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Nikon Inc. Melville
Posted by on
1300 WALT WHITMAN ROAD MELVILLE, NY, FLORIDA -- Do-not buy Nikon, worst customer service, I've ever experienced, 5 weeks after buying my camera, lens error, send it back in its original box with everything brand new, first they sent a letter saying it was covered under warranty and then they sent another letter stating that the camera had been tampered with, screws missing/ damaged and gave me an estimate that was almost the same cost of the camera.

This camera was in mint condition and they are stating otherwise, how are you supposed to argue with someone that is lying, when you ask to speak to someone else they have nobody and they send you updates via e-mail stating do-not reply, how are you supposed to communicate with someone that's not there.
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Big disappointment!
Posted by on
DOUGLASTON, NEW YORK -- First used it on my birthday at the end of September, 2009, and less than one month later it was FINITO. Staples will not honor the extended warranty (of course). I did not drop it, nor did I press on the viewfinder. I have 20 years experience in photography (35mm) and this was a birthday present. In two days I am taking it to Nikon in Melville, LI, with a friend who also has a Nikon and we will see. How could Nikon be such junk? I need it for a newsletter. Another friend was going to buy me a much more expensive Nikon, but I think I will opt for another brand!!! How can the quality of Nikon gone so far downhill? And what about Staples' warranty? I guess it is a way for them to make an extra buck. Never buy a camera from them.
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WScott on 10/26/2009:
I'm running a Nikon Coolpix S10 - have been for 2 years - it has been steady as a rock.
ticia232 on 10/27/2009:
about the warranty, it is an extended warranty which means they will honor it AFTER the manufacturers year long warranty is up. You can contact Nikon about the problem and have them repair or replace the camera under their warranty. After the year is up then staples warranty will take effect.
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Don't Buy Nikon
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Be smart, buy a Canon because Nikon's service/repair does not service or repair. I bought a D60, after 45 days of use, it wouldn't take a picture. So it's been a month since they are waiting for a part. Their customer service is courteous but their promises of an ETA part email to me never materialized three times. Customer service dept.'s own emails are ignored by other departments. After a month, they can't find a part, does it exist? Are they making it? They only made a few?

Don't waste your money on a company that does not have parts or does not have a functional customer service to repair dept. system.
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nanomarket on 05/10/2009:
I hate to say this, but nearly all camera / lens manufacturers have poor customer service. I say this having dealt with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Tamron, Leica and even the maker of the ultimate: Hasselblad. If your Nikon broke after only 45 days, I think that the merchant would be more responsive than the manufacturer.
madconsumer on 05/10/2009:
I have a Nikon camera, and had it repaired under warranty. only took less than 21 days fromt he time I shiokped it, it was repaired, and returned back to me. NOT all Nikon repairs are this way.

is it under warranty?

if all else fails, sue em.
Anonymous on 05/10/2009:
well geez MC, if you would stop shiokping your camera, it probably wouldn't need repairs to begin with.
miyata on 12/06/2009:
Nikon fixed my D70 free out of warranty for the BLOD problem. Took 2 weeks total from the time it left my hands til it was back in my hands.

Theres a reason the D60 was the shortest lived Nikon DSLR series.
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Nikon Will Go Out Of Business
Posted by on
EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA -- If they don't start taking care of customers better...

In 2007 while on vacation in Hawaii the zoom lens stopped working. The long 800 645 6678 menu gave detailed instructions on returning the camera for repair. The instructions were followed and the camera was mailed to Nikon El Segundo, CA insured and return receipt requested.

After an extremely long wait time, with no return receipt received, numerous follow-ups with Nikon El Segundo Service got no results.

Nikon El Segundo finally said they had not received the camera, so contacted the Post Office to pay the insurance claim. The Post Office gave detailed proof of delivery, which was provided to Nikon.

Then they asked for the serial number on a camera which was a gift and who signed the unreturned return receipt.

It was like starting all over each time they were contacted by email and telephone.

It is now 2009. Almost two years later they finally "found" the camera claiming there were no instructions, name or address. They lied to cover their mistake. They did not even identify themselves on email.

I repeatedly asked for a supervisor and got put on hold indefinitely by people who could barely speak English.

You would think Nikon wants to provide some goodwill for their reputation and future business by confessing their mistakes and repairing the camera under warranty.

So far, it looks like this will have to go to court where Nikon may lie again.

Nikon Karma: http://support.nikontech. com
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Discontinuation of product
Posted by on
Shortly after obtaining a Nikon Coolpix 4500 camera (approximately $700.00) I found that the model was discontinued and replaced by a more advanced camera... leaving me with a worthless
product. How in the world do you expect me to have faith in the purchase of a newer camera?
Do you not feel that you have some obligation to protect the consumer from this kind of action?
R. Schaeffer, M. D.

