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NIKE Customer Support
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
A couple of years ago I purchased a pair of Nike Air shoes. After several months they went to squeaking when I walked. Embarrassing to say the least. They were regulated to $60.00 yard shoes. Eight months ago I purchased an identical pair of Nike Airs to replace another brand that I had been wearing. Thinking that the first pair of Nike Airs was just a fluke and that certainly another pair would not have an identical flaw! Wrong! After a couple of months they have gone to squeaking with every step. Will NIKE make good on their product? Apparently not! The second pair, purchased in the fall of 2012 has a 2010 date code on them. NIKE will not honor any type of full warranty in excess of two years. The shoes were already two years old when they were purchased. So, no customer service from NIKE. I will never buy another NIKE product; shoes, shirts, socks, whatever.
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MDSasquatch on 2013-02-14:
Nike shoes are good for 30 days, after that, you own them outright. I stopped buying their shoes years ago and now I make every effort to buy from LL Bean; their customer service is second-to-none!
Dryer Lint on 2013-02-15:
Did you buy these from an authorized retailer? Unsold old models are taken back and credit given to the retailer - works like that for most retail things.
Karnamay on 2013-02-15:
It's funny, I thought I was the only one who experienced this problem. My Nikes began squeaking within a few months. Unfortunately, I never thought to return them.
Anonymous on 2013-02-15:
I've been wearing a pair of Nike Free's for just over a year now with absolutely no issues. I have always worn Nike's but I only buy a pair every few years. I was hesitant to spend $105 on my Nike Free's after seeing all the complaints about poor quality here lately but so far so good. I've worn them daily, worked out in them and ran in them. They are well made and extremely comfortable.
Eric Masterman on 2013-06-24:
From what I read here it looks like I too would not be compensated for my squeaky Nike's. Thanks Sasquatch for recommending L.L. Bean.

Goodbye Nike.
scottte on 2013-07-17:
have worn Nike air for years, no problem.bought a new pair about six months ago. after a couple months started squeaking, a lot.o.k. loyal customer that I am I assumed they slide buy quality control.bought another pair two months later same problem. that's all I'm done with Nike
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Nike Air Max 2012+ 169.99 Shoe Lasted Me Only 3 Months.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I saw that I'm not alone with this issue. Nike Air Max shoe I watched it have sole wear extremely quicky and after only 3 months it developed a hole in the air pad. I have owned different shoes which cost only about 55-60 bux which are 2-3 years old and I run on them 3-4 times more and still have plenty of sole. This model I think might be recalled or has serious flaws in the sole rubber.

It also has a very thin rubber sole to begin with and is poorly designed. Their customer service is horrible. First time after 15 years of buying their products I had to spend 27 bucks to ship it just to have it shipped back.. and not even with packing materials.
I'd figure for a 180 dollar shoe you'd have it last more than 3 months. This could be what pushes me to buy Reebok products in the future.
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trmn8r on 2012-11-11:
Sneakers have gone through the roof pricewise. My running shoes used to be $40-50, and they jumped quickly to over $100.

This is a good warning for others looking to buy the Air Max.
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Nike, Gave Me My Most Embarrassing Moment!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BEAVERTON, OR AND FT. WAYNE, IN, OREGON -- I am a CEO, of a major Marketing firm. A good friend of mine bought me a Nike Golf belt, at Gordmans in FWA. That was in late March, or early April of this year. Went to a friend's house in a gated community for a golf game with a 4 some of his friends! All, commwented, " Mike, if you're not a good golfer, you sure look like one with all the Nike products you wear and golf with" Then on the second hole, I was teeing off when during the back swing, the belt buckle came loose from the leather, causing my golf shorts, to expose my you know what! I never was so embarrassed in my life! Nike, tell the Chinese, or the Indoneasions, to go screw themselves, they put out a poor leather, that causes the belt buckle, to slip from the grabbers on the leather. Cheap, leather to say the least! Gordman's not your fault, you just happen to sell Nike products! If I was Gordman' I would tell Nike, to go screw themselves!

An embarrassing moment on Nike's behalf! They don't care, They laugh all the way to the bank!

