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Poor Quality Not Honored
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Rating: 2/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I purchased a one-owner Infiniti FX35 with about 60,000 miles and the dashboard started developing bubbles which in time have got progressively worse. I called the Infinity dealership shortly after the purchase and questioned them about the problem. Since I had found online that many had the same issue I didn't expect much. I was told by both the dealership and Nissan/Infiniti corp. that there was nothing being done about the issue. The problem is now so bad that the first thing anyone says when getting into my car is "What happened to your dash?"

When I googled recently about the cost to repair the dash I noticed that there is now an extension to the warranty that will repair the dash. Called (Jan. 2013) and yes it was extended, but no, my extension had expired (May 2012). I would think it would have been good customer service, and not at all hard to do, for the dealership to notify all their "loyal" customers affected by the issue. When I questioned the dealership and corporate I got conflicting responses from "since it is not a recall there was no notification made," to "there was a letter sent out which may have been sent to the original owner."

Both seemed more concerned with my service information and how often I brought my car into the dealership for maintenance. I had work done to the car a few months after purchasing the car about $800 in repairs, and was told additional work was needed (about another $400). That turned out not to be necessary. Also when they called about the work being done, I mentioned that there was a rattle under the car that sounds like something was loose if they could check that out. I was told it was an additional $75 to check that.

That rubbed me the wrong way since I just paid $20,000 for the car and within a few months it is in the dealership needing about $1,000 repairs. I also brought it in again recently because it seemed nobody else was able to replace the battery. I did get general oil changers, brakes and general maintenance elsewhere. That seems to be an issue with them. Anyway, I asked that since I questioned that problem twice before any extension was issued and then was never notified once an extension was issued, where I was at fault for not being aware that an extension time. I was told I did nothing wrong but there is nothing that would be done for me.

It seems like the Nissan/Infiniti took ownership with the dashboard problem, but not too proactive in putting the word out and seems like if there are still problems the issue would still be a result of poor workmanship or inadequate materials. Read the posts, this is very widespread! I am a loyal customer and would like to be treated the same in return.

Lie To Cover Their Butts
By -

DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA -- To whom it may concern: My Name is Capt. **, and I have been Dealing with this situation for over 10 months now. The 2006 Nissan Xterra has Been in 3 different county Nissan Dealerships, and they have made 6 attempts to repair. In May I received a notice to Bring my Xterra in for inspection, due to a recall in fuel system. I brought it to Fischer Nissan (Titusville fl.) to INSPECT vehicle, instead they chose to replace parts, when I told them the car was fine but was requested to come in and have checked.

Car seemed fine as when went in until a week later when the car started hesitating and sluggish, found out it was the part they replaced, so Fischer Nissan somehow triggered the issues with parts they replaced surrounding the recall problems. So was repaired once again. Celebrity Nissan (Winter park) was next, since Fischer Nissan couldn't resolve the problem. Same thing happened with them after 2 attempts with them I brought it to Daytona Nissan, which seems to be same thing but I gave them 3 attempts to resolve. It is in the office of the attorney general's office and the national hwy, safety dept.

To Show severity of this issue, on Dec. 21st 2010 I was driving down to Titusville for a charter, when suddenly car stalled and threw the boat and trailer from the hitch. If this is not dangerous, I don't know what else to say!!! I am a charter capt. So I do make long trips, and feel this vehicle is unsafe on road. I choose carefully where I drive, and try not to go anywhere in condition the is in. On January 27th at 4:40 pm I received a call from ** which is from Nissan Consumer dept. His response from a recall situation was, “ the vehicle has 100,000 mls on it and is out of warranty so we are not doing anything more for you!!!”

Didn't Receive Notification That My Account Was Handed To 3rd Party Collector.
By -

I am very disappointed by the non-action of Nissan. I co-signed a loan and the payments were being made by the primary account holder. The primary account holder made a payment every month, some on time and some late that I am aware of. I rarely received a call from Nissan demanding payment since the primary account holder was making payments. In the month of September 2009 I made two payments totaling over 600 dollars. The account at that point was up to date. The primary account holder was going to make the final two payments to the account to pay it off early.

Let's just say the remaining amount of the loan is under 600 dollars. Nissan did not contact me by telephone or by letter nor did they contact the primary account holder who I co-signed with that they are sending our account to a collection agency for the remaining amount. So I get a call at my work demanding payment for the remaining amount from the collection agency. I told them on the phone that I don't have the money and that I cleaned out my savings to make the last payments 2 weeks ago. They did not care, they demanded the last amount.

