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Nissan Paint and Customer Service Sucks
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I have an 08 Nissan Altima that has clear coat coming off on several spots. Nissan North America tried to tell me the car had been wrecked when in fact, I am the only person that has ever owned it. If it was wrecked, it would not be peeling in 4 different spots all over the vehicle. I began contacting Nissan in February and have continuously been told that they will only cover half the cost of the repair. Because I do not live in the city and was over my 36,000 miles that they would not cover it. My car was in fact still within the three year warranty. I WILL NEVER purchase another Nissan. I am in the process of getting rid of it and getting a Chevrolet or anything but Nissan. DO NOT buy Nissan because they DO NOT stand behind the quality of their vehicles.
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trmn8r on 06/23/2011:
This car had a 36 month/3 year warranty. Therefore, 36,000 miles terminates the warranty.

There is a 5 year warranty on rust, but you don't have rust. I would take the 50% offer, because it sounds like technically they aren't obligated to do it. This stinks, being only a few years old.

Oh for the day of 5 year/60,000 mile warranties.
Vinnie11 on 06/23/2011:
trmn8r is correct. Your warranty covers 36,000 miles or 3 years, whichever comes first. The 50% was therefore a gift. If the car is good functionally, I would take the half-off offer and have it repaired. It is a newer car and you probably stand to lose quite a bit if you sell it now. I have an ancient Nissan that runs as good as the day it came off the assembly line and the paint is great too. I would definitely buy another.
Charlie on 06/27/2011:
I bought a 2005 brand new Titan crew cab pick up truck. The truck has only 25,000 miles right now, but it looks way older because the paint started faiding pretty bad, especially on the top of the cabin and on the driver front door. I can't believe the quality of the paint is so bad. Looking at other comments it seems that this is a common problems with other Nissan vehicles.
Jeff on 07/21/2011:
I have the exact same problem. I purchased a black 2008 altima and the clear coat came off the entire car before the third year. It seems to be caused by sun damage because its only on the top of the vehicle. Three years? Nissan prides itself on all the rigorous testing they put the altima through and how it stands up to the toughest environments (see all their commercials). Somehow they forgot the one when u park a black car outside and not in a garage. I get it that the paint is going to go quicker by being outside but THREE YEARS and the company can't stand behind it? They would not even go half with me so I would definitely take that and fix the car.
fred on 10/11/2012:
I have a 2008 Altma with clear coat failing factory said car had been painted then said someone rubbed grit into paint only on hood ,roof and trunk lid top , 37000 miles, factory rep said he not fixing
roe on 03/18/2013:
contact Diane Walker 12 on your side Richmond va. I did they contacted NISSAN... they are painting my car after telling me no...I wouldn't accept it!
LISA on 06/05/2013:
After reading the comments here I feel a lot better now knowing its not my fault, I also have a 2008 Nissan Altima (bought new) and the clear coat paint is pealing off the door handles and other spots and Nissan refuses to take ownership and Nissan will not stand behind their products. I purchased an extended warranty for 7 years with rust guarantee etc etc package for $3000 (yes that was a big mistake) anyway this is my last Nissan car ever! I will never ever buy Nissan again! Horrible customer service. Stay away from Nissan/Infiniti and any affiliates they will learn the value of customers.
joann on 07/01/2013:
I own a black 2007 Nissan and it looks like it has racing stripes going over the hood and on the trunk!! I know its from the sun but this shouldn't be happening to a car under 10 years old! I am definitely never buying a Nissan again!
Patricia kleinschrodt on 07/24/2013:
I have a 2009 blk altima. It was now its blk with white spots all over. I had it looked at by several body shops all said clear coat is starting to peel. Nissan said sorry we cannot do anything for you. So if you are interested in any blk Nissan be ready for the clear coat to peel. I have had my last one. I at least expected a rep to come out and look at it. I guess they get enough complaints they already know its defected. Shame shame. never going back to Northpark in covington la!!!!
Tommy on 03/23/2014:
I have the same issue with my 2007 Maxima, it is the dreaded tint of red closer to a Burgundy, I don't think any car manufacturer is going to repaint your car at their cost unless there happens to be a known recall, so to the one comment about buying a Chevrolet because they back their cars, good luck with that, remember these people are the same people who have built cars cheaper and cheaper to last 5 years then they start systematically breaking down part by part, fortunately the Japanese and German car makers starting making high end cars that were warranted for 100,000 miles and raised the bar, if not for that Napa, Auto-zone, and Advance would still have shelves of re-manufactured parts for Chevy and Ford's, in case you haven't noticed Napa cut their inventory for spare parts by more than 50%...Heres sound advice that even I knew and didn't follow, avoid and blue they do not stand up to UV from the sun....
NoPaint on Xterra on 03/27/2014:
My hood is almost bare and the quarter panel and passenger are starting to delaminate.

