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Ever thing not in the store is a special order
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TOTOWA, NEW JERSEY -- I placed an order for vinyl molding at the Totowa store in July 09. I never heard back from Norge. I went to the store on 9/1/09 and was told that I needed to place an order. I paid the $132.00 they requested and left the store. I got a call the next day from them stating that my order was in. My son had his friend pick it up. I gat a call from Norge on 9/9/09 stating that my order was in. I went in to tell them that I alredy received my order. They told me that the order I picked up was my July order and that my September order was in. I told them again that I alredy got my order and that I didn't need the second order. At that point, Heidi Fedor, the counter person (the absolute rudest sales person I ever came in contact with and who should not be working in customer service of any kind) told me that special orders can't be returned. I explained to her that I never picked up the order, how could that be a return. She then quoted company policy that "spectal orders" can not be returned. Again, I reminded her that I was neither told that it was a special order,(since she originally called it an "order", which by the way is what Norge considers a transfer from one of their warehouses to another) nor had I picked it up in order to call it a "return." I then asked why they didin't check for my original order status when I went to duplicate the order. Heidi Fedor's response was that the information isn't accessible from her computer. I then reminded her of the gray box behind her with the pink order shipping copies sticking out of it. Why hadn't she checked that before accepting a duplicate order? I asked her for corporate information for her company headquarters and she refused my request. Norge's methods of treating customers, their business methods, and their customer services are archaic, to say the least. I definitely won't be a repeat customer. Not would I recommend them to anyone.
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Price gouching! Norge Building supply
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TOTOWA, NEW JERSEY -- Purchased some soffet material was charged over $12 a panel.Thought price was a little high so I checked around.Found same product and same part# about 20 mins from Norge for over $3 difference in price.When I bought about 50 pieces that's a lot of money for the same item.That's a price difference of over $160.00.Called company was told to come down with receipt and they would see what they can do.Drove to Totowa which is a ride from my home.Was told by owner that that is there policy.I will be returning this product.Hope they take returns without charging me a restocking fee?The company I found to be cheaper was Bradco supply Riverdale NJ
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Anonymous on 11/29/2006:
You could have called around before going to Norge. They aren't price gouging. Now you have to waste your time returning the materials and an extra drive to save money. If you had called around first to get the best price and then gone to Norge I'll bet they would have matched the price at Bradco. Never ceases to amaze me that people blame the store for their own failure to do some leg work.
shawnp80 on 11/29/2006:
You pretty much summed it up Passerby.. Well said!
volley on 11/30/2006:
You have got to be kidding.Lets see I was over charged for a identical item.Even if the item was $1 more a panel I would have paid it because I understand overhead and all but$3 a panel is gouching PERIOD. I did give them a chance to match the price and they said its are policy so telling them about the price before pickup would have helped me.Wake up people.Iam sure if it was your money you would be singing a different tune.You must be in the business or something to even suggest it was my fault.I work with and are friends with several construction guys and they all tell me the same stay away from Norge they are ripoffs and not just on this material
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