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Asked to Step Down After 10 Years of Management
Posted by on
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SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- I've worked for Nordstrom for 11 years, 10 years of that in management. I have been asked to move 3 times to other states to take over management to turn business around. I had been with this store for 5 years when my store manager was asked to relocate because she had been there to long. I would say she was the best store manager I had ever had with Nordstrom. January, new store manager is transferred from out of state. A man who has only managed a store for 2 years. I haven't worked for a man in 25 years for good reason. And I am a man myself. Most of my interaction with him was negative. It was very clear that he either didn't like me or the job I was doing. I had been having great business and increases for the past year. Had received cash call almost monthly.

My increases had been so good that I was having a hard time getting a monthly bonus. Managers monthly bonuses are revised every quarter on trend and increase. If you're doing well you have to do better. For the months of Nov. Dec. and Jan. I had to have an increase over 50% to make Bonus. Nov. Dec. no bonus but in Jan. 165% increase and a pick up of $65,000. This translated to a bonus of $659.

I had requested a sabbatical leave the beginning of November with my old store manager. This is a benefit of the company that after 10 years of continual employment you can take 6 weeks off unpaid. My old store manager had also promoted my best employee to an assistant position in another department. New store manager did not know anything about the sabbatical and I kind of freaked. I found my request with signatures of store manager and HR manager. I asked the HR manager about it and she told me that the request was in a different file so the new store manager didn't know about it.

To be fair I did have a few oops moments of things I was to do but didn't do them the way I was used to or should have. I did feel like I was being watched and judged. I tried not to have much interaction with the new store manager. He also told me that managers didn't go on sabbatical if they were short staffed. I was fine when I requested the sabbatical and my previous store manager promoted my employee. The HR department isn't the best at finding employee's for you. They rely on people applying on line to get prospective employee's.

I was having a schedule review for the month I would be gone. I had a line for a new hire, the store manager asked who the new hire was. I told him that I was trying to get someone hired. The HR manager was there as well and I was asking her about their hiring process. I was later told I was being disrespectful to the HR manager. The store manager asked me to rewrite the schedule with only 2 employee's. This in the fact that I was short one employee and I would be gone for 6 weeks. Later that afternoon he called me and said I had brought up some good points and rewrite the schedule with a temp dept. manager.

Days before I was to go on sabbatical there was no temp. dept. manager. My employee's were not looking forward to each closing 3 to 4 days a week. Normally we would split the closings and I closed as much as they did.

On my second day of sabbatical I heard from my previous employee who had been promoted and was now managing next to me. She told me that they had just announced the temp. manager that day. Nothing like upper store management planning ahead. It is very normal that at the store level as manager you must have everything scheduled and planned in advance. As far as corp. and upper management it is usually late. Such as our quarterly bonus arrangements are usually delivered to us 6 weeks into the 12 week quarter.

I traveled most of my sabbatical and spent a lot of money. Work was always on my mind and the work situation as well. When I returned I went right back to work. Several weeks after I returned the store manager called me into his office. Most of our interaction is behind closed doors, you have to know that Nordstrom has an open door policy and his behavior isn't the norm. Most employees commented on this as well.

He told me that he was surprised that I hadn't met with him after my return as it was a get away and time to think about things. After some brief conversation he told me that I didn't have the management skills to manage the department and that I didn't hold my employee's accountable. My employee's as well as myself are in our 50's. The new store manager is turning 50 this year. I was asked to step down, I would not be able to sell in my department or the dept. my previous employee was managing. I was offered designer handbags or Salon shoes. I choose to go to Designer Handbags. This step down resulted in a pay loss of 70%. I went to a dept. making $10 per hour and 6.5% commission.

It was clear after a week that this was not for me or where I wanted to be. I called a friend who managed my previous Dept. in the city I came from. There was an opening in the dept. and I gave notice and would be there in a week and a half. I would start at $16 per hour and would continue to work with my regular employees.

There is a big trend at my old store. The new store manager is cleaning house and getting rid of managers that are over 40, been there to long and most likely making to much money. I was replaced by a 27 year old with management in bridge departments. Needless to say my old employee's are having a hard time with her management style.

Although I have changed stores I am still with the company. One of my best customers contacted me because she and her boyfriend had both been contacted by the new dept. manager. She wanted to make sure that they were being taken care of and that she was there to help if she could. Any one who knows me knows that I do a lot of business by email and phone calls. I am in contact with all my clients. This is a very odd line as I haven't left the company just gone to another store out of state. My client told her that she would continue to work with me. Her boyfriend told her that he thought it was rude of her to call. Most likely because I was still with the company and working with both of them.

There are changes every year with any company but this year there seem to be more than any. Everything is being micro managed to the nth degree. Opening accounts, using mobile devices, etc. I'm sure this is coming from upper management who does not work on the floor and is trickling down hard.

The company does seem to be big on hiring 20 year olds when our main clientele is 35-70. Yes they are talking about the YC "younger client" at the loss of our older one. I'm sure that by the end of the month there will be many more older managers gone from my old store. I was not the first one that this happened to. Support jobs had been revised so that they could let someone older go and hire someone younger. I'm sure this will come back to bite them in the ass.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 07/15/2013:
Reading your review this might be considered a form of age discrimination, an EEOC complaint might be in order.
Old Timer on 07/15/2013:
Nordstrom's used to be the place to shop for quality and service. Our local stores are being run by a bunch of clueless kids now. They put a Target next to one of the Nordstrom's in our area. I can't see much of a difference between the help in either store. Both have younger, nice, well mannered, not too knowledgeable, clueless kids on the sales floor.

I can even remember a time when I was assigned my own Nordstrom's personal shopper and assistant. I would call ahead and tell her what I was coming in and looking for and she would have it all mapped out when I got there. Not any more, those days are long gone!
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Shameful Place To Be Hired To, A Work Scam
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Nordstrom being considered one of the best companies to work for has to be a paid for advertisement, unless they are referring ONLY to employees involved in new store openings and new-hire orientation. Nordstrom does a lot of new store openings and spectacle new-hire orientations, so those people have secure jobs, but for those who apply to work in these new stores, your job is NOT secure. The public is being fooled into thinking Nordstrom is creating jobs. They do these bid production new store openings but what you don't know is after the big circus employees are cut and back into the unemployment pool. Nordstrom company is all smoke and mirrors and those that report it as being a good place to work do not have the facts. This company is definitely not a job to base your future on, or even base your week on because you can be easily fired with only 2 seconds notice, if that. It’s like project runway-one day you’re in and the next day you’re out and they don’t bat an eye about it. Working hard and giving your all because you believe in the rumors that they are a good people business will only cause you great disappointment in the end, because humble and considerate they are not. You are a work horse who could be put down at any given moment.
This is not a job you take if you are needing a job for survival. This is a job you take ONLY if you can afford to be unsuspectingly let go. This is 100% one of those jobs you take only for the discount or as a supplement. Regardless of your great worth ethic and years invested in the company, you are disposable. Even if you reach the 2 year mark and make Allstar, you should still have a back-up security plan because a slip in sales could mean an instant layoff for even those who feel they have seniority. I have silently witnessed new hires come in grateful to find a job in this bad economy only to be unsuspectingly fired 1 month later and sometimes even shorter than that. Do Not take this job serious because they do not take you serious. If you accept an offer never stop looking for something else, and do not feel obligated to give a 2 weeks notice. After 2+ years of service I wasn't given any notice, just a quick sob story about their failing sales goals and how sad they were to have to fire people. As if cutting my small salary instantly without notice was going to solve their financial woes. This is a HORRIBLE, SELFISH company to be mistreated by. There’s a lot of mistreatment in the world of retail, but this company’s is just low-down and devious. Their excuses for layoffs are heartless. Never accept a job with this company, unless it's in new store openings and new-hire orientation, any other position is a scam.

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lexophiliac on 10/14/2011:
It takes more employees to get a new store up and on its feet than it takes to run it once it is up. I know Blake Nordstrom personally, (He's the oldest Nordstrom brother) and he is a wonderful, warm, compassionate man who, with his brothers, happens to have hit upon a very successful business model that many others in the biz try to emulate.
Lily12321e on 10/14/2011:
"It takes more employees to get a new store up and on its feet than it takes to run it once it is up."

Does this comment not confirm that job security is only for those setting up the new stores and hosting the new-hire orientations?
Does this comment not confirm that new-hires are being deceived into thinking they have a chance at open-door career opportunities?
Why not just honestly advertise the job as temporary? Why deceive applicants into accepting a position that may not last more than 3 weeks. Is that not cruel, especially during these difficult times. You may not be aware of the new-hire orientation presentation, but it GREATLY FAILS to inform applicants of how temporary their job may be, but what it eagerly presents "repeatedly" is how great the opportunities are for career growth. It is intentional deception, and it seems as though you may have confirmed that is the whole point, to get people to set-up the store with zero intentions of keeping them. Again, why not be honest and let the applicant know it's a set-up only job.
Blake may be a wonderful human-being and the Nordstrom model may be considered great by other companies, but Blake and the store model don't erase the fact that former employees are posting that it is not a good place to work for, and it does not erase the fact that customers are posting complaints about poor customer service to no customer service at all.
The Nordstrom model and Brand may be brilliant to those with materialistic minds and fake Hollywood personalities, but real-working people who are being mistreated and fired without notice are not impressed with the model.
Again, this may be a very successful business model that others in the biz try to emulate, but they can easily outshine this company's reputation as far as career honesty is concerned. I doubt other company's are emulating intentionally deceitful new-hire orientations with intentionally false promises.

lexophiliac on 10/15/2011:
I can't imagine anyone who is fired from a company for whatever reason having anything good to say about said company. When one is hired, there is no guarantee of the longevity of the position they have been hired for. There is a big difference in being fired and laid off, fired being let go with cause and prejudice, while laid off implies no prejudice and an opportunity for rehire in the future. Many people in this economy are being let go, it is not personal, it is business. My mechanic, who owns his own shop, had to let a great mechanic who has a family to support go. It was a tough decision, but one that had to be made as overhead was up and profits down. He is hoping to bring him back if and when business picks up. The mechanic who was let go understands it is business, tough for him, but not unfair.
Lily12321e on 10/15/2011:
"Many people in this economy are being let go, it is not personal, it is business."