Nissan has a serious issue with paint. Dullness is expected over time, but not disappearance. Paint should really stay on metal, even ugly paint.
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Nissan - Terrible Customer Service
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DARTMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- Back in September 2008 I purchased a new 2008 Nissan Altima. This purchase came after several weeks of pricing and comparisons. My final decision was between the Altima and Toyota Camry. Both vehicles had comparable options and pricing, along with very similar gas mileage (a primary reason for purchase). As it turned out I decided on the Altima and, after price shopping found a dealer that provided great pricing along with a good sales experience. This dealer happened to be about 40 miles from my home, but I had a Nissan dealer right down the street from where I lived for service, so I figured no big deal. The Altima purchased had an automatic car starter installed (a $500.00 option) in it - not by my request, but already in place when I looked at the car.

A few months after the purchase, as the weather began to get cold, the car starter no longer would start the car in the mornings. Additionally, when an attempt was made to use the car starter, not only would the vehicle not start, but would continue to fail to start even by means of the push button ignition for about 20 minutes after attempting to start via the car starter.

A call for service was placed at my local dealership (Nissan of Dartmouth, in Dartmouth MA), and the service department informed me that the car starter needed to be service from the dealer who installed it. Keep in mind that as I shopped around for the Altima, every dealership I walked into had a display in the sales departments advertising the automatic car starter - this was not a dealer specific option, it was offered at all the dealerships.

With an 80 to 90 mile trip to get service, I found this rather odd, and submitted a complaint to Nissan through its website. I received a confirming email along with a case number (6333518), and phone to call Nissan. When I called Nissan my experience was very much like many of the others I've heard when reviewing Nissan complaints. They never pick up the phone, hiding behind voice mail, and seem to intentionally call back when they know your not home. Even after giving alternative cell phone number and times to call. I finally called and managed to fight through the frustrating voice message system they have and got to speak with a real person. When giving the new customer service person the case number, he informed me that the case had been closed. I questioned why the case would be closed when they never contacted me in person - no response! He proceeded to re-open the case and assign it to a different regional specialist, who did call me back. Again not using the cell phone information, but my home phone. I spoke to her only by chance as I was working from home that day (something that is very rare).

After explaining the situation to her all over again, she said she needed to call both dealerships for additional information. She phone me back in a couple days informing me that the car starter is not factory equipment and it would need to be serviced at the dealership that installed it. My response to her was a car starter is not offered as a factory option, and that all the dealers advertise and sell the car starter and the dealer never told me I had to have the starter service at his dealership only. I also presented a different scenario where a person buys a new Nissan with a car starter, and moves to another state. Does that mean the warranty on the car starter is not honored? She acknowledged that that would be the case. I let her know how disgusted I was with Nissan and ended the phone call. I'm sure she was delighted because she could now close the case. I'm convinced Nissan customer service is not interested one bit in resolving customer issues, only getting the cases closed as quickly as possible.

Bottom line advice from my experience. Ask the dealers when purchasing a new or used vehicle if any components on the vehicle have "special" warranty conditions.

Also, when comparing vehicles from different manufacturers be sure to carefully consider the potential for vehicle failure. An example in my case is the push button ignition, (which was a contributing factor to my problem), and the Nissan's CVT transmission. Both these "features" look nice on the lot, and the dealer will boast about those elements, but think of the service implications something like this could have. Both are incredibly expensive to fix, and in my opinion carry a greater chance of failure due to its high tech, and newness.

Had I considered these things more carefully I'd have purchased the Camry, at almost the same price, but with a more traditional and reliable transmission and ignition system.