Michael J. McNeff, CEO
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User Replies:

trmn8r on 2012-06-16:
I couldn't find mention of this major marketing firm that is supposed to be in Fort Wayne, except on a Linked-In page of yours. Does it have another name?
FoDaddy19 on 2012-06-16:
Well you know the rules. If your opening drive doesn't make it past the lady's tee then you have to walk to your ball with your uh stuff hanging out anyway...
madconsumer on 2012-06-17:
sounds horrible!
lexophiliac on 2012-06-18:
You certainly are a man of mystery and one of the industry's best kept secrets Op.
jktshff1 on 2012-06-18:
That's why you wear underwear
MRM on 2012-06-18:
JKT, my thoughts exactly!
DebtorBasher on 2012-06-18:
That would be embarrassing for anyone, even it they weren't a CEO or in a gated community or having a 4some. I know if it happened to me and I was embarrassed, I certainly would get the word out about it, but I wouldn't sign my full name to add to the embarrassment. You've got more guts than I do...
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Nike Golf Shoes Horrible Quality, Customer Service even worse
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I own 40 pairs of golf shoes, lots of Footjoy, Ecco, and some Nike. I don't wear any particular pair enough to wear them out. I have a pair of Nike that literally have the heels delaminating and falling off the shoes. Called their customer service assuming they'd stand behind the shoes as the design is clearly defective or they were manufactured using glue that does not last. Their response, in short, was to tell me to go scratch. So, I will. You can be sure that I will NEVER buy another NIKE product as long as I live, and I will continue to tell everyone I know the same story. I was totally willing to forgive their crappy quality if they stood behind the product and came up with some sort of remedy. But their attitude and their policy were both absurdly myopic in a world of blogs and tweets. How can it make sense to turn away a customer service opportunity to show a customer that you care about them, and will stand behind your product. Their people are doing just the opposite. There are lots of companies that enjoyed financial success and glory, only to become irrelevant once they lose their way. Nike, in my view, is one of those companies.
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User Replies:

Pirate on 2012-04-28:
you have 40 pair of golf shoes. . . . . How long have you had the pair you're complaining about - it might be they died of old age. I have about a dozen pair of running shoes - many of the older ones have not cushion left - I don't hold the manufacturer responsible as I believe they're worn out. Your complaint has no merit if you cannot product a receipt or determine how long you've had and worn them.
PirateKnowsAll on 2012-04-28:
If you have this many pairs of shoes, how can you tell how long you've had any of them? If you don't have a receipt or know the date of purchase, you can't hold the manufacturer at fault.
Anonymous on 2012-04-28:
I have noticed more and more negative reviews popping up for Nike. They definitely aren't the same quality shoe they once were. I stopped buying that brand years ago.
clutzycook on 2012-04-28:
I can't wear Nike's (or Reebocks for that matter) on account that they're bad for my flat feet.
Anonymous on 2012-04-29:
shades of Imelda....
Actually EVA in shoes breaks down in time, perhaps this is your problem.
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Shoddy Quality
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BEAVERTON, OREGON -- Thanksgiving weekend I purchased 2 pairs of Nike shoes. One for my 11 year old and 1 for myself. The kids shoes have completely fallen apart. 2.5 months. Mine the soles are delaminating. This is absurd. I own a company. We produce a quality product with American workers and pay taxes in this country. I'm done with these clowns. Don't buy the garbage they foist on us as they spend billions advertising to children and fools. The proof is in what you get and what you get from Nike is the cheapest crap that they can get away with.

Nike: I have a big mouth. I will bad mouth your product till I die. When you have screwed over enough people your company will die too.

