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Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With
By -

On our flight to Honolulu, our connecting flight was late. NWA knew we were a little late but closed the gate door on us 10 minutes before the flight time. We arrived 9 minutes before and could see them close the door. They refused to let us on. They told us to take it up with Alaska because their flight was late and it was their problem. On the return flight, they did not book us in seats together despite having empty rows that they were trying to sell just before the flight. After sending in a complaint letter, they offered a pathetic $50 voucher.

Lost Baggage - Very Poor Customer Service and Rude Employees
By -

I usually don't care about services. I just look for basic mutual respect but that seems like a big ask for NWA. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to fly with Northwest Airlines more than once even though I had issues with their services the first time as well. They have a very poor customer service in so many respects.

They lost my bags. I was very patient with them because I know this happens BUT they told me they would keep looking for my luggage but actually, they did not do anything. I had to call them several times until they realized I would like to get my luggage back (should it not be evident?) which had everything since I moved temporarily to another place for a year. Finally, after I kept calling them for several days, they said they have managed to track one of my bags.

When I asked them how come I haven't received it, they said because they were waiting for the other one to be found because they will only bring them together. The lady on the phone was arrogant and obviously couldn't understand that I had no clothes to put on and lost my textbooks for school. I know it was not her fault that my luggage was gone. Aren't these people trained to have some sympathy for their customers though? At least to sound as if they cared a little?

It seemed like I was blamed for this and I felt that it's not that they couldn't resolve my problem but they did not even want to. Their services on the flights are horrible too so I would not recommend them at all. I would rather pay double or triple but I would never fly with NWA again.

"Schedule Change"
By -

BEWARE of NWA submitting a schedule change to you. They submitted a change to my husband about his return flight from Mexico on Jan 3rd, and told him his flight was cancelled. They re-booked him on a far less appealing flight. However, my daughters and I were booked on the same flight (under a different confirmation number). The flight was never cancelled, as we were just confirmed on it.

I requested that my husband be put back on his original flight, and they said it was not possible since there are no seats available (even though he had a seat in August-when we booked.) After numerous hours on the phone, they admitted to bumping him off the flight, but will do nothing to make up for it. NWA has committed fraud on our tickets this time, beware that it may happen to you.

Flight Booking Fraud
By -

MICHIGAN -- Special Alert! Don't ever create a "saved itinerary" for Northwest Airlines that allows you to save a flight for possible future booking. I did this and after 90 days, when I had long forgotten about the "saved itinerary," Northwest automatically booked the ticket without my approval and charged my account. When I tried to get a refund or even a credit, I was denied--even though I never agreed to purchase the ticket, never clicked the "purchase" key, and wasn't even near my computer the day the ticket was billed to my charge card. An employee verified that it was a flaw of the system that "sometimes happens." Still, this is out-and-out fraud. Could someone please look into this?

My husband was literally on his deathbed when Northwest's system automatically purchased the ticket for me. There was no way I would have planned a trip with him being so ill. So, in addition to dealing with my husband's premature death at 51, I had to deal with Northwest staff who got indigent when I suggested that the airline's computer system had a major glitch. I politely requested a refund or credit, but got neither.

Now that my husband's funeral is over and I have taken care of legal matter related to his death, I am trying to attend to this matter. Can I get help from a reporter or consumer watch group? The public needs to know that they are vulnerable when using Northwest's "saved itinerary" system. Thank you.

NWA is a Corporate Thief
By -

NWA frequent flier program is one of the worst in the business. It requires you to pay both miles and a lot of cash to get a "free" ticket. What I didn't know is that if you cancel or try to revise the ticket, you will lose the cash portion of the fare, in my case $180. No ticket, no service but they still take your money and they can sell the seat again!

They say the terms were made clear on the web page before I bought the ticket. Bull. If an individual did this, it would be call grand theft but they are doing it to customers every day. All in all, another reason to despise this airline.

Unethical business practices of NWA
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I paid for a trip from Houston to Montreal on Northwest Airlines but had to cancel it because of a family medical emergency. I asked for a refund, but was given a credit instead. I subsequently was never able to use the credit, so I asked for a refund again. It was denied. I appealed. The appeal was denied. I offered a compromise. The compromise was rejected. The basis for the denial was that the credit had to be exercised within a prescribed time period or was lost.

The bottom line is that NWA took nearly $1000 of my money against my will and returned nothing for it. This is stealing. I don't know whether this was legal but I can tell you with conviction that it is unethical. Think twice for conducting business with NWA.

NWA delays -- Poor Communication and Service
By -

HONOLULU, HAWAII -- Our flight left the gate as scheduled at 10:50p from honolulu only to turn around for a hydraulic line fault indicator. After five hours at the gate, turns out it's just a dirty connection plug. What? Five hours to figure that out? It is hot, muggy, and cramped. There was one offer of water from nwa the entire time and maybe four total updates on what was happening.

updates were vague, and of course another plane was not brought in, so there we sat -- sweating and tired. Nwa did offer passengers to deplane, but you couldn't leave the gate, or you might miss that callback. Horrible experience. Communication was poor and it appeared the ground crew was reluctant to update even the pilot. This company seems to have some serious problems - poor planned maintenance aside. You get what you pay for, and I will never pay nwa again. Will pay more for a proven track record.

