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Lousy wedding video
Posted by on
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- We hired Nika Imaging to video our wedding. They failed to record several key moments of the day including the bride's vows. They left the reception before the contracted time and missed more moments. They used very inappropriate music in the final video. They refused to compromise in any way. They wanted more $$$ to make any changes. I believe they are one of those bad wedding companies that do a lousy job in the hope of getting more money from the couple in order to make the video acceptable.
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Anonymous on 02/15/2008:
What does the contract state their obligations are?
nikaimaging on 02/20/2008:
Nika Imaging Studio is a well established photography company. On rare occasions, we deal with fickle and unstable customers, and unfortunately this comes with the nature of the business field we are in. We make every attempt to alleviate any problematic situation with our clients, and in this particular isolated case, we went above & beyond to have this customer's complaint come to a resolution.

Please have a look at our Better Business Bureau page. In the last 3 years we have had a total of 2 complaints, one was resolved to the satisfaction of the client, and the other was judged by the BBB mediator as a non-valid complaint:

Nika Imaging Studio has had over 100 happy clients in the last 3 years alone!

Please feel free to contact us regarding this unfounded claim against us and we will forward all supporting documentation to show we have taken all appropriate & professional steps to resolve this issue. The 'complaint' that was posted in this forum, like anything else, has another side to the story!

Have a great day from Nika Imaging Studio!
nikaimaging on 02/20/2008:
"What does the contract state their obligations are?"

Excellent question, 'Passingby'...

Nika Imaging fulfilled all contractual obligations that was signed by the client. Stated obligations by this client do not accurately represent actual signed contract. Thus the reason the BBB complaint was dismissed by the mediator!

Have a Great Day!

Nika Imaging Studio

nikaimaging on 02/20/2008:
Here is the updated link at the BBB:
brideandgroom on 02/21/2008:
Nika imaging has no honor, as proven by their insulting their customers on public message boards and lying to the BBB. That is why the BBB sided with them.
The contract stated that they would begin recording at 1:30pm but somehow they failed to get the prelude song at 1:55pm. The contract said they would stay until the end of the reception at 11pm but they left by 10pm. The contract said nothing about inappropriate music.
The contract said nothing about how they would get a nice two shot of the bride and groom during the grooms vows and then get everything but that during the brides vows. No one moved between those two events except the videographer so their failure to get that is entirely theire fault. The contract said nothing about how they would get close ups of everyone coming down the aisle except the mother of the bride and the maid of honor.
The contract said nothing about how they would completly miss the bride dancing with her 90 year grandfather whose wife of 66 years(bride's grandmother)died 2 months before the wedding.
And we did not agree the BBB stance. Nika imaging lied to them and that is why they took their side. The BBB has no teeth.
Nagol on 02/21/2008:
I too had a horrible experience with Nika Imaging. The quality of their work was terrible AND they violated many clear terms of our contract. We took them to the BBB and won our case - they had to make amends and print extra pictures for us. Nika now claims that I, the "customer" in this case, was "satisfied." I am that customer and I am here to tell you that I was never satisfied. Nika complied, reluctantly and petulantly, with printing more photos for us only because the BBB made them. Even after the hearing, they continued to treat us rudely and very unprofessionally. Nika Imaging indeed has no honor and is a truly despicable, disreputable "business." And I really wish they would stop claiming all over the internet that I am a "satisfied" customer. I was not and I still am not.
nikaimaging on 02/28/2008:
Nika Imaging, once again, reiterates the fact that due to the rare but persistent disgruntled customer that cannot be appeased and continues to file unsubstantiated claims against the reputation of our business to extort services for free has failed and this has led to these false internet postings about the company.

These are two individuals that we have attempted to alleviate any existing issues with (one in December of 2006, and one in June of 2007) by going above and beyond contractual obligations to meet expectations without success due to their desire to get services rendered for free. They have posted threads on this forum, and others in an attempt to make an appearance that there are actually more than 1 client complaining. We assure you, that these are the same persons re-posting these threads. We can only hope since they were not successful in filing a complaint that had any validity, as in resolved with the BBB, that they can move on just as we have.

