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Unhappy with 2005 Maxima
By -

I purchased a 2005 Nissan Maxima last December for my wife vin#** with 41,000 miles on it. About two weeks ago we started to have problems with the transmission. I talked to the Dealer who said the warranty was only 5 years or 60,000 miles whichever comes first for the powertrain.

I called 1 800 Nissan1 and the person I spoke with told me that someone would call back by the end of business the next day. I advised that I really needed a call back that day because we had already had a rental car that was costing money. The Rep said it had to be the end of the next day which I found unacceptable given the circumstances that I was in.

Unfortunately, that was the case. I got the call back but I was on the phone and it took me 2 messages and 10 more call attempts before I was able to get in touch with my rep - ** at the end of Tuesday. ** called me back on Wednesday to say that I would not be getting any help. ** mentioned that the fact that I had not taken it to the dealer (I have only had the car less than a year and taking the car to the dealer is twice as expensive and time consuming) and it also was a factor that I had bought the car used. I asked to speak to a supervisor and yet again was told I would have to get a call back.

On Thursday I spoke with ** and I expressed my concerns about the process. She told me that buying the car used and not taking it to the Dealer was not much of a factor. This is not acceptable to me the way she backpedaled on what I had previously been told. She basically said that this was simply too expensive of a repair to cover.

This whole process has made me feel as if Nissan does not care about me and they are willing to lose a loyal customer over 1000 miles over the warranty. My wife had a 1997 Maxima that was wonderful. I have have 2001 which is thankfully a manual so I do not have worry about replacing faulty transmissions. It leaves me speechless that Nissan will not stand behind their product. I was offered no compensation to have this fixed. It was basically a feeling of better luck next time.

Because it took me three days to get declined that is another 100 bucks for a rental car and then I had to waste another 117.00 for the diagnostic at the dealership. I work with customer service and this no way to treat a client, from the fact that I had to wait to get a call back from supervisor instead of being able to speak to one at the time. I find that 5 years or 60000 miles is very poor powertrain warranty. For what those systems cost it should be at least 5 years if not more and at least 100,000 miles that some of your competitors offer.

I would have honestly been a loyal Nissan customer for life, but after this whole affair, I see no reason to have to spend good money on a car that is going to cost me 4000 dollars after the first year. So far I will end up spending about 300 for the rental car, 3300 plus another 700 for a lifetime warranty on the transmission, and 117.00 for the diagnostic check. That brings the total to 4117.00 for a poorly manufactured transmission which sadly is still 283.00 cheaper than the quote from the dealer which did not include a warranty or a quote for the torque converter which also was bad which was 600 of the cost.

I truly find it disheartening when a car company has no problem letting a good customer go because they do not want to spend a couple thousand dollars to at least meet me halfway on this. My Dad had a Chevy Blazer that the engine blew out on three months after the warranty and they replaced it without question or hassle. I had never owned a domestic car before, but I would certainly consider it after this fiasco.

09 Maxima Sv Prem Pk
By -

I have a 09 Maxima SV prem pk. The car is loaded & I think its the hottest 4 door sport sedan on the road. I bought my car new in Jville NC Don Williamson Nissan a few weeks ago. My telescope steering went out on my car - both motors. My dealer says it will cost about $800-$900 to fix & I will be billed for repairs. I told dealer that I don't use my telescope steering. It does its own thing when I turn the car on & off. I could not understand why they have worn out so fast.

I was told that Nissan had problems with some of these motors but not enough to call for a recall. Now the new motors have been placed in new cars & the old customers that have the old motors are SCREWED. If you have gone over your 3 yrs or 36000 miles it will cost you the customer. Nissan knows the motors are bad that's why the motors have been modified. Well NISSAN NEEDS TO FACE IT & REPLACE IT.

NOW PART #2 - 3 days after the steering went out my NAV, Radio, AC went down for a couple of days. They would come on & off then finally off all together. When you drive @ night you have no control over the AC fan or the outside air that comes in & on cold nights you freeze & on rainy days you can't change the airflow to the Windshield to remove fog so you can drive safely.

