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Buyer Beware, Bait & Switch at Nissan of Garden City
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HEMPSTEAD, NEW YORK -- Buyer Beware!!! Bait and Switch!!! I made an appointment with internet manager Monica [snip] at 1 Pm on 2/12/13 When I arrived I asked for her at the front desk. She was paged and a moment later a salesmen Freddy [snip] greeted me. I told him I was waiting for Monica. He stated that she gets Nissan internet leads and he was the salesmen assigned to me. I know that salespersons often try to steal one anothers customers, but I agreed to have him help me.

I knew something wasn't right when he had no idea what vehicle I came in for. I told him a 2012 Nissan Pathfinder LE in dark grey. He came back about 10 minutes later saying he couldn't find it. It could have sold already. In front of Freddy I found the vehicle on my smartphone with the Stock #: UN22939. He said he would get the key and meet me outside. After 10 minutes I walked back in the dealership to find Freddy joking with two other sales guys. I said what happened?

With key in hand he went outside and brought me the Pathfinder. Folks, what happened next made my blood boil. The Pathfinder he brought not even close to what was shown online. Freddy argued with me that was it. I said look at the list of features online and the ones on the window of the vehicle. No leather, no navigation, no moon roof, no nothing. He said I guess they made a mistake but I do have a white one with what your looking for, for only $29,000.

I lost it. I demanded to talk to Monica. He repeated several times that she does not even work in the building. Monica confirmed the appointment the night before and told me she personally saw the vehicle and it was beautiful. All lies! The vehicle Freddy brought out was a mess. Damage on the driver side door. The seats were all stained, the interior was disgusting. Scratches everywhere. It looked like a family with kids drove cross country and returned it dirty.

I left furious and in the parking lot I call Monica at the phone she called me on. She answered, I told her what happened and asked where she was? Monica was in the dealership the whole time. I asked repeatedly why she lied to me about the Pathfinder and its condition and why Freddy to my face told me she didn't work in the building. All she said was Freddy would never say that.

Please do not waste your time with these clowns. The salespeople are all standing around like its a place to hangout. The worst experience I have had with a dealership. FYI the vehicle is still listed on there website. I guess to bait and switch another customer.
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trmn8r on 02/13/2013:
Large dealers I try to avoid. They generally have a "we don't care attitude" which appears to be the case here.

My question it was the vehicle that they brought out stock U22939? Did the VIN match? If this vehicle was actually so inaccurately described, they should care a lot more. If this is a pattern with their vehicle advertisements, a state agency would probably be interested in hearing about it.
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Deadly rust
Posted by on
I just recently purchased a 92 pathfinder for my 17 year old son, couldn't pass up the deal. after he did some upgrading, he was so proud of his first ride. after a month of riding around with a smile on his face, disappointment set in. while on his way to work the brakes failed, then the shocks fell off. while attempting to fix shocks we noticed that the frame was so rusted that the rearend was completely detached. this frame is so bad that no one will tow it to the dealership. thank god my son didn't get killed
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MissLeopard83 on 07/25/2011:
Unfortunately, you can never be too sure with old cars. It sounds like someone kept it in a damp location, maybe sitting in water too long.

I have a 1992 Buick Century and the engine had problems with the bolt holding the steering belt together. I was driving down a busy highway and the bolt came apart and dropped a piece of the bolt on the highway. The serpentine belt came off and I wasn't able to steer. Since it is an old car, the part just deteriorated. Fortunately, it didn't cause an accident.
Skye on 07/25/2011:
Yes thank goodness nothing happened to your son.

This review is a good reminder to always have a vehicle checked out by a mechanic before purchasing it, especially a vehicle that's 19 years old. Better safe then sorry.
Skye on 07/25/2011:
It doesn't have to be in water or kept in a damp location to rust. I'm from Long Island, where it's damp and humid, and all vehicles eventually rust.