TERRIBLE customer service.
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Anonymous on 01/25/2009:
Was the remote starter original equipment, or something you added on?
Anonymous on 01/25/2009:
I cannot believe you are complaining to Nissan about a NON Nissan part. That is like complaining to Walmart about an item you bought from Sears, truly unrealistic. Several companies sell these remote starters, chances are the two Nissan dealerships use two different vendors. Go to your selling dealer, have it fixed and end the drama.
FrustratedbyNissan on 01/31/2009:
Response to KenPopcorn - The remote starter was a dealer installed option. I did not have it installed on my own.

Response to DealerDirect - I didn't go out and purchase a car starter on my own, have it installed by a third party, - this came as part of the NEW vechicle purchase. Also, I didn't buy a car from the dealer, I purchased the car from Nissan. My expectation is that I can have that vehicle serviced at any of their dealer locations. Apparently all that is true except for the car starter.

I remember back when if a new vehicle did not have air conditioning, you could have that installed by the dealer. That AC system was always under warranty with the MANUFACTURER, not the dealership, and you could have it serviced under warranty anywhere. So I guess you agree with Nissan's comment that if I were to move to another state, further than a realistic commute for service, that I effectively have no warranty on that car starter. I can tell by your comments, and your ID, that your either a dealer or dealers agent, because only a dealer would consider a deceptive selling practice, and poor customer service as drama.
Anne1668 on 03/15/2009:
WOW I wonder if you spoke to the Regional Manager "Amanda". She was the most arrogant person I've evry spoken too. My Story, new 2008 NIssan Versa, 17000 miles on the4 car, took the car for service in Maryland. I noted a vibration in the break pedel the service girl to me they replaced the hub cap due to a broke clamp, that was the vibration. Drove home, started the car the next day, Wham the vibration is back brought it back to service with a "note" that I wrote to the technician, Problem: I need a new Engine.....profuse oil seaping through ports in the engine, factory defect...customer service told me, we honor our warranty, 60,000. It will be totally replaced, the end, and not one Service Manager came out to speak with me concerning the problem.....I should have bought the Honda or Toyota.............Nissan has hit bottom.
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Unethical practices
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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I purchased a 2008 Nissan Altima in June 2008. In December of 2011 the power seat quit working. I took it to a Nissan dealer and they said that the seat motor could not be replaced and that a whole new seat would have to be installed. The cost of the seat is $860 and labor is $250. I contacted Nissan about this and they said too bad, the car is out of warranty by 6 months.
They would not share in any portion of this repair. The dealer said a seat failure is very rare. I believe this was a defective seat and that Nissan should have stood behind it. It it were a $200-$300 repair this would not be an issue but $1100 is a big issue.
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trmn8r on 01/16/2012:
Unfortunately, unless that is a widespread problem the manufacturer is unlikely to cover that repair out of warranty. I do understand your argument that it should not have failed, and it is a large ticket item. Been in your shoes myself.

Perhaps you can find one through a junkyard network?
clutzycook on 01/16/2012:
That stinks. And I suppose there isn't a manual lever, either?
FoDaddy19 on 01/17/2012:
It's unfortunate that your seat went out on you. But I fail to see anything remotely "unethical" here. You're 6 months out of warranty. I could see them going 50/50 on the repair job if were maybe 6 weeks out warranty. But 6 months is quite a while longer.
jktshff1 on 01/17/2012:
If you went back to the dealership that you purchased it from, I could see them doing it for cost plus labor, to keep a customer
Irena on 12/07/2012:
I have similar issue with Nissan Maronne in Forth Lauderdale, FL. The worst dealer of all times!!!! I purchased new Nissan Altima model 2008 but I purchased it as new in June 2009. My dashboard started to dissolve buy itself, becomes sticky and peals. The dealer says that I am out of warranty from June 2012 and there is nothing they can do. THIS IS A QUALITY ISSUE, HOW COME DASHBOARDS START TO DISSOLVE AND TEAR IN A CAR THAT HAS ONLY 16,000 MILES. THEY SAY THAT THIS PROBLEM IS DUE TO AGE! I do not understand, I purchased this car 30,000 dollars and after 3 years the dashboard starts tearing up. IT IS UNETHICAL PRACTICE, WHAT KIND OF CARS DO THEY SELL WITH SUCH A LOW QUALITY
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2003 Nissan Altima-86,958
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I, too, am a victim of rusted floor boards that will not pass inspection. This was found during an oil change on 4/21/10. All my work is done through the dealership on a regular basis. Why wasn't this noticed 3/30/10 when I had a catalytic converter replaced(another story) or 10/23/09 at another oil change AND MULTI-POINT INSPECTION or at any of the other multitude garage appointments?

