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HOW RUDE!!!! 3/8/2007
By -

My husband and I decided to take a vacation 6 years overdue, we could have used another airline that would have been $50 cheaper but decided to use Northwest for two reasons, because of the size of the airline and also because they offered non stop. Seemed like a no brainer to go with Northwest.

Our flight was from Minneapolis to Orlando

Upon boarding the plane 30 minutes before we were scheduled to take off, as we sat on the plane waiting to be taxied onto the runway, time seemed to pass, about an hour later after we were supposed to be in the air, the Captain no informs us that the plane has a problem with the fuel indicator light and should have the problem fixed shortly. Another 30 minutes passed and we finally made it into the air.

During the flight my husband had asked the passing flight attendant if they had headphones to purchase, because we thought that planes still had the capabilty have music, the seats still had every indication that this was still an option due to the headphone jack and volume control. The flight attendant gave a look to my husband like he was an idiot for asking, and shot him a glare and walked away without answering a simple question.

Then to make matters worse, during the snack distribution, my husband did not have the correct change for the snack and the same flight attendant told him that she would be back shortly, almost 2 hours passed and she came back and my husband held out his hand to receive his change back and she yelled at him to put his hand down!! She then had to hands with money, one had the larger bills and the other had one dollar bills, and she preceded to count out 15 single dollar bills and hands them to him.

We have now landed in Orlando, and our plane is now 2 hours late and we arrive at our accomedations at 2:30am.

Now the return flight was not much better, we were standing in line at the e-ticket check in and witness a young man checking his luggage in, he had one bag and a boogie board, the employee at the counter proceeded to charge him $85 for his board, he explained to her that on his flight in he did not have to pay extra for the board and could not understand why he had to pay now to return home, his father put his credit card on the counter in dismay, the employee took the card and threw it on the floor and yelled at him for supposedly throwing his card at her, I knelt down to pick his credit card up from the floor. She then proceeded to be a SNOT and told the young man to step back and put a baggage claim on his board and told him to leave and that she didn't know why she was about to let it go without charging him.

At this point, my husband and I had now come to a conclusion that we would never fly Norwest again!!

We boarded our flight and before take off the attendant told my husband to put his seat in the upright position, he proceeded to do so and the seat would not hold that position it would lie back down in the reclined position, he told the attendant that the seat was broke, after that 3 more attendants came by and proceeded to tell him to put his seat in the upright, he then told each and everyone of them that it was broke.

All in all the whole expierience was awful!! If Norwest employees are that unhappy in their positions, I think that it is time for them to find another career! And if Norwest allows this behavior than I think they should be removed from flights just as us passengers would be if we behaved in that manner.

Never again Northwest Airlines!!!!

