They insist that she pay another cancellation fee of $200.00 before it goes to a collection agency and ruin her credit.

I have filed a form 475 with the FCC at
and I am currently writing two senators for their assistance.

Beware of Nextel.
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Automatic renewal and poor customer service
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HAWAII -- Nextel has a policy of automatically renewing my phone service. I missed the first form letter message and had 1 year added to my contract. The second year I watched for the form letter and followed the instructions carefully, after 45 frustrating minutes I finally got confirmation that my contract would be terminated at the end of my contract. Then I got a bill for $200.00 for early termination of contract. I wish we wouldn't have opened another contract with Nextel with this poor service. We've been happy with the reception and local service but don't want to deal with the central office again.
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CAMedWmn on 2005-04-12:
I've been a customer of Nextel's for quite a while now, and have never had any problems with customer service. Nor have I encountered "automatic" renewals. When my phone was damaged, it was replaced within a couple of days, no questions asked. When I hit difficult financial times, they worked with me. When my needs changed, they allowed me to adjust my service plan to fit those needs, regardless of whether that meant more or less money for them. I have found Nextel to be superior to Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T in terms of quality, customer service, and flexibility. About the only concern I have for Nextel is the lack of coverage area, which can sometimes be a problem. Other than that, I am quite happy with them.
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MICHIGAN -- I received a text message on my Nextel April 4 from the corporate office. It notified me that I was a daily winner and to take my phone to an authorized dealer and show them the text message and I would win $1000.

I did that. The man at the dealership laughed and said that it was an April Fool's joke. I did not laugh. I emailed Nextel and the answer I got was so sorry, not running that deal right now. I answered that I was told I was a winner and I wanted my $1000. If I don't receive it I am going to take it to my attorney and I think that Nextel should be fined or somehow punished for this so called "prank". The dealership said they were flooded with people on April 1st and I bet there were some very pissed off people as well.
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Anonymous on 2005-04-05:
Sounds like Nextel got pranked by a pro. Why would they purposely tick off their customers like that? Move on and get over it.
LegalCollector on 2005-04-05:
Let us know what happens if you're actually dumb enough to sue over this.
virginiasoreback on 2005-04-06:

I empathize with you as one of many “innocent” subscribers; who were bit players in a sordid “theater-in - the- absurd” melodrama.

As some have indicated, it is unlikely that you can avenge the “dirty-trick.” I’m sure that Nextel has a stable of lawyers that eat pettifoggers for lunch. You would have to overcome the clout and advantage that “Big Corp” has built up with their mega bucks and pricy Machiavellian lobbyists.

Perhaps, the most you can salvage out of this canard is to invest in your good fortune that the $1,000.00 wasn’t hacked out of one of your “wealth building” financial accounts.

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Poor Service/Misinformation
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I placed a order on the internet with websales@nextel.com. The order was for 2 phones which were $.99 each and a 600 minute shared calling plan. I received an e-mail from them notifying me I was approved and my order would be shipped. Shortly, thereafter, I received a phone call from a Nextel Representative stating that I needed to take my identification to a Nextel Representative in my area have them call them and then they would ship my order. I went to the Nextel Representative and they told me they do not handle websales. I came home and notified websales@nextel.com via e-mail asking them if I could fax them my identification. They sent me a e-mail back saying my order had been cancelled as I requested. I sent them another e-mail asking them to re-open my order because I did not cancel it. They sent me an e-mail to call an 800 number they said websales did not handle updating the orders. I called the number they gave me and they said they had nothing to do with websales. If nobody has any knowledge, control or anything to do with websales, why is websales@nextel.com posting advertisements for cell phones and collecting peoples personal information. Here I am all exciting waiting for delivery of my new Nextel phone and they sent me on a wild goose chase. It is not only unprofessional, but it is false advertising.
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Nextel's Secret About Text Messaging! Buyers Beware!!
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MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA -- So, I finally gave in and bought a Nextel and it was the dumbest thing I have ever done. I guess I am one of the only people in the world who does not want text messaging. All I wanted was a phone that got good reception and what I got was a text messaging nightmare. I get these messages non-stop costing me $30-$50 dollars a month and Nextel refuses to credit me the money but they say they cannot stop the messages because they are not coming from them. So much for their top of line technology. Their only solution was to take away my ability to get messages at all voice or text or pay for a service that I am not going to use. Yeah right! Bottom line Nextel makes money and I get screwed.
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wearecruisers on 2005-01-14:
I agree. If you sign up with Nextel you should ask them to kiss you in the beginning because you are going to get screwed in the end. I am in the process this month of paying them their $200 early termination fee to make them go away and sign up with Verizon. It is like playing Monopoly, you have to pay $200 to get out of jail free. Them SOB's.
melissa.messner.ni1q on 2005-01-14:
Just out of curiosity, you said that Nextel told you that they can't stop the messages because they aren't coming from them...so, just who are they coming from??? It sounds like they were trying to work it out with you by putting a block on your text messaging service so that you don't get anymore. I just can't see why you're so upset with them for someone else doing that to you. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Nextel is perfect, I've had my fair share of problems with them. But in the end, their service for me has been 100 times better than Verizon, AT&T, or Cingular. Good luck.
Olsander on 2005-01-14:
Ask to have your phone number changed. Will probably solve problem...
Avonlady on 2005-03-19:
Text messages can be a nightmare. Chancecs are, whomever had that mobile number before you got it, had signed up for text alerts with a number of places: ex: news updates etc. I realize it is an inconvenience but changing your mobile phone number usually stops the unwanted text messages. Also, you are only charged for incoming text messages if you open them to read them. Delete them without reading them and you will not be charged. If you know who the majority of them are coming from, call customer care by dialing 611 from your Nextel phone ( 611 is free)and request 'a follow up for unwanted text messages'. Nextel can then contact that company and have your mobile number removed from their automatic text alert list. However, I suggest changing your phone number. I have seen this solve the problem many, many times.
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