Nissan gave me a car to drive only for a couple of days to remove the defective part called (AV UNIT). Nissan will cover that part but will not cover the defective telescope motors. Nissan told me if I fix the 2 motors they will give a FREE ELECTRICAL WARRANTY UP TO A 100,000 miles. All electrical problems then will be covered WHY should the customer pay for the repairs or pay for this warranty? ARE THEY FOR REAL? Nissan knows that they have problems & they have CHANGED the design on the new motors for new cars.

Well my 3 yrs, 36000 mile warranty is gone. I have 44000 mile Nissan - will fix the electrical AV UNIT BUT NOT THE STEERING THAT SUCKS. I don't want to deal with this **. So when the AV unit is replaced I will trade to another brand. The other dealer knows all about Nissan & my electrical problems with my Maxima. I will not fix the steering, just trading out this coming week. I will also report this to the (BBB) & post the problems on dealer web page. Well to all you 09 Maxima lovers, beware of these problems. Don't wait too long to get your car checked out. Good luck.

Good looking does not always equal good car!!
By -

TENNESSEE -- I am writing in reference to a problem with my Nissan Maxima. Ever since I bought my car it had problems with vibration and each time I took it to the dealer, amazingly they could never find anything wrong. Later I started having a scraping noise when I put my foot on the gas. Took my car in for this problem and naturally, they couldn't find a problem with it either. Got tired of taking it back and forth.

I continued to drive my car. After it was no longer under warranty, past 60 thousand miles, and I took it in to the shop again for the same problems - guess what? They found something! It was my throttle and also my timing chain needed to be replaced. Costs me $3500. I filed a complaint with headquarters customer service. They did get back with me to tell me there was nothing they could do.

My daughter bought a brand new Maxima in Nov and it is already giving her problems. She has taken her car in to the shop several times. First it was supposedly something shifting in her glove compartment. NOT!!!! She removed everything out and the noise/problem still existed. Then it was the flap loose under her hood. They put a piece of foam under a loose cover and that was supp NOT!!!! Then it was the front strut mount and that was replaced this past week and she is having the same problem. She took her car back and was told some cars just make noise.

I bought a Nissan because I thought they were supposed to be such good cars. Too many problems noticed within a month of buying them. Now I realize they are just good looking cars but real LEMONS!!! I recommend if you unfortunately buy one and it starts having problems. Take it back every week until it gets fixed or if they can't fix it you will have proof when you decide to sue and get your money back.

Nissan: Made to Drive Built to last... NOT
By -

KINGSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I would like to tell you about my 2004 Nissan Maxima. I bought the car in July of 2005, pre owned at Sullivan Brothers in Kingston, MA. When I purchased the car, it about 25,000 miles. A few weeks ago, I brought my car in for an estimate to have some rust removed from the sunroof, and to have the front of the car repainted. The front of the car is pitted from what I assumed was road work.

While looking at cars on the lot, I noticed 3 cars of that were for sale as pre owned that had the same damage to the front (pits). When the body shop looked at the car, they pointed out rust on the left hand side fender. To fix the car, the estimate was $4,500.00. Because I felt that a four year old car should not have rust, and other cars on the lot had the same pitted damage to the front, Nissan should be responsible to cover part of the cost. The service manager said he would speak to Nissan. About a week later I called and spoke with the service manager. He was not in so I left a voice mail.

Joe left me a voicemail stating that Nissan would not cover any of the costs. He also left the phone number for Nissan, indicating I should contact them. I called Nissan and was given a case number. Three days later I was contacted by a customer service rep from Nissan. I was told she would be contacting Sullivan Brothers to get the information on the car.

2004 Nissan Maxima - Pitted Damage and Rust 2004 Nissan Maxima - Pitted damage to the front

Two days later ** from Nissan called informing me that they would not cover any of the cost in repairing the car. The reason was the car has 65,000 miles. I tried to explain that a 4 year old car should not be rusting. I was told the decision was final. After Nissan's final determination, I took my car to be assessed at a local body shop. I was told they only see rust like this on cars that are between seven and ten years old. I also feel Nissan should stand behind their products.

