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Nissan Cars Are Overpriced Junk
Posted by Lindaroberts7462 on 07/17/2013
ALABAMA -- Nissan cars are junk. Beware do not buy one. Costs more to keep running than payments. No use to complain to them. They treat you like dirt and take you're money. Guaranteed trans. Will go out on all their vehicles. I wish they would go bankrupt and out of business. I have never dealt with a company with such bad customer relations. Have they ever heard of the customer comes first and is always right?

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Posted by Bill on 2013-07-17:
That's a broad statement to make. I've owned 4 Nissans (94 Altima, 98 Altima, 00 Maxima and 03 Altima) and non of them have been junk.
The Maxima has 120,000 miles on it and the trans is fine.
You beef needs more substance.
Posted by maw maw on 2013-07-17:
amen to everything that you said . customer is supposed to come first but no they dont they need to realize that without customers they would not even exist. things that they tell you (quote ) your brake complaint is only normal things that occur. like you I WILL NEVER BUY OR RECCOMEND ANY ONE TO BUY A NISSAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-07-17:
Your compliant would be far more effective if you gave first hand examples of why you feel Nissans are junk. Rather than the sweeping generalities you presented.

"Have they ever heard of the customer comes first and is always right?"

The thing is the customer is *not* always right. People don't seem to grasp the idea, that being told "no" by a company when they request something that they are not entitled to, is not bad customer service.
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Clear Coat Paint
Posted by Sales9179 on 06/18/2013
I have a 2008 Altima . In its 3 rd year the top, rear, and hood, looks liked someone scratched it with sandpaper. The sides look fine. Nothing I've tried to polish it out works. Nissan Shame on you!! These cars should have been recalled.
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Poor Quality Not Honored
Posted by Russ.leonard on 02/17/2013
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I purchased a one-owner Infiniti FX35 with about 60,000 miles and the dashboard started developing bubbles which in time have got progressively worse. I called the Infinity dealership shortly after the purchase and questioned them about the problem. Since I had found online that many had the same issue I didn't expect much. I was told by both the dealership and Nissan/Infiniti corp. that there was nothing being done about the issue. The problem is now so bad that the first thing anyone says when getting into my car is "What happened to your dash?" When I googled recently about the cost to repair the dash I noticed that there is now an extension to the warranty that will repair the dash. Called (Jan. 2013) and yes it was extended, but no, my extension had expired (May 2012). I would think it would have been good customer service, and not at all hard to do, for the dealership to notify all their "loyal" customers affected by the issue. When I questioned the dealership and corporate I got conflicting responses from "since it is not a recall there was no notification made," to "there was a letter sent out which may have been sent to the original owner." Both seemed more concerned with my service information and how often I brought my car into the dealership for maintenance. I had work done to the car a few months after purchasing the car about $800 in repairs, and was told additional work was needed (about another $400). That turned out not to be necessary.

Also when they called about the work being done, I mentioned that there was a rattle under the car that sounds like something was loose if they could check that out. I was told it was an additional $75 to check that. That rubbed me the wrong way since I just paid $20,000 for the car and withing a few months it is in the dealership needing about $1,000 repairs. I also brought it in again recently because it seemed nobody else was able to replace the battery. I did get general oil changers, brakes and general maintenance elsewhere. That seems to be an issue with them. Anyway, I asked that since I questioned that problem twice before any extension was issued and then was never notified once an extension was issued, where I was at fault for not being aware that an extension time. I was told I did nothing wrong but there is nothing that would be done for me. It seems like the Nissan/Infiniti took ownership with the dashboard problem, but not too proactive in putting the word out and seems like if there are still problems the issue would still be a result of poor workmanship or inadequate materials. Read the posts, this is very widespread! I am a loyal customer and would like to be treated the same in return.
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-02-18:
It's a shame but it seems like manufacturers care very little about second owners.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-18:
What you report is all pretty much what I would expect from my dealings over the years with auto manufacturers.

If there is a recall that is safety related, they'll find a way of getting your address and sending you a notice. But if it isn't safety related, you likely won't be receiving anything.

The part where they give you a hard time because you have routine service done elsewhere is standard also.