As I have been reading other stories of being "LET GO" it seems that the business of Nordstrom is "LETTING GO" and it has little to do with the economy.
How many NEW STORES are they continuously opening in this ECONOMY, and how many do they plan to open each year following. Have those involved in the many new store openings set-up been let go?
Like you wrote before "It takes more employees to get a new store up and on its feet than it takes to run it once it is up". If that's there business than that's their right, but don't misrepresent what it really is, allow applicants to decide if they want to be miss out on a better job to do this temporary job. Isn't honesty the best policy?
New-Hire orientation spoke enthusiastically about the currently good standing of Nordstrom and how all these new stores are going to need new workers and new employees. New-Hire orientation never spoke of troubling times within the business and NEVER spoke of how temporary the job would be and how much it is based on store sales goals. You're right, no one likes being LET GO, but what truly disgust a person is being hired under deception. A person can go to a temp-agency if that is what they are looking for. A person can NOT APPLY and NOT ACCEPT a job if Nordstroms was less deceptive about the applicants future with the business. Again, new-hire orientation does not share any of the dark stories of economy layoffs, in fact they proudly lied about how Nordstrom was one of the big company's to not layoff. It's the deception that is more disappointing than the layoff. Company's who hire for seasonal positions say upfront how long the job will last. Company's with slow business say upfront how little the pay and hours will be, and many companies honestly list the job as a supplement. I've applied for a job where I was told during the initial phone call that it was a supplemental job where sometimes I might not be called in for weeks or I might work only 2 days in the month. I was able to make an informed job decision off their honesty. How many people "let go" from Nordstrom's can say they were even slightly informed and how many can say they were "let go" in a manner that would make them want to be rehired, not many I suspect from the stories I've discovered online. Your mechanic and The Nordstrom Brothers probably let employees go in a considerate manner, but the managers running the stores are not their clones.
How difficult is it to not over exaggerate the applicants good future with the business and their great open-door policy, how difficult is it to just inform the applicant of the real situation and let them decide. Many people prefer a temporary or supplemented job, why deceive those who do not want that into accepting the offer. There was a college student at my location who was heart-broken and said they needed that job. Had they known how limited it was do you think they would have even bothered applying for a 2 month job they were "let go" from without any notice, do you think they would have stopped applying to other jobs or even bothered registering for college courses if they had been honestly informed of the Nordstrom job situation? They don't even allow you to finish out your week, it's just "sorry our sales are down goodbye". I read on another post that an employee turned down an offer to join the GREAT NORDSTROM, had that applicant been informed that a job there was extremely short-term do you think they would have turned down the other offer just to be sometimes correct Nordstrom. I doubt being part of building a new Nordstrom store for a short period of time is more valuable than applying for a job that intends to keep them longer than a few months. The economy may be brutal, but nothings more brutal than giving those suffering false hope of income. Again, it's not that difficult to be honest and NOT lead applicants to believe they have found a job with a future. Just don't say those things and people won't apply only to be disgusted.
shannon on 12/16/2011:
I work there now as a seasonal employee. They told me how long the job was going to be AND if I did well in sales then they would keep me permanently. Of course they're going to fire you if you're sales are down. There are plenty of people out there willing to work harder to keep their job
UpeopleRinDenial on 12/24/2011:
Nordstrom is by far the worst company to work for. I've worked for other retailers such as Neimans and have never been treated in the way that Nordstrom treats their employees. I currently still work there and I can honestly say Lily is 100% right in what she is stating.
It does not matter if you have been working for this company for 14 years, as pacesetter, you will get laid off... I have worker for this company for several years now and saw it change so much. It was not like this before, what the consumer sees on the outside is being totally fooled!!
They don't have good customer service one bit. Each department has their own rules and structure no cohesion what so ever... Yes they promote from with-in but that means they are making young inexperienced people put in management to work on a low income salary as they hype it up in their minds like your "management" now. These young managers possess no skill, have no education, pretty much no clue how to run a team, and extremely unprofessional. Basically they will pay a young 21 year old department manager 18 dollars an hour as appose to getting an experienced manager and pay them a $50,000 salary, cutting costs this way is only a recipe for disaster. As, I mentioned before I work there currently and finally got a job elsewhere, can't wait to leave.
I worked in cosmetics as a counter manager, I got paid an hourly of $16 and 3% commission. one would think great but it was the most disgusting experience I've ever had to encounter. You have several goals, a counter sales goal, your sales per hour, and the cosmetic line goal.. The cosmetic line I worked for was wonderful, they understand the economy and understand the line that they are producing, their goal was reasonable and doable
tweet on 03/13/2013:
I completely agree...what customers see on the out-side face of Nordstrom is not what is happening behind the scene at Nordstrom.
They want low pay for hard labor, I make less here then I did collecting unemployment(for the one month I was on it) on some weeks..sure you can do OK in commissions during the busy season's but watch out for the returns they are a killer!!! Maybe Nordstrom should rethink their return policy then maybe they wouldn't have to cut there losses and possibly make some profit. The worst part as a commissioned employee the return's come back on you and are taken out of your already earned commission regardless if the garment is worn and/or damaged. Really why should the employee have to pay for used and damaged item's. It is appalling how they mistreat the employees as we do our best at working hard, give excellent customer service and then have to take the hit for the Nordstrom overly lenient return policy that consumers take complete advantage of!!! So...for all you consumers out there that Loves Nordstrom it is true you can return absolutley anything even if you have worn those shoes to the ground you can come back and say these shoes fell apart..seriously??? well maybe it is because you wore them for a year! Thismis no joke. In addition now they have a new policy that they say has always been in place and just now brought to my attention(of course not the time of hire). We are on what is called a list so no more than 2 people on the sales floor at one time with that being said we have to sit in the stock room until our turn is up...although during this non-sale time for a straight commissioned employee's we are not getting paid our hourley rate for non-sell hours. I can be back in the stock room up to 2 hours during a shift. Not sure how Nordstrom is getting away with not paying there employees according to there sales agreement but they are. Hands down the worst place I have ever worked and sadly not the Nordstrom I have always believed in but then again I was the consumer but not anymore and that decision is bassed on prinipal alone!!!
Nordscum on 03/16/2013:
So much of this rings true from my experience this far. I am still working with Nordstrom and really sad that I had at one time bought the false philosophy and lies they dangled about advancement. Sure you can advance... if you are an attractive and inept 20-something with no management experience and an excellent wardrobe.

If what you are saying is true about a list though I haven't seen that put into play in my store. If you are being taken off the floor and told not to sell you should be paid non-sell. Sounds like a potential lawsuit if it's true.
Real World on 03/23/2013:
I was hired as a seasonal worker as well. My sales were as good as the other workers however the dept. manager gave me higher goals than the other workers therefore I was set up to fail. I saw the numbers and goals each day and tried to talk to the manager about it but she said it didn't matter. (?) She also marked me late a few times on the for upper management to see and I was in fact early. I approached the manager and then she changed her story and said I should never be early? I believe what comes around goes around. I now have a great job making more money in one week than I did at Nordstrom in one month during their busy season.
Helen Hunt on 03/27/2013:
A friend of mine worked at Nordstrom. Nordstom never provides information to employees regarding who/what was returned but this affects their income so why don't they provide that info? I will tell you why: managers are re-ringing on their clerks. Her manager was re-ringing her sales (returning on her and ringing the sale for herself) and got caught. This is commission fraud plain and simple. Nordstrom did NOTHING to the manager and my friend was stuck with crappy shifts despite the "no retaliation" policy at Nordstrom. My friend left but that manager is still working at Nordstrom and probably still stealing commissions from her clerks. Nordstrom has a zero tolerance for long as you are not stealing from the company! Shameful.
Gwen Freeman on 05/06/2013:
This company is completely beholden to its shareholders and will use any dirty tactic to get rid of you if you don't show them blind allegiance or if you have the audacity to ask them to honor the terms of your hire... Never a shortage of cut throat pricks both male and female to carry out their dictates... I quit after only 7 months.. My manager was a manipulative sociopath... No doubt she will be a complete success in a company that rewards the ability to be evil. Worst job I've ever had...makes me truly appreciate where I work now so I guess everything happens for a reason
Stonebriar Mall on 05/11/2013:
Nordstrom is a terriable place to work for. They have a lot of age discrimnation, its ridiculous. They don' t care about loyal customer and building relationship with them at all. I don' t understand why they are in the top jobs there is always so much turn over. They will find any excuse to get rid of you. This had happen at my store a girl was a number 1 and was not making her number was on a chopping block. Next thing you know she was our assustant manager bc she was beautiful. I think that is total uncall for and mess up. In order to be in a higher position you have to be beautiful.
cosmetic emp on 05/14/2013:
Worked for 8 years for them and just got fired cause I fell to a ptr 1 for 2 pay periods, as dillards and Macys were in gwp for the line I was working at the time of 2 pay periods I was a ptr 1. Every customer was going to dillards and Macys to get the gift with purchase. In the 8 years this is the only moment they had to fire me so they did. They told me on exit interview to reapply right after the termination. They wouldn't transfer me to different department because my benefits level was too hi after 8 years and they wanted me gone. Never plan a career with them as their tactics are scandalous!
What? on 05/21/2013:
This sounds EXTREMELY biased. Your job security is based on your productivity. Your job is to be always improving your sales, building relationships with your customers, and living the Nordstrom culture. A salesperson is hired to SELL. If it turns out you're not a great fit, then it'll work out best for both parties to let you go. Isn't this common sense? I've worked for Nordstrom for just over a year, moving into corporate within that time. I've never worked for a company that I feel so passionately about. People have bad experiences in any job, that's understandable, but there's no need to slam the company as a whole because you had a bad experience at one single location.