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User Replies:
madconsumer on 05/23/2010:
they do this with all new cameras. only cameras they do not discontinue is the slr versions. I too own a Nikon camera that has been discontinued.
PepperElf on 05/23/2010:
"discontinued" does not mean "worthless"

if the camera still works and does what you want it to, then it's a good camera.

Now if you only want the newest thing... eh, you'd best be aware that most camera companies pump out new models several times a year.

Oh and that's for a specific line of cameras. Most companies have several lines so... eventually they're going to stop making older models because they're too busy pumping out new versions.

the thing to look at with your camera isn't whether or not it's discontinued
but rather, does it work, does it work the way you want it to, and does it work so well for you that it feels natural in your hands.

Anonymous on 05/23/2010:
PE + 10
PepperElf on 05/23/2010:
I'll have to pass that along to my boyfriend tho.
I didn't know about the camera cycle until he told me about it.

It's not his primary job but he is a professional photographer on the side
Nohandle on 05/23/2010:
Models are discontinued all the time with any product. My concern would be if parts and service were still available. If not, there would be a problem. I've never been one keen on being the first boy on the block to have the latest. Let someone else deal with the surprises.
goduke on 05/23/2010:
Great comments, Pepper! Nikon has been cycling camera models aggressively for years. I had a coolpix 8800 a few years back that was only sold for about a year. The MP technology is advancing very quickly, and they are constantly upgrading those.
Sheriffs Uncle on 05/23/2010:
Well, they definitely shouldn't discontinue a model once an MD has purchased one. What were they thinking?
Anonymous on 05/23/2010:
I've bought items and within less than a week it was replaced by a new model. In fact I believe the example I am using is the computer that I am using now. I felt kind of slighted because the salesperson didn't tell me, but hey, maybe he didn't know either. I (as a consumer) definitely do not feel like I needed to be protected from this kind of action. It is just part of companies doing business.

Enjoy your camera, take beautiful pictures, save beautiful memories.
DebtorBasher on 05/23/2010:
Is the $700.00 the actual price you paid for it or is that the suggested retailer's price? Where did you purchase it from...I'm seeing the same camera 'new' for $160.00 and up online. Even if there's a newer model out there, it doesn't always mean that new is better. You bought your camera because to you, it was worth it and though it's discontinued doesn't mean it's worthless. Before dishing out any kind of money like that, I'd check first to see if it's the latest model.
Starlord on 05/23/2010:
I agree with everyone else. Just because a camera is discontinued does not automatically make it useless. You are a doctor. You will understand I had a TKR done, and the ortho chose an older model unit, because he felt it performed it's job better than the newer whiz-bang models. he advised it should last 8 to 12 years, and it is now at 12 1/2 years and still going strong. Your camera is the same thing, A new camera or knee does not mean the camera should be tossed out or the knee be ripped our for a super-duper titanium or unobtainium alloy model. You got some great advice. Take beautiful pictures and preserve beautiful memories.
Anonymous on 05/23/2010:
Technology changes and upgrades all of the time. They do this with cameras, TVs, computers, etc. That's the way we keep progressing as a techno-society. Here's another perspective, though. Someone stole my camera. I bought a similar more powerful camera since, in the year since I bought mine, they don't make mine anymore. I want my old one back so badly. The new one is nice, but newer isn't necessarily better. Be happy with what you have if it works well. :)
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NIKON Cameras - a big let down
Posted by on
I bought a Nikon COOLPIX 5800 for a $1000.

The Camera in the last 20 months been repaired four times - problems with Flash not working, Display not working, and several streaks on the acquired pictures. Once the Camera was sent to Japan for repairs and it took 2.5 months to come back. Till Date I have spent $ 400 on repairs alone. And to top it all - what was touted as a great camera at time of sale is now not even being manufactured. Too much of heart break with NIKON.

I would rather stick to SONY or CANON the next time around.

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User Replies:
MRM on 08/28/2007:
Olympus camera is great also.
Sparticus on 08/28/2007:
I've had some good Olympus cameras over the years. Our latest is a Canon... and though it has gotten beat up... it still works pretty well.

