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Incompetent Agents and Horrible Customer Service
By -

I was scheduled to fly from OKC to IND on 1/28/09, but I am 26 weeks pregnant and very sick. I have a physician's note documenting that I cannot fly. On 1/27/09 I spoke to a and reservations agent to see my best course of action to reschedule my flight. I was told that I could cancel my flight and would have until 1/28/10 to reschedule a trip. I specifically asked the reservations agent if I would lose any ticket value or pay any fees for this change. I was told by the agent that I would not. I now understand that this information was incorrect, but it is clearly what I was told.

Today I tried to rebook my flight for Feb. 5 to Feb. 12. When I search flights 6385/6104 outbound and 6284/6339 return on, the total price of the flight is $238.90. My e-cert value is $226.89. Given what I was told by the reservations agent, I expected the cost of the ticket to be $12.01, but the cost to exchange the ticket is $1390.02.

I immediately contacted the reservations department to try to resolve the situation. I spoke to an agent and to a supervisor named **, neither were friendly or helpful. When I asked ** if I could speak to her supervisor, I was told that there was nobody higher than her within NWA that could help with this situation.

To say the least, I am extremely frustrated with this situation. I understand that the information that I was given was incorrect, but it is not my fault that I received false information. If I had been given the correct information, I would have used the weather waiver option and moved my outbound flight at no fee. I hope that you can assist me by waiving the reschedule fee to book a roundtrip between OKC and IND from Feb. 5-12. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Worst Customer Service and Theft
By -

RALEIGN, NORTH CAROLINA -- On August 15, 2008 I was at Erie International Airport going through the TSA checkpoint where I was stopped and directed to check my bag into NWA luggage due to liquids/hair gel in my bag. They started the boarding process for my flight to Detroit (layover) so I hurried and ran to the ticket counter, good thing Erie is such a small airport. I hurriedly checked my bag and ran to TSA and then to the gate to catch my flight (NW 5818).

I arrived in Raleigh and headed directly to the baggage claim. I was standing where the bags come out since I was in a hurry to catch my ride to my destination. As my bag came out, I saw it was opened and immediately panicked because I remembered that my digital camera was in there. I then searched my bag and the camera was not inside my bag. I headed directly to the Northwest baggage office where I spoke with **.

I walked into the office and explained to her that my bag was opened and that my camera has been taken out of my bag. She in return stated “what do you want me to do about it?” I was a little drawn back by her statement and then asked her to take a claim for me. She stated that I did not have a right to file a claim because it was an “electronic item and Northwest is not responsible”.

I then told her that she needs to take a claim because one of their employees went through my bag, no TSA card was in there to show my bag was randomly searched and my camera was gone. I continued to explain that I only fly with Northwest and am a loyal customer and would like some assistance. She stated back to me, “Then go fly a different airline, I am not responsible for this”. I was now starting to get upset and told her I will just call customer service. She told me to go ahead; she did not care because they would tell me the same thing.

I called customer service on the way to Durham and they apologized on how I was treated, she (** agent sign ME) asked if she could place me on hold while she spoke with her manager, I told her that it would not be a problem. After she returned, she told me that I needed to go back to the airport and tell the lady there that I was to file a claim and she was to take the claim. She told me that Northwest would take care of this problem since I am a loyal customer. I explained that I had to be somewhere and if I could go back to the airport tomorrow, ** stated that would not be a problem.

The following day, August 16, 2008, after my appointment in Durham, I pursued back to the airport, to my luck, the same generous lady ** was working. I went over the conversation that I had with customer service. ** then reached in her desk and read a pamphlet to me as if I were in Kindergarten stating that Northwest is not responsible.

I replied, “I do not care what it says, customer service stated I am to file a claim and it will be handled, start typing.” She then started to take the claim and said she will deny it as soon as it is filed. She then asked for my baggage tag which I did not know I needed to have, she told me, “oh well come back tomorrow then with it.” I told her my flight was at 8:50 AM and I will be here at 6:30 AM to do so.