In the near future, we will be posting the photos/videos of these clients' weddings to show the quality of work we perform. As soon as these are posted, we will be updating these threads with links to the work. We welcome anyone that would like to watch this to follow the link to the photo gallery and movie.

Nika Imaging Studio is absolutely proud of its satisfied customer database and we will supply a list of previous customers for reference to any future client.

Have a great day!!

Nika Imaging Studio
nikaimaging on 03/27/2008:
nikaimaging on 03/27/2008:
As promised, here is a link to these "horrible photographs". We'll let you be the judge.
(copy and paste in your browser)

Have a great day from Nika Imaging.

Aerocave on 03/28/2008:
I don't think this is the right place for a company and a disgruntled customer to be arguing their points of who was right and who was wrong...I think you both should work this out in person or, in the least, on the phone. Nikaimaging: You kind of lost my respect when you posted a link with someone's wedding photographs on a public forum. I wouldn't be a "satisfied customer" if you did that to me...
nikaimaging on 03/29/2008:
Hi Aerocave.

When a company's work is falsely described as 'horrible', the only way to rebuke this claim is to show the work.

Also, as stated in our contract that everyone reads and signs, we are the sole owners and copyrighters of the photographs (as is virtually every professional photography company) and we reserve the right to display our work wherever we may need to, and this obviously includes this reason to post photographs so as to dismiss any allegations of poor workmanship.

Once again, we've never had to defend the integrity of our company before, but when disgruntled a customer post falsehoods all over the internet forums, we will counter with an honest defense.

Thanks for your comment.

Nika Imaging Studio

Nagol on 04/10/2008:
Are you kidding? This isn't even the wedding of the original complaint!!! How are you addressing the criticism of the original complaint from "brideandgroom" when you aren't even posting their wedding video????
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Broken Contract
Posted by on
SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- We signed a contract with [name removed] of Nika Imaging Studios to take our wedding photos. We were promised a number of things, including:

1. timely processing of our photos
2. that our prints would be online for 90 days
3. that photo prices, DVD prices, and S&H charges were set at cerain rates
4. that we could pick up photos from the studio to avoid S&H charges if we wished
5. that photo quality would be guaranteed

NONE of the above turned out to be true. After the wedding, once we were locked in with [name removed] company (its not like we could order our wedding photos anywhere else at that point) he promptly raised prices, refused to keep our prints online for the agreed upon 90 days, began charging us excessive S&H fees, and generally treated us in a rude and disrespectful manner.

I urge anyone in the St. Louis area: don't use Nika Imaging Studios! Once they have monopoly power over you, they will use it!!
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User Replies:
nikaimaging on 08/18/2007:
Nika Imaging Studio is a well established photography company that is family owned and operated.

On very rare occasions, we deal with fickle and unstable customers, and unfortunately this comes with the nature of the business field we are in. We make every attempt to alleviate any problematic situation with our clients, and in this particular isolated case, we went above & beyond to have this customer's complaint come to a resolution.

Please have a look at our Better Business Bureau page. The sole complaint is hers and it shows we resolved to the satisfaction even of the BBB.

[name removed] were our clients for a beautiful small wedding that they had at their home. We filmed and photographed it with great care and attention to quality. In fact below is her email to us after she received all of her material she ordered:

She wrote on Feb 5 2007 9:15pm
from [name removed]:
"...the photos look great! the video grea too...overall has been a good experience..."

All of [name removed] complaints are not true, and we are shocked at her allegations against us. We invite you to call us or contact us ( and we will provide you with all supporting documentation & information about all these unfounded claims.

We have no ill-will towards any of our clients, and we hope that time and the beautiful photographs & video of the wedding will heal any sort of negative experience [name removed] had.

Nika Imaging Studio
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