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Engine Failure Prevalent
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HUNTINGTON, NEW YORK -- I had purchased a 2003 Altima as described above in early 2005 used and in great condition. I have never had any problems with this vehicle until recently. I have changed the oil meticulously every 3,000 miles, I have 127,000 on it now. Yesterday 7/10/08 driving home, had a complete engine failure without warning, spun bearings. Online I find out that the 2.5 liter motor has had recalls in regarding to excessive oil consumption. The ** oil light never came on!!!!!! The oil was changed just 4 weeks ago, and as of 2 weeks ago, the level was fine. Just another imported piece of **!!!!!!

I am ready to explode. Because this car is in immaculate condition..... I guess I'm just venting.

Several Car Problems
By -

I used to brag how wonderful my 2003 Nissan Altima was in the last two weeks. My car has been in the garage 4 and a half days. My entire brake line had to be replaced and my crankshaft had to be replaced. This never happened to my GMC cars that I had for over 10 years for each one! The final straw is I limped back to the garage today and was told that it was most likely my transmission!

Altima Stock Stereo
By -

FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA -- I bought the Altima in March 04. We had some hiccups in the financing process and they took care of it. I noticed the FM radio portion of the stereo sounds horrible compared to the CD portion. I tried a number of different CDs, stations and sound settings (bass, treble, etc.), had the speed compensated, volume disabled. FM still sounded about 75% quieter and very mushy like a pillow is on the speakers.

When I bought the car, I knew it wasn't the Bose. I've taken it in a number of times and they replaced the stereo and it did the same. Both dealers I went to AND Nissan confirmed that this is the way the radio is and therefore it is not a defect and they will not do anything to satisfy me.

The dealer I bought it from offered to let me get an aftermarket stereo installed at a place called Dealer Works (company that exclusively works with dealers for stereos, sunroofs, spoilers, etc..) at their cost. I have not filled out the "SURVEY" that is like gold to them. I feel justified in filling it out completely honestly. What can someone in my position hope to do to get satisfaction for a $20k+ purchase?

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