I came back the following day at 6:45 AM to file my claim and then to catch my flight to return home. There was a different lady working that morning, I am not sure on her name but she was a younger Arab lady. I explained the whole situation as well as the experience that I have had so far with Northwest over this mishap. She then refused to take a claim and said that I would be able to fill out a lost and found card.

I was now on my last nerve with rude customer service. I told her that it's not a lost or found issue, my camera was stolen by your baggage employee and probably at the employee's house most likely on eBay by now. I then told her that customer service said I was to file a claim and to do so. She came back with, “You only had 24hrs to file“, and I explained that I have been trying to file it for a day and a half now.

Finally she got fed up and said she is calling her manager and I asked her to please do so. Her manager then told her she is to take the claim. I finally filed the claim and left to go catch my flight. As I was leaving she said they will not be able to do anything on the claim division end, I ignored her and walked on. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER and told me that they will not replace my camera that an employee stole!

Theft From Airplane
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I would like to take this opportunity to add to the growing list of dissatisfied customers who have had negative experiences with Northwest Airlines. I hope that eventually enough of us will complain and this organization will be forced to address their lack of business ethics.

Almost a year my husband and I flew on Northwest Airlines. I admit to having been uncomfortable about flying with this airline due to the recent strike but the time constraints on our trip made this our best option. Our flight to the wedding near Cleveland was great. We were returning from the event on a Sunday.

After leaving the Cleveland airport we landed at Detroit. My husband and I were the last ones off the plane. As I passed the Gate directly in front of the deboarding tunnel I realized I had left my purse on the plane stowed under the seat in front of where I had been seated. I informed the attendant at the Gate who informed me that when the plane was checked the purse would be returned. She did not go to check the plane.

Sometime later I was informed the purse was not on the plane. I insisted I had left the purse stowed under the seat but the employees insinuated that I must have left it behind at the prior airport. We had another flight to catch so I filed a claim with the airport police and he gave me the phone number of lost and found in Detroit.

During the next few days I called lost and found at both airports, the luggage desks at both airports, the Gates at both airports and emailed to NWA reporting the loss. The purse had not turned up anywhere. By Wednesday I was sure that I had left the purse on the plane but I could not get through to anyone in authority to tell them what had happened.

The people I talked to made the assumption that I had left the purse in the prior airport and that it would turn up there. The kicker came on Thursday when a package was delivered to my home from Detroit with an odd anonymous note and no return address. The only plausible explanation is that someone with access to the plane stole my purse. The purse was not left at the prior airport. My purse was on the plane in Detroit when it was stolen. Between the time I departed the plane and when the plane was checked an employee stole my purse.

I have faxed, emailed, attempted to telephone this company and I have received responses which indicate that the airline will take no responsibility for the theft. I am certain this is what the thief was depending on. Northwest Airline cannot admit to even the possibility of a theft because that would open up a Pandora's Box.

It is very disconcerting that it was this simple to commit a crime on a passenger. I can't help but wonder how easy it might be to get something on the plane. It is unbelievable that at the very least this organization would not initiate some type of legitimate investigation. I am sure that the brazenness of this theft will only embolden this employee. There are no safeguards for the passenger on this airline. Beware!

Elite Status Request
By -

TOELDO, OHIO -- I have been traveling Northwest Airlines almost exclusively for 8 years. I have earned elite status in almost every year, 1 year traveling enough to earn platinum status. By all definitions, I have been a loyal customer. For two years (2005 and 2006), I had a job that did not require me to travel often. I travelled approximately 12,000 to 14,000 miles in those years. In April of 2007, my job changed and I logged 46,500 miles on Northwest from the last week in March until the end of December. In order to be considered for gold elite status, you must travel 50,000 miles in a calendar year.

Because the airline recognized my history by awarding silver elite status in the years I travelled infrequently, I didn't think I would have any problem making a case for gold status in 2008. After all, in 9 months, I travelled at a level that was very consistent with a gold traveler. I made my request, mentioned the two trips that I have already purchased tickets for in January, and informed Northwest that these two trips would put me in excess of 50,000 miles in a 10 month time frame.

