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Nokia Customer Service and Repair is so Bad
By -

I not only purchase Nokia produces I also purchased shares. But with the customer service I have received I really don't know how you stay in business. I have sent my phone, E71 to be repair back in July 2009 because the buttons were not responding. I go to use it on Nov 09 and it's worst than when I sent it in. It powers up but now doesn't turn on. I call customer service that look up the imei number and tell me it's still under warranty and to mail it back to repair with a note of the same issues and more. They tell me it's out of warranty.

I have called both repair and customer service whom keep telling me to call each other's department and no one gives me an answer. They tell me the phone is out of warranty but yet it was purchased in Jan 09 and was never fix properly the first time. Now they say the phone has corrosion from water but yet the sticker is still white and it has never been dropped in water. It has been on a bookshelf since July 09. Now I have to wait another week before someone calls me back. It seem that between the two departments someone is not telling the truth about something.

I was told when I first sent the phone in to include a padded envelope with my address so that when the phone was repaired it can be mailed back. Which I did. There was not letter, note or anything but my phone in the envelope when it was returned. I remember receiving an email or letter telling me my phone was repaired and being returned. When the phone was returned to me the first time after repair there was no note stating that the warranty is void and now 90 days. Now they are saying this is the case.

The bottom line is Nokia either needs to fix the phone, free of charge or send me a new one. If there is more wrong with it then the buttons not responding then that is something that the repair center did. I will be contacting the right people to make sure this doesn't happen to someone else.

Nokia Web Site Purchases Have No Way To Cancel Orders - Even Back Orders
By -

I ordered product through and was notified the products were back ordered. That website has no way to cancel orders on their website. I then called the company - 3 times. The first time I waited on hold for over 25 minutes. The second time I waited on hold for 10 minutes. The third time a customer service representative answered immediately. She notified me that I was not able to cancel my order. She agreed that the product was on back order and was not shipped but she said there was no way to cancel an order... unless and until the back order had been in place for three weeks.

I then spoke with her floor supervisor who also agreed that the conditions were unreasonable, but she was unable to do anything except refer my situation up the line of command. And that's where it sits... she said she'd boot it up the chain and call me back. She's now 4 days late calling me back. Anyhow - sum it up - do not order from Nokia website.

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