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Altima Stock Stereo
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FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA -- I bought the Altima in March 04. We had some hiccups in the financing process and they took care of it. I noticed the FM radio portion of the stereo sounds horrible compared to the CD portion. I tried a number of different cds, stations and sound settings(bass treble,etc) had the speed compensated volume disabled. FM still sounded about 75% quieter and very mushy like a pillow is on the speakers. When I bought the car, I knew it wasn't the Bose. I've taken it in a number of times and they replaced the stereo and it did the same. Both dealers I went to AND Nissan confirmed that this is the way the radio is and therefore it is not a defect and they will not do anything to satisfy me. The dealer I bought it from offered to let me get an aftermarket stereo installed at a place called Dealer Works (company that exclusively works with dealers for stereos, sunroofs,spoilers, etc..) at their cost. I have not filled out the "SURVEY" that is like gold to them. I feel justified in filling it out completely honestly. What can someone in my position hope to do to get satisfaction for a $20k+ purchase?
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gman3fan on 04/27/2004:
If you tried the radio before purchasing the vehicle and liked it... Why complain about it now? If that's the way it works, then that's the way it works! I think your dealer went over and above to offer you an aftermarket radio at their expense. You owe it to them to give them 100% survey.
fedupabsolutely on 04/27/2004:
gman3fan on 04/28/2004:
I'm tempted to insult this moron, but I don't believe he's intelligent enough to recognize it LOL
melissa.messner.ni1q on 04/28/2004:
I think it's amazing that the dealer offered to buy you an after market radio at their cost. Most dealers I've worked with would rather have teeth pulled than pay out money like that. I've had problems getting my dealership to honor the 5 free oil changes I was told I'd get when I bought my Chevy. I say take the new radio they buy and enjoy!
TimmyWA on 04/28/2004:
Just a quick correction, they want me to buy the stereo at the cost they would get from the vendor.
afrpennycentury on 04/29/2004:
Once you tried the bose...and it sounds like you did, no stereo is going to sound that good. You want a Bose, get a Bose.
Anonymous on 04/29/2004:
Test drive another Altima with the same sound system, if you notice a difference then comment. The average new car price today is slightly over 22k, so spending less is quite a deal especially your choice! ( my humble opinion ranks the Altima in the top 5 vehicles built today on a dollar for dollar basis). The dealer is offering you the ability to upgrade your stereo at their discounted cost, A very nice offer considering they don't have to. The survey is a direct reflection on the dealer and how they treated you so I believe it would be unjust to trash the dealer especially after they took significant steps toward resolving your concerns. In closing, Take advantage of the dealer's offer, Nissan builds the car for the masses and stock sound systems just don't rate a high priority to most people.
annoyed on 06/04/2004:
RE:Nissan Altima radio.I recently purchased a 2005 Altima SE + have the exact same problem. The radio receives very unpredictable FM reception + the sound frequently fades in +out. The dealer replaced the radio and nothing changed. Now the dealer says that they'll replace the antenna, which is built in the rear window. I want an external antenna installed + may have to get a court order because none of the car shops will go near this with a 10 foot pole. I was also told that another customer bought that car the week before + was experiencing the same problem. Document everything in writing. Check your state's lemon laws. If all else fails, sell the car. Also, I’m not sure why the other responses were so insensitive to your situation. I think it’s rather obvious that one can not predict the location of radio station airwaves. On a bright note, the CD player sounds great and I receive AM without any problem. It’s only the FM reception. Being a music lover, I’m now sorry I bought this car + will sell it at the end of 1 year owing it.
segundo on 06/24/2004:
I purchased a 2005 Nissan altima in March and the standard radio is very poor quality both the audio and the sensitivity. Also, the A/C system has a faulty design problem.
annoyed on 07/01/2004:
Hello.Since my last message,I contacted the Nissan Auto Consumer Department about my 2005 Nissan Altima car radio problem.I was told that the radio is a factory defect.I was given a case number, then they contacted my dealer.Their engineers have redesigned the radio + it's now in testing supposedly.I recommend you call the # in your owner's manual+file a complaint with Nissan.
joebuck78 on 08/07/2007:
Sounds like a problem w/ the model, not the dealership. They have gone out of their way to make you happy. Give them credit. You could have gone w/ a Camry and had a ho-hum and predictable vehicle. You chose the did I.
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