Anonymous on 05/28/2013:
My advice is to do yourself the hugest favor and do NOT work for Nordstrom. They are heartless bastards and do not care about their employees. I am speaking from experience. They are all about making money and making more money. They are theeee WORST. Save your time, your sanity and your health and do not work for them.
Anonymous on 05/28/2013:
Management at Nordstrom is HORRIBLE! they only care about money...and not their employees who work hard. They keep the ugly vultures who don't care about the customers and who bring in the money for the company. RUN LIKE THE WIND and apply anywhere else but Nordstrom!
jaime m on 06/02/2013:
Where do I begin? I have experience working with Macys Forever 21 and saks. Nordstrom is the worst place I have worked for. It is a glass house. Young ghetto managers talk down to you like you have a tail between your legs. You are constantly walkin on egg. Shells waiting for the next mistake you make, I like saks much better. Definitely classier. Yes they pay more but the stress comes with iT.
Anna on 06/15/2013:
I have seen my daughter go from a eager and excited college grad to a depressed young woman with headaches. Great credentials and great work ethic.

She is a visual designer and her expeerience has been horrible. She is treated disrespectfully and her previous manager was a passive aggressive bitch.

I want her out of there as soon as possible. I will never give Nordstroms another dime because of the way their employees are treated.

The owners of Nordstroms may be nice people but their corporation does not value their employees. Hitler was a vegetarian and his close friends would die for him, but that didn't make the way he treated the common man acceptable.

I would never recommend a career at Nordstroms and even more not to shop there, I don't shop at Walmart for the same reasons.
Anna on 06/15/2013:
Don't shop at Walmart and don't shop at Nordstroms. That are 2sides of they same coin. I have seen the way they treat people. My always hardworking daughter was absolutely thrilled to get a job there fresh to of college and design school. They have beaten her down and put her on edge because management is poorly trained and vindictive. She stays quiet because she needs a job but is doing everything to get out. Boycott Nordstroms. I plan on passing the word to my more than affluent neighbors in Southern California.
Octbear on 06/16/2013:
I've worked with Nordstrom for over 2 years. I've never seen somebody let go without warning or without reason. It's a great company to be employed by. I care for all the young ladies under me. I strive to make sure that they succeed in all that they do.
Sam on 07/03/2013:
I worked for Nordstrom for 5 years and bought into the promise of a career. I started from the bottom and worked my ass off to become a support manager. I was constantly being micro managed and undermined by my Store Manager. I completely turned around the store I was working at, exceeded all my metrics, advocated for my team and did everything I was asked but at the end of the day was always criticized for not bending to my Store Managers will. I was asked repeatedly to dress up special and be a kiss ass with upper management when they made visits. I was told I needed to constantly smile and not speak up when I had an opinion contrary to higher ups. Just be flexibsle and do whatever they want. I eventually quit despite the fact that I loved my position and team. I just couldn't work with the sexist unprofessional management. I was never given an recognition or credit even though I went above and beyond to manage a profitable department. The people who are rewarded are people who are fake and look the other way when they see things that aren't right. Working there was the most stressful and unhealthy thing I've ever done in my life. I'm glad I had the courage to leave.
nmac on 07/18/2013:
Whomever said that the Nordstrom brothers are warm and compassionate you are greatly mistaken!!!! I worked for their Edison location for five yrs! That location is the main destination for all our north east meetings. I have seen it all! Cutthroat disgusting religional dept managers whom can't even wash their hands upon leaving a restroom let alone saying please and thank you! Above all, I have seen the Nordstrom brothers! Time after time they arrive late to our meetings, never ever stay long enough to even greet and be nice to some employees, rushes to leave and won't even take any second look at anyone! If that is warm and compassionate to u, then I feel for you. They do not care, and most likely can care less for what goes on in their stores. Talk all you want but I have worked for them, and again have seen all the drama and nonsense. So many good ppl let go! Explain that? Explain why they keep half witt ppl whom know nothing about their jobs! Including my at the time regional mgr, who couldn't even put a projection of the yr goals together!!! Ppl make me sick when they say its a fabulous place to work! Sorry ppl maybe you need to find better! I quit, didn't get fired, and been happy ever since! Got a new job, where my mgrs treat me like I'm a human, and not some dog they can yell at and kick around!!!
cw on 08/03/2013:
Norstrom is run by the Norstroms. Managers are just witless trophies who do and say everything the Nordstroms outline for them. Once their beauty fades, it's time for a new hire. There is no original thought coming for their mouths. Their job is to serve the customer, not to manage, not to innovate, not to transform. Sales run the company but if you challenge these zombies, you will be let go and told you are untrustworthy of cultivating a relationship. The other commenter that said it's a TEMP job is correct. You are not a full-time, longterm employee.
B on 09/06/2013:
I am currently a full time employee at one of the bigger stores working on the support team. Not only are we treated poorly by management, but by the sales team as well. We are not rewarded, we are berated. This goes all the way to the top. I cannot believe the Nordstroms are warm and compassionate. They are greedy, dishonest, and under handed. They promise "Career growth" and cap our wage at 12.80 an hour! If you are offered a position here, keep looking.
irony. on 09/12/2013:
A lot of you seem so obsessed with beautiful 20 somethings taking your is that not discrimination? Discrediting a whole group of people based on being attractive and young-maybe you should worry about selling and helping people.
Disillusionedandnearlydestroyed on 10/23/2013:
I've been with Nordstrom for about 2 years. Upon hire I thought I'd found a job that I'd retire from. I wasn't trained on the, "open sell," model they use. I'd always been with stores, and cosmetic lines, where you stayed behind your counter and sold the line to which you were assigned. I worked hard to grow my business. Then, one day, I was called back to the office for a verbal warning that I was a 1, which is the lowest sales per hour you can receive, on a scale of 1 to 4. A couple of days later, I got a, "opportunity check," meaning if I didn't improve, I'd be, "separated," from the company. I worked so hard to bring it up. However, my sph kept fluctuating. I worked so hard, I ended up taking medical leave, I was so stressed. Upon returning, I was fine for 6 months. Business began to slow, people that have never been a 1, became 1's. My job is being threatened again. Nordstrom does not take into account bad economy, government shutdown and the debt ceiling effecting sales. Also, it depends on the area you're placed in. Last pay period I was a 4, this one, back to 1. I have no room to be a 1. I have received another, "opportunity check." I will not go down without a fight. My health is at risk again. I can't take much more. I've taken steps to protect my job, but at what cost?
Elle on 11/29/2013:
I have been with this company for years and I can not relate to the previous comments. This is a great company to work for as far as retail goes. It is not perfect and the management does make or break your experience but that is with any company. You will be fired if you misdraw or fall to a ptr 1 but that is because the company has to pay out of their pocket if you do not make your commission goal. If you can't make your numbers then why should they keep you around, there is always someone there to hire who will make them, that's business. As far as Nordstrom firing people for no reason, that is false, Nordstrom will let people go according to the well being of the department, I had people let go for complete understandable reasons and it was not always about sales. I make good money there even when it is slow, that is because I come to work, call my customers, and follow up with them. Returns are stressful, and people do take advantage of the system but the people who don't outweigh the people who do which is why they will not change the return policy. I get whatever days I want off and they work with my school schedule. They are sensitive to life situations, and the time that I was struggling with my sales, they did what it took to help me and the did not fire me because my work ethic was good. I do plan on leaving because it is not my cup of tea anymore and I want to find something in my degree field. This company is changing but not to the degree people are making it out to be. I do feel as if they are becoming less picky on the people they are hiring and they need to look at that as this is a reflection on the company. It took me forever to get hired there and I know every designer from top to bottom and this one girl got on with one interview who told this customer to go to city trend for jeans. So yes the moral has gone down the drain.
Aseller on 12/01/2013:
I work at Nordstrom. I have to say the way some of these responses are written clearly indicate those who wrote them are most like incompetent or probably not as good as their job as they think. I have worked multiple Nordstrom stores between 2 states, in support roles, at Nordstrom Rack, and currently as a salesperson at a fulline store.

Some of the comments about mistreatment and disliking the managers strike a cord with me. I am in a store currently that acts as a training ground I'm a way for young managers, and sometimes they can be irritating, immature, or lazy. I have heard the Nordstrom brothers are dicks, and believe it. And I have definitely seen managers let employees go in ways that could be considered unfair. I also hate how they make us jump through ridiculous hoops to return things, don't receive the same rewards benefits, and don't instate polices well.

HOWEVER a lot of these claims seen ridiculous, while I'm sure they may have occurred, I think it's important to realize THIS IS A LARGE COMPANY. Do you think they got there nursing every underperforming, lame horse, lowly salesperson? Those who perform succeed and move up, those who do not stay sales people and are eventually sloughed off for someone fresh and ambitious. That's what they're about, working up, and if you can't do that then one has to expect they may be endanger of being asked to leave.

Besides that, complaining about attractive 20 something's succeeding is a bit rude and ill thought out. Nordstrom is a high end fashion retailer required to keep up with a rapidly changing modern culture. Why wouldn't they hire attractive young people who sell clothes, who probably also happen to be passionate about what they wear or look like. What sells pretty clothes? Pretty girls and boys to wear them. A fresh face, a little bit of edge. As someone who is young, people my age ask what I'm wearing, and older women want my approval it's appropriate for their age, or that I would wear something like that. Youth connects with everyone. There's a salesperson in my store who's been here for ages- proabably 65- dresses like she's 30. There's probably a reason she has her job after years. Obviously this is a business of vanity, maybe it's a little vapid and shallow, but if you're not on board don't work there.

As a student, when I was working part time, I could consistently make between 11 and 20 dollars an hour on commission. Do you know how much that is for a young 20 something!? My friends had jobs that paid $7.87 an hour.

But most importantly, I have never seen anyone terminated without notice. Usually I've seen people forced out until they quit because then they don't have to deal with the repercussions of firing you. I don't make my sales goal 100% of the time and I have never ever been told that I am in danger of losing my job because of it. And to whoever was talking about a cosmetics counter manager should be open about then fact that there's about a million of those and it is a glorified sales position which should be considered more like floor lead. They do not run the cosmetics department at large in any way.