To their credit, Northwest responded quickly. The first response informed me about an exciting opportunity to earn gold status by flying 5 round trips in certain fare classes in the first 90 days of 2008. Of course that would be great if I ever flew in those fare classes.

When I responded that would not help me and that my company would not be willing to pay more for a ticket so I could have a particular fare class, I got a "we make no exceptions" response. I was told that the only way to earn gold elite status is to fly the right number of miles in a CALENDAR year, not just in a 12-month timeframe. This seems crazy to me and their "no exceptions" response is insulting. I know they must get many requests and I wouldn't expect them to grant all of them. I certainly didn't expect (or request) the silver status they gave me in the years I didn't travel much.

My final response to them has been sent. In that response I pointed out that they were willing to make exceptions when I didn't travel often and didn't request it but wouldn't consider a request when I was actually giving them a lot of business. That seems backwards to me. I also have made two offers to discuss this and my other concerns about Northwest customer service with anyone who is interested. I included my phone number each time.

After the last response from Northwest, I contacted another airline that flies the routes that I travel most frequently. If they are willing to grant me status in their frequent traveler program, I will be switching my business. My husband is also a gold level traveler (was platinum last year) and he is also considering making a switch based on Northwest customer service.

Northwest has disappointed me for some time with the level of service they provide in flight and the nickel and dime approach to amenities. When I have had to travel other airlines this year, I have been impressed by how much better the service is. If Northwest doesn't reconsider, I have very little reason to stay.

I am amazed by how little the airlines seem to care about their customers. Clearly the airlines that have figured this out (Southwest, JetBlue) are the only ones doing well. Why are the large carriers having such a hard time understanding such simple concepts? This is EASY stuff to fix and they just seem unwilling to address a growing problem.

By -

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I used to fly NW a lot way back when, but haven't much in the last few years. In January I had a trip from Baltimore to Portland, but due to snow delays, we were late leaving, and missed a late p.m. (the last) Portland flight out of Minneapolis. The flight attendants did a 100% job in telling people about connecting flights, and getting people who had a chance of making them off of the plane first (Portland passengers, just remain seated, the plane has already departed).

Upon arriving, about 12 Portland connecting people were sent to the vacant gate that we would have used to board our now departed plane. Yap, yap yap ("where is anybody?" "do they know we are here?" "are they going to put us on a special plane to Portland?" "my wife is tired, they had better give us a room" "I will be late to my niece's birthday, my whole trip is ruined!" "my wife is picking me up, how will she know the plane left without me?").

In about 3 minutes, a service rep showed up, pleasant, eager, and ready to do whatever it took to get everyone on their way to Portland, tomorrow. All I cared about was being in Portland by tomorrow at noon, late tonight would have been better, but that simply was not going to happen.

As the available seats for early morning were disappearing fast, the people were getting real gripe. As the rep talked with one person, everyone else in line kept asking how each thing he said to that person would affect them (rude). I got out of the line and sat down, watching the remaining folks get crabbier and the rep getting more terse, but not rude. They wanted NW to give them pajamas, toothpaste, mouthwash, nice rooms, fancy rooms, close rooms, free meals, free real nice meals, late dinner & breakfast. YOU OWE US!!! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!

Finally, I went up to the counter as the last passenger needing to get to Portland. "You must be Mr. **?" I confirmed it, and explained that I knew why we missed the plane, and had known since I noted when we had departed late. I know my bag is not accessible. I have friends in Minneapolis, know where to get good food and beer late at night, and would be happy with just a place to sleep. I told the rep I didn't care how I flew; even a connecting night flight on someone else would be OK. The rep was SOOOOO relieved that I wasn't another whiner.

I wound up in a real nice hotel, more meal tickets than I could eat, and a voucher. NW employees have lots of good reasons to be unhappy; the management, the bankruptcy issues and some awfully rude and obnoxious passengers who are probably like that everywhere. I sent NW a note saying that generally it is below average and in trouble, but that there are still many employees with a positive attitude and that they should make use of them while can. I would fly NW again if it fit my plans.