Often a manufactuer won't cover something like a dash. It must be a really bad problem.
Posted by Beth Wingfield on 2013-07-09:
Same experience
Totally disgusted!!
No help!
Dash is embarresing
Posted by Mike(aggravated) on 2013-07-15:
Nothing being done at all
I owned a 2005 fx35 which developed these same "bubbles"
I figured they would have solved the problem by 2008 when I bought my next fx 35 but I was completely wrong. That will be the last Nissan/infinity product I will ever buy!
Posted by Cindy on 2013-07-16:
I have a 2008 Fx35 with 45,000 miles that started developing bubbles on the dash about two months ago. I have contacted Infiniti but doubt I will hear from them especially since reading how many others have experienced this issue. Has anyone had their dash replaced at their own expense? Just wondering how much it costs. So disappointed in this car and the poor quality. I will never buy another one and will tell everyone I know how poor the quality of this car is considering how much it costs. I love the look and how it drives but it is literally falling apart. The sun visors fell off, there are cracks in the molding around the windows, the guard in the front fell off and now the bubbles in the dash. My Cadillac with 67,000 miles held up much better. I am going back to Cadillac!
Posted by Mercedes on 2013-09-19:
I just had the same experience. I am the original owner of an 2005 FX35 Infiniti. I bought it in July of 2006, so even though I only owned it for 7 years and 2 months, the clock starts ticking as soon as it ships out of the lot. I loved my car until recently. My dashboard did not start bubbling until recently. In late Winter 2013, it had 1 bubble, that was not noticeable. So I left it. In early June there were 5 bubbles that was very tiny. I went on vacation in early June and by the time I got back in August 26, the entire dashboard was covered with bubbles. It was pretty gross looking. I was shocked and immediately went to a auto body shop to look into repairing it. They said I needed to see a dealer. A car wash attendant told me that they cleaned 3 other FX cars that had the same issue and that there is a recall. That was when I went online. Sure enough I am not the only one. It seems that this problem is pervasive in the 2005 models. My issue is that Infiniti calls it a warranty extension, but they should make it a recall because they used defective materials on their so-called luxury car. I invested $48K of my hard earned money and keep my cars for over 10 years. I've never had a problem of this proportion. The fact that Nissan knows about it and is not standing by their product really makes Nissan is criminal. They used defective parts! Just like Toyota used defective brakes they did a recall. Why is Nissan not held to the same accountability?! I hope more people write about this and continue to scream and yell to be heard by the US Consumer Affairs. Nissan should have a recall on this dashboard bubbles!
Posted by mike lippold on 2013-11-20:
same thing, bubble 100 months after car off the lot, warranty goes 96 months, infiniti told me they could care less if it after 96 months.
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Incompetent, mean spirited company
Posted by Lyndaruiz on 05/10/2012
They took 31 days to 'process' their own payment extension agreement, then reported us "over 30 days" late to credit agencies and refuse to remove it. This was the only irregularity in our long, perfect payment history and they beat us up with their own incompetence and refuse to make it right and rescind the report. Never again Nissan or, of course, their financining

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Posted by traceylynn on 2012-05-11:
any payment arrangements usually do not say they will not report you late to the credit bureau, they just say they will not take the car. It sounds like the payment was 30 days late so it was reported correctly.
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Warranty Scam
Posted by Celestin.harry on 05/02/2012
$2000.00 worth of work that should have been covered under the warranty, not honored. I went for an inspection before my warranty expired. I made an appointment 0n 2/23 and was seen on 2/26. The car at that point had 269 more miles past the warranty. This was major work and they did not honor it.
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Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-05-02:
Stop driving the vehicle before the warranty runs out, is the answer. A limit is a limit. This review is helpful because it shows what happens if one goes beyond the limit, under some expectation it will be covered anyway.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-05-02:
i always trade my vehicles in before the warranty expires or 36k miles. i costs more, but i never pay for repairs.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-02:
It's too bad everyone can't afford to trade a car in before the warranty expires.

I can, but part of the reason I can is that I don't.