As with any used vehicle, having it checked out by an independent mechanic is money well spent.
trmn8r on 07/25/2011:
The car is 19 years old. I have a '90 F150 that ~belongs~ in the junkyard. Nissan 280Z's from the 80's were known for serious rust problems too.
Slimster on 07/25/2011:
You didn't mention where you live, climate and all, how much snow you get and how much salt they use, etc. That being said, it's an old car and "deal" as you put it. Again, money well spent having an independent mechanic give it the once over before you buy.
redmx3racer on 07/26/2011:
It's sort of well known that older Pathfinders have rust issues. At least to me, living in the northeast, but then again I'm a car guy too. Sorry about your luck, but the vehicle is almost 20 years old.
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Frame Rust Real Bad
Posted by on
MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I'm the type of person that takes care of my things so when I discovered frame rust on my 95 Nissan Pathfinder it really pissed me off.

I have dumped a lot of money in this thing the exhaust went had to be replaced 3 times now the body is rusting everywhere. I Keep making the repairs but it keeps coming back they tell me it's rusting from the inside out. Now the frame is really bad can't even put it on a lift they say it will come apart. The frame is shot no way in hell it will even pass inspection. Went to junk yards looking for replacement parts but hell there are none just rusted out junk like mine now.

I wonder if there are any that haven't rusted out like this by the way did I mention the first 4 yrs it was garage kept really I THINK Nissan should stand behind its product like Toyota has I know what I'm buying next and it won't be a Nissan one piece of crap is enough I see they still have this problem so beware.
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Anonymous on 08/14/2008:
Interesting that you mention Toyota. My neighbor had a 2000 Tacoma. He was contacted by Toyota and was told that they had discovered that the run of steel used in that year's model had a problem. They offered him $18k cash, or trade-in value. He only paid slightly more than that when he bought it, so I'd say kudoes to Toyota for stepping up on that one.
Anonymous on 08/14/2008:
There are no recalls or service bulletins on rust problems or the exhaust for your vehicle. Nissan will probably not offer any assistance on a 13 year old vehicle.
Anonymous on 08/14/2008:
A 13 year old vehicle in PA is rusting. I can't believe it!
Slimjim on 08/15/2008:
Um, it's 13 years old.
Anonymous on 08/15/2008:
My good friend Jerry Lundegaard says you should always get the optional undercoating.
thover on 08/15/2008:
13 years old is 13 years old.

I have a 1997 Sentra which has more than 100k miles on it (still runs very good) and some rust of course but its normal I guess.
Anonymous on 08/15/2008:
It's likely caused by the age of the vehicle and the salts used on the road in the winter.
Bakerboy100 on 09/24/2008:
I just found a similar problem with my 98 pathfinder with 140000km or about 90000miles. Now I live in Ontario where they use road salt but the way mine rusted out salt would have no advanced effects on it.

While I was driving the drivers side strut mount ripped apart from the frame rail by about 3 inches. It ended up staying together enough for me to get it to my shop, but the metal ended up against the steering column and 1/8 inch from the master cylinder. Upon further dismantling on the front end (was planning on repairing it myself) the outside of the frame had wrotted out and looking down inside frame it is full of rust right by the a-pillar, whole unibody could have collapse on me. I am trying to see if there is anyone that has had this problem or I just got screwed, I will be talkin to Nissan as I heard today another local body shop was looking for the same parts for a pathfinder.
kaweston on 11/12/2008:
This appears to be a common complaint from reading so many complaints on the internet. My frame is rotted out too. When I broke through the rusted metal, the inside of the frame was half full of dirt / other crap which held moisture and rotted the frame from inside. In my opinion, there are not enough drainage holes on the bottom of the frame in the rear wheel well area to allow the dirt / debris to escape. Dirt and debris enter the frame though holes on the side of the frame as far as I can tell. I don't buy the argument that the frame is expected to rust at 10 - 13 years old. The metal used to build the frame is at least 2 - 3 times thicker than the body sheet metal and you rarely find a pathfinder where the sheet metal has rusted to the point where it crumbles to the touch. One option is to complain to the NHTSA (USA) or Transport Canada (Canada). This could be a safety issue if the frame completely collapses or the rear axle separates from the frame, particularly while the vehicle is in motion. If the government receives enough complaints, an investigation will be launched and ultimately it could lead to Nissan being held responsible and potentially a recall issued.
jdheany on 07/24/2009:
I have had the same rusting problem with my 1999 Nissan Pathfinder. I took it in for what I thought would be shock or spring work and told it was totaled. Nissan WILL lose a class action suite if brought to them. I am working on one now. Please consider contacting me at I would like to gather your contact info and ask you a few questions.

