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Failure to disclose
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WAUCONDA, ILLINOIS -- We Bought a 1967 Camaro for showing from these guys and they did not disclose that the car had a 1985 RECON title. California will not register the car as a 67 and we cannot insure or register it. The dealer basically says its not his problem and won't return our calls or answer our E-mails or faxes. This has been going on for a year now, and even though the owner told the State Attorney General from his state that he would refund our money he has yet to do anything about it.
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Mad Eye Moody on 09/20/2006:
Have you spoken to an attorney?
pjt on 09/20/2006:
Yes we have spoken to several attorneys and they all say the same thing, which is basically that the $40000.00 we have invested in the car isn't worth their time to go after.
Anonymous on 09/25/2006:
Many states started to classify antique titles as recon and or TMU (true miles unknown). I don't agree with the practice either as I have several Antiques myself. The MVA officer I spoke to said it was because they did not have the ability to verify the mileages from older vehicles. The collectors world has recognized this and values have not been adversely affected. Check with Hemmings Motor News, they have several advertisers that do a pretty good job retracing the history and authenication of vehicles. These history reports are what values are based on now in the collector market
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