My auto-body person found manufacturer's tape over the drain holes. They sent pictures to the Nissan regional specialist. I was told by this person they handle things case-by-case, and they were not going to help me financially to get this repaired!
The auto-body person needs a section of floor. The hole is so bad patching with a piece of metal won't do the job.

I have since been searching the web and found this is a common problem--NISSAN NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for a flaw in their product. I have also found many people have had this problem and the catalytic converter problem.

I'm ready to fill out all the consumer forms I need to and spread the word . As much as I love my Nissan from what I've been reading I need to get rid of it (if I can).
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saj80 on 05/14/2010:
Don't blame you for being upset; good luck in getting this resolved.
MDSasquatch on 05/14/2010:
It would be nice to have a few more details; do you live in an area close to large bodies of salt water or perhaps in an area where lots of snow makes salting of the roads a common occurrence? Is Nissan cutting cost by not properly undercoating cars?
NissanPgh on 04/05/2013:
I have a 2003 Nissan also and just had it inspected. Found out that both the drivers side and passenger side floor boards are totally gone.
Going to Nissan along with all of this posts - - body shop showed me how they put two pieces of metal together, but did not seal them so water gets in and can't get out so rust! Has nothing to do with the salt or sea air. Car is garage kept and only 70,000 miles.
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Nissan Altima 2003
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DEL RIO, TEXAS -- I purchased my 2003 Altima good as new in 2003. I traveled back and forth from California to Texas about six times in the vehicle. While in California, I was in the military and rarely used the vehicle. I have about 65500 miles on it. I got the recall for the computer sensor chip where you vehicle would shut off in 2008. The did shut off on my several times, good thing it was back home in a small town in Texas. I took the vehicle in to get it serviced and then things from there just went hey wire. The replaced the senor, then two days later my check engine light came on and I took it back and they told my that there was something else that needed to be changed and that I had to pay for it. I told them, in the five to six years that I had the vehicle, the only thing that happened to it was that I had flat tire. Now that you replaced the sensor, you're telling me that I have to pay more for something else when nothing was wrong with it before. I had to talk to Nissan Corporation directly to get it fixed and advising them that I have never had a problem with my vehicle. Now, my throttle was above 1500 RPM in the park and neutral position. I paid over $300.00 for a new throttle body to get it fixed, and now the same problem is occurring again, I don't think I should have to pay for something like this because I have never heard in another vehicle that a throttle body needed to be replaced unless you drove it like you stole it. Now I have to take it back to the dealership to see what is wrong with it. They advised me, "We will check it and if there is something else wrong with it besides the throttle body, you might have to pay for it." I don't think that is right, if there was something else wrong with it, I think they should have found that when I took it in the first time. Are the dealer's really doing there job, or are they just going by the first thing they see and say, "We'll jus see them when they have to come back to fix the real problem or extra problems." What is you opinion on this....
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melisa78 on 08/05/2010:
WOW you are dealing with the same problem and have heard the same story from Nissan as me. The worst customer service and will try anything to rip you off.
disgruntled on 05/04/2012:
I too have rusted floorboards......Nissan of course will do nothing about it. I agree they have NO customer service. Never again will I buy a Nissan. What a piece of Crap
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2002 Altima SE
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Car was bought brand new in Aug / Sept of 2002. Car was loaded with all the options, Factory moon roof, Leather, Automatic tempature control, etc.. Car was brought into the dealership every three months for its oil change. I was unaware that the floor boards were rusting out. Brought the car to a local mechanic for the check engine light which turned out to be emmissions. While the car was on the rack, the mechanic asked me to come out so he could show me something. The floors under the driver and passenger were completely rusted through. He mentioned that he never saw anything like that. While I was at the dealer the next time, I mentioned that why did they not bring it to my attention, I mean who looks under there car, especially a relatively new car. I wrote to Nissan, spoke to their customer care and got an estimate. Estimate turned out to be 2600.. They won't cover it. I WILL NOT BE BUYING another Nissan again. Another manufacturer will be my next choice. Also, info on the car, bought brand new, garage kept and NEVER been in an accident.

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User Replies:
Skye on 09/10/2009:
That's too bad. Bottom line, the car is 7 years old. They don't care.