The crux of the complaint appears to be that the OP felt they deserved an exception to an expired warranty because it was only a few hundred miles over when the car was presented for repair. Unfortunately that means it was expired.
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Poor Customer Service at Nissan World
Posted by Maia422 on 01/09/2012
SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- My wife and I have been loyal Nissan customers since December 2005. In November 2008, I walked into Nissan World of Springfield, New Jersey, with the intention of leasing a second Nissan vehicle. I was interested in the Altima Coupe. I requested a manual transmission and was quickly veered towards the much more common dual transmission. When I declined and stressed my desire for the manual version of the car, I was told that manual transmission had been discontinued for the 2009 model because of its low sales. I then opted for the dual transmission. A few days after leasing the Altima Coupe, I learned that I was provided with false information, as there was in fact still a manual transmission model on the 2009. I immediately returned to the dealership. I requested to speak to the sales manager. After explaining the situation and requesting a vehicle change, I was issued an apology but told that a change was not possible. I left the dealership feeling angry, cheated, and victimized on that day. I immediately filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Soon thereafter, I contacted by Seymour Johnson, a salesman at Nissan World. Mr. Johnson expressed his and the dealership’s desire to compensate me for the problem. We agreed upon the installation of a factory rear spoiler on my leased vehicle. They had me come in to look at the spoiler and sign documentation on the agreement. When I went to the dealership to pick up the vehicle, I immediately realized that the rear spoiler that was installed on the vehicle was not the stock Nissan factory spoiler that I was shown the day I signed the agreement nor did it resemble any of the rear spoilers that I could see on the other Altima coupe vehicles. It was in fact a cheaper after market part. When I requested an audience to voice my displeasure, I was given none. I once again left the dealership feeling quite literally like a fool! Rather than continue to course a filing complaints, I opted to not return to Nissan World for my vehicle maintenance before my lease contract expires in February.
Upon returning to Nissan World, I noticed that they had undergone a serious makeover, as it was literally running out of a trailer three years prior. It was my sincere hope that there might also be an upgrade in the level of service from which I had received in November 2009. However, this was not the case. I initially spoke with Alex Reyes about looking into another lease vehicle. Once again, I stressed my desire for a manual transmission and was told that it would be difficult but could be found. Mr. Reyes then brought out his supervisor, which was Seymour Johnson. Mr. Johnson recognized me and also recalled my situation from three years prior. He then stated that he would definitely be able to work out a great deal for me. However, once again, this was an untrue statement. They claimed that I did not qualify for the lease loyalty program because of more than one late lease payment. Mr. Johnson stated that there was nothing they could do for me unless I contacted NMAC at 1-800-274-6622. I immediately called and spoke to a representative, Mary Ann. She informed me that all the necessary information was available to the dealership and that there was no need for Mr. Johnson to direct me to contact them because he could have done this at the dealership. I requested a listing be sent to me of my reported late payments. Mary Ann was very helpful and also suggested that I go to NissanUSA.com for additional information. Upon completion of that call, I again contacted Mr. Johnson. Before I could express my dismay, he stated he needed to call me back in less than five minutes. He never returned my call! At this point of time, I am seriously considering taking my business elsewhere at the end of my current lease.
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Posted by ChuhBaca on 2012-01-09:
Seriously considering? Not only would I not return, I would probably drive around for a bit with a sign on my new car stating "I didn't buy this from Nissan World. Ask me why." and drive around the dealership frequently.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-01-09:
I understand your frustration. The business of substituting aftermarket parts for ones that may have been available from the factory (eg spoiler, sunroof) is a common one dealers use.

As far as the "lease loyalty" situation, it appears from what you wrote that there is in fact an issue because of late payments. I'm not sure I would want to work with this dealer, but you may have that same issue at another Nissan dealership.
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2012-01-09:
I would also that the mis-information provided by the salesman is a perfect example of why the customer needs to know exactly what they are looking for when the are ready to buy.

Know the car first. A salesman isn't a car expert, he's a sales expert. I've had more than 1 car dealer make-up answers instead of simply saying "I don't know".
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-01-09:
When something like this happens, the first thing to do is contact an attorney. Then, you may have been able to rescind the contract based on fraud in the inducement, e.g. You signed the lease on this vehicle, only because the dealership misrepresented that no manual transimission was available; If you had known the truth, you would never have signed this lease.
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Several car problems
Posted by Decathro7 on 07/22/2011
I used to brag how wonderful my 2003 Nissan Altima was in the last two weeks, my car has been in the garage 4 and a half days. My entire brake line had to be replaced and my crankshaft had to be replaced. This never happened to my GMC cars that I had for over 10 years for each one! The final straw is I limped back to the garage today and was told that it was most likely my transmission!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-22:
All things being equal, it sounds like you've done well. Your car is 8 years old.

How many miles are on it? Who maintained it? When they replaced the crankshaft, was there a diagnosis as to the cause of the wear/failure?

