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Major Safety Defect
Posted by on
LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- On approximately 7/25/08, my daughter was sitting in her 2005 Nissan Murano in the driver's seat. She said she heard a pop/snap and the seat then tilted to the left towards the driver's side door. The car was not even moving. It was parked.
I contacted Jenkins Nissan, in Lakeland, regarding this problem. During my calls to them I found out there was a Nissan Technical Service Bulletin that addressed this problem according to the Service Dept.'s Service Advisor. She said to bring it in their service department and it should be covered at no charge to the customer.

I took it into Jenkins Nissan's service department on 8/13/08 and made sure to show the service advisor the actual problem with the seat and how it was broken. I asked her again if the repairs were fully covered at no charge, she said that they were.

15 minutes later as I arrived home from Jenkins Nissan, I received a call from [snip] telling me that the broken seat frame was actually not covered and that I would have to be paid for before they could replace it. I asked what that replacement cost would be and was told $997.00. Susan said that she was under the assumption that my car was under warranty and that's why I was told that there would be no charge, even though this dealer had all of my records for that car and should have known it was past the warranty date. I told her that I believed that this issue was a safety risk and design defect whereas it should be dealt with by a recall or the like. Someone could be seriously injured or even killed by the seat frame breaking and causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. She agreed that it was a safety issue but said that the only way it was going to be repaired was for me to pay the $997.00. I refused.

I researched this issue on the internet and found dozens and dozens of similar experiences as mine. I also went on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website and found over 35 complaints registered that were exactly like mine, dealing with the same broken seat frame. I would really like to review the initial crash test results from Nissan to see how this escaped detection. (Maybe it didn’t) What I’d like to know is why there is not an investigation on this? A recall is warranted in my opinion for this problem.

I’ve emailed [snip], Consumer Relations Representative, Nissan Consumer Affairs but have not received a reply. I’ve also left a voicemail to her without getting a reply, ((800) NISSAN-1 (or 800-647-7261)
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.,
Eastern / Central Time / Pacific Time
Monday through Friday

This ends my customer loyalty to Nissan. I will never purchase another one or use they're dealership service dept. again.

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Maxima2002 on 2009-03-10:
I'm sorry to hear of your problems with Nissan Consumer Affairs. I've found they return only approximately 15% of their phone calls, and if you miss one of their return calls, it is unlikely you'll ever get them to call back again no matter how many times you call.

Here's what worked for me:
Type them a letter, including the file number(s) that you got on the initial call(s). Don't put a phone number on the letter. On the envelope, write "Safety Complaint" and the file numbers. Bring your letter to the post office, and send it certified mail with return receipt. Fill out the return receipt exactly as you addressed the envelope, with the words "Safety Complaint". In a week or so, you should get the return receipt back, and in another week or so a written response from Nissan. The answer may not be what you want, but now you have written documentation for NHTSA, and in case a recall is issued later.

Good luck.
Anne1668 on 2009-03-15:
((800) NISSAN-1 (or 800-647-7261)
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.,
Eastern / Central Time / Pacific Time
Monday through Friday

This is the same place I called for my issue when he Versa 2008, I spoke with a Pit-Bull with Lipstick named "Amanda" the Regoinal Specialist, she basically told me to jum in the lake with my issue. I told her I was going to write a letter to Coroprate Headquarters, she said go ahead, it will come back to me....Nice .
Nissan Has issues with all there products, there seems to be no quality control at all at the factories, and they don't care.....So, I feel you pain, join the rest of the Suckers that bought Nissan Vehicles. There product and customer service and Dealer Service is in the Toilet.....Never again for me.
AKEW on 2009-10-15:
My Murano's front driver's seat also broke. The car was not under warranty and I foolishly just paid the bill. I'm going to be more diligent about recalls and postings.
SAWUPEPN on 2009-10-28:
My 2005 Nissan Murano front driver seat broke as well. Again the car is not under warranty and I do not have the money right now to fix. When it rains it pours.
Not a Fan on 2009-10-31:
Just wanted to add that we were assisted by a Nissan rep via phone. This person was a tremendous help when most just kept giving us the run around. It ended up that Nissan approved our claim and replaced the frame at their cost. The moral to this story is to keep on trying and never give up.
xanderandre on 2010-05-14:
My 2007 Nissan murano drivers seat also broke. The "gold" extend warranty from Nissan does not cover this part. I appealed to Nissan (the company) to fix my broken part based on ALL of the documentation on this defect. They denied by "case" and will not tell me who reviewed it, what the criteria for review was, etc. NOTHING. If you drivers seat failed, please email me. One voice will not change Nissan's mind but many may.

re: Nissian broken seat.
lb41854@att.net on 2013-07-05:
Just had mine fixed for $150. Rewelded the bracket and reinforced it, it won't break again. 2006 Murano, 49,000 miles.
Xwipprz on 2013-08-10:
I own a 2004 Nissan murano. In the last year I have replaced steering knuckle, front left and right control arms, both inner and outer tie rods, a driver visor that refuses to stay up, an oil pan seal, muffler, and the infamous front driver seat frame. 104,000 miles. Other than that, the car has been great up unt then. I researched all of these and they are all common problems with the murano. I'm afraid to even guess which other forums I'm missing.
Xwipprz on 2013-08-10:
I forgot. The door locks intermittently work. They often have to be locked manually.