Lost Luggage and Poor Service
By -

I am amazed at how poor Northwest Airlines' customer service is, even though they are struggling to survive.
I was on a flight from Norfolk to Halifax on 22 June 06, connecting in Detroit. I checked 3 bags, one of which was my military officer's sword to be used in my wedding on the 29th of July. The flight was rerouted to Bangor, ME due to fog over Halifax. All the bags were removed from the flight in Bangor, the only one that didn't make it was my sword, which was packed separately. I notified the ground crew that was there (one person since the airport was closed) and they let me know I should just file the claim when I get to Halifax. At this point, I was smart enough to figure out that the sword either never got on the plane in Norfolk, or got taken off in Detroit, and never made it back on.
Since the local hotels in Bangor, ME did not honor Northwest Airlines vouchers, many of us got to spend the night in the airport. The airline crew though apparently had a room.
When I arrived in Halifax the next day I spent 30 minutes with an agent filling out my claim paperwork. I was assured the bag would show up (OK).
Throughout the weekend, there were no updates or information available when I checked.
I went back to the airport Monday and asked to see if there was anymore information on the piece of luggage - the person at the desk told me there was no claim filed in the computer and that there was nothing he could do to help me. After enough badgering he filed the claim on the computer - this was the same person that told me he couldn't do anything.
I had a layover in Detroit again on the way back, and decided it would be a good time to check to see if it was there somewhere. Luggage services for Northwest in Airlines is a bunch of friendly people. I walked up and was first in line. I got to deal with the supervisor, even luckier (or so I thought). I related my story, and the supervisor asked me to wait while he helped others behind me with problems that could be dealt with quicker.
After the 6th person went ahead of me, I put my foot down. I was helped by a friendly woman who had every Northwest punch line memorized. The standard Detroit quote is "We never have had people who are unhappy with our luggage service". Just keep telling yourself that and click your heels Dorothy. The woman then told me it was probably in Halifax. Probably being the key word - she didn't attempt to check. I let her know that it wasn't in Halifax when I left 3 hours prior. She then told me it was probably in customs - probably again. If any of you have ever flown out of the country, you know that you clear customs going into a country not out - flight went through Detroit, landed in Bangor and it was not on the plane.
I had to expedite the process and ask the woman if anyone could actually check a computer, or look in their baggage room. That was when she threw the paperwork at me and told me to do it myself. So, I proceeded unescorted into the unclaimed baggage room (are you concerned yet ?).
I didn't find my luggage thereof course.
Well, I get back to Norfolk and the baggage office there is closed. The sign says it is only open after incoming flights land - wait I just landed. I waited for half an hour - still no one showed. I went back to the airport twice before I could find someone that worked at the ticket desk to help me. Her best advice was that since I needed the item for a wedding I should just borrow it. Does anyone else besides me feel uncomfortable borrowing an item, or lending that same item to someone who relates this story to them ? The airline just lost my sword, now I want to borrow yours so they can lose that too !
I did get one call from a regional baggage person after that, who assured me they would do all they could to find my luggage.
It is now 3 weeks later. I still have no luggage. I sent my claim in certified, so the airline could not claim they never got it. I have tried to call the 1-800 number for luggage several times, the recording says that they are only open from 8-4 Central time - go ahead call it, they are closed permanently, and all you get is the same recording. I have sent several e-mails, which their site says will be acknowledged within 2 hours and answered within 24 - no answers.
The bottom line is that if you are flying - think about what it is worth to you to not have to deal with this. I had flown Northwest prior and vowed to never do it again. Over New Years, I flew out of the country on Northwest. When I went back to the ticket desk to check in for my return flight, the desk was gone (yes gone). Even though I had gotten an e-mail confirmation the night before and checked the flight on their website, the airline evidently no longer flew out of that location. They apologized and let me know that they had rebooked me on a Continental flight that had left 3 hours prior - thanks great work. I went to the Continental desk they were very accommodating and got me on the next flight - thanks guys.
Think before you book - the couple of dollars I saved was not worth it.

Pat in Virginia

Cats on flight
By -

77 W WACKER DR, CHICAGO, IL 60601, MINNESOTA -- I have not flown Northwest airles for some time and I had the unfortunate experience flying back from Virginia Beach, VA to Chicago, IL. On this flight was a very quiet, well behaved little terrior dog and two (I think) very noisy cats that meowed all during the two hour and twenty-six minute flight. My daughter (an adult) asked for ear plugs and the airline steward said he had none. I asked him if, when traveling with pets, the animals were to be given a sedative to help them adjust to the flight and he said he didn't know (or did not care). These cats were two rows behind us and this was definitely the flight from HELL. Those cats were very disruptive to the flight. After we arrived in Chicago, other passengers were complaining about the cats also. One man sitting next to me said he had traveled with his dog in the past and YES, they are to be given a sedative to relax and quiet down the animals. How can an airline allow one passenget to bring these cats on the flight and disrupt the whole flight for the other passengers. I will certainly try to not to travel this airline in the future. Very inconsiderate to the needs of others.

Stolen Camera
By -

I am entering this review since it was my property stolen, though another person on the flight.

I had loaned my roommate my camera for her trip to Louisiana to see her family for Christmas. She had packed everything in one backpack so she could carry it on and it would be safe. Apparently not. At the gate, they took the backpack from her, telling her the plane was too small, she -had- to check the bag. Lo and behold, on arrival to Baton Rouge, the bag is missing.

Two days later, when the bag is found and returned to her, everything is in it, except for my Kodak C1013.