Through all its flaws I still think that employees have it pretty good. I have far more autonomy than most people in their job, I'm treated well, and I genuinely love my customers. I treat everyone exactly how I expect to be treated when I shop at Nordstrom with my Mom
David Lenane on 12/14/2013:
Yup...that's my real name! My email is I quit Nordstrom the day before I was going to be separated from the company. The reason you ask? It was Christmastime....I was a Logistics Manager and I had worked to many days in a row. I was a salaried employee,so I wasn't getting overtime. They HAD spoken to me about the amount I worked in the past. I told them I worked what the job required. Since I left they have gone through 4 managers in that position, none having the success that I did. This company is as shady as they come. For the people who defend it...I have a question...What happened to Store Operators? How about Customer Service employees? You need to go into a career at Nordstrom with the right attitude. It IS day to day employment. Get what you can....experience... a customer base if you are a salesperson and move on to better places like I did. My regional manager told me I was going to be fired the day before the Store Manager told me. I quit before they had the opportunity. BEST move I ever made!!!! I wish you all well, as there are some GREAT people at Nordstrom. But most of management got to where they are by undercutting others. Nature of the game at that place!
C on 02/17/2014:
As a former support employee at a rack location I must say that reading these comments has gotten a laugh out of me. Honestly, because I've observed a lot of it. The new hire orientation for new stores is crazy. They will overload your senses with pretty pictures and fast talking, then when you start working employees will drop like flies. After a few months you'll start seeing morning meetings attended by a very small handful of people. A far cry from the 90 employees the store will start off with. I was told a lot of the same things that are mentioned on this site directly. Things such as ''That was a great idea, and we'll use it, but don't let the regionals hear that you have any thoughts.'' and "You're getting paid from the neck down." Employees are very micromanaged, and have very little wiggle room for any mess ups. I guess the economy can be blamed for some things, but that's no excuse for a company to go 'China' on it's employees adopting a "If you don't want to come in on your day off with 30 minutes notice, then we'll find someone who will.' type of attitude. On to beauty discrimination... The day my store opened I overheard a regional manager suggest putting all the attractive hires up front to give the customers something nice to look at. I have definitely noticed that every regional manager not tied to support was well above average in the looks department. It reminded me a lot of the hunger games... Hyper-effeminate men and attractive women with enough confidence to fill a vault made up the 'ruling elite' and from time to time they would visit stores in their region putting everyone on edge. Occasionally pointing to an employee going "I don't like your face, get out of here." or something to that effect. Working for this company was definitely a great way to crush your spirit. I've also noticed that they tend to take advantage of the economy by hiring people WAY overqualified for their positions. During my time I had worked with plenty of associates with degrees and management experience who were lucky to qualify for benefits due to their ridiculously impossible way to qualify for them. It has to do with hours over a 3 month period or something like that. I wasn't in it for the insurance so I never really worried about qualifying, but I've seen employees that worked a real solid load of hours to earn benefits get cut down to somewhere in the ballpark of 15 hours one week to put a stop to them qualifying. I can't say for 100 percent certainty that the act was malicious, but it sure seemed like it. I've watched these droves of overqualified employees demotivated during their time by managers that handle them in such a way as to make their employees feel like they are never going to get anything better than the job they had at the store, and the company was doing them a huge favor allowing them to use their degree and experience be a door greeter. It was always pretty funny when employees actually would leave for better jobs because instead of congratulating soon-to-leave employees, the managers carried on like the act of finding a better job was a personal attack on the store. My advice to anyone considering employment here would be the same advice given in the article... Turn it down unless you just want the discount. They will discuss in detail with you the wonders of the 'Nordstrom culture'. Let me break that down for you people reading this. At Nordstrom's there is ONE rule. That rule? Use good judgment. They will tell you that this means that you are your own worker. A free thinker. As long as you use good judgment, you are golden. Not true. Use good judgment is their one rule that encompasses every rule. Even silly made up rules. They can get you for literally anything now because judgment is reserved for the person above you. Not you. They will rave about something called the upside down pyramid... Claiming that within the company the higher up you are, the less 'important' you are. It starts off with the customers as the most vital part of the company, then hourly , managers, etc... They'll tell you that as an hourly employee you are so important to the company that you can call anyone above your payrate to air grievances in their open door policy. I like to think of this whole pyramid thing like walmart's anti-union propaganda. It's put in place so that you feel like you can police yourself... Like you have a voice that matters. Say you do have to make a call to someone above your status as an hourly employee... Well, you should have gone to your next in charge to carry your grievance up. Refer to the ONLY rule... You didn't use good Judgment. Oh, so you applied for another job opening within the company on the company's job opening system without telling your manager first. Oops, didn't use good judgment. Had to use the restroom for three minutes while the floor was empty and didn't tell anyone about it. Bad judgment. You could be hit for anything... Of course this is only my experience. Every store, region, district, manager, employee, or any other variable makes everyone's experience different, so the views and experiences in this comment are only my own and are largely based on observations and opinions.
Gina on 02/25/2014:
@ lexophiliac, Okay if you know blake so well, why don't you ask him to have one of his people do an undecover boss segment! Let this person see what the underlings have to go through on a daily basis! In my opinion the Nordstrom Brothers, do not give a crap about the workers. All they care about is the numbers! It sucks when you are literally flushed in the face by working so hard, and your work is not acknowledged in a promotion. Rather it talked about, but the actions tell the real story when someone else less experienced, and completely lazy! but well liked by the manager, gets the position, instead! But their backup wording is always, We just thought so and so was a better fit! makes sense? A Load of Crap! The Nordstrom company is made up of a bunch of political, racist, power driven, egotistical, Idiots you have ever come across! There are no principles, no respect, no quality! Ageism runs rampant there! The open door policy is a joke! The company protects itself. I had a solid case towards them. The manager wanted to let me go and was looking for anything to nab on me he gave me 2 op checks and told me that if I was one minute late he'd fire me. I had valid reasons and doctors notes for my calling in, and being late. so when I fixed the problem, he looked at lowering my hours. I asked for more hours, but he said he must share the hours with the new hires. Why??? When the workers who are working there need the hours. Why hire more people? So I was forced to supplement my income with another job. He told me that I would have to make a decision either to stay with Nordstom or stay with the other company. because he felt along with HR, that it was a conflict of interest. So I told him it was not a conflict of interest, but I decided to let that other job go. meanwhile, I researched and found out that it was not a conflict of interest and brought this up to HR and also the area manager. The area manager ends up telling me that we all make mistakes, and we are all human, so cut him a break! Seriously??? I still asked for more hours after that, and still had not gotten any. I decided to just put in my two weeks after knowing that couple of people that were very inexperienced, and lazy. Were being promoted, and only being there for a couple of months!!! While I was there a whole year and some months busting my butt! Making the store look good! All the management are in cahoots with each other, and it is all political and unfair, and very unethical! The big wigs come down to the store, and make assessments. How are you being treated here? What can we due to make you a better employee? All they do is walk around with sticks up their butts, and judge you on your appearance. While all the managers crowd around them and kiss their feet! Pathetic! The full line store is much worse! It makes no damn sense, but in order for you to thrive there, you must look the part, and act the part, meaning you must act like a snobby rich person when servicing the customers. You must wear designer clothing even if you cannot afford it, to appease the Store Management, and the big wigs who come to visit the store. Most sales people there don't make enough money to look the part.So if you can't, than your canned! They frown on you for not looking fashionable enough. your in High School all over again!!! This time with much older "Mean Girls" and "Mean Boys"! insane!!!! In my opinion your business is a reflection of your true character! So if this Blake Nordstrom is such a great person, Than either he is really clueless about his business and company, or he is a mirror image of his company! I am so Glad I no longer work for that terrible company!!! Good Riddens! and I would rather buy from Macys and Neiman Marcus, than Nordstrom ever again!!!!!
NordySTL on 03/06/2014:
I worked for Nordstrom a few years ago and honestly, I still believe that it is the best company that I have ever worked for. They truly empower their employees to use their best judgment. I do know that if an employee has had negative experiences in any given retail store, whether a Nordstrom or not, the issue is generally derives from the store manager as he/she sets the tone of the store.

No one is perfect and no one job is perfect for everyone. It sounds like the young lady who was commenting above may not have been a good fit. Oh well, that's life. Ranting and trashing the Nordstrom name is in no way helping your case.

As I mentioned, I stand by my comment that Nordstrom is well-run company and is based on terrific values and ethics.
Nordstrom Northpark on 03/19/2014:
I was the top sales person in my department and in the store more times than I can remember. I outsold my manager and our whole team combined. Even on the slowest day's.all of a sudden I became very sick for about a month. I was in and out of the hospital every week. I was throwing up constantly. Even though I was working 1-3 days a week I still had the highest sales of the week. My manager told me that as long as I brought in Dr's notes I would be fine. Wrong! Nordstrom doesn't take Dr's notes. So I was written up. I couldn't believe it. I've never been in any trouble and I was a level 4. So one day I was stuck in traffic, there was a bad accident on the freeway, 7 car pile up. I called my department and asked to speak to my manager. They put her on the phone. I told her that there was a chance that I may be 5-10 min late. If that. She said it was fine. I actually made it to work with 5 min to spare but when I arrived our department was swamped she asked me to help put people in dressing rooms and to grab clothes. I did without questioning her. About 15 min later I clocked in and started checking people out. Everything was going fine until my lunch break. I was called into the Human Resource office and told that I was being let go for obsessive tardies. I was so confused. My manager told I agreed I wouldn't be late anymore and I showed up 15 min late today. I told her to check the cameras I wasn't late. I also told her I talked to her on the phone and she said it would be okay even if I did show up late. She said she NEVER received a call from me (LIE) and the computer records show that I didn't clock in until 15 minutes past my shift. I was shocked and heart broken. They even had security follow me out as I walked past every department like I was a criminal. I later found out through other employees and my manager's favorite pet (who had the worst sale's in the entire store but is still working for Nordstrom) that the real reason I was fired was because I was out selling my manager and she had been called into the office by the store manager and was reprimanded. The store manager told her she was being outsold by her team and if she didn't improved she would be reduced to an assistant manager position because it was obvious by her OBSESSIVE TARDIES and POOR SALES that she couldn't handle her position. So I was fired for being too good and making my Boss look bad. WTF! I'm still so upset. The only good thing is I received a very nice unemployment package but once that ran out I still couldn't find a job that paid the same amount I made at Nordstrom. I lost my car, apartment, everything. Nordstrom was like being in high school all over again. The Mean Girl's syndrome was in full effect.
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Unfair Termination. No Explanation, No Notification. Racism?
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- This is the biggest disappointment that an employee of Nordstrom can ever face. I feel insulted and discriminated against – and worst of all, I feel like a victim of racism. Nordstrom, which is all about keeping employees and customers happy, maintaining a high standard for ethics and what not, has stooped to the level of terminating employees without any notification or reason.