HOW RUDE!!!! 3/8/2007
By -

My husband and I decided to take a vacation 6 years overdue, we could have used another airline that would have been $50 cheaper but decided to use Northwest for two reasons, because of the size of the airline and also because they offered non-stop. Seemed like a no-brainer to go with Northwest. Our flight was from Minneapolis to Orlando.

Upon boarding the plane 30 minutes before we were scheduled to take off, as we sat on the plane waiting to be taxied onto the runway, time seemed to pass, about an hour later after we were supposed to be in the air, the Captain no informs us that the plane has a problem with the fuel indicator light and should have the problem fixed shortly. Another 30 minutes passed and we finally made it into the air.

During the flight my husband had asked the passing flight attendant if they had headphones to purchase, because we thought that planes still had the capability have music, the seats still had every indication that this was still an option due to the headphone jack and volume control. The flight attendant gave a look to my husband like he was an idiot for asking, and shot him a glare and walked away without answering a simple question.

Then to make matters worse, during the snack distribution, my husband did not have the correct change for the snack and the same flight attendant told him that she would be back shortly, almost 2 hours passed and she came back and my husband held out his hand to receive his change back and she yelled at him to put his hand down!!

She then had two hands with money, one had the larger bills and the other had one dollar bills, and she preceded to count out 15 single dollar bills and hands them to him. We have now landed in Orlando, and our plane is now 2 hours late and we arrive at our accommodations at 2:30am.

Now the return flight was not much better. We were standing in line at the e-ticket check-in and witness a young man checking his luggage in, he had one bag and a boogie board. The employee at the counter proceeded to charge him $85 for his board. He explained to her that on his flight in he did not have to pay extra for the board and could not understand why he had to pay now to return home. His father put his credit card on the counter in dismay.

The employee took the card and threw it on the floor and yelled at him for supposedly throwing his card at her. I knelt down to pick his credit card up from the floor. She then proceeded to be a SNOT and told the young man to step back and put a baggage claim on his board and told him to leave and that she didn't know why she was about to let it go without charging him. At this point, my husband and I had now come to a conclusion that we would never fly Northwest again!!

We boarded our flight and before take-off the attendant told my husband to put his seat in the upright position. He proceeded to do so and the seat would not hold that position, it would lie back down in the reclined position. He told the attendant that the seat was broke, after that 3 more attendants came by and proceeded to tell him to put his seat in the upright, he then told each and every one of them that it was broke.

All in all the whole experience was awful!! If Northwest employees are that unhappy in their positions, I think that it is time for them to find another career! And if Northwest allows this behavior then I think they should be removed from flights just as us passengers would be if we behaved in that manner. Never again Northwest Airlines!!

Northworst Airlines: A lesson in compassion
By -

This year for Christmas my 76 yr old grandmother made plans to come and visit myself, my husband and our two children for the holidays in Phoenix, AZ. Although she makes this trip from Mid-Michigan several times a year, this one was particularly special because it would be the first time she would be able to spend Christmas with her two great grandchildren ages 1.5 and 3yrs. She was due to fly on Northwest airlines next Tuesday but about two days ago the unexpected happened and she slipped on the ice in her driveway and shattered her wrist in three places.

Now not only does she have to postpone her trip for 2 weeks, undergo painful procedures to put things right again, and live for the next 6 weeks with pins sticking out of her arm, but apparently due to Northwest's "no exceptions policy" she also has to pay a $100.00 fee to change her flight dates. We thought that certainly a medical mishap such as this would be a worthy excuse to bypass such a rigid policy, especially with doctor's documentation available, but were informed by the very caring Northwest representative (note the dripping sarcasm) that they hear excuses like this all the time and would not be making any exceptions to this rule today.

Now being painfully aware that if a 76 yr old woman with a broken wrist cannot elicit enough sympathy to convince Northwest to make an exception to their rules, I fully understand that this letter will more than likely fall upon deaf ears. I still feel compelled to make my opinion known, even if only to the person who opens this letter and skims it before throwing it in the trash. I think it's absolutely despicable that in this day and age certain exceptions can't be made in light of extenuating circumstances. With airlines treating people so impersonally these days it's no wonder that they're the brunt of so many jokes.