The camera was a gift from Christmas the year before, and I am unable to get a receipt for it. Without proof of ownership, I doubt I will get any reimbursement for the theft, though we are attempting filing anyway.

Heads up, Northwest = thieves.

Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With
By -

On our flight to Honolulu, our connecting flight was late. NWA knew we were a little late but closed the gate door on us 10 minutes before the flight time. We arrived 9 minutes before and could see them close the door. They refused to let us on. They told us to take it up with Alaska because their flight was late and it was their problem.

On the return flight, they did not book us in seats together despite having empty rows that they were trying to sell just before the flight.

After sending in a complaint letter, they offered a pathetic $50 voucher.

Lost Baggage - Very Poor Customer Service And Rude Employees
By -

I usually don't care about services, I just look for basic mutual respect but that seems like a big ask for NWA. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to fly with Northwest Airlines more than once even though I had issues with their services the first time as well. They have a very poor customer service in so many respects.

They lost my bags. I was very patient with them because I know this happens BUT they told me they would keep looking for my luggage but actually, they did not do anything. I had to call them several times until they realized I would like to get my luggage back (should it not be evident?) which had everything since I moved temporarily to another place for a year. Finally, after I kept calling them for several days, they said they have managed to track one of my bags. When I asked them how come I haven't received it, they said because they were waiting for the other one to be found because they will only bring them together. The lady on the phone was arrogant and obviously couldn't understand that I had no clothes to put on and lost my textbooks for school. I know it was not her fault that my luggage was gone. Aren't these people trained to have some sympathy for their customers though? At least to sound as if they cared a little?

It seemed like I was blamed for this and I felt that it's not that they couldn't resolve my problem but they did not even want to. Their services on the flights are horrible too so I would not recommend them at all. I would rather pay double or triple but I would never fly with NWA again.

Northw-ors-st Proved it Again
By -

OAHU, HAWAII -- Let me start by saying I am a Minneapolis native, and though I've lived in San Diego for 20 years, I still do my best to support companies from my hometown. Unfortunately, time and again, Northwest has proven to be the most unfriendly, uncooperative company I have ever come across.

We just had another experience that has finally broke this camel's back. My family and I ended up spending the night on a cold cement floor on the outside of the Oahu airport instead of getting on our flight which didn't leave for another 4 hours after we arrived at the airport. There was a complete blackout in Oahu and it caused some major chaos. We had come on the last flight allowed in from Kauai. When we went to the "mainland terminal" to catch our flight to LAX the employees refused to allow us to get to the gate, because it was "closed" even though the flight could not go anywhere until the control tower had power again. When we finally got a supervisor, he literally threw a hissy fit, said "I've had a really stressful day. I can't take this. I'm outta here" and left. I doubt his stress included laying his head on a cement floor that night. As we lay there, cold, thirsty and tired, I could hear our flight take off at 3 am.

NWA refused to help us in ANY way. They would not try to get us an earlier flight the next day on any other airline--including Delta (the only flight from Oahu to LAX is at 11:10 pm)and they basically said,"go find a nice spot on the floor".

I WILL NEVER USE NWA AGAIN. The employees are treated like crap, taking pay cut after pay cut while their CEO get multi-million dollar bonuses. It's no wonder they treat their customers like crap.

I finally got some resolution, but from Hawaiian Airlines. They were absolutely phenomenal. We've decided that no matter the cost difference, the next time we fly to Hawaii we are use Hawaiian Air.

Northwest Airlines Screws Up Then Steals Money
By -

I bought a ticket to Harrisburg, PA to see a doctor and never even made it to PA. My flights were delayed and cancelled to the point that I couldn't get to my appointment. Had to spend a night in Newark out of my own pocket. Now I have to fight NWA for a refund. I have enough medical expenses without NWA trying to steal $410 for not even getting me to the state of PA!

Addressing First Two comments:

My initial flight was changed to a Continental flight arriving at Newark. Later delayed/cancelled flights were Continental. Flight home was NWA. Why is NWA using COntinental? I paid NWA for the ticket. NWA has my money; they are responsible for giving it back. I did not choose Continental, NWA did. If one sleeps with rats expect a few bite marks.

