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Continental Connections in North America
By -

Have you ever wondered why airlines make you travel through a hub airline and make a Continental connection? Why are there no direct flights within North America? It all started in the 1980s as airlines began to streamline their operations and flights. Some 'genius' at the airlines came up with the idea to reduce Continental direct flights and only offer Continental connections, making travelers fly through hub airlines. Did they care about the needs of the travelers who are left without options? It's doubtful that they did anything more than just ignore our complaints.

I have a timeshare in Mexico, and although a lot of people on here have timeshares with lots of complaints, I have no complaints about my timeshare vacation club. I guess we got lucky with our timeshare. Marie and I go down to our timeshare in Mexico twice a year for a month at a time, traveling from upstate New York. Our closest airport is Buffalo but we sometimes choose Toronto because it's bigger and often cheaper to fly to our timeshare in Mazatlan.

Each time we fly, we are forced to fly into a hub airport and change planes. We fly down to Mexico a couple times a year to our timeshare and you have to plan a day just for traveling! Other people in our timeshare complain about the same thing. We all seem to travel a lot for our age, and experience the same issues.

Is it impossible to have a direct flight from one major city to another in this continent? Connections are the norm and most people are used to this. I remember the golden age of aviation, when you could smoke on a plane. And most of the flights were direct flights and few Continental connections. It was before the time of mega-airports and traveling was less stressful.

I understand the airline industry is taking a hit with the economy, and what will that spell for the average flier? Well, mergers are expected and routes will decrease. More Continental connections as the airlines will fall back on the only business model they know of. Which isn't really the only business model. Look at Europe's airlines. Between the lot of them, most cities have a direct flight. No Continental connections in Europe. Maybe Marie and I should get a timeshare in Europe and take one of those fancy trans-Atlantic flights with the fully-reclining seats for two. That's not a half-bad idea. Are there any reputable timeshares in Europe?

Airline Re-Routes Flights
By -

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- Be warned before booking with this airline. Their fares are good -- substantially below other major carriers. However, it is my opinion that they will not hesitate to re-route your flight in order to maximize passenger load. We booked a non-stop roundtrip from Oakland to Maui. Would not have considered anything but non-stop because we were traveling with infant. We were advised a few months before trip that our return flight had been re-routed through Honolulu. I requested, but was not given, explanation. We decided to switch flights and return a day earlier in order to get non-stop.

The day of flight, the plane experienced mechanical problems. The delay was substantial. I believe this was due in large part to this new, relatively smaller carrier not having many, if any, extra planes (another reason to strongly consider major carriers). I wrote company TWICE to try to get explanation for re-routing of original flight. All they did was defend handling of the mechanical issue. No explanation of re-routing has ever been given.

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