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Just Tell Me The Truth....
By -

I am a very dissatisfied NWA customer as I traveled on Saturday 08 March, 2008. First, the person at check-in spoke a mistruth when saying the "cancelled" flight information from Detroit to Erie was due to a screen that was "broken". Having lived in western PA all my life, I am well aware of weather related issues. If the flight was cancelled the service agent could have rebooked at that time thus sidestepping the current issue. In Detroit, I then had to rebook because my flight was... cancelled. I was sent to Pittsburgh instead of Erie. My luggage did not arrive and I followed procedure & completed luggage forms- all on Saturday, 08 March.

It is now Tuesday, 11 March, 2008. After following your procedures and "tracking" luggage on line and otherwise, I finally contacted no less than 4 "customer service" agents. Each of the four agents offered different excuses including: luggage is in Erie, luggage is in Pittsburgh, luggage is in Detroit, and luggage never left IND until 09 March, and we don't know where it is at..... hmmm.

When asked about compensation for such mishap I was told there was none, until I got online to see I am indeed entitled to $50.00 for day one and $25.00 for each additional day up to $150.00. That is correct? Why was that not mentioned from any "customer service" rep, especially after letting them know I was less than pleased with service. So I finally, I make enough of a stink that I am finally connected to someone in Erie because no one can give me the phone number to person in Erie... He informs me that the luggage is there & has been for "oh a day or two" but he is not sure if the "delivery service" can drive it to the delivery address.

As a matter of fact the person in Erie suggest that my luggage may travel from Erie, to Detroit to Pittsburgh at which time it will be sent to Franklin. At this rate I will be heading back to Erie for my flight back to Detroit and IND. I have not had a good experience with NWA and look forward to hearing from someone (I was told it takes up to a week for you to reach me! Really??). I also look forward to sharing my experience with any and all who will listen. Respectfully submitted.

Incredible Mean Spirited Callous Behavior
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- My daughter is flying from Pittsburgh to Tallahassee. Her first leg was from Pittsburgh to Memphis. Memphis has weather problems. Because of this my daughter is having to stay overnight in Memphis, her second leg to Tallahassee was cancelled. So far this is just another sad travel story. Now it gets interesting. When I find out that she is stuck in Memphis I call Northwest to see if they are going to at least help her find a room. They say of course and because the delay in travel will be so long they will pay for the room and meals. We are concerned that she will be stuck in Memphis overnight and most of the tomorrow, but feel comforted because Northwest has told us that they will take car of her. Big huge lie. The taking care of her consisted of a Northwest employee spending twenty seconds with her,just long enough to give her a phone number for el cheapo hotel, which we would pay for. Thanks Northwest.

Now she goes down to baggage, and we find a hotel room for her. Funny thing there's a Hilton property just four miles off the airport. She can't find her bags so she goes to the baggage claim office. By now she and my wife who is here with me are way past hysterical and my blood pressure has gone up so high I am about to collapse in a pile of raw nerve endings. Now the baggage claim folks (friendly helpful folks that they are ) say that they can't give up her bag. So we call the Northwest lost luggage number. This person actually is helpful, and finally discovers that my daughters bags have been shipped to Tallahassee even though she is now going to Fort Walton beach. The get to the bottom of this part of the story the bloody fools had sent her bags on and kept her in the freezing cold (it is literally freezing and snowing) in Memphis TN. Of course the trip is not over yet, Northwest still has ample opportunity to show more evidence of gross incompetence, heartlessness, and utter stupidity. Is there any wonder these airlines are having such a time keeping afloat.

Northwest Airlines, you have earned my disrespect, and my enmity. I will work diligently to convince anyone who will listen to abandon you and never spend a one red cent on your travel services again.

Know that all you would have had to do was show a little human compassion and warmth to my daughter to earn my friendship and support. Why did you feel compelled to treat my child like another piece of luggage? Oh I forgot, if you had treated her like luggage you would have actually made sure that she got home tonight. Shame on you all for abusing a child.

Northwest Lied to Us.
By -

I can't believe NWA cheat my 12 years old daughter and me. On the morning of June 17, 2007, we followed the NWA request to take the continental from Cleveland to New York, then transfer to China Eastern to Shanghai. (Our flight NW 1735 from Cleveland to Detroit was cancelled, so we couldn't transfer NW25 to Shanghai.) We asked the NWA and Continental the same question in Cleveland airport, “Do we need any ticket when we check in in China Eastern?” They gave us a same answer, “Don't worry, all of your information will be in the computer.”