CSD on 09/10/2009:
How old does a car have to be to start to rust?
memoryx57 on 09/10/2009:
I don't know how long it takes to rust but I wouldn't think that a 2002 model would qualify. It's obviously a manufacturing issue but being the car is 7 years old I'd have to go along with Skye and say they don't care. The OP just happened to be the unlucky soul who bought this one. Usually I'm the one who gets stuck with those one in a million odds !!
Anonymous on 09/10/2009:
I guess sometimes its worth getting the undercar treatment against rusting. It's also supposed to make the car quieter.
critter-cat on 02/13/2010:
I own the same car; 2002 3.5 SE, just discovered the SAME problem. The only silver lining in this is that although the hole is big (driver side), it hasn't reached the frame (yet) and is repairable for about $500 (rather than $2600). Had I not found it, the car would have been rendered worthless at 7 years old already.
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Nissan Does Not Care About Their Customers After A Car Is Bought
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COPIAUGE, NEW YORK -- I contacted Nissan who too made me wait several weeks to determine if their product should have been a recall.. My Nissan had 80,000 miles and well taken care of. The check engine light went on and brought right away to the mechanic. He thoroughly checked the car and said the engine is consuming oil to bring into dealer ASAP. Brought into Nissan only to find for them to say you need a new engine $4700, and catalytic converter. My car is well serviced and mechanic said no way should this have happened. After reading reviews I found that 388,000 people plus have had the same experience and Nissan denies they can do anything.. Nissan made me get all my reports from my mechanic to see if it was serviced properly. After getting all the information to them, they turned around after several weeks to say sorry we can't do anything because its over the warranty, why did they let me go through getting all the information and receipts only to hear we can't help you.. Guess Tuff Luck.. well I will never ever buy any Nissan product and will spread the worked that Nissan does not stand by their product. Check out the recalls and see for yourself all the consumer complaints.. What's ashame is the car runs great but now its going to head for the junk yard because it won't pass inspection.. could you imagine a car excellent shape, new tires, rides great and oil light still on won't pass inspection .. out looking for a new car, and sure won't be a Nissan.. Nissan ought to go out of business...
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Engine Failure Prevalent
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HUNTINGTON, NEW YORK -- I had purchased a 2003 Altima as described above in early 2005 used and in great condition. I have never had any problems with this vehicle until recently. I have changed the oil meticulously every 3000 miles, I have 127000 on it now. Yesterday 7/10/08, driving home had a complete engine failure without warning, spun bearings. Online I find out that the 2.5 liter motor has had recalls in regarding to excessive oil consumption. The $%#@ oil light never came on!!!!!! The oil was changed just 4 weeks ago, and as of 2 weeks ago the level was fine. Just another imported piece of %&#$!!!!!!

I am ready to explode. Because this car is in immaculate condition..... I guess I'm just venting.
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Anonymous on 07/12/2008:
I wouldn't say your car is still in immaculate condition considering it now has a useless engine. It's unfortunate you were not he original owner because he/she would have received the recall notice. That's one of the dangers of buying a used vehicle because if you never check the recalls you'd never know until its too late.
Anonymous on 07/12/2008:
I'd hardly classify a car that'd last 127K as a P.O.S. The engine failure may not have been from low oil level. Nothing lasts forever. Try calling some junk yards and see if you can get a used replacement engine so you can still salvage the car.
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Nissan of Queens...shame on you!
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OZONE PARK, NEW YORK -- Beware of the 'ol bait and switch. They lied to me several times. They made me an offer, I clarified the offer and that the offer was on the table for 24 hrs. I went in the next afternoon to purchase the car and I was told that offer was only good while I was there yesterday. When I came to the terms of my actual purchase price I asked that my scratch "prize" now be deducted. He rudely snatched the game card out of my hand saying, 'I can't give you this on the top of the lower purchased price." I was entitled to an extra $500 off the purchase price, but he tried to denied me of that. He then tried to get me to apply for their financing rather than waiting for my loan to go through. When I called the deal off I was given the discount. In an effort to please the customer the "threw in a 3 year service plan; only for me to find out that they NEVER activated the service number I was given. There I was on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and the cust. rep tells me I didn't have coverage. I called the salesperson that sold me the car and he told me that I should find a local tow truck company and bring in the receipt for reinburstment. He wouldn't even track down a company for me. Basically he told me I was going to have to deal with this myself. He assured me that the plan would be activated. I called the company to see if in fact it was.....five months after the purchase I still was not covered. They are liars and thieves.