It's moments like this that make me giggle as I think back to a conversation I had with my grandmother just a few years ago when she insisted that airline employees would be more than happy to help me if I attempted to travel with two small children. I wasn't convinced as I recounted a scene from about a year before as I had just passed through security with an 8 mos old in my arms trying to put both our shoes back (yes, his had to be checked as well) while trying not to drop him and open the stroller up with the other hand, all the while several airport employees stood idly glaring at me and impatient passengers nearly ran me over trying to get past.

Now nearly two years later it seems that I may have won my argument with her after all. Normally I would be overjoyed at the prospect of winning any argument, but it seems only sad to for me to see a woman who always expects the best out of people to be treated so shabbily and I can find little satisfaction in saying finally, "see I told you so."

I decided to Google the words Northwest Airlines and compassion at the same time and was not surprised to find several article that sounded eerily familiar to the above experience. I will attach them to the letter in the off chance that whoever reads this even makes it to the end. I highly doubt this will happen because that would require a small amount of consideration for customer, which not unlike most other big businesses these days, seems to have been passed off as a trend of the past.

In closing I would like to tell you what I don't want to and to inform you of a few new "policies" of my own. First of all I would like to say to Northwest Airlines that I would rather hear nothing at all back than a reiteration of their above-mentioned policy. I don't care what you have to say unless it's something along the lines of I'm sorry and I certainly don't want to get a letter of explanation from ** (see attached stories). Nor do I want a refund for my grandmother; in fact if I have my way I will tear her tickets to pieces and pay for her to fly another airline myself. The whole point of this argument was never really about the money in the first place.

Now to my new policies, which bring to mind an old customer service saying I once heard that goes something like "a happy customer will tell 3 people but an unhappy customer will tell 10". I promise to tell everyone about how poorly my grandmother was treated by Northwest Airlines every time the topic of air travel comes up in conversation. I promise that next time I fly back to Michigan I will drive the extra three hours to Detroit so I can fly Southwest Airlines who has always been very understanding and accommodating in the face of the unexpected.

Lastly I promise to forward this letter on to anyone who will listen. I'm sure that like my grandma's "excuse" you probably also get letters like this all the time so this is probably old news but I'm sure others will find this interesting. I hope maybe that with enough urging you will reinstitute a little bit of personal care into your customer service because when it comes right down to it all you really have is your customer relations and your reputation. Thank you.

Lost Luggage and Poor Service
By -

I am amazed at how poor Northwest Airlines' customer service is, even though they are struggling to survive. I was on a flight from Norfolk to Halifax on 22 June 06, connecting in Detroit. I checked 3 bags, one of which was my military officer's sword to be used in my wedding on the 29th of July. The flight was rerouted to Bangor, ME due to fog over Halifax. All the bags were removed from the flight in Bangor; the only one that didn't make it was my sword, which was packed separately.

I notified the ground crew that was there (one person since the airport was closed) and they let me know I should just file the claim when I get to Halifax. At this point, I was smart enough to figure out that the sword either never got on the plane in Norfolk, or got taken off in Detroit, and never made it back on.

Since the local hotels in Bangor, ME did not honor Northwest Airlines vouchers, many of us got to spend the night in the airport. The airline crew though apparently had a room. When I arrived in Halifax the next day I spent 30 minutes with an agent filling out my claim paperwork. I was assured the bag would show up (OK).

Throughout the weekend, there were no updates or information available when I checked. I went back to the airport Monday and asked to see if there was any more information on the piece of luggage - the person at the desk told me there was no claim filed in the computer and that there was nothing he could do to help me. After enough badgering he filed the claim on the computer - this was the same person that told me he couldn't do anything.

I had a layover in Detroit again on the way back, and decided it would be a good time to check to see if it was there somewhere. Luggage services for Northwest in Airlines is a bunch of friendly people. I walked up and was first in line. I got to deal with the supervisor, even luckier (or so I thought). I related my story, and the supervisor asked me to wait while he helped others behind me with problems that could be dealt with quicker.