However when we checked in China Eastern at 9:00pm on June 17th in New York, we were told that they weren't partners with NWA, so they needed paper tickets, at least confirmation number. We called the NWA immediately for assistance. Diana, a representative of the NWA said, “Don't blame me! I don't know.” She told us, "Take the Continental to Japan tomorrow morning 11:00am in Newark; then switch back NWA to Shanghai." We were told that, to try to find a hotel and transportation by ourselves that night, keep all the receipts and mail them back. She promised us twice, “NWA will refund the amount to you.”

Also, she promised again, “There isn't any problem when you check in Continental with the confirm number tomorrow morning 11:00am. (In fact, the Continental does need paper tickets from NWA when we checked in. We had to take air tram to another terminal to find the NWA counter to get them. We almost missed our flight again.) Finally, we checked in the hotel by Newark's airport at 2:10am on June 18 (we got up 6:00am on June 17).

In past 5 month, we haven't complained anything about (1. Our luggage was delayed for the 3 days. We had to buy another evening dress to go wedding party. 2. Me, a single woman and my daughter, 12 years old girl had to wait for airport shuttle in the dangerous downtown of New York in midnight at 1:00am). Can you image how scared we are? We sent receipts ($249.66 hotel and $44.00 shuttle) 5 times to NWA. (3 faxes, 1 mail and 1 register mail).

In the e-mail of Kate **, Customer Care of NWA on Tuesday, Sept. 4th, 2007 12:56pm (Subject: Re: CR-Complaints KMM **) to us, they thought, "When our cancellation resulted in an overnight stay, we should have made every effort to provide meal and hotel accommodations." Finally, we received a response from NWA in Dec. They refused to refund the amount to us without any reason, just $100.00 for value customer. We can't believe the NWA overthrow their promise. They cheat us. We're being a cooperative customer. However, we can't be responsible to NWA's error. It's not fair to the customer. I agree with: “Northwest = Northworst.”

Unfortunate Behavior at Northwest Airlines
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- When you visit the Northwest Airlines website, there is an entire section dedicated to ".. thank military personnel who bravely serve our country!" However, this morning, they weren't represented as being at all thankful or gracious toward my brother, an active duty military specialist who completed an 18 month tour in Iraq this November. My brother was on his way home to see his adoring family for the first time since his return safely to the United States. He missed his flight to St. Louis, and was told "nothing could be done because flight insurance was not purchased."

Fact: Customers are PEOPLE. Human. We have occasional instances when we are imperfect, and need the assistance of A PERSON to lend a helping hand. I can imagine that my brother was late for a plethora of reasons... none of which he shared. He was, in fact, late. He doesn't recall an opportunity presented to purchase travel insurance, and the "Customer Care" representative did NOT offer him another flight option. In fact, he was offered nothing. They basically stated there was nothing they can do, there is nothing that can be done, and he was stranded at the airport.

Fact: We live in a time of many choices in regard to whom we choose to do business. Our money is power. We, as consumers in this capitalist country can choose to fund the operations of businesses offering services meeting - at least - our basic expectations as paying customers.

Fact: We live in a digital age, and I have the freedom of speech. I will resonate my discontent across the worldwide web with Northwest Airlines' inability to assist a client. Everyone will know what distasteful service they delivered to a soldier returning from Iraq who hasn't seen his family in over 19 months as of December 20, 2007. They offered him Nothing.

My flight from Chattanooga to Chicago
By -

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- So, here I am, writing a review on Northwest Airlines. I just felt I had to put in my 2 cents after reading the other comments on Northwest. I flew from Chattanooga, Tennessee, my hometown, to Chicago, to visit my uncle and aunt in late December 2006. I flew on a Saab 340 plane, a very small and noisy plane, from Chattanooga to Memphis, on 12/26 then connected to the flight from Memphis to Chicago on a DC-9, a very nice plane. The Northwest people were very nice, but the people who worked at Memphis' airport and were not affiliated with Northwest were surly and rude.

So, the flight went well and I visited my uncle and aunt. So, I was ready to fly back to Chattanooga via Memphis. It's raining outside and I dismiss it because it's not raining hard enough to disrupt flight operations at O'Hare Intl Airport. I board the plane and, guess what happened? Yep, you guessed right: there was enough rain to disrupt flight operations and the plane sat there on the tarmac for an hour and the plane took off and landed in Memphis. Due to the weather, not Northwest's fault, I missed my flight to Chattanooga and I had to wait 6 hours in Memphis.