Anouther Outraged American
Bethlehem, Pa.
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User Replies:

old fart on 2012-02-20:
I thought Nikes were made in China or Mexico... their reputation is becoming expensive garbage...
Venice09 on 2012-02-20:
This is a common complaint with Nike sneakers, and it's been happening for years. I had the same experience with my son's Nikes but fortunately I bought them at Kohl's. They not only exchanged them for a different brand but applied the discount I had received on the returned pair!
ok4now on 2012-02-21:
Now you know how Nike can afford to spend millions on advertising. They sell you an over priced inferior product to pay for it. You learned a valuable lesson, don't buy their junk product!!
redmx3racer on 2012-02-21:
I'm always in flux. I'll have a pair of Nikes that last for a long time, think gee, I'll get another pair, only to have them be garbage. So I'll switch to Adidas and have the same thing happen...one good, one bad. Arrgghhh!

The only sneakers I've had last forever consistently are New Balance. That's all I will buy for gym/running shoes. But for "casual" sneakers, their style does not appeal to me...does not with my running shoes either, to be honest, but I'm not going for style there. Amazingly, these are made right here in the USA...in my home state as it would be. Funny how that happens...

Edit: I should clarify, only 25% of NB are made in the USA, not all.

Venice09 on 2012-02-21:
I find New Balance to have the best quality, too. They definitely last the longest. I didn't even know some of them were made here. Thanks for the link, red.
traceylynn on 2012-02-22:
I don't get Nikes anymore......I used to LOVE them. Would only wear their brand. But like everyone else is saying they just don't last now. I trend towards Sketchers and have been very happy with them.
redkody on 2012-10-02:
my son had a horrific injury due to Nike. The sole decided to come apart during a basketball game and his leg and ankle is broke in seven places, and blew out his ligaments. All due to a poorly made shoe !!!
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BEAVERTON, OREGON -- Nike's consumer service and/or claims department is staffed by a crew of well trained robots who recite company polices, rules and regulations calmly and contritely, but they provide NO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and honor NO WARRANTIES whatsoever. Don't buy this product. It is cheaply made, and will NOT be covered under any warranty! You will be asked to return the product to them, you pay the postage, and they will return it back to you and say "their expert inspectors found no manufacturers defects". They will then tell you that you can return the product to them a second time, on YOUR dime again, for a "courtesy" reinspection, with no guaranties that you will receive any customer satisfaction at all!! Just Do It????? I think not! DON'T DO IT!!!! Don't buy Nike!!!!
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User Replies:

bigal on 2012-02-16:
I think what you are trying to say is "don't buy from Nike because their company policy is not consumer friendly"
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Nike Defected Product
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My Nike shoe fell apart after using it only about 10 times; wrote to Nike and send pictures.
Nike's wrote back saying their return guidelines will not accept DEFECTED products beyond 2 years from the date of manufacture. (You can find this date printed on the tag on the inside of the shoe just above the barcode)

The Golf shoe was giving to everyone that played in a Golf tournament @ Braemar CC in 2009, (code # 030103) the shoes were 6 years old when everyone got them and out of warranty before they were use!

Nike does not cover their shoes from manufacturing or fabric defect that is a rip off
Cannot believe that a company like Nike does not stand behind their products. Maybe because the shoe was made in Thailand.

I posted a video on you tube “Nike shame on you”
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User Replies:

Venice09 on 2012-02-03:
I thought Nike's quality only started going downhill recently. Apparently it began a long time ago. Based on my own experience and the similar complaints I've seen here, I no longer buy the Nike brand.
ChuhBaca on 2012-02-03:
Yes, I have seen an increase in complaints similar to this, about Nike.

It think it is very helpful to the consumers that you posted how to find the manufacture date. Did you post that on Youtube as well? That may help someone avoid buying out of warranty shoes.