The image I had of Nordstrom for so many years has shattered after such a terrible experience I went through as an employee.
Believing myself to be a Nordstrom employee, I entered my Employee number at a Nordstrom store to get a discount on my purchase. Embarrassingly enough, it got refused and I was told that I have been terminated about 2 weeks back according to the system.
I called the Nordstrom store that I was working at and spoke to a manager, demanding a clarification.

I thought there was an electronic glitch in the system, as there was no way a company like Nordstrom would be so unprofessional as to terminate me without reason or notification, let alone both. Especially given the fact that I was passionate about my job and had leading sales figures for the shifts that I did work. There was no reason for this at all.
However, it turned out that the information given to me by the cashier at the random other Nordstrom location was true – I had been removed from the system as an employee. I expressed disappointment and asked why I was not informed, and demanded a reason.

At first, I was falsely accused of not showing interest in getting more shifts/hours. This was not true at all - I had previously called asking for my schedule and was told that there are no hours available for me, and that I would be contacted when there are hours available. Ever since then, I had not heard from the scheduling manager regarding shifts.
I told the manager on the phone all of this and her next statement sounded like attempt # 2 at covering up Nordstrom’s unfair termination – she said that the scheduling manager had left 2 voicemails for me since my last conversation with the scheduling manager. The truth: I have received ZERO voicemails. I can verify this with my phone carrier. I was receiving voicemails from everyone else that left me one, so it would be highly strange if my scheduling manager’s voicemails would be the only ones not to reach me.

Of course, I told her this. She said that the scheduling manager told her that there were voicemails left on my phone. Once again, I said that there were no voicemails at all, and that in case there are hidden voicemails that I didn’t receive, I can contact my telephone carrier to look into the matter further.

There was a hesitant pause and then another cover-up. I was told that there hadn’t been any hours available for me to work, which is why they terminated me from the system as an employee. This makes no sense. If there were no hours or no demand for work that I do, how does one explain the thousands of Nordstrom employees working for hours and hours everyday in the same role as me?

So far, I was only being given statements that were either false, or sounded like excuses with no solid justification. Clearly, there is discrimination going on based on race or some other factors.

After I still didn’t have a reason or explanation at all, I asked why I hadn’t been notified that I was terminated. At this point, I was upset and unable to get an answer. But now, I also wanted to know why a company as big as Nordstrom would get rid of an employee, and not even call to let them know that they are no longer part of the firm.
The answer to this was that Nordstrom doesn’t always tell employees when they are terminated. I was dumbstruck and confused. I had no idea that Nordstrom does not feel obliged to let employees know when they are no longer employed.

Does that make any sense? I have no answer regarding my termination. No reason, no justification, nothing. Not even a notification.
The two issues were being terminated without reason, and not being notified of this termination. There was no reason given (except for “no hours available” – which I don’t believe.)

My thoughts: I was the only employee at my cosmetics counter that belonged to a south Asian background. There is no valid reason for me to be terminated, even after a discussion with a manager regarding this. I think this is a clear a sign of discrimination. Why would they terminate me without any reason, any notification, and without getting in touch. I demonstrated good performance (I had leading sales figures for a few of my shifts, and did well on average), I showed interest in working further shifts even if I only got a few hours every month, and I was passionate about what I do. Then why would I be terminated? And why would they not notify me?

This shows Nordstrom’s lack of courtesy and poor business ethics. I was treated derogatorily, and feel discriminated against. This attitude is not one that a professional and renowned organization like Nordstrom embraces. This only leaves me to believe that there is racist/discriminatory behavior going on.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/04/2014:
File a complaint with your state's department of labor and the EEOC.
Shayen on 03/04/2014:
While I do not believe the race card, old and tattered it is, can be played here, I do find the Company's behavior and litany of excuses odd. on 03/04/2014:
Thanks for replying. How do I file a complaint?

Shayen, I would not want to believe that it is racism, but it definitely is some sort of unfair discrimination and that is the only form of discrimination that stands out - I cannot think of any other reason. I have never dealt with anyone rudely and always arrived on or before time, always demonstrating passion for my work.
trmn8r on 03/05/2014:
I don't see any evidence of an allegation of racial discrimination in what you posted.

It sounds like you were down to pretty much not working (no hours), and this may be why you didn't know you were terminated. They certainly should have let you know. If you were pretty much not being scheduled to work, that could be related to why you were terminated - you were not needed. It's pretty hard to tell. on 03/06/2014:
Well, there was hiring going on and there was demand. I had always expressed that I wanted more hours. And I was good at what I did - I had good sales figures, on occasion the leading sales figures too. I had received appreciation from another manager.
Relentless on 06/24/2014:
Why would you not believe the race card? That thought process alone is why, if I wasn't minority, I would feel comfortable terminating someone due to race!

No matter how much racism is shoved in our face everyday, we still sit back like it isn't happening, almost like we can just wish it away.. if you join the fight and help end it once and for all, then we all get to move on.. not just 1 or 2 people living in a bubble
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Loyal Customer has Terrible Nordstrom Experience
Posted by on
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I am writing today to unfortunately complain about Nordstrom’s customer service for the first time in the 20 years I have been shopping at their stores. Yesterday evening I had one of the worst shopping experiences of my life at the Downtown Portland Nordstrom location and thought everyone should be aware of this. One of the reasons I have always respected, admired, and above all shopped at Nordstrom was because of the exceptional customer service. This is exactly why when I was treated so poorly yesterday I was exceedingly disappointed. At Warren Buffet once stated “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it,” sadly, this is exactly what happened last night.

My mother lives in Boise, Idaho where there is no Nordstrom. I live in Portland Oregon. So, my mom comes over here at least 5 or 6 times a year to visit and more importantly, to shop. We ALWAYS shop the Washington Square Nordstrom, Downtown Portland Nordstrom and The Nordstrom Rack at Tanasbourne. Not only has she been shopping at Nordie’s since before I was even born (and I am 26) but also, it is rare that she leaves to go back to Boise without spending at LEAST $1000 between the three locations. This past weekend was one of these weekends. On Saturday we visited Washington Square and made some purchases, then Sunday we went to Nordstrom Rack where we collectively spent over $700. As it was a Sunday and we were crunched for time, we raced from the Rack to the Downtown Portland Nordstrom for some last minute shopping before heading to the airport.

We arrived at the Downtown Portland Nordstrom at approximately 5:20 – 40 minutes before the store closed. I have been looking for a new handbag and was debating between a Chloe Paratey handbag and a new Tory Burch speedy type purse. As time was limited and we did not have the time to stand around while I thought, my mother decided she was going to return a couple of the items she had purchased at the Rack and purchase some Jo Malone perfume instead. The salesperson in handbags told her she would not do the return, that she could not return Rack items at a regular Nordstrom. This caught my mom and I both off guard as I had made a Rack return at a regular Nordstrom just a week or two before at Washington Square (I returned a pair of men’s True Religion jeans from the Rack and then bought a couple of full priced items in The Rail). We figured she just couldn’t do the Rack return there in handbags so we went upstairs to customer service.

In customer service there was one employee working and she was with a customer. It was apparent she was going to be working with her for a while; she looked at us and told us that it would be a bit of a wait, we told her that was okay we just needed to make a return. She looked at the Nordstrom Rack bag and said “well if that is Rack return you can’t do it here.” We were again, caught off guard, but we told her that my mom was from out of town and was leaving that night after first making some last minute purchases at this store. We asked if she could make an exception for us. She then rolled her eyes, said fine but that someone else would have to help us. She then called for the “Manager In Charge.”

The “Manager In Charge,” her card stated her name was Aimee Pickerd, came upstairs and asked us what she could do for us. We explained the situation and she just stared at us blankly and nodded continuously stating “I am sorry but we do not typically do Rack returns here as they have a different policy than us.” I said, okay, I understand that, they have a 30 day return policy but we just bought these items 2 hours ago.” She continued to nod, in a VERY condescending way, and just said “I am sorry, like I said we do not typically do this, the Downtown Rack is just 2 blocks away you can go there and make the return.” As a Portland native, the Rack is in fact more like 4 blocks away and it was POURING rain. Moreover, we now only had about 20 minutes to get down there to make the return, thus leaving us NO time to shop at the Downtown store. I said to her, “I understand you don’t typically do this, but does that mean you sometimes make exceptions?” she said “yes that is true.” To this I replied, “Okay, well then can you please make an exception today as I would like to buy some stuff at your store and will not have time if we have to go to the Downtown Rack.” To this she just said, “No, I cannot help you, I am sorry you’re on a time crunch but that isn’t my fault.” That just floored me.

Ms. Pickerd’s response was the type I would have expected from a salesperson at Macy’s, NOT Nordstrom. I then said “So you’re really willing to say no to our return and lose a customer who is going to spend a lot of money?” And she just again stated, “I am sorry I cannot help you.” We then asked for her business card and left. I was baffled that, A) ANY store (especially in this economy) would turn down a customer about to spend over $1000 on their store on a handbag alone, not to mention also purchase some perfume, and that B) she was so rude. Both of these actions are something I have NEVER experienced in a Nordstrom store. So, we left the Downtown store with nothing more than Ms. Picker’s business card and a lot of anger, frustration, confusion and disappointment, then proceeded to get soaking wet running down to the Downtown Rack where my mom was able to return her items before heading off to the airport.

Our experience last night completely made me rethink my loyalty to Nordstrom. I purchased the handbag that I have been looking for from the Bloomingdales website this morning. Not only does Bloomingdales have a product variety superior to Nordstrom, but also have way more sales, promotions and all around prices that are significantly more competitive. Frequently I can get the exact same product much cheaper from Bloomy’s than from Nordies, I have just always loved the “Nordstrom Experience” which is why I was willing to pay a little extra. This is no longer the case. And the same for my mom. She flies here to see me and shop at Nordstrom’s, now she will fly to Seattle where I will drive up and meet her and we will shop Nieman Marcus. Or we will fly to San Francisco or LA where I have sisters and we can shop at Bloomingdales. Or we will both just shop online, but definitely NOT from Nordstrom.