I told them on the phone that I don't know who they are and why they are calling me. They told me that Nissan handed our account to them and I told them why because the account is current and that Nissan never notified me of this action on our account. They told us that we must have broken some type of agreement with Nissan. I didn't understand so I ended up calling Nissan. I couldn't get any logical reason why they didn't tell us by letter or phone call that they are no longer handling our loan.

So basically my complaint about Nissan is the non-action of not receiving any kind of correspondence that our loan was handed over to another company I never heard of. I was shocked by the call I received and I just don't blindly trust somebody I have never worked with directly. I did not give that new company any money and I will not until I receive something in writing from them. I am disappointed in Nissan for not advising me about the actions they took with my account. For this I will never purchase a car from them again, even with cash.

The primary account holder on our loan was paid every month and I even made some payments to the account. So, I will never do business with the company again. There is no point for me to as I am just very disappointed. It feels pretty crappy being caught off guard with zero warning. Customer Service is very important these days, especially with the current state of the economy.

A pregnant woman is ripped off and ROBBED!
By -

TOTOWA, NEW JERSEY -- Everything started when I received a recall letter that said that a model and a year of my car has a defective filling tube that can start leaking or even cause this car to blow up. It said I should go to any dealership to get it fixed for free. Went to this dealership on route 46, Totowa, NJ for service. They fixed it, I took the car home and barely made it to my street - the car broke and wouldn't start. My father is an expert mechanic, he checked the battery and also checked if there was a spark. Everything was normal. Then he poured some gas directly into the engine and the car started. So, he said that fuel just wasn't getting to the engine because of what they did while "fixing" my car.

I paid to have it towed back to them. It surely took them several days to start working on it, and when they called me back to inform me of the problem they said that there is just NO SPARK! Anyway, I needed the car ASAP so, I decided to go ahead and just fix it. They charged me over $700. When I went to pick up the car I found some of my things missing! They STOLE several things like anti-radar & $300 worth of tools from the trunk which is very important for every driver to have. I called the police and the officer said that for the past 15 yrs., this has been happening pretty often at this particular dealership.

I am pregnant (in my 9th month), on maternity leave and I'm due any week now! Obviously money is a big deal to me. I do not have a baby crib or even a bassinet. Now, because of this big expense I just had I won't have a bed for my little one, I cannot afford it! I get an impression that they do it on purpose to make money. So, if you get a recall letter DO NOT GO TO DEALERSHIP! They will find a way to fool you and make money off of you. They will make any small problem a big one! People BEWARE!

Scam Artists!
By -

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- On 3/14/09 I visited Nissan of Garden City in order to purchase a car. I met with a sales person named **. After taking my application, he informed me that he would get me approved for a 2007 black Nissan Murano at a cost of $14000. As part of the agreement he agreed to pay the remainder of my existing car note for my 2000 Toyota Sienna at $6298.00, which was a huge incentive. He said it would take 10-14 days to be approved because this was a "special arrangement".

On 3/26/09 I called ** to explain that I needed to continue to make payments on my Toyota Sienna. He apologized for the inconvenience and said that he would make 2 payments totaling $1006 with "voucher money" from the dealership. He asked for my bank account number so he could transfer the voucher money into my account, allowing me to pay my current car note. I later found out that this transfer was deducted from my down-payment, in violation of our agreement.

On 4/2/09, I told ** that I refused to wait any longer and that I wanted a refund. He reassured me that I could pick up the new car on Thursday, 4/9/09. However, on 4/9/09 when I called ** to arrange for pickup of the new car, he stalled. I did not hear from ** at all that day, although I tried contacting him repeatedly. The next morning I finally spoke to him and requested a refund again; he then transferred all but $50 back into my account. I later called Nissan of Garden City to make a formal complaint and get the $50 refunded. However, I was told that no one was available and that the sales manager would return my call. I have not received any call to date, nor have I received the $50 I am owed.

I would like my refund of $50, as well as to lodge a formal complaint regarding the business practices of the sales staff at Nissan of Garden City. I am also concerned about the exposure of my personal and confidential financial information unnecessarily and would like some recourse taken as to the security of my information.

New Port Richey, Florida Nissan Service
By -

NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA -- Ferman Nissan of New Port Richey, Florida has set a new record for poor service and apathy, a record previously held by Nissan of Clearwater, Florida. Clearwater Nissan: About one year ago, I took my 2004 Nissan Frontier to the Nissan dealership in Clearwater, Florida for an oil change. I had made an appointment for a specific time to assure fast service. I waited in the lobby.

