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Nissan of Queens... Shame on You!
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OZONE PARK, NEW YORK -- Beware of the ol' bait and switch. They lied to me several times. They made me an offer, I clarified the offer and that the offer was on the table for 24 hrs. I went in the next afternoon to purchase the car and I was told that offer was only good while I was there yesterday. When I came to the terms of my actual purchase price, I asked that my scratch "prize" now be deducted. He rudely snatched the game card out of my hand saying, "I can't give you this on the top of the lower purchased price." I was entitled to an extra $500 off the purchase price, but he tried to denied me of that. He then tried to get me to apply for their financing rather than waiting for my loan to go through.

When I called the deal off, I was given the discount. In an effort to please the customer, they "threw in a 3-year service plan" only for me to find out that they NEVER activated the service number I was given. There I was on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and the cust. rep tells me I didn't have coverage. I called the salesperson that sold me the car and he told me that I should find a local tow truck company and bring in the receipt for reimbursement. He wouldn't even track down a company for me.

Basically he told me I was going to have to deal with this myself. He assured me that the plan would be activated. I called the company to see if in fact it was..... Five months after the purchase, I still was not covered. They are liars and thieves.

In addition, they never completed necessary paperwork needed to notify the Nissan Corp that the purchase was made. This prevented them from knowing to notify me of a recall. Air filters were catching on fire and the air deflector (which helps with the aerodynamics of the car which affects the MPG) was never installed. The price of gas is high enough and this cost me a lot more money these past six months. Beware.

Throttle Chamber
By -

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- My daughter owns a 2003 Nissan Altima. 2 days ago, her service engine light came on so she took the car in to the dealership to have it looked at. Last year on August 12th, they replaced the throttle chamber. At that time, it was covered under the car's warranty. Now they are telling her this same part needs to be replaced again and since it is 18 days past the 1-year warranty, they will not cover it.

I have driven and owned cars for the past 35 years and have never even heard of this part, let alone have two go bad in just about a year's time. Has anyone else had this problem with their car, particularly their Nissan Altima?

Altima Stock Stereo
By -

FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA -- I bought the Altima in March 04. We had some hiccups in the financing process and they took care of it. I noticed the FM radio portion of the stereo sounds horrible compared to the CD portion. I tried a number of different CDs, stations and sound settings (bass, treble, etc.), had the speed compensated, volume disabled. FM still sounded about 75% quieter and very mushy like a pillow is on the speakers.

When I bought the car, I knew it wasn't the Bose. I've taken it in a number of times and they replaced the stereo and it did the same. Both dealers I went to AND Nissan confirmed that this is the way the radio is and therefore it is not a defect and they will not do anything to satisfy me.

The dealer I bought it from offered to let me get an aftermarket stereo installed at a place called Dealer Works (company that exclusively works with dealers for stereos, sunroofs, spoilers, etc..) at their cost. I have not filled out the "SURVEY" that is like gold to them. I feel justified in filling it out completely honestly. What can someone in my position hope to do to get satisfaction for a $20k+ purchase?

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