Brake lines do fail. Was the car driven in a "salt state"? Good luck with the tranny - I hope you don't have to come back to complain about the repair job!
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Really Disgusting Practices
Posted by Ralphy on 04/05/2011
HEMPSTEAD, NEW YORK -- I purchased a certified used car from them at which time I purchased the extended warranty because I was told I could cancel any time. I have been trying to cancel that warranty to no avail. I later learned that they included the warranty in the final price of the car and made it look like I was given the warranty as a compliment so there is nothing to cancel since I did not pay for it.

That is not true because the car was advertised on the internet for $4000 less than I paid for it so I did pay for the warranty.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-04-05:
I don't know why you would buy an extended warranty if this was a certified pre-owned car. How much time was left on the CPO?

You don't get anything for free at a car dealer. With a CPO car, you are paying more than if it were not CPO. It is essentially a warranty.

Before you bargain price, you have to have researched the value of the car.
Posted by getoverit on 2011-04-05:
It seems to me that you must have signed a sales agreement for $4000 over the price the car was advertised for. If the understanding was that the $4000 was for an extended warranty (sounds like a lot) and that it was cancellable, then it should have been clear in the paperwork that the extended warranty was cancellable.

Why is it that you "later learned" that they wrote the warranty in as a complimentary item. Is that what you wanted?

It's happenned to me more than once that I'm sitting in one of those little offices talking to the "finance" person at a car dealership and they say "don't you want to get an extended warranty (or a maintenance plan) to protect your investment?".

Then I say: "show me what you've got in writing".

Then they fumble arounbd on the desk and can't seem to find any actual contracts.

Then I say: "well, we better get on with this or I won't be buying the car at all".

Pretty soon, they stop pitching the warranty.
Posted by Critical_level2 on 2011-04-06:
IT sounds like they sold you a 3rd party extended warranty instead of one backed by the manufacturer. I have bought many certified used vehicles and each time I bough the extra coverage warranty that extended the coverage but was also backed by the manufacturer. When they pitch the 3rd party warranties, I tell them no and I only want one backed by the manufacturer. The manufacturer backed ones are a bit more expensive, but i have never seen one for $4K. The most I ever paid was $1000 and that was to cover a Honda fro 10 years/100K miles bumper to bumper instead of the normal 10year/100K power train only warranty that comes with the certified vehicles.
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Lie To Cover Their Butts
Posted by Captruss on 01/28/2011
DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA -- To whom it may concern,
My Name is Capt. Russ Glenn, And I have been Dealing with this situation for over 10 months now. The 2006 Nissan Xterra has Been in 3 different county Nissan Dealerships, and they have made 6 attempts to repair.

In May I received a notice to Bring my Xterra in for inspection, due to a recall in fuel system. I brought it to Fischer Nissan (Titusville fl.) to INSPECT vehicle, instead they chose to replace parts, when I told them the car was fine but was requested to come in and have checked.

Car seemed fine as when went in until a week later when the car started hesitating and sluggish, found out it was the part they replaced, so Fischer Nissan somehow triggered the issues with parts they replaced surrounding the recall problems. So was repaired once again.

Celebrity Nissan(Winter park) was next, since Fischer Nissan couldn’t resolve the problem. Same thing happened with them after 2 attempts with them I brought it to Daytona Nissan, which seems to be same thing but I gave them 3 attempts to resolve...

It is in the office of the attorney generals office and the national hwy, safety dept. To Show severity of this issue, on Dec. 21st 2010 I was driving down to Titusville for a charter, when suddenly car stalled and threw the boat and trailer from the hitch. If this is not dangerous, I don’t know what else to say!!!

I am a charter capt. So I do make long trips, and feel this vehicle is unsafe on road. I choose carefully where I drive, and try not to go anywhere in condition the is in.. On January 27th at 440 pm I received a call from Derick which is from Nissan Consumer dept. his response from a recall situation was, “ the vehicle has 100,000 mls on it and is out of warranty so we are not doing anything more for you!!!”

Capt. Russ Glenn
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Posted by Alain on 2011-01-30:
Go to http://www.myflorida.com, click on consumer protection and then on file a complaint if you haven't done so all ready. You can also call citizen services at 850-414-3990.
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The good ,the bad, and the ugly
Posted by Kc05 on 09/21/2010
I bought a 2005 Nissan titan in 2006. I replaced the rear axle in 2007 about 33,000 miles. On 09-14-10 rear axle replaced again about 84,000 miles. I do tow with it but I never max the truck out. The most I have carried with it is 7,500 pounds, its rated to tow 9,000 pounds. This isn't strong and rugged truck they advertise in the commercial. When are the auto makers going stand by there products.
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