To bring this full circle, what I have found even more baffling is that this morning my mom went to the Nordstrom website and did the “Live Chat” with a customer service representative She asked if she could return Rack items at a regular Nordstrom store. The representative said that yes, of course she could, however they would follow The Rack 30 day return policy. I have also talked with a couple of my friends who are current Nordstrom employees both at the Washington Square location and the Lloyd Center location, and they have all confirmed that they can in fact take a Rack return with no problem
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User Replies:
let me see? on 01/18/2010:
Please you are kidding? Something is very fishy here. If you are such a big Nordie shopper you would know that Rack purchases must be returned to the Rack. And all of a sudden your "friends" that work at Nordstrom says its OK to return Rack items to a regular Nordstroms, why not go to these "friends" and make the return. And I agree with the manager, your lack of time is hardly their problem. You can not understand why Nordstroms cannot change the rules for you. And your I spend 1000's and they should let me do what ever I want doesn't hold water. I am sure Nordstroms will not miss your 1000's of dollars of spending.
Ytropious on 01/18/2010:
I wish I had 1000 dollars to blow on a purse. How can you buy something then 2 hours later decide against it? Even if your mom was leaving you could have returned the items for her another day, no? Maybe it was a recent policy change. Maybe all those times you DID make a rack return at Nords it WAS the exception to the rule? Think about that one OP. Just because you're used to being made an exception doesn't negate the fact that the original rule still stands, no rack returns at Nords.
Anonymous on 01/18/2010:
So, because you were too lazy to drive 4 blocks away, you expected them to make an exception for you? They told you they couldn't do the return. Their computer system might not recognize the Tags from the Rack. I doubt they were telling you no just to give you a hard time
Anonymous on 01/18/2010:
There is inconsistency with the communication Nordstrom is giving. First inconsistency is that the OP was allowed to make a Rack return in a regular Nordstrom store in the past. The second one is that the store employees and manager said no. The last inconsistency is that on the Nordstrom website the chat representative said yes. So, which is it. If I were the OP I would be a bit miffed too. Either yes they can or no they cannot. Either way, Nordstrom should be consistent with the information they are providing and offer education to the emnployees if needed.
Ytropious on 01/18/2010:
Pro, I addressed that. It could have been that they had made an exception for the OP the past times she returned rack items. Maybe their GM has cracked down on them and told them to cut down on return exceptions. Just because OP is used to exceptions doesn't entitle them to an exception every time.
Anonymous on 01/18/2010:
Understood, Yt, but what about the online website chat? There is still inconsistent information going out. Stores want customers to follow policy but give out wrong information? And who is to say who is wrong? The chat representative or the in-store representatives?
Ytropious on 01/18/2010:
It's probably just that location then, the GM is cracking down. Also the 800 number or online chat is almost always going to side with the customer, they just do. But then it's the same higher authority telling stores to crack down on returns, so yes I guess your point about inconsistent information is correct.
*Brenda* on 01/18/2010:
ProConsumer, best answer!
Anonymous on 01/18/2010:
Oh the tragedy of having to deal with this economy! I hope things turn around quickly so that you don't have to suffer the way you did.
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
what I find oddly amusing about this review is that the [nordies] employee continued to apologize and state they would not be able to take the return. and that was considered rude. interesting how when one is told no, it doesn't matter how the person saying it says it, it's rude.
Crown Jules on 01/19/2010:
I live in the Portland metro area and am very familiar with the locations of the downtown Nordstrom as well as Nordstrom Rack. In the time you spent going from handbags to customer service, talking to customer service and arguing with the manager, you could have easily walked back to the Rack and made the return. The Rack is a clearance store for Nordstrom merchandise and I liken it to a factory outlet store. You can only return outlet purchases to outlet stores and it looks like the Rack has the same rule. Maybe it's a new policy that was instituted at the start of the new year, but the bottom line is that instead of accepting what you were told you thought you were special enough to get an exception.
VIPStylist on 08/23/2010:
As an employee. It is our job to make to make the customer happy. We can take rack returns up to 14 days. I don't know why they didn't just take it back for you. The newer stores are so much better at helping out then some of the older stores.
DebAK on 10/02/2010:
Well, class envy is alive and well. Seems to me some of you out there simply resent the idea that someone might have the means to purchase a $1000 handbag. That aside, the complaint relates to the decades of insistence by Nordstrom that customers can expect to be treated exceptionally. Customer loyalty and service are deeply embedded. I work at Nordstrom--in training we are taught about the Nordstrom culture of service. Of course service should lead to more sales, but the customer should never be made consciously aware of that idea, but they acknowledge that with continued spending. If there were a compelling reason that prohibited the return--computer outage fouling register transactions, the great plague, a nuclear explosion--that would necessitate ingenuity on the part of the manager to solve the customer's problem--THAT is what Nordstrom does. Or at least that is what Nordstrom has built its reputation on. We are told to exercise good judgment. That means we do whatever is within our means to accommodate the needs of each customer without having to ask permission or palm off a customer on another salesperson. The only exception is if a salesperson literally doesn't know what to do and must refer a customer to someone who does know and can help. To the reviewer--it is so unfortunate that you had such a frustrating experience. You have every right to feel the way you feel. I would make sure the store manager knows about your visit. Those who want to issue blame to you for laziness or hypersensetivity don't lessen the frustration or offer constructive solutions. We all get in situations where time works against us, where we make purchasing choices which we regret only after leaving the store, where we find ourselves asking for exceptions we normally would shun. Give the store one more chance to win you back.
jktshff1 on 10/02/2010:
DEB..very well put
Bodhi on 11/02/2013:
I work at the rack and we do not have a 30 day return policy it's limitless. And, full-line can and do take back rack returns, but they only honor that if it is within thirty days from original purchase. Seems like you had I'll-informed managers and rude, to say the least.
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Age discrimination
Posted by on
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I've shopped with Nordstrom for years and am curious how many other woman have noticed that it is rare to find anyone over the age of 30? Customer service is horrible, help is pretentious and unconcerning! Seems as though there's a connection. I loved going into different departments and seeing various age groups working. The beautiful older woman who gave you hope. Is this not real life ? Working and communicating together? I will not buy anything from them and I will be watching other department stores. My friends agree as do my beautiful young three daughters as they too will age!

Get real Nordstrom!
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 02/18/2011:
There is the possibility that Nordstrom hires the most qualified people, and it has nothing to do with age. Do you personally know any older women who applied for a job at Nordstrom but were turned down? I think a store like Nordstrom would welcome mature employees.
Anonymous on 02/18/2011:
Odd, but when I'm home, I shop at the Portland OR Nordstrom stores (Downtown and Washington Square) and have not even noticed this. I do remember being waited on by people of varying ages. I find this true at the Vancouver, WA Nordstrom also. The people that have waited on me have always been very helpful and nice too. I am not young, so please don't think that's the reason I am not agreeing. Perhaps not as many older women apply for a job there? I guess I really don't care who waits on me as long as they can do their job well and give me assistance when I need it.
GenuineNerd on 02/18/2011:
There have been many cases reported where the aging unemployed have faced age discrimination when applying for employment. Some "help wanted" ads even mention "over 50 please do not apply" or "if you are unemployed please do not apply". This is blatant discrimination, although unenforceable. A good number of the unemployed, including "99ers" (those who maxed out the number of weeks of collecting unemployment compensation) are over 50...they had seniority at their previous jobs, but couldn't even get a job at a fast food joint. Many employers are guilty of this...if they hired the over-50's, the unemployment rate would go down.
Jen shops alot on 11/27/2011:
As recent employee of over 21 years with Nordstrom I would have to agree with some of the above comments. I had and outstanding employment record as pacesetter for 20 years. I feel that I was forced out of the company on bogus charges because of my age. The new Nordstrom employee is very young "20's", in-experienced with a poor work ethic. I'm guessing that's why they all still live at home with their parents. The managers are mostly in their 20's as well. Many of my co workers have been treated un-fairly based on age,all over 40. They are flooding the sales floor with so many sales people that no one can possibly meet their goals. In this way the managers can decide who they want to get rid of based on numbers alone. They can keep all of the new 20 somethings that they just hired and boot the older women that don't seem to fit in with their new image. I gave a big part of my life to Nordstrom and really thought that I would work there until retirement age but I guess they saw it differently. It's funny that they would let go of a million dollar seller for over 20 years to make room for another future Nordstrom leader.
shannon on 12/16/2011:
Okay...of course they don't want people over 50! This is a HUGE job, it's walking around and standing up and being with people all day. I'm 19 and I have trouble being able to stand like that all day! So of course they're going to hire who is best for the company! I sure WOULDN'T want a 50 year old over a 20 year old, they move slower! and that is just a fact, it's not discrimination and honestly I think if you're THAT old and have worked there for THAT long you probably should have moved up a LONG time ago so that us "20 somethings" can work on the floor and earn our ways up.
ruth on 02/12/2012:
First there's fifty then there's fifty,I could work circles around most 20 year olds any day of the week.Shannon has a lot to learn.
Roberta on 07/22/2012:
I have worked at Nordstrom for over 8 years in a large store, over 400 employees. I have witnessed the company firing all but one manager over 40 in the last 4 years. For all 8 years these managers were promoted through various levels, all stars and even though they were meeting or exceeding their goals....they were let go. There is only one manager left in our store over 40, and I suspect he will be gone soon. Sad, since the company had invested in their promotions, relocations and obviously grooming and training over many years. Very sad.

Top million dollar sellers who are over 40 are being given the worst schedules, etc. I am over 50 and the comment above about strength and the ability to physically do the job is laughable. The 20 year olds stand around talking about what they are going to purchase, and each other. I am busy helping customers and have to stop them talkng and ask them to help the customer waiting behind mine. I can run rings around their physical activity. I walk 2-3 miles a day weekdays ad 5-8 on the typical weekend no problem. A man gingerly gave me a load of dresses and then was shocked when I took it all on one finger.