The Northwest people didn't know how old I was. I'm 19 now, but I looked 16 or 17 to the staff, so they put me in the minors' supervision room and so I was stuck there from 2 pm to about 8:45 pm at night. Oh yeah, they gave me a discount coupon for 400 dollars as compensation for missing my flight. Unfortunately, I lost the coupon. I finally got on the plane and landed, finally home. I got home at about 10:45 pm. You know what the ironic thing is? That very day I flew home, it was New Years' Eve!

The final thing I'm going to say about this is that the experience was not bad, in my experience, because that it was not Northwest's fault. To that effect, I've purchased tickets on Northwest from Chicago to Minneapolis, where I'm going to go after visiting my uncle and aunt for Thanksgiving, and also to fly home, to Chattanooga, from Washington, DC, where I attend college now. Prices from Chicago to Minneapolis are cheap: I bought my ticket back in September and it cost 71 bucks.

From DC to Chattanooga and back via Memphis and Detroit, 303.50 bucks. So, all in all, Northwest Airlines does a hell of a job of providing customer services and relatively cheap prices to people of all abilities. I'm deaf and the airline made my experience go much smoother than I expected. Thanks, Northwest Airlines!

Non-Maintenance Of Flight Schedules And Uncomprimising Attitude Towards Consumers
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Hello. I am writing my experience with regard to travel plan with Northwest Airlines. I booked international travel from Memphis-Hyderabad via Northwest/KLM with a stopover at Amsterdam. The passengers were my wife and infant son aged 8 months. The actual travel date was 08/08/2007. The flight number is NW58. On that day when we reached the airport, we came to know that the flight has been delayed till 10:30 pm. The scheduled departure for the flight was 7:20 PM. As this would cause my wife to lose her connection flight from Amsterdam To Hyderabad, we rescheduled the booking to next day i.e. 08/09/2007. The flight on 08/08/2007 was subsequently canceled.

When we reached the airport the following day, the flight (NW 58) was delayed again. We asked for alternatives and were told that we can either wait for the flight to take off at whatever time it takes off and lose the connecting flight in Amsterdam and be at the mercy of the agents at Amsterdam for our travel to Hyderabad or reschedule our travel plans. As my wife was traveling alone with an infant we decided to reschedule rather than be stuck at Amsterdam. When we contacted the airlines via telephone to rebook (that is the only option available it seems for international travel) we asked for a re-routing so that we can avoid this particular flight.

We were told in very certain terms that if we forego the bassinet seat request then only they would provide another routing. Also they told that this would be our final adjustment and they would not adjust again, and we have to travel no matter what on a flight suggested by them. As my son is an infant we could not forego the bassinet and we ended up with a reservation for 08/12/2007. As of now there is no information whether the Flight (NW 58) left on 08/09/2007.

My question is how can the airline screw up an international flight two days in a row? Also is it no obligatory on the airline to see if they can honor the passenger's request instead of saying "no" in the first place itself. Needless to say this caused mighty upsets not only for my wife but also to family members awaiting my wife and son's arrival at Hyderabad. At this moment we are not confident if the flight scheduled for 08/12/2007 would take off.

A Rude, Non-Sympathetic, Business Only, In-Human, Heartless Airline!
By -

INDIANAPLIS, INDIANA -- Two years ago, an elderly, handicapped couple in their 80's and their daughter who takes care and lives with them began saving money for their 49th Family Reunion. They scrimped and saved for one week of vacation which included, a car rental, a hotel room in a moderate priced Hotel, eating out and three AIRLINE TICKETS. This like every reunion they attended for the past 49 years was a very special one! The reunion was in Indianapolis, Indiana. The elderly couple's two daughters had also arranged a 65 Year Wedding Anniversary Celebration for them with the family. The Reunion was a happy time for all of them!

The Wife (Mother) became very ill two days before they were to fly home to Phoenix, AZ. The two daughters took their Mother to the hospital. The woman was diagnosed with diverticulitis. She had to be hospitalized due to a major infection. All the staff at the St. Vincent Hospital was AWESOME! The Doctors was very understanding of the family's situation, however, they could not release her before they had to leave for the flight. One of the Doctors offered a letter stating that this sick, elderly woman could not travel and he would request NORTHWEST to change their date to fly home and waive the fee for changing this date.

The daughter called to plead her case with NORTHWEST. After an hour or more of being handed off to many different people, NORTHWEST AIRLINES STILL REFUSED TO WAIVE THE CHANGE FEE of $1000. They did however take $300 off that amount to leave a balance of approximately $700. These three wonderful individuals could not afford the $700, however, was forced to pay it anyway or lose their seats. The daughter paid it with her credit card as she sadly admitted that this would cause a hardship on them. So with no sympathetic attitude, no remorse, the customer service representative took their money.