The rubber boots on the shocks are gone.

Window/ door brackets are beginning to rattle as well as a heat shield in the underbody of the vehicle that is above the muffler.
Anita on 2013-08-15:
I have a 2006 Murano, the bracket broke, no one from Nissan would help. I called to ask about a recall, again no real assistance. You would think as many complaints, there would be a safety recall. I will not stop my quest.
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Bad Service from Nissan Customer Service
Posted by on
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Please read the discussion below at NOCO website on a fuel injector problem in Nissan Murano and lack of concern from Nissan Customer Service------------

Fuel Injectors in Nissan Murano 2003

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Kingwood TX
Fuel Injectors in Nissan Murano 2003 2:16 PM 1/8/2005


My Nissan Murano (2003 model) ran great for 40,000 miles. On 12/20/04, while driving on a highway in Houston, Texas, at 70 mph, it suddenly surged forward and the engine died. On restarting the engine would not hold. The car was towed to the nearest Nissan dealer, Robbins Nissan. The mechanic replaced the fuel pump but that did not solve the problem. Then he checked fuel pressure at the injectors that was found to be at recommended 50 psi. But fuel was not going through the injectors (all six). He tried to clean the injectors by applying gasoline with cleaner directly to the fuel rail. He even increased the fuel pressure to 70 psi. This effort did not produce any result. Then he used a set of injectors from another Murano and found that the engine runs. He blames bad gasoline in the tank of my car to be the culprit and Nissan technical advisers agree with him.
However I do not agree with them and think there is some inherent problem with the injectors or the EFC (Electronic Fuel Control) system is malfunctioning intermittently.
1. There was no indication prior to the engine shutting down that injectors were getting clogged. The engine was running smoothly like in a new car. Fuel economy number was running at 18 mpg.
2. The fuel tank was at ¼ full. The car ran fine on the same tank of gas till the incident.
3. The dealer hinted there could have been some contaminant like sugar added to the tank. This does not seem possible since the Murano fuel tank has a lock on it. Also the car is parked in a garage at night.
4. We use the same gas stations to fill gas tanks in three other cars in the family (Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Ford Cobra) and none of them has had a problem with fuel injectors.
Has any Nissan car owner had a problem with fuel injectors? I’d greatly appreciate any input I can get.
Dilip Deka
Houston Texas

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El Segundo, CA
« 3:30 PM 1/8/2005


Sorry to hear. Is the car under warranty? Are they trying to get you to pay for the repair?
I agree with you. If the gas was bad enough to clog multiple injectors, you would have known long before reaching 1/4 tank.
Besides, how would the contaminants get past the fuel filter? Anything dissolved in the gas would stay dissolved until reaching the combustion chamber.

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peachtree city, ga
« 3:55 PM 1/8/2005


and on top of that, say they something did get past the filter, no way it would clog all injectors at once


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Richard Petersen


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« Re: Fuel Injectors in Nissan Murano 2003 (dilipdeka) 6:11 PM 1/8/2005


I take it they never even took ohm meter readings. Must have known what happened before on other cars. ECM through a FIT and flamed the injectors. The surge is the injector coils being held on continuously and ALL of them burned out due to the 100 % on, duty cycle. NO other way can all go bad at once. Smoked by the ECM. You know the drill now. New ECM and injectors next time. Good luck

Twin T51R's and NOS


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peachtree city, ga
« 6:33 PM 1/8/2005


richard- I thought about that, but it seemed that something like that has such a low occurrence from what I see........ but if that happened, it would explain everything


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TXRoadTrip on 2005-01-10:
It could be bad gas. My brother had the same problems with his Toyota 4x4 when he had one –his truck would barely move - he used Exxon Gas – their gas is bad for Toyotas, probably the same for Nissans. He had his fuel injectors replaced once – still bought Exxon – then the same problem occurred again – replaced the fuel injectors again the second time and stopped buying Exxon and the problem never happened again. It could be gas. In my Toyota's I only use Phillips or Chevron.
TXRoadTrip on 2005-01-20:
Not all gasolines are the same. Nor are fuel injectors, filters, and engines. All are major factors in cars / trucks performances. Personally I only use Phillips and Chevron because my vehicles run better using those brands of gas. Year’s back I did use Exxon for a while in my Camry and Pontiac Grand Am and had problems with it, as soon as I stopped buying Exxon the fuel flow was better, this was the same time my brother had problems with his Toyota 4x4 truck. Coincidence = not. I have no problems with my Toyota truck and Avalon now using Phillip's and Chevron's gas.
The Nissan Guy on 2005-03-15:
Hi, I have worked for Nissan for over 22 years and am a Master Tech for #1 selling dealer in Ohio. To me it sounds like it could be an ECM problem or I have seen a loose ground on the intake manifold that caused the same thing, its the ground for the injectors and the coils and when the tech replaced the injectors that ground had to be removed so when he tightened it back up the car would have been fine. I would have asked him for an Ohm reading of the injectors, and the thing that something is wrong with the gas is wrong because the car ran and they didn't drain the fuel tank. He should have calles 1-800-Nissan1. We sell a lot of them and in 22 years I have never seen all the injectors go bad at once, the technician just didn't know how to fix the car. Techman
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Windows/fuel pump
Posted by on
EDEN, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I have a 2006 Murano - was very satisfied with the car - with about 12,000 miles on the car the fuel pump went out - covered by warranty but I had a loaner car for almost 2 weeks because of it.