After two hours, I inquired as to the status of any progress. No work had been started and the representative made it obvious that he did not care that it had not been started and did not care that I wanted to leave without the work being done. The truck was where it had been moved to after I handed over the keys. I left with the truck and without the work being started.

New Port Richey Nissan: On 12/27/07, I took my 2004 Nissan Frontier to the Nissan dealership in New Port Richey, Florida for an oil change and tire rotation. I had made an appointment for 8:30 am to assure fast service. I had made the appointment with Brian ** (ID **) but spoke with Jason when I left off the truck. I waited at a friend's house nearby. After 4 ½ hours, I called and spoke with Jason who said the truck would be “ready in 10 minutes” but that he would call when it was ready for pick up. Thirty five minutes later, Brian called to say the truck would be “ready in 10 minutes” and I could come pick it up.

Twenty minutes later the truck was ready and I left with it. Neither Brian nor Jason apologized for taking 5 ½ hours for this simple maintenance nor did either explain or express any reason for such an absurd delay. Their voices and general attitude dripped with apathy. I asked a man who identified himself as “one of the managers” why it was taking so long. He said that he did not know since “we're just not that busy right now.” He said he would check but I did not see him again.

Saturn of Clearwater: My previous car had been a Saturn and I was used to quality service completed within a reasonable time by a friendly staff. Taking my car to Nissan after being used to Saturn care was certainly a rude awakening.

Nissan Rogue sucks and the Customer Service is even worse
By -

FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE -- I bought my daughter a new Nissan Rogue (her first) and the Transmission died in the very first month. I have called, sent several emails and written letters to the Management of Nissan, Mr. Carlos Ghson, President, Mr. Hiroto Saikawa, Mr. Al Castignetti and others and have NOT heard from any one of them. I have lodged complaints with their Customer Relations department and was rudely accosted by one **, who told me there was nothing they could do, short of replacing the transmission. I asked that an extended warranty be issued on the vehicle as it was unreliable, but was denied that privilege.

Nissan has lousy cars, bad service, callous customer relations and they deserve to play second fiddle to Toyota, Honda, Kia, Hyundai and other car manufacturers. I will NEVER buy another Nissan again and I would encourage anyone reading this article to refrain from doing so either.

IPDM Intelligent Power Distribution Module
By -

Be careful when buying a Nissan! I first purchased a Nissan Exterra and when the dealership could not get the ABS system to keep working, they traded me for a new 2005 Nissan Frontier LE. Yesterday the truck cut out leaving me stranded on the freeway several times, the last time with a diesel right behind me. I was able to restart and barely got to the closest repair location from there. After testing all afternoon yesterday and today, they finally figured out it was the IPDM. The part is not available anywhere, due to so many consumers needing it. Japan cannot keep up with orders and it could be as much as a month to get the part - and the truck does not run without it!

There should be compensation for this inconvenience as well as a recall due to the many of us who are stuck with no vehicle to drive due to the faulty design on the system. I am stuck now, no car, little money and nothing anyone seems able to do. Nissan Corp representative simply stated "what can I tell you, it is what it is." Awesome customer service. Any suggestions for me? This could very well cost me my job as I am in outside sales in an area with very little work available. Wonderful.

Rusted out Nissan Frames and Undercarriages
By -

Do you own a Nissan with rusted out frames and undercarriages? We have started to TRY to get some help but it will take all of us to band together to try to get something done. We have filed a complaint with the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and the ODI (Office of Defects Investigation). If enough of us register complaints and this organization can determine a pattern of the same thing happening to numerous people on numerous trucks they can deem it a defect, if an investigation is opened and a defect can be determined they can force Nissan to issue a recall.

Please contact us today for full details. We own a 1995 Nissan XE pickup, started rusting at the age of 8 with low 60's mileage. This is only an attempt to try to resolve this issue but if no one complains to the right place nothing will ever be done. It's only a 5-10 minute phone call. Thanks in advance. **.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

YORK, PENNSYLVANIA -- I sold my 2005 Nissan Titan pickup to Apple Nissan on June 14, 2012 after they sent me letters asking to buy my truck. When I took the truck there for first appraisal the salespeople were all over me and my wife asking if they could do anything for us. We settled on a price and did the paperwork on June 15, 2012. It took until July 12, 2012 and at least two dozen phone calls to get our money.

Every time we called to talk to the salesman Jim ** he was always away from his desk and would not answer his voice mail. I left messages with other salespeople and got same response NOTHING. I have several voice mails from finance people all claiming check was mailed all on different days. I would never recommend this dealership to anyone. Not unless you want to play games with people.

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