In addition they never completed necessary paperwork needed to notify the Nissan Corp that the purchase was made. This prevented them from knowing to notify me of a recall. Air filters were catching on fire and the air delector (which helps with the aerodynamics of the car which effects the MPG)was never installed. The price of gas is high enough and this cost me a lot more money these past six months. Beware.
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Throttle Chamber
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WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- My daughter owns a 2003 Nissan Altima, 2 days ago her service engine light came on so she took the car into the dealership to have it looked at. Last year on August 12th they replaced the Throttle Chamber at that time it was covered under the cars warranty. Now they are telling her this same part needs to be replaced again and since it is 18 days passed the 1 year warranty they will not cover it. I have driven and owned cars for the past 35 years and have never even heard of this part let alone have two go bad in just about a years time. Has anyone else had this problem with their car particularly their Nissan Altima?
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Hugh_Jorgen on 08/31/2006:
Are you sure about that description? I've not heard that exact term before. It if's the throttle body, that should last the life of the car unless it's severely abused. A good cleaning of the throttle body should remove any deposits and restore performance. But since its setting a code, I wonder if they mean throttle position sensor. If that's the case, it could be bad - some cars just seem to be harder on that part than others. Might be time for another expert opinion.
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
Yeah, I'm thinking it's the 0/2 sensor
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
Yes it is the throttle body a.k.a. throttle chamber. Yes they are electronic. Yes, they will set a code. Try contacting your reginal Nissan service manager (not to be confused with the dealers service manager)for possible good will assistance by going through Nissan's customer service # in your owners manual. You may get lucky and get some help. Good Luck
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
That may be, DD, but 02 sensors all "set a code," so I'd check that too.
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
Maybe I am confused about what you are trying to say. If the code comes up for the throttle body why would you suspect the O2 sensor?????????
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
Not all cars have a "throttle body" code, but rather a more generalized carburation/fuel sensor one that can apply to a variety of problems. O2 is often the culprit.
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
Yes all cars do have a code for throttle body. The code for O2 is a completly different code.
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
No, not all cars, depends on the year of manufacture. Check that.
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
Yep you are right, my 69 camaro doesn't have a code, but in an '03 Altima as this post is about, it does!!!!!!!!
Anonymous on 08/31/2006:
LOL, okay dealer, ya got me there. I believe it was '96? that all cars sold here in the US had to have standardized Automotive Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) That way, shade tree mechanics could buy what's called a "code-reader" and interpret what the "check engine light" or CEL meant. Many times it was little more than the 02 sensor.
badcar on 10/11/2006:
I realize its 10/10 and the comments I just read are from 8/31, but I just got screwed over the throttle body assembly. I've owned many, many cars in my lifetime and this was the first time I've EVER had to replace this part....nonetheless in a car that is only 3 years old. I'm livid and looking for honest answers. Any others have experience to share?
schel1981 on 10/11/2006:
I just had to replace the throttle chamber(throttle body) on 2003 Nissan altima 2.5L (4 cyl) to the tune of $750.00. The 3.5l has had numerous problems with this part. Nissan has a remanufactured part available for the 3.5L for about $140.00. Why is this not available on the 2.5L (or a recall).This is the most expensive car repair I have ever paid for after 22yrs of car ownership and 16 different vehicles. Nissan or a junk yard are your only options for this part.It retails for around $630.00.Junk yard around $270.00. 1st time Nissan owner, wondering if a made a mistake?
Service Engine light was on.
BJH06 on 11/11/2006:
I think Nissan is getting over big time. If everyone who has the Altima has this problem and is paying $300-$400 per visit--how much do you think they are making?? I have an 03 Altima, car began stalling ans hesitating and the check engine light came on. I've paid for an air mass flow sensor, an O2 sensor, they tried to get me to replace the throttle body, now I just replaced the crank position sensor and the check engione light came on 2 days later! I think its time for a class action lawsuit!!
maf6563 on 11/21/2006:
I am living the problems that are stated above. I first took my '03 Altima in for the stalling problem. I paid almost 200.00 for the repair. A few days later I got the recall. I had to fight Nissan to get my money back. I finally did but it took many hours on the phone. I am now experiencing problems with my throttle body. Dealer wants 800.00 to fix that. I called Nissan and they claim they do not know anything about faulty throttle bodies. HA!!!!

