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NFL Sunday Ticket Scam
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Rating: 1/51

DOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I was ecstatic when I got the NFL Sunday ticket package as I am a huge football fan and was looking forward to seeing all of my teams' games especially since I live in another state. Much to my horror after paying the first installment I learned that Sunday NFL only shows you the 1 pm games and the 4 pm games. If your team plays Thursday night, Monday night or after the 4 pm games you do not get the games. The London game, nope. So I called to complain and was told well it's called Sunday NFL Ticket.

So, I humbled myself and said "OK my bad so I would then like to please cancel my subscription" and they told me that as part of the agreement I wasn't allowed to cancel and needed to pay for it regardless? It's not their fault that we have blackouts, or that the team plays on other days or outside of the 1 to 4 pm schedule. I just went ahead and canceled my card. It's a huge disappointment especially with how well MLB and the Hockey packages are. I am going back to NFL Rewind.

Horrible Waste of Money. Even at the Student Price of $25/month It Is a Total Ripoff.
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Rating: 1/51

This is a ripoff. NFL Sunday ticket is the worst service in today's online-driven world. Considering it represents the NFL it is an embarrassment.

Paying to Ruin Your Own Games
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Rating: 2/51

If you choose to buy NFL Sunday Ticket, be warned: Sunday Ticket gives game spoilers. All games are not aired lived. The first games aired run a ticker tape listing the scores of other, simultaneous games -- even those that have not yet aired on Sunday Ticket. So if you choose to watch two games, you may very well end up seeing the results of the 'upcoming' game, spoiling it entirely. Got a subscription for free this year and will definitely not be buying it next year. Nasty surprise the first time this happened.

Bears Vikings
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Rating: 1/51

How DARE you take off the Bears-Vikings game!!! Some people tuned in to watch the GAME not to be changed to what YOU decided is more interesting game at halftime. Who are YOU to decide what game we watch after the start of the game? My God, I have a house full of Bears and Vikings' fans who came here to watch THAT game NOT bucs and falcons!

NFL Sunday Ticket , Directv monopoly

I'm furious that the NFL continues to refuse the NFL Sunday Ticket to Dish Network. I've written several complaints and have yet to receive a response. The NFL has also just pulled C-Band from Sunday Ticket, leaving Directv with the monopoly. Why should we be forced to use Directv to see NFL games?

They denied the merger of Directv and Dish because of the monopoly it would create. How is this not the same thing? It is one thing for an owner to make an agreement with a network (as outrageous as that I find that already), but this is the NFL in its entirety making an exclusive deal with one satellite provider. Though you can purchase Sunday Ticket as your only Directv programming, you still have to pay the monthly receiver fees or the reactivation of receiver fees. Either way, you still are paying more than someone who uses Directv as their main satellite provider.

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