Now - last night we had a very bad thunder storm - this morning both front windows were down - the car was locked last night and was still locked this morning - go figure. I called the dealership - they said they have never heard of that happening and want to check the car out - easy for them to say but we live 80+ miles from the dealership (this is the closest one).

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MRM on 2007-08-11:
What did you mean when you say the both front windows were open and the car was lock? Did you mean that the car wouldn't start? Please further explain details.
Anonymous on 2007-08-11:
It was gost! I've had that problem with a Chevey Love truck. It would start up and drive away buy itself.
Anonymous on 2007-08-11:
I would advise against leaving windows down in a rainstorm.
Slimjim on 2007-08-11:
Great in-the-know pirate but I think baffled had that inside tip already. Poster is complaining they weren't down the night before. Duh.
Anonymous on 2007-08-11:
Really slim? Then you must be reading more into the complaint than is there. Making up things to satisfy your imagination again Matilda?
Slimjim on 2007-08-11:
My gawd pirate, what else could the poster possibly be saying? "I called the dealership - they said they have never heard of that happening and want to check the car out ". It's pretty funny how you claim to be so higher learned here and can't even understand simple reading. LMAO!
Anonymous on 2007-08-11:
Dunno, but I read where they said it was locked, though didn't mention the position of the windows. You're taking quite a leap to consider that the car magically rolled down its own windows - but then, you do live in a fantasy life.
Slimjim on 2007-08-11:
Anonymous on 2007-08-11:
My point exactly.
lee330 on 2007-08-27:
With most Nissan keyfabs, if you press and hold down the unlock button for more than a few seconds, it gradually lowers your front windows and keeps your car locked....

Any chance your keys were in your pocket and the button could have been accidentally pushed in for a few seconds...did your kids get a hold of it? Just a thought...
baffled in SD on 2007-08-27:
OK - let me make this clearer - BOTH windows were UP and the car was locked when I went to bed - both were down and the inside of the car was soaking wet from the storm when I got up - both of my kids were still asleep - the keys were in my briefcase. Lee - I haven't tried to hold down the unlock button but I am intreagued and just may try ie even though I know that my keys were up and away from little hands.
DESNA1 on 2008-09-09:
baffled in SD on 2009-01-28:
we;; = as I said previously - the key was in the house hanging up on the key rack not touching a thing - the doors were locked and the windows went down on their own - no one has a clue - id di try the holding the button down and the windows did go down - but... how this could happen when the entire household was asleep is beyond me - I cheked the car before going to bed and the windows were up then.
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Bad Murano Fuel Pump
Posted by on
GREAT NECK, NEW YORK -- My Murano is not even 8 months old (bought new) and it already has had a recall (ignition switch) and the fuel pump failed! Parked in my driveway, trying to start the engine and the fuel pump failed. I have never had this happen before in any vehicle I have owned. Biener-Nissan in Great Neck is fixing the problem for free (warranty), but they have the car for a weekend (They gave me a free loaner car until my Murano is back in shape). I am baffled by the bad fuel pump though.

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Anonymous on 2007-05-19:
Thankfully for you this problem occurred while under warranty. Drive the heck out of the loaner !
bill on 2007-05-19:
Things break. They are fixing it for free and you have a loaner. What the hell are you complaining about?
ejack053824 on 2007-05-19:
Just remember...if its mechanical...IT WILL BREAK.
baffled in SD on 2007-08-11:
I had the same thing happen to me - my murano os a 2006 - I commute 34 miles each day with a 3 and 5yo - I came out od daycare and the car wouldn't start. The dealeship had my car for a day before they told me it was the fuel pump and then it took almost 2 weeks to fix.
Last night we had a really bad storm - thismorning both front windows were down on the vehicle - it was sitting locked in the drive - I set off the alarm when I reached in and unlocked and opened the door. The delaership wants to check it out but they are 85 miles away.
baffled in SD on 2009-01-28:
I just don't agree with everyone saying you shuldn't complain - parts breaking on more than one car witin the first year - sounds like a defective line of that product they installed
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