I just ordered a used one from a local salvage yard that came off of an '05 Altima. It cost me 200.00. I will replace it myself.

Other issues with the car. Leaky back door seals, again Nissan claims they do not know anything about the problem.

Seems funny to me, every time something happens to my Altima and I google the problem, I find hundreds of people with the same issues and Nissan claims they know nothing about the problems.
hiker on 11/28/2006:
Regarding the 2005 Nissan altima stalling problem, I am only just now beginning to experience this. The car stalled once about two weeks ago, and then stalled twice yesterday (Nov. 27) within two hours. Before reading any of the posts on this problem, I consulted a mechanic friend who guessed it might be the fuel filter. I certainly hope that is the case with my car, but I'm wondering if anyone else heard this diagnosis, too, and have since had more problems.
dumpnissan on 11/28/2006:
I own a 2003 Altima 2.5. 80,000 miles. I am bringing it in this week for its FOURTH recall. And, yes, after the third recall the service engine light came on a few weeks ago. Will have that checked this week too. Also, when the car had JUST passed warranty, the drivers side window fell down in the door. They said the plastic hook on the glass was faulty, but I had to pay nearly $300 to get it fixed. I hate this car and this company. I recently purchased a Toyota Corolla, instead of a Nissan, and when this piece of crap Altima dies, I won't buy Nissan again. Ever. I strongly discourage ANYBODY from buying a Nissan Altima. Sure, it looks good, but for instance check out the trunk lid------its like a wafer !!!!!!!!!! Total crap !!!
TAG on 12/02/2006:
Nissa Altima 2004 - Service light came on, stalling and erratic engine activity followed. Local Tires Plus in Marrietta, GA diagnosed for $90 the crankcase sensor was bad. For an additional $151 the sensor was replaced. I read on a MSN summary for a 2002 Altima the parts should have cost $18 and the Labor $40, guess I was taken for a ride. Anyway, so far the car seems to be working but it hasn't been driven much since the repiar. Wish me luck.
Abemeister on 12/29/2006:
If there is a check engine DTC code for the CKP (crank) sensor, this is a common problem on 4 cylinder Altima's. Watch out not to break the connector.
Abemeister on 12/29/2006:
in addition to my comment above...

If you break the connector, Nissan will want you to buy the entire harness at $650!! Use a piece of thin bailing wire to secure the connector and go about your business.

Buy a cheap ODB II Scantool from EBAY. It will save you hundreds of dollars in auto repairs. They cost about $20.00 with shipping.
anneamack on 06/25/2007:
I wish I had read these comments before purchasing a 2005 Nissan Altima. I have had the car 21 months and just over the 60K warranty the car stalled and the service engine light came on. $1,200 to repair and replace the throttle body and Nissan will not provide any assistance since it is just over the 60K warranty.
Tarun on 07/21/2007:
I've had similar problems with my 2003 Altima. Crank position sensor replacement (paid). Entire engine replaced (warranty); this was an ongoing problem that took them months to figure out. Alternator replaced (paid). After they replaced the engine, my car now vibrates at 1500rpm's. I told them about it 2 weeks after they replaced the engine because I thought it would go away. They wouldn't do anything because they said I waited too long. When I had them check it out, they said it was the throttle body and it needed to be replaced. I told them I thought the engine wasn't installed correctly, but they insist that it's the throttle body and I need to pay $900 to have it replaced. I've decided to let the Altima die rather than pay anymore. I also tell all of my friends and family and co-workers never to buy a Nissan or Infiniti.