Justin Heany
Amer Al-Mudallal on 09/24/2013:
I have the same problem with my 1995 Nissan Pathfinder. This is a widely spread problem with Nissan cars and especially Nissan SUVs. My car did not pass the safety inspection because rust has eaten the frame and made the car unsafe to drive. I love my Pathfinder and have invested a lot of money in it and hate to see it go to the junk yard because the manufactures used inferior recycled metal in making the frame and the body of the car. Nissan should take responsibility and address this problem in the same manner Toyota did or else nobody will buy a second Nissan!
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Nissan needs to do a recall on IPDM on Pathfinders
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I had dual problems. First, I have had fuel gauge problems since day one. The fuel level sensor was recalled. I have had that repair 3 times. The second time, Pathfinder wouldn't start while fuel gauge showed empty. Towed to Firstone. No codes. After putting in 2 gallons of gas, it started. I had Nissan do the fuel level sensor recall repair. Fuel gauge still off. About a week later, fuel gauge dives to empty. I filled up and gauge still showed empty. Later that evening, it wouldn't start, same as last time-it turns over but won't start. I had it towed to Nissan. In addition to needing the fuel level sensor replace for the 3rd time, now I'm told that it needs a IPDM for $754.00. No codes stored in the computer. One of three things is going on here. 1)Does a fuel level sensor that reads dead empty prevent the fuel pump from running? If so, the IPDM issue is BS. 2)Coincidence of both failures is a bit much to believe. 3)If bad IPDM does not throw a code, then Nissan is very familiar with this problem. From internet checks, that appears to be the case. Nissan needs to step up on this and issue a recall.
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/22/2010:
Some websites you may find useful:
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Nissan Pathfinder
Posted by on
SOUTH AFRICA -- Please help me locate the e-mail address for the customer service or the director of Nissan Head Office in Tokyo.

We are driving a Nissan Pathfinder. What an amazing vehicle, but unfortunately it could not take the punch of South African conditions and Nissan South Africa are not willing to co-operate regarding this matter. I want to recommend the Pathfinder to consumers but with the type of treatment we received from Nissan in South Africa I am not at all convinced that I want to associate myself with Nissan any more. I choose to believe that Nissan deserve a chance to proof themselves and that Nissan should not be put down because of bad service in South Africa. Therefore I am requesting the contact details of Nissan's head office in Tokyo. I still believe that Nissan did not build a 4x4 vehicle with the excellent reviews of the pathfinder to just allow the small percentage of the South African market to spoil their name.

I also believe that Nissan value their clients. Please proof me right by allowing me to present my case to Nissan's head office.
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Nissan shady business practices
Posted by on
MILFORD, CONNECTICUT -- The short of it – I purchased a brand new Nissan Pathfinder LE in January from Napoli Nissan of Milford, CT.
2 weeks later the paint came off the front bumper while washing the car. The local dealer and Nissan rep agreed there was something very wrong with the paint on my car. Months later they approved to paint the front bumper under my new car warranty. I asked for an extended warranty since no one could explain what had happened to the car. No go.

I filed a BBB Autoline complaint and scheduled for an arbitration hearing. Nissan was willing to hear my request. They agreed (through the BBB Autoline rep) to give me an extended warranty for 60 months / 100,000 miles and paint my car. Once the BBB complaint was closed they reneged on the deal. I had gone to the dealer just days after the case closed and the dealer informed my Nissan corporate canceled my warranty on the paint. After two months of waiting I have no warranty and no paint job.