This is, of course for that that insist on buying Nike. Personally, I stopped buying anything produced by Nike when they renewed their relationship with Michael Vick, but I digress...
jimmie lamkin on 2012-05-22:
Hi bought a pair of black leather classic Nike shoes,as I have many Nike products. These shoes developed a very foul odor after wearing about a half hour. I returned the shoes and received them back with a note saying no defect found, these shoes were like new never been exposed to water or any elements, also was told they were out of warranty before I even bought them from my local Belk store.What a shame a company as big as Nike doesn't care about the consumer and a thought How can you tell if a shoe develops a odor by just looking @ them worst customer experience in my life I had 12 new pair in box as I am a director of a veey large company myself that I returned for a refund. Buyer beware Nike doesn't care about the consumer its time we the consumer stand up and be heard Shame Shame on a company that maufactures a product and its out of warranty before you purchase it I even offered to provide my sales receipt and all you will get is a customer rep apologizing over and over buyer purchase shoes from a company that cares how they became successful and that's not Nike Thank you Jimmie Lamkin Jusr for the record any golf accessories shirts or products with Nike label will be donated to a Goodwill Store if they will even except the junk
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Air Max 360 Running Shoe
Posted by on
I purchased a pair of Nike 360 Air Max 2010 running shoes for $160.00 After 2 months the left shoe air bladder developed a leak. I returned the shoes to Foot Locker and spoke with the manager. He looked at the shoes and asked if I had them for 30 days or less, because of the like new look. He inspected the shoe and told me to send it to Nike and download the form. I mailed my shoes off to them, only to told that they were worn by "Nike Inspector". OMG these shoes were not even close to be worn. They had less than 2 months of running, around 100 miles on them. I chose to have them recycled because I was very convinced knowing their condition and what I was told by Foot Locker, that I would get my "defective shoes" exchanged. Not at all. Lost $160 for the shoes and $20 to return them. In return I am out $180.00. Nike is all about money not customer satisfaction. Shame on you Nike!
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Two Defective Nike Pairs-Two Different Nike Styles- All in Less 4 Days
Posted by on
Just bought back-to-school shoes for my ten year old son. Nike pair #1 lasted three days, and the rubber tread on the bottoms came unglued. Brought them back to the store, and replaced them with another pair. Different Nike style, slightly more expensive. They lasted one day. This time the front rubber toe cover came unglued along with the bottom tread. Word of advice to Nike: "Get better glue. Your prices are not in line with the inferior quality of your product." I'm thinking that dollar store flip-flops would last longer than your shoes. Yes, I was able to get my money refunded. However, there is the inconvenience factor of having to go back and forth to a retail store on my gas nickel, then wait in a customer service line to return overpriced poor quality shoes.

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User Replies:

Venice09 on 2011-08-15:
I agree. Nike needs better glue! Of all things to skimp on, why pick the thing that holds the shoe together?
ChuhBaca on 2011-08-15:
I was willing to give them another shot, but I have decided that I will be Nike free from now on since they rekindled their relationship with Michael Vick.
drugdoc121 on 2011-08-15:
@ Chuhbaca- I didn't know they did. Count me in on the boycott too!

Skye on 2011-08-15:
You should still contact Nike and tell them what happened.

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Nike Denied Product was Defective
Posted by on
My review is exactly as Mitch29's. My teenage daughter wore a pair for Nike Frees for about 90 days and the mesh fabric started to wear away from the top of the shoe. I will add that the soles look pristine, and show no wear. I incurred expense to mail the shoes to Nike and they simply denied that the shoe was defective and mailed them back. Do we have to tell Nike that their shoes are being worn by ACTIVE people? These shoes are $90 and lasted 90 days. Bad value, Poor customer service, but they own the world so what can we do?
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User Replies:

Venice09 on 2011-07-28:
I had a similar experience with Nike sneakers that I bought for my son. Luckily, I bought them at Kohl's and was able to get an exchange on the spot. I never bought him Nike sneakers again.
MissLeopard83 on 2011-07-28:
Wow, Nike sneakers sound cheaply made. Good review.
old fart on 2011-07-28:
Isn't there some kind of problem with Nike stuff being pirated..?
Anonymous on 2011-07-28:
I think so Old Fart. I would hope that places like Kohl's where Venice got hers would make sure the product is legit. I haven't bought Nikes for a while since I've heard the complaints. I buy new balance now. They seem to hold up okay.
Venice09 on 2011-07-28:
Ever since it happened to me, I've seen a lot of similar complaints. I, too, hope that Kohl's merchandise is legit. Of all the brands of sneakers I've bought for my son, New Balance held up the longest.
ChuhBaca on 2011-07-29:
Brooks have been really strong for me. In fact, I think I will write a review!
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