I wish there were a class action lawsuit against Nissan. Whenever I see their ads on tv or anywhere else it makes me sick that they are able to promote their junk.
majicfngers on 08/31/2007:
I've been having the same problem as many have described (I.e. stalling when coming to a stop or almost stopped and dying right after starting). This has only happened intermmitently. I went to Advanced Auto Parts to by a Haynes Repair Manual and told the guy at the counter why. He had seen me in there recently for other wear and tear issues, so he kindly told me what the problem was since he had worked on 3 other Altima's with the exact same issue. He said it was the intake manifold. I plan to take on this undertaking myself with some needed help in the very near future. I'll try to remember to let you guys know how it turns out.
RockyCJC on 09/05/2007:
I have not had stalling issues but I have had problems starting the car. I had an occasional but continuous issue starting the car sometimes. The car would crank but would not turnover on occasion. Most recently, this was accompanied by a check engine light. After bringing to my mechanic to check, I was told that my crank sensor needed replacing and that my double platinum spark plugs were fouled. This costed me about $550 to correct all issues. My wife thinks I should just trade-in the car for another considering this was not the only instance with starting issues.
AWilliams0406 on 06/11/2008:
WOW. We have a 2005 Nissan Altima and yesterday our service engine light came on. We also have a 2000 Nissan Frontier we have had almost no problems with, so I was ticked to say the least that our 3 yr old car had the SE light come on. Turns out it is the throttle body! Thankfully it is covered under warranty. But it sounds like Nissan needs to do a recall on this! Just add it to the list of the 3 or 4 recalls we have already had on this car. Love the car, not happy with the issues.
Resha on 07/26/2008:
I have been experiencing no power at all when I change my transmission. I found out today that it's a throttle chamber issue in Nissan altima 2.5S. I already took this car couple of times for repair for other issues. I am very upset with the quality of this Nissan product. Since my warranty is expired now, I am out of luck. I had to pay $381 out of my pocket. Nissan Altima is definitely a bad quality car. Does anyone know consumer complaint agency?
lindsayp82 on 11/11/2008:
I have also had most of these problems. I have a 2004 2.5 and about 3 months ago I paid for the crank position sensor and the speed sensor replaced which cost almost $400 and now my check engine light came on and I just found out that it is my throttle chamber which is $650.00! I will never buy another Nissan!
tequay on 08/09/2010:
2005 Altima 2.5 SL, 67,000km. Service Engine Light came on just after starting. When I pressed the accelerator pedal the engine did not respond as if starving for fuel. I turned the car off and when I turned it back on the problem went away. It has done this twice so far. Dealer says...needs a new Throttle Body - $800. I was talking to a fellow in the courtesy pick up car who had a 2006 Altima with 80,000km. Surprise...he was picking up his car after having a new throttle body installed! I am not sure whether I can trust the dealer on this one and I wonder if anyone else can give an educated second opinion. Nissan appears to have a systemic problem that they have not addressed and are getting away with on the backs of consumers. This is very disappointing.
Sid on 02/28/2013:
2003 Altima 2.5 SL, check engine light on and needs throttle chamber! Dealer quoted $500 to fix.
Charlie on 04/25/2013:
I have a 2011 Nissan Juke, and the service engine light came on again a few days ago. This is the 3rd time since January 2013. I've had 2 new airflow sensor parts installed, and now that the service engine light has come on for the third time, the Nissan service dealership is telling me that they need to order a throttle chamber. I have to wait for part to come in. My new car failed it's first inspection sticker after 1 year of owning the car. It looks like Nissans and Infinitis are plagued with these problems! Never buying a Nissan again!
Sabi on 06/08/2013:
I have the same problem and it will cost me over $1000.00. What to do?
ATR on 07/18/2013:
I own a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder and have had the throttle body replaced twice, $1300 each time. Same problem happened again this week, less than one year from last replacement....started losing power while driving. Dealer is telling me I need to replace the part AGAIN! Furious and working with Corp Cust Service on the issue and billing since dealer can't help.
becky on 07/23/2013:
I bought my daughter a 2003 Nissan altima a few years ago, did fine for a few years now its stalling, and needs a new throddle chamber, was told that it be fixed for around 500.00 with a rebuilt chamber, Anyone heard of buying a rebuilt chamber body?
Pedro on 01/24/2014:
2008 Nissan Altima 2.5, 68k miles went out for a ride parked in driveway, tried to turn on next day would not start, when did start put on drive and it stalled. Local mechanic had car for 5 days was unable to determine problem, will have Nissan service look at it. Never buy a Nissan again
Pat K on 04/14/2014:
2007 Nissan Altima 2.5, 102k miles stalled in passing situation and emergently had to go off road and was hard to re start. One dealer couldn't find the problem.Continuing trip almost stalled again on dangerous bridge. Went to home town dealer after after third day they got a code saying it was throttle chamber. $1500. I reported to DOT website.
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