People Skills

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I flew NWA, and as a majority, they have got to be some of the rudest people I have ever dealt with. One particular stewardess by the name of Joyce, was very ugly to me. Before I got off of the plane, I asked her what her name was, for this very reason. I'd had enough unprofessionalism for one day from these people and that was the last straw.

I'm not going to make this into a long drawn out complaint (Though I could). I'm just going to say: In general, Northwest airlines needs to improve their customer service. My family and I will no longer be customers of this airline; it will be the last airline I would recommend to anyone.

Elite Status Request
By -

TOELDO, OHIO -- I have been traveling Northwest Airlines almost exclusively for 8 years. I have earned elite status in almost every year, 1 year traveling enough to earn platinum status. By all definitions, I have been a loyal customer. For two years (2005 and 2006), I had a job that did not require me to travel often. I travelled approximately 12,000 to 14,000 miles in those years. In April of 2007, my job changed and I logged 46,500 miles on Northwest from the last week in March until the end of December. In order to be considered for gold elite status, you must travel 50,000 miles in a calendar year.

Because the airline recognized my history by awarding silver elite status in the years I travelled infrequently, I didn't think I would have any problem making a case for gold status in 2008. After all, in 9 months, I travelled at a level that was very consistent with a gold traveler. I made my request, mentioned the two trips that I have already purchased tickets for in January, and informed Northwest that these two trips would put me in excess of 50,000 miles in a 10 month time frame.

To their credit, Northwest responded quickly. The first response informed me about an exciting opportunity to earn gold status by flying 5 round trips in certain fare classes in the first 90 days of 2008. Of course that would be great if I ever flew in those fare classes.

When I responded that would not help me and that my company would not be willing to pay more for a ticket so I could have a particular fare class, I got a "we make no exceptions" response. I was told that the only way to earn gold elite status is to fly the right number of miles in a CALENDAR year, not just in a 12-month timeframe. This seems crazy to me and their "no exceptions" response is insulting. I know they must get many requests and I wouldn't expect them to grant all of them. I certainly didn't expect (or request) the silver status they gave me in the years I didn't travel much.

My final response to them has been sent. In that response I pointed out that they were willing to make exceptions when I didn't travel often and didn't request it but wouldn't consider a request when I was actually giving them a lot of business. That seems backwards to me. I also have made two offers to discuss this and my other concerns about Northwest customer service with anyone who is interested. I included my phone number each time.

After the last response from Northwest, I contacted another airline that flies the routes that I travel most frequently. If they are willing to grant me status in their frequent traveler program, I will be switching my business. My husband is also a gold level traveler (was platinum last year) and he is also considering making a switch based on Northwest customer service.

Northwest has disappointed me for some time with the level of service they provide in flight and the nickel and dime approach to amenities. When I have had to travel other airlines this year, I have been impressed by how much better the service is. If Northwest doesn't reconsider, I have very little reason to stay.

I am amazed by how little the airlines seem to care about their customers. Clearly the airlines that have figured this out (Southwest, JetBlue) are the only ones doing well. Why are the large carriers having such a hard time understanding such simple concepts? This is EASY stuff to fix and they just seem unwilling to address a growing problem.

By -

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I used to fly NW a lot way back when, but haven't much in the last few years. In January I had a trip from Baltimore to Portland, but due to snow delays, we were late leaving, and missed a late p.m. (the last) Portland flight out of Minneapolis. The flight attendants did a 100% job in telling people about connecting flights, and getting people who had a chance of making them off of the plane first (Portland passengers, just remain seated, the plane has already departed).

Upon arriving, about 12 Portland connecting people were sent to the vacant gate that we would have used to board our now departed plane. Yap, yap yap ("where is anybody?" "do they know we are here?" "are they going to put us on a special plane to Portland?" "my wife is tired, they had better give us a room" "I will be late to my niece's birthday, my whole trip is ruined!" "my wife is picking me up, how will she know the plane left without me?").

In about 3 minutes, a service rep showed up, pleasant, eager, and ready to do whatever it took to get everyone on their way to Portland, tomorrow. All I cared about was being in Portland by tomorrow at noon, late tonight would have been better, but that simply was not going to happen.

As the available seats for early morning were disappearing fast, the people were getting real gripe. As the rep talked with one person, everyone else in line kept asking how each thing he said to that person would affect them (rude). I got out of the line and sat down, watching the remaining folks get crabbier and the rep getting more terse, but not rude. They wanted NW to give them pajamas, toothpaste, mouthwash, nice rooms, fancy rooms, close rooms, free meals, free real nice meals, late dinner & breakfast. YOU OWE US!!! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!

Finally, I went up to the counter as the last passenger needing to get to Portland. "You must be Mr. **?" I confirmed it, and explained that I knew why we missed the plane, and had known since I noted when we had departed late. I know my bag is not accessible. I have friends in Minneapolis, know where to get good food and beer late at night, and would be happy with just a place to sleep. I told the rep I didn't care how I flew; even a connecting night flight on someone else would be OK. The rep was SOOOOO relieved that I wasn't another whiner.

I wound up in a real nice hotel, more meal tickets than I could eat, and a voucher. NW employees have lots of good reasons to be unhappy; the management, the bankruptcy issues and some awfully rude and obnoxious passengers who are probably like that everywhere. I sent NW a note saying that generally it is below average and in trouble, but that there are still many employees with a positive attitude and that they should make use of them while can. I would fly NW again if it fit my plans.

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