There was a management meeting around 2 years ago where they were told, word for word, "if the managers do not want to move up or around (location), then they should be coached down or out". I have seen this happen systematically. Whether or not they meant to do so, this policy is effecting anyone over 40 in large numbers. Some over 40 have well established ties and/or family in their area and may not want to move up or around the country.

One of the new stylists (around 22) told an older woman customer that since she couldn't find anything the customer liked that: "you are just not trend forward enough for our services". This customer was very wealthy. I was assisting one of my regular customers and the other customer asked me for my card. She told me her story and said she had money to spend, but was almost going to give up on Nordstrom.

I have also seen long term employees fired within 1 and 2 years of retirement from Nordstrom.

The new younger stylists are coming in without any experience in the store, with our products or experience handling customers and customer issues. They are hired and their starting commission is 9% whereas longer term employees, even pacesetters and over million dollar sellers only receive 6.5% or so...depending on job.

Managers over 40 are almost gone, sales associates are probably next.

I had thought that Nordstrom was better than this. When I started at Nordstrom I was amazed that no matter the mix of ages, types, sexual preference in any given room - we got along and respected one another. Now it feels like a high school (not far off) lunch room where there are cliques and finger pointing. Very, very sad.

Vilo30 on 12/23/2012:
I work at a Nordstroms in LA and I must agree that the staff is indeed getting younger and younger. I don't think it has anything to do with Nordstrom in general but mainly with the management they put in charge. If they hire a young person to be a manager then (a) That manager is going to hire those he or she relates too. (b) You may even notice that whatever the race of the manager is he or she will only hire those of the same race.

We recently go a new manager who was Latino to work within our department. When she came in she came in changing things and acting like a bat out of hell. She had a pitbull type of attitude and seemed very mean to her new staff. One by one as each staff member whom became fed up with her ways left the store or quit and the one thing I notice is that they were all replaced by younger, latino staff who were very uneducated and willing to stab anyone in the back to get ahead. You make or say anything negative and they would run and tell her, you do anything wrong and you found yourself being written up. I don't think Nordstrom in general know this type bahavior is going on in their stores, but believe me it is.
bocaboy on 01/20/2013:
Nordstrom age discriminates on hiring managers only not hiring employees...they don't look at the age they only want could be a serial rapist or drug addict for all they know they think of there sales associates as expendible long as u don't make the company look bad they will throw anyone on the floor...but if your older and have more management experience, most likely they will hire the 20 year old serial rapist before you
Jack on 02/25/2013:
I've worked at Nordstrom for ten years and have observed that the company believes its future lies with a Younger Customer (YC in Nordstrom parlance). To go after the 'YC,' Nordstom is hiring younger employees and managers, and weeding out the more seasoned employees. It's no coincidence that the older veterans also have larger salaries, a bottom-line which can be lowered considerably by replacement with a younger worker.

Departments that cater to an older customer are being phased out(Narrative)while other departments are being revamped to appeal to twenty-somethings (Savvy). The entire Visual Merchandising team (the crew that changes the mannequins and install the window displays)are being replaced with younger, part-time employees who are willing to work at a much lower wage.

Is this age discrimination? Nordstrom has a sterling reputation in human rights policy and yet they seem to be getting away with firing their older employees, many who have been loyal to the company for years.

This issue is Nordstom's 'dirty little secret' and I am glad that it is being aired.
I’m over 40 and recently Nordstrom “separated” employment with me. “Separated” was their terminology not mine.

“Why?”, you ask. I would like to let you know what reason they had or gave me but they gave me nothing more than this, “We’ve decided to separate with your employment.”

One might assume there must have been some justifiable act that occurred that led to our “separation”.

Well I’ll tell you what occurred but I don’t think it justifies the “separation”..

1. Almost 2 years employment
2. Sales were consistently level 3 or 4
(Nordstrom has scale of 1 - 4, 4 highest, and I was told my management that they prefer
3’s even more than 4’s. Reason being, as I WAS TOLD, Nordstrom’s philosophy is that if
all the departments sales staff is level 4 it’s only because the department has an
abundance of traffic and easy customers. Therefore they must throw in more people and
make sharks out of all of them.)
3.Made or exceeded my monthly quota for opening new credit card accounts
4. Won several department sales contests (Vendor promos)
5. Received several customer compliments (Customers called and wrote my manager and
the store manager.)
6. Loved by my Manager (She bragged about me all the time!)
7. Got along great with the rest of the department so well that none of us wanted to leave
each other (This is also rare!)
(Manager and sales friends constantly continue to call/text me and tell me they miss me.)
8. And I loved the people I worked with (Even my Manager and the ones nearby- Really
9. Gladly abided by the Manager’s policy, taking turns helping customers. (“You help one and
I’ll help the next...Many depts don’t “play” well like that!)
10 Called in sick once after it went around to everyone
11. Loved restocking shelves and supplies in down time
12. Constantly received compliments on my outfits
13 Not once complained to management or HR (Another rare occurrence.)
14. Had fun working and with the customers
15. I’m computer savvy (Used to teach co-workers various programs)
16. I’m healthy, active, slim and have good genes as far as looks go
17. And while the younger salespeople go in the stock room to make personal calls, texts
and instagrams,I preferred working, (Not saying I didn’t sneak an occasional purchased
ebar beverage in the back w/o putting it in my store approved cup, but I didn’t care to be
in the stockroom keeping up moment-by-moment contact with everyone like most of the
20 something crowd did. And that’s not due to my age, I’ve never been into personal calls
while at work. And no, I REALLY DIDN’T MIND if they did that while I worked on the floor,
that’s more sales for me.)
18.I naturally have a happy,upbeat attitude and I care about people and providing a good
experience (There are plenty of Sales Associates that really don’t care.)

22. Never written up
23 Good performance reviews
24. No warning or “talks”

And, a couple other occurrences -

25. More than one manager, while talking about their promotions, mentioned to me that the
store didn’t want Sales Associates or Sales Managers who were much older than 20

26. It was only recently, prior to the separation, that I finally became eligible for health
coverage. (In a nutshell:You have to work full time hours, which in slow times you work
less, for consecutive 6 months before you’re eligible.)

27.To replace me there were 2 young women hired for part time. (20 something and won’t
expect benefits.)

AND, NOW GET THIS - Nordstrom, the company that decided to separate from a very good employee but couldn’t provide me with any reason, is trying to DENY my claim for unemployment benefits. And the Unemployment Insurance Department received no reason either.

I have to wonder. If they’re so wonderful, so ethical and caring to their employees why can’t they provide the reason.

AGE DISCRIMINATION? What do you think?

I think it may be a combination of my age and not wanting to contribute to the health plan they say they offer.

Regardless of that I still recommend you don’t consider Nordstrom for a job. (Nor a shopping place any more.) After the pain of the sudden separation began to clear up, I CAN SEE THIS WAS A BLESSING FOR ME. I’m one of the lucky ones. I was so busy working a very hectic and abnormal schedule, spending too much money and too many hours keeping up with the Nordstrom Glam...that I didn’t have a chance to think about how little I was earning for such hard work!

It’s true. Very few people can make even an adequate living there. If you have to support yourself, you may as well forget it. Especially of you want any other aspect of your life available,

I could never live on my own and expect to do so by working at Nordstrom, especially if I refuse to give Nordstrom 80 hours a weeks and still barely cover rent and food or refuse to set up sketchy sales and rip off schemes.
Lmao! on 07/14/2013:
If you are not mobile to move or under 30 u are ignored ! And coached out... Management and store managers are told to not hire people that are not mobile as it is on their yearly reviews to have people promoted to other areas of the country as the company is expanding !!! So when we Interview we profile people .. If they are married or older u know they aren't mobile ... You are told to ask in the interview ... So if they aren't you pass them over ! That's how it is today at Nordstrom !!!
Energetic old gal in Portland on 03/20/2014:
This is all very interesting to me. I am 58, slender and high energy, still run, lift weights and do yoga and can usually last longer than most people half my age at any task that requires stamina. One reason I was interested in working at Nordstrom is that I've done desk work most of my life (as a lawyer, hah! and a real estate broker) and was interested in doing work that allowed/required me to be on my feet and move around, at least! I also really liked the fact that I might be eligible to move up in the company. I guess I'm hopelessly naive, eh? So, a week or so I applied online at Nordstrom for a job at Washington Square in Portland. Prior to the telephone interview, I did online research and found a number of comments that said it's important to work at a "high traffic" store
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- At approximately 11:30 this morning (8/9/13) at the Stonestown Nordstrom in San Francisco, I attempted to purchase a Shiseido bronzer. At the counter was a Smashbox clerk assisting two customers. At another cosmetic counter two clerks chatted away, ignoring me while I waited for assistance. After the Smashbox clerk completed the two transactions, she ignored my presence to flirt and chat with her awaiting boyfriend. I then approached the chatting clerks for help. One walked me back to the Shiseido counter, pointed to the bronzer, handed me a brush to try the product. She did not offer to help with color selection, application, etc and appeared to be rather annoyed. I then decided to go to Macy's where I received excellent customer service - she helped me with color selection and where to best apply the bronzer. I purchased the bronzer and an additional $273 in Shiseido cosmetics. Today's poor treatment at Nordstrom Stonestown was my third in the past few months. In one particular incident it became apparent that Nordstrom no longer values customers over the age of 40. Three strikes you're out. Good-by Nordstrom. Our 25 year relationship has ended. I'm now seeing Niemen Marcus and Bloomingdales and Macy's too.