This representative claimed, strongly that NORTHWEST IS A BUSINESS! In general the attitude was “THAT IS TOUGH AND WE DO NOT CARE!” I, the other daughter, am writing this story to bring attention to the way NORTHWEST treated my family. This is all that can be done and I WILL do my best to let as many people know this story and be aware of how NORTHWEST runs their business! I do hope that other airlines have a sympathetic soul for situations like this and help people with unfortunate incidents. If this letter reaches anyone that can help put an end to these practices in business, PLEASE HELP!

Northwest Airlines Treats Customers Like... They Don't Need Our Business!
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I flew on a Tuesday evening from Philadelphia, PA to Dayton, OH. The trip was made to see my fiance who recently relocated to play arena football for an Ohio team. The flight there was very disappointing! To sum everything up in one sentence... I felt very uncomfortable and wasn't treated very nice by the staff of Northwest. I fly frequently and in comparison to other airlines, the initial departing flight was a nightmare! And it only got worse!

One day into my trip my fiance was injured and needed to return home as soon as possible. I wanted him to fly home with me on the same flight being that there were plenty of seats still remaining. However, because that flight was only one week away the cheapest Northwest fare was $560... for a ONE WAY TICKET! I called the airline for 2 days and kept getting a recording that said, "Due to an extremely high call volume, we are unable to take your call! Please try again later!"

Once I finally got through to an actual human being I explained the situation and asked if there was anything they could do to help us... maybe find a cheaper fare. I was told, "there is nothing we can do!!" When I told them of other airlines (US Air & United Airways) having prices much lower (almost $300 less) I was told, "well then fly with them!! If you aren't satisfied with the fares we provide then don't fly with us!!" I could not believe my ears! I even called again later that night in hopes of speaking to someone else maybe a little more sympathetic.

Once again I was treated very disrespectfully and told (in so many words) "it wasn't their problem!" I will never fly Northwest Airlines again and urge others to do the same! I'm so tired of corporations claiming that their #1 priority is customer service, but when it comes down to they act like they could do without our business!!

Last time with Northwest
By -

This is our first time buying NW tickets. We were traveling around Tokyo area. The thing is, nobody told us that there is a check-in time limit while obviously other airlines don't have. We were not familiar with Tokyo's traffic and was at the check-in gate around 5:05 pm,while our flight time was 6 pm. We were not allowed to go to the check-in counter because there is a 60 minutes' check-in time limit for NW customers, which we didn't know! We were just late for 5 minutes and we have a young child with us! We also had our seats reserved before the flight, which were 43ABC!

If Northwest's customers first service exists, this wouldn't have happened! What is worse, your staff (Omri) just came to tell us lies such as we didn't reserve our seats, and the gate was already closed (I noticed the gate closes at 5:45) and so on. She just turned back and we were left there without knowing what to do! I hoped at least your staff would help us to fly back the next flight.

However, when finally reached your staff through a public phone, she didn't express any sympathy and cruelly told us we only can go back on March 6, which was 2 weeks from our scheduled date! We were left there helplessly just like that! Tired and with a young child to comfort, we had to find any other airline that went to Shanghai that day. Do you know how much we paid for one way ticket? 50% more we bought for NW's round trip!!! We have to pay US$2100 just for the reason we didn't know there was a check-in time limit!!!

This is the most absurd thing that ever had happened to us! If Northwest staffs have had just a little bit sympathy, they wouldn't have done this to us and our 6-year-old daughter! I don't think any other airlines would have done this to us. Actually, I had an experience that ANA waited for us and treated us as customers should be. We have flied so many times and these are the only two times we didn't arrive the airport 2 hours before our flights. Yet how differently you treated customers!

We wrote to NWA customer service and they refused to refund our extra paid money. This is our last time to fly Northwest Airlines. We have never seen such a poorly managed airline company and hope we could have read the complaints here before our reservation! Obviously there are lots of unlucky and illy treated passengers of Northwest Airline all around the world!

Northwest Is the Very Worst
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Rating: 1/51

This isn't quite recent but bear with me. A few years back I went cross-country on Northwest and this was the first time I've ever flew. Halfway across the flight, I asked for some coffee. The flight attendant glared at me and look at me like I was Garbage (I never did get any coffee)! Then I was struggling with my luggage, told me to get my act together! Is this the professional service they are supposed to show their customers!? I tried calling their so-called customer service, was put on hold for over an hour then hung up on!! The only way to get even is to tell people NEVER FLY NORTHWEST!!! I HOPE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

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