I was told my initial flight was delayed because of FA. Prove it! How can I tell I'm not being lied to? What a perfect excuse.

There were no more connecting flights that night - nothing till the following morning (more delays and a cancellation).

The NWA folks at Newark gave me 800 number as a complaint number. The menu did not include anything about complaints. I was given a pay number but after about 30 times over the course of 2 days I never got through. My travel agent called several times and never got through.

I believe NWA's complaint number is a bogus number. Folks with problems aren't supposed to get through, they are supposed to get frustrated and give up. it's a scam. NWA's dirty laundry wouldn't be getting thrown across sites like this if they would answer complaint phones.

This isn't the only place I'm spreading the word. Folks like me who are traveling to find answers to medical issues need to know that NWA is more than willing to screw over folks who are ill. I'm posting my story everywhere.

Lack Of Customer Care
By -

KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN -- I'll start off by saying that I missed an important flight today. I arrived at the airport less than 2 minutes past the "allowed check in time" (this information was not anywhere on my ticket or information. I arrived at 7:32 for an 8 am flight). This was because my little boy had a seizure this morning and I was doing my best to get there. When I arrived at the airport, I stood at the Northwest Counter for 15 minutes waiting for someone to come and help me. AFTER they loaded and sent my flight on its way, they came out and told me that since I was 2 minutes late, there was nothing that they could do. I called their customer line and was told by them that there wasn't anything that they could or would do for me. I finally got someone from customer service to acknowledge that the time that you need to check in by is a Northwest policy and not an FAA requirement, I was eventually booked on a later flight which caused me to miss a very important business meeting at my destination.

Bottom line is/was that NWA just doesn't care. When I tried to contact a customer service manager simply to express my disappointment, I was told that they do not accept phone calls. I completely understand why companies need to have policies and procedures, but Northwest is one of the worst organizations that I have ever dealt with for lack of customer compassion and assistance. If I ever have a choice in airlines, I do not choose Northwest! Save the time, contacting the 800# doesn't really do anything besides add to your frustration.

They are rude, unhelpful and just make things worse. Customer care (701-420-6282) was better. Best bet, fly a different airline. I have had excellent service on American, Delta, and United.

Overall Service And Flight Quality
By -

I have flown Northwest frequently over the past few years, and I have to say that overall, they've been quite good. Until recently, they were the cheapest airline on my Boston-Montana route, and I always found that they were dependable, had few delayed flights, the customer service was helpful and friendly, and my luggage always came back to me in one piece with nothing missing - no problems. I'm a musician who always travels with a guitar, a laptop and other music gear, in addition to loads of other luggage, and they were always as accommodating as could be expected and I was never charged for extra baggage, and I was never forced to check my guitar. My travels would often go so smoothly I'd actually look forward to them!

Even when my last roundtrip of flights turned out to be a disaster, they were actually rather commendable in most respects. On my way out, one of my connection flights was cancelled due to a bad snowstorm, and given the circumstances, I decided it'd be best to return home and try again the next day. They said that my luggage would follow me, but unfortunately it didn't. So I spent the next day waiting at home, checking the internet luggage tracking database and being told repeatedly that there was no new data on it (so a small point deduction there). Finally I called and was told that it had continued on its way to my destination, and finally knowing where it was, I rebooked a flight. They did not charge me extra to reschedule, which I really appreciated. I finally reached my destination the next day, only to find one of my bags still missing.

However, it was delivered to my mother's house the next morning, so it was frustrating, but not too shabby. On the way back, my first flight was horribly delayed, which from my observation was primarily due to some confusion and incompetence of the staff. When I got to my first stop, my next flight, which was the last for the day, had already left, and I was told that the delay was classified as 'weather-related,' and as such, I was entitled to no compensation for having to stay there overnight. At least they automatically put me on the earliest flight the next morning, but their only help for the night was a voucher that would supposedly give me a discounted stay at a nearby hotel; that discounted hotel room turned out to be $85, and as a student-musician, I wasn't willing to pay that, and spent the night in the airport.

In the end, I got home safely, with all of my luggage intact, and I never had to spend any extra money for all the flight changes. It wasn't any fun, but I suspect it could have been much worse.

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