4 month old car and the paint is falling, chipping off everywhere - wipes off on a microfiber cloth when drying your car - Nissan couldn't care less and deceived me to close the BBB case.
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User Replies:
Pomona Guy on 05/30/2007:
You could always park out in front of the dealer Saturday with a big sign inviting people to come look at the Nissan paint job. That would scare away customers and put pressure on them.
MRM on 05/30/2007:
But they would tow the truck away and charge you with towing fee.
Ponie on 05/30/2007:
Can't you refile with the BBB?
runaway on 05/30/2007:
Offer to help the dealership advertise - by painting your windows with wording to the effect of "XXX Dealership sells cars with crappy paint jobs like this!" You aren't lying, after all. :)
Anonymous on 05/30/2007:
Fantastic idea Pomona Guy.
socooy on 05/30/2007:
Lol! I have been wanting to do that since it happened. There are a few dealers in the area, I was going to ask to park on the lot!
Anonymous on 05/30/2007:
LMAO!!!! First I don't know why you keep asking for an extended warranty. Extended warranties DO NOT cover paint!!! Then you had approval to have the bumper painted and you open a BBB complaint (by the way the BBB could not shut down a lemonade stand). Summary: You tried to get more than you were entitled to and now you pissed off the people that were trying to help. Good job!!!
socooy on 05/31/2007:
Actually, they said the car did not come from the factory that way and no one could provide an answer as to what happened. If I was going to be stuck with a lemon that was repaired then I wanted to be covered for the 5 years I planned on keeping it as I paid cash for the vehicle up front. I do not think it was unreasonable. It was two months before Nissan agreed to paint the vehicle, I already filed the complaint. TO this day I was not allowed to have the # of the rep that originally looked at my car. I should have been given a BRAND NEW vehicle that I paid for, not an abused one to be pawned off on me. Don't forget, this happed 2 WEEKS into me owning it.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
JACKSON, TENNESSEE -- My wife just purchased a 2007 Pathfinder LE from Carlock Nissan in Jackson Tennessee. Needing to find out why the doors did not lock when putting vehicle into drive, the first question from the service rep was: Did you purchase the vehicle here? That was not the correct answer I was looking for. Answer to initial question is that no Nissan products offer auto lock and unlock. That is an unsafe condition for my wife and it needs to be corrected. It only takes a computer change in the vehicle. So far no resolution from Nissan Hot line.
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User Replies:
rhondam718732 on 12/07/2006:
HUH??? If it is such an important feature then why would she buy the car without having seen / confirmed that the feature is in the car??? And what safety issue? I have a Pathfinder too and I keep my doors locked while I'm driving and as soon as I get in the car...can't she do that?
Gando on 12/07/2006:
I'm also confused here, if that feature is so important to you, you should make sure it comes with the vehicle before purchasing.

I myself own a Dodge and when I get in the car, drive about ten seconds, the doors automatically lock. Try a Dodge! I love mine!

Oh, and I don't understand, "no Nissan products offer auto lock and unlock" next comment "It only takes a computer change in the vehicle"?????
spiderman2 on 12/07/2006:
Can she press the lock button when she gets in? That would solve the unsafe condition. I personally lock my doors before I turn the ignition on in my vehicle The autolock is a nice feature, but you can lock and unlock the doors without it.
Anonymous on 12/07/2006:
Anonymous on 12/07/2006:
See if she can figure out the locks on her own.
Skye on 12/07/2006:
Why didn't you check out this feature you expected, before you purchased this vehicle?? I doubt they are going to do anything for you.
Slimjim on 12/08/2006:
Is your wife an invalid that she doesn't know how to lock a door? I doubt that was the answer you were looking for either.
spiderman2 on 12/12/2006:
This is brilliant, my spouse just got a 2007 Nissan Maxima and the lock button it light up on the armrest. You can't miss it when you get in. Just hit lock, problem solved!
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