Transmission Nightmare
By -

I bought a brand new 2006 Nissan Maxima with 325 miles from Jim Keras in Memphis TN. Thinking I'm purchasing a reliable automobile which would last me a few years after I paid it off. As a single parent with two full-time jobs, I can't afford to miss a day from work. I kept the service according the Nissan maintenance guide to avoid costly repairs. Last November, my transmission went completely out and the dealership rebuilt with a twelve month warranty for $2800. 12 months later I heard a rattle sound and the car rolled back and eventually it would not move at all.

My extended warranty expired at a 100,000 miles. As a single parent I was not in the position to purchase a new car. With 12 months to pay on this car, I was forced to purchase another car with one year to pay off the 2006 Nissan Maxima. I viewed the car survey website ** to find some many other owners with the exact same problem. I immediately filed a complaint with Dept of Transportation Vehicle Safety Hotline 888-327-4236 and Federal Trade Commission

Won't Fix Seats in Brand New Nissan Maxima
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I purchased a new 2012 Nissan Maxima in May 2012. After I had owned the car for about a week, I extended the head rest on the drivers seat to its full height. Once the headrest was in this position, every time I would put my head against it I would feel a bump against the middle of my back from something within the seat. It felt like it was a part of the headrest mechanism. Whenever I put my head (or any kind of pressure) against the headrest I feel something from within the seat press against my back.

I took the car to the service department of the dealership I bought the car from and they said they could not repair the seat. They let me sit in two other Maxima's which had the exact problem as mine. The service representative said it happened to all Maximas.

I've contacted Nissan corporate headquarters and have received absolutely no communications back from them regarding this problem. I even went on a website that specializes in finding answers and the person who answered my question identified himself as a Nissan-certified mechanic and told me "there is a problem with the seat but in the eyes of the manufacturer (Nissan) there isn't..." Essentially he said Nissan is well-aware of the problem I have but they choose not to address it.

I'm concerned that the seat isn't manufactured correctly and may cause injury in the event of a crash. I've contacted Nissan with my problem and concerns and have had no response. Clear, Nissan doesn't care much about their customers or the safety of their vehicles.

Why I will not buy a Nissan again
By -

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- Been driving Nissan Maxima's since 1985. Sometimes owned two at same time. Our 2008 is the end of the line. Nothing major but despite regular dealer maintenance (Royal Palm Beach) a continuing run of small bumps adds up to poor dealer service and poor Nissan performance.

The battery went at 11,000 miles (two years) with no replacement allowance adjustment. Ongoing complaint about poor ride and tires losing air are in their records and at 17,000 miles (30 months) two front tires replaced at full cost. Leather seats stained by unknown agent - no kids ride in this car - and not able to clean them. Even our key fobs needed to have the batteries replaced. The "check engine soon" light constantly goes on because of an emission failure - part replaced twice so far.

Complaints to the dealer are useless. "Original equipment not made to last" - meaning I need to spend big bucks to keep my car going. And a letter to the General Manager came back as "refused, party unknown" even though the address and name were correct.

Nissan does not think I have a quality issue and our dealer does not think hitting us up for full price replacement and loss of confidence in the product is any concern of theirs. I do not expect to be buying a Nissan or any other brand from this dealer. My final communication with both Nissan and the dealer, Royal Palm was: "To quote the traditional car salesman's line, what can or will you do to earn my business?" Response, NOT A WORD!

Nissan Maxima Engine Service Soon Light On
By -

WASHINGTON -- Took to Nissan dealer to run diagnosis code - P1605 (A/T Diagnosis communication line). Result: replace spark plug (should be 100,000 replacement), replace 6 coil. My Nissan Maxima only has (63,570 mileage - 1999 model). The Dealer service charged me total $1276. Evidently, lots of Nissan Maxima customers on the website are complaining about the Engine service soon light problem. People think this is a default parts but Nissan does not want to take responsibility. I think, Nissan short sight about their customer complain. Big mistake to Nissan. For me, I won't buy another Nissan car in the future again.

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