Just to mention. I did visit the Customer Service counter for a Complaint form. They had to search for one in the back office. I was told the Store Manager was not in, just handed me the card, said sorry for the poor service and walked away. I called later in the day and spoke with Lauren, an assistant store manager. She listened to my complaint and said the Store Manager would return my call. It is not 7:01 pm and I've not heard from anyone. What has happened Nordstrom? It once had wonderful customer service and appreciation for all customers. The merchandise lacks quality and is now targeted to the 20ish crowd with nothing for anyone over 35.
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User Replies:
yoke on 08/10/2013:
Had a similar experience at Nordstroms at WestFarms Mall. Will not go back. They used to be known for their customer service. Not anymore.
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Used to work at Nordstrom. Don't Work There If You Have Wrinkles
Posted by on
Rating: 3/51
SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- I worked for this great retailer in the late 1980's in Southern California when the company was growing like crazy. Maybe it was a great time in my life, but I loved working at the Redondo Beach Store.
I went back to the company in the 1990's and worked at Oak Brook and loved it as well. The company even has an employee relief fund which is funded by the workers. This demonstrates the company really cares about its workers - or it did in the past
Then I worked for the Schaumburg store in the 2010 through 2012. I was almost fired. I was pushed by managers constantly. Managers who just wanted to advance to the top at all costs. I feel sorry for the hr department. They always have their hands full. They are cutting hours for all. Trying to make sure that very few employees get a full load of hours so they don't get medical benefits. It looks like the last 2 classes of new hires came right out of high school. Very young. They don't want to hire older people because they are to experienced and too expensive. They even hire younger salespeople in college and pay them less than the other salespeople; they call them internships. They pay them less and that saves the company a lot of money. Then they try to get them in management because they are young and naive and will work 60 hours in management at salary for half the pay a more experienced (aka older worker).
They will probably have a lawsuit for age discrimination on their hands in no time. See what happens when you vote the union out. Nordstrom did away with the retail workers union either in the 1960s or 1970s. The employees voted them out.
Now, this is a great company with a great reputation and great workers. It is being poorly managed by many now and everyone looks the other way.. I don't' think the Nordstrom family wants to continue with there legacy any more. Get ready for the family to sell. Then the Legacy will disappear
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Pressured and Confused
Posted by on
Rating: 3/51
NEW JERSEY, NEW JERSEY -- I used to love working there but now I feel pressured and Afraid to loose my job. I feel like I'm being forced to choose between working at Nordstrom forever and following my dream of Pursuing a career In the medical field. Before I started I did a lot of research on the company and one of the main things I heard was that they are very flexible and it's a great job for college students. I've been full time flexible since I've started but I need to go back to school and do something bigger in my life. I thought I had it all planned out and I would be able to work there and go to school at the same time but all of my hopes were crushed when my department had a meeting where the managers said we all have to be full time flexible by June or we will move down in a list and end up being fired. My manager is already very do controlling as it is, giving us long closures at the end of shifts, talking to us in dehumanizing ways, telling us if we go to Human Resources and complain we've "pulled the trigger" and since they go back and tell her everything we say we ultimately "shoot ourselves in the foot". We're all miserable when we see her at work and dread even showing up to work. The goals aren't impossible depending on the time of year, but we are also expected to open one Nordstrom account a day and do stock work (which we do not get paid to do because we work on commission ). There's so much pressure I'm becoming very stressed out. It's like pulling an arm off just asking for a day off even for a family emergency. I feel like I'm stuck because I would love to continue working at Nordstrom and move up within the company but I do need to get steady career. I'm just very upset and confused.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 05/08/2013:
Take my advice: dump them and find another job that will allow you to pursue your dreams of working in the medical field at the same time. You don't need that kind of stress.
Anna Molly on 05/09/2013:
Take clutzycook's advice. There will be another job out there, that is more flexible, that won't cause you so much stress.
BigAl on 05/09/2013:
I agree with the other posters that you would be better suited to move on. I do however disagree with your statement that you do not get paid for working in the stock room. Your pay may be based on commission from your sales but it is not unusual or unfair to have commissioned people doing work that enables the product to be available for sale as long as all the sales people are treated the same in this area.
maddie's_mommy on 05/09/2013:
I worked at Nordstrom for 8 years and worked my way up to manager with the hopes of being a buyer one day (all in the BP department). I can tell you first hand, the best thing you can do for yourself is leave that company. Its isn't what it used to be.
heartland on 05/09/2013:
Since you want to work in the medical field, check your local hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehab places, labs, etc. Not only might you get a job, but your employer might offer paid internships. In any case, you are miserable and fearful, which is not useful in pursuing your goals. Time to get your resume together and start looking elsewhere - this job isn't your life, it's a means to an end, and there are other ways to get where you want to go.
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Used Shoes!!!
Posted by on
My daughter found a pair of shoes she wanted for her B-day and they did not have them in her size so the salesman said "No problem, I can order them for you and have them shipped to your house in 5-8 days." It was Nov 19, 2009. I paid cash and received the shoes on Dec 3rd. My daughter opened the shoes and screamed~ they were used shoes mailed from a Nordstrom in Texas. I took photo's of them. They were also the wrong color and size. The shoe box was correct, but someone took it upon themselves to cross off with a pen and handwrote BLK/SVR and crossed out the size and wrote in 7. There was no return receipt or return postage info. There was no tissue paper in the box ~ just used shoes. I know this sounds funny or whatever but it's not. I called the store and Sam Metzker said he was busy and would call back. He did 4 hours later and said the shoes we ordered are all sold out cross the USA. None available. Meanwhile I spoke to customer service and Amy Ward said she would get them for me but they are full price (double what I paid) I said no thanks. Finally, I spoke to Lanae Jackson in Seattle and she said Amy Ward would sell them to me at the sale price and they would come from their Cherry Hill NJ store. By then, I had had enough of the mean attitudes so I mailed them back to the Palm Beach Gardens store to the manager TJ. I don't know if I will ever get any response or my money back. I don't want a gift card, I wanted a check because I don't want anything from their store. I hope this helps anyone that wants Nordstrom to mail them anything! Buyer's Beware!!!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 12/03/2009:
this sucks.

can you send admin the picture so we can see them as well?

very helpful.
Anonymous on 12/03/2009:
yikes. I would have taken the shoes to the store and demanded a refund.
PepperElf on 12/03/2009:
I just hope you had tracking on the shoes
so they can't claim they never got them back etc
JR in Orlando on 12/03/2009:
Blaming the store seems unfair in that they are trying to make things right for you. I would think that this is the result of a shoplifter/crooked employee who took the new shoes out of the box and left the old ones in there. Then that box was mailed to you without the switch being discovered, or the switch was done by the person in the mail room.

Its not like the store has accused you of the switch or anything, they seem to be acknowledging you are entitled to a refund.
christine m (florida) on 12/04/2009:
Hi! I tried to upload the photo's of the shoes and box with the handwritten size and color but it said "error upload file to large." I will try to post them elsewhere. Thank you for your responses. I took the time to write this complaint so that it would not happen to anyone else. It would have been nice if the shoe dept at the Palm Beach Gardens mall would have located the shoes in the size and color I ordered & paid cash for and simply exchanged them when they arrived. Again, the Nordstrom shoe dept. said that they were sold out in the US. Five minutes later customer service said they are in NJ but I must pay full price. I feel that I was not treated right by Nordstrom and I hope this does not happen to anyone else. It was a bad experience. Finally, the box I received did not appear to be tampered within anyway.
PepperElf on 12/04/2009:
all you have to do is edit the photo to shrink the file size

good luck
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Worst Customer Service
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- After finding out some of the UGGs authorized dealers were running promotion. I called Nordstrom customer service for a price match, they promptly did the price-match after verifying the competitor's website and helped me put in the pick-up order at Westside Pavilion Nordstrom.

After 2 days of waiting, I checked my order status with a customer service online. She told me something was wrong with the system, so the store never received my order. After she spoke to the store directly, she told me my order is ready to be picked up.

When my husband and I showed up at the store to pick up my order, the manager of women's shoes department refused to give them to me at adjusted price. I told her it was an order I placed with the customer service. She simply told me they don't do ANY price match on UGGs. I asked her if this is written anywhere in their price match policy. She told me it's not written anywhere but the store policy is that no price adjustment on UGGs. She further told us if any other retailer is selling UGGs at a discount, most likely they are fake. I showed her my order confirmation, but she still would not honor the adjusted price shown on the order confirmation. She told me that I have two options, 1. Pay for the full price and then I can pick them up. 2. Go to the price-match website and puchase potential fake UGGs at my own risk. She did absolutely NOTHING to help us with our order. Plus her attitude was HORRIBLE. I was totally shocked I was being treated like that in a Nordstrom which was best known for their customer service.

Then I immediately called the custmer service again, and they said they'll re-create the order and ship them to me instead; she also apologized to me about what happened in the store though it was totally not her fault. I also filed a complaint toward the manager while I was talking to the customer service, but did not tell her about the entire situation in detail which I probably should have done.

The next day, we went to the store to file a complaint hoping the store can take this matter seriously. The store manager seemed quite supportive to the other manager's decision. I also told the store manager about her bad attitude, she told me she'd look into this, but I am not so sure what will be done.

I'm writing a complaint letter to Nordstrom. Hopefully, the corporate level can do something about this.
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goduke on 11/30/2009:
Why not just go to the UGGs authorized dealers in the first place?
daphne0910 on 11/30/2009:
I live 2 blocks from the Nordstrom. So I thought if I place a pick-up order, I could get them immediately instead of waiting for the shipping. But now, I have to wait for Nordstrom's shipment....
Ponie on 11/30/2009:
Well written, understandable complaint. However, I question your wanting to take this to corporate. You received resolution, even though it is more than one trip to the store which is only two blocks away. You already voiced your displeasure with the employee to a manager. Are you seeking revenge and demanding the employee kiss your UGGs? You got what you wanted, let it go.
daphne0910 on 11/30/2009:
Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry that you don't agree with my approach escalating this issue to corporate. The way I look at this is different. I did get resolution on the order, but not how we were treated at the store by an employee at managerial position.

Long story short. Before we went to the store the next day, everybody in the customer service dept knew about this incident. When we filed a complaint with the in-store customer service, they told us she was not there, so they can’t really judge what actually happened. Plus, the store manager stood by the other manager’s decision not letting us pick up the order. It comes down to my word against the other manager’s. So we definitely don’t feel like the store is taking this seriously.

The bottom line is the way she talked to us was totally disrespectful. We told a friend about this, he was really surprised by the level of customer service, and then shocked when he knew this happened in a Nordstrom, a store best known for their outstanding customer service. We are not seeking vengeance; we just want apology from the store.
Ponie on 11/30/2009:
daphne, I agreed the order placement/pick up was mishandled. It was resolved. You won't be happy until the employee is publicly flogged or run out of town on a rail, will you? How management deals with or reprimands an employee is NOYB and you'll never know--nor should. Stop beating a dead horse and enjoy your discounted UGGs.
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