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Don't Get Scammed
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PATERSON, NEW JERSEY -- I recently purchased a car from Lenny Belot(owner), NORTH JERSEY AUTO MALL, d/b/a DCH, d/b/a Lencore Leasing Group. The online description of the vehicle was a gross misrepresentation of the vehicle. The car has numerous broken or missing parts and features (CD palyer missing, Bent ignition key that is about to snap and so on). The description of the interior was "virtually flawless" however the interior was never detailed and was coated in a brown, sticky substance. The windsheild is cracked and there is a headlight so filled with condensation it likely won't pass inspection as it has diminished the light output. Lenny promised on numerous occasions to ship these items to me......never did. Retail these parts that Lenny promised to ship me will cost close to 2K.

Worse is the numerous mechanical issue that were not disclosed to me. These issues are also preventing the vehicle from being able to pass inspection and run normally. These were all "pre-existing" issues that again were never disclosed.....I would assume to make a sale. Shop cost:$2,500.

Lenny and North Jersey Auto Mall, DCH and Lencore Leasing has a long history of unethical and misleading business practices. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Contact the New Jersey States Attorney Office, Divivsion of Consumer Affairs and inquire about Lenny and his dealership. You will hear all that you need to know about why YOU SHOULD NOT PURCHASE A VEHICLE FROM THEM.
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NutterButter on 10/22/2011:
Did you purchase this vehicle without seeing it in person first? That sounds like straight up gambling to me, and most of the time you're going to lose.
mikef39 on 10/22/2011:
The gamble was in trusting the internet postings and the word Lenny Belot and North Jersey Motors. The contents alone of what he promised (in writing) to replace...... never did will cost over 2k to replace. Again advertised, then promised to deliver. Buying any used vehicle comes with a certain level of risk however if the seller knowingly sells something that is defective and does not inform the buyer....its fraud. I am looking at anothr 3K in mechanical issues just get the car inspected.....and yes a dealer selling a car with the intent its actually going to be driven must be able to have the vehicle capable of passing a state inspection. Check out their BBB score "F"
Good News on 05/17/2012:
Check out the May 2012 restraining order placed on Lenny and his dealership and sales practices by doing a Google search. All of us who have been cheated need to contact the authorities ASAP. Let's get back what was taken from us.
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