After the 6th person went ahead of me, I put my foot down. I was helped by a friendly woman who had every Northwest punch line memorized. The standard Detroit quote is "We never have had people who are unhappy with our luggage service". Just keep telling yourself that and click your heels **. The woman then told me it was probably in Halifax. Probably being the key word - she didn't attempt to check.

I let her know that it wasn't in Halifax when I left 3 hours prior. She then told me it was probably in customs - probably again. If any of you have ever flown out of the country, you know that you clear customs going into a country not out - flight went through Detroit, landed in Bangor and it was not on the plane.

I had to expedite the process and ask the woman if anyone could actually check a computer, or look in their baggage room. That was when she threw the paperwork at me and told me to do it myself. So, I proceeded unescorted into the unclaimed baggage room (are you concerned yet?). I didn't find my luggage thereof course.

Well, I get back to Norfolk and the baggage office there is closed. The sign says it is only open after incoming flights land - wait I just landed. I waited for half an hour - still no one showed. I went back to the airport twice before I could find someone that worked at the ticket desk to help me. Her best advice was that since I needed the item for a wedding I should just borrow it.

Does anyone else besides me feel uncomfortable borrowing an item, or lending that same item to someone who relates this story to them? The airline just lost my sword, now I want to borrow yours so they can lose that too! I did get one call from a regional baggage person after that, who assured me they would do all they could to find my luggage.

It is now 3 weeks later. I still have no luggage. I sent my claim in certified, so the airline could not claim they never got it. I have tried to call the 1-800 number for luggage several times, the recording says that they are only open from 8-4 Central time - go ahead call it, they are closed permanently, and all you get is the same recording. I have sent several e-mails, which their site says will be acknowledged within 2 hours and answered within 24 - no answers.

The bottom line is that if you are flying - think about what it is worth to you to not have to deal with this. I had flown Northwest prior and vowed to never do it again. Over New Year's, I flew out of the country on Northwest. When I went back to the ticket desk to check in for my return flight, the desk was gone (yes gone). Even though I had gotten an e-mail confirmation the night before and checked the flight on their website, the airline evidently no longer flew out of that location.

They apologized and let me know that they had rebooked me on a Continental flight that had left 3 hours prior - thanks great work. I went to the Continental desk they were very accommodating and got me on the next flight - thanks guys. Think before you book, the couple of dollars I saved was not worth it.

Cats on flight
By -

77 W WACKER DR, CHICAGO, IL 60601, MINNESOTA -- I have not flown Northwest Airlines for some time and I had the unfortunate experience flying back from Virginia Beach, VA to Chicago, IL. On this flight was a very quiet, well behaved little terrier dog and two (I think) very noisy cats that meowed all during the two hour and twenty-six minute flight. My daughter (an adult) asked for ear plugs and the airline steward said he had none. I asked him if, when traveling with pets, the animals were to be given a sedative to help them adjust to the flight and he said he didn't know (or did not care). These cats were two rows behind us and this was definitely the flight from HELL. Those cats were very disruptive to the flight.

After we arrived in Chicago, other passengers were complaining about the cats also. One man sitting next to me said he had traveled with his dog in the past and YES, they are to be given a sedative to relax and quiet down the animals. How can an airline allow one passenger to bring these cats on the flight and disrupt the whole flight for the other passengers? I will certainly try to not to travel this airline in the future. Very inconsiderate to the needs of others.

Stolen Camera
By -

I am entering this review since it was my property stolen, though another person on the flight. I had loaned my roommate my camera for her trip to Louisiana to see her family for Christmas. She had packed everything in one backpack so she could carry it on and it would be safe, apparently not. At the gate, they took the backpack from her, telling her the plane was too small, she had to check the bag. Lo and behold, on arrival to Baton Rouge, the bag is missing.

Two days later, when the bag is found and returned to her, everything is in it, except for my Kodak C1013. The camera was a gift from Christmas the year before, and I am unable to get a receipt for it. Without proof of ownership, I doubt I will get any reimbursement for the theft, though we are attempting filing anyway. Heads up, Northwest = thieves.

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