I've got my eye on the digital Canon Rebel... =)
MRM on 08/28/2007:
I accidentally dropped my Olympus z560 model on a hard floor and it still works great after the drop. I wish that Olympus would still produce cameras with a clamshell so that you could cover the lens and the flash like the z560 model has.
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Warranty issue.
Posted by on
MELVILLE, NEW YORK -- I purchased a Nikon Coolpix L6 in January. In May, while I was taking pictures, the camera suddenly quit working and I subsequently lost all of the pictures from my vacation. I returned the camera to their service department, assuming they would repair or replace it under their warranty. The camera was returned to me marked BEYOND REPAIR and the "technician" had indicated that the damage was caused by interior water damage which he states is not covered by the warranty. I called their service department (1-800-645-6678) and explained that internal moisture damage was impossible as I have never had the camera in an environment where moisture could have gotten into the camera, and damaged it, and that I also keep it in a waterproof plastic bag and in my computer case. The service person stated they have no pictures of the damage, only that their service technicians typically open the camera and, if they see any indication of moisture damage, close the camera and return it to the consumer and deny warranty coverage. No amount of explanation that I had never had the camera exposed to moisture would reverse her decision even though there is no indication in their records, or to the camera, that there is any "Water damage". I'm extremely frustrated with Nikon and wish there was some way that I could require them to honor their warranty and replace their defective camera.
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Anonymous on 06/20/2007:
Did you send the camera back to Nikon or to one of their authorized service centers? If to an authorized place then maybe you need to contact Nikon with a complaint. I had a similar problem with a Kodak camera and had to deal directly with Kodak for the repair.
poppapia on 06/20/2007:
Find a local camera repair shop and have them look at it. The "moisture/water" damage excuse has been used by manufacturers ad nauseum, so you need some evidence that the factory tech was wrong.
Hondabad on 06/25/2007:
I also had a Nikon coolpix. It too died on us during our vacation (5 days in), but we managed to save the pictures to the memory card. Luckily we had a 2 week period in which we could return the camera to the retailer for a full refund or exchange.I am glad, because I had heard of nightmare warranty issues with Nikon. Anyway we returned the Nikon for a Canon and love it.
ElderDawg on 07/27/2008:
This 'water / dust' excuse seems to be quite common with camera companies not honoring their warranties. Canon is notorious for this. Just Google for 'E18 error complaints' and see all the problems out there. Seems illegal to me.
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Posted by on
ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- I ordered a Nikon D70S through Marriott Rewards on March 17, 2006 for use at a once in a lifetime event to capture the military funeral of one of my best friend's father, who was a very historic figure. The promised delivery date was April 6, 2006. On that day the camera never arrived, so I called Marriott Rewards, who said that they would contact NIKON directly about the status of the shipment. They also informed me that NIKON had up to 48 hours to respond. A phone call back to Marriott Rewards on April 7th turned up that NIKON HAD NOT responded to the inquiry.

I called MARRIOTT Rewards again on the 10th of April, and NIKON had still not responded, Marriott Rewards sent another inquiry and when I called on the 11th of April, again NO RESPONSE from NIKON.

Marriott Rewards has been excellent in trying to get me my camera. IT's NIKON that is being unresponsive. Marriott Rewards has elevated the issue within their organization, but NIKON is the real problem here.

I have been patient, but this event is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME happening and NIKON has been TOTALLY UNRESPONSIVE AND IRRESPONSIBLE.

CONTACT ME BY TELEPHONE (they can get the number from Marriott Rewards)and IMMEDIATELY SEND ME MY D70S CAMERA OUTFIT PLUS TWO EXTRA Re-chargable BATTERIES (for the angst and lack of customer service) VIA FEDERAL EXPRESS OVERNIGHT FIRST DELIVERY.

Send me a letter of apology and fire the person that has been ignoring Marriott Rewards inquiries. They need to learn about customer service.
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My camera is a LEMON!!
Posted on
I never thought I would want to vent like this, but I also never thought I would have a problem like this, either!!

In January of 2003, I bought a Nikon Coolpix 2500 Digital Camera. I used it approximately 2 times a month until close to the end of April, when it wouldn't work any longer. I took it back to the store, where it was sent in for repairs, which took approximately 5 weeks. So now it's the end of May, and my camera is back with me. I didn't need to use it until a couple days ago. And when I went to use it, as soon as I turn it on, the display freezes. I can't pull up a menu, I can't do anything. If I go into the picture mode, to take pictures, the dang thing freezes on start up on the Coolpix logo. If I go into review mode, I see the last picture I took, and that's it. I can't review any pictures. So I try to shut it off. And guess what?? It won't shut off, either!! The only way to get the camera to shut off is to take the battery out of the camera.

I contacted Nikon Customer service who sent me an email stating:

I apologize for your inconvenience. Did you send your camera to Nikon for repair? If not here is our service information.

Title: How do I get my Nikon product repaired?

I hope this helps you out.


Have a great day!

Michael G.
Digital Imaging
Nikon, Inc."

Now how useless is that?? I stated in my original letter the same thing as I typed up at the top. That I had sent it in for repair and they had my camera for 5 weeks and I had just got it back!! How clueless are these people?? I actually asked what their return policies were for a LEMON.. and he completely IGNORED my question on that, too!!

I have resent my original email and the CSR's comment back to Nikon for clarification.. I just want a camera that works. Why is that SO difficult???
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