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How Notz Cardigan Welsh Corgis Breeder Let Us Down
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OKLAHOMA -- After reading this review, you may think twice about doing business with Notz Cardigan Welsh Corgis, an AKC - affiliated breeder of cardigan corgis based in Northeastern Oklahoma. We had contacted Notz Cardigan Welsh Corgis after seeing they offered a puppy for sale on a popular pet Web site. This review chronicles how Notz Cardigan Welsh Corgis has let us down after over a week of obvious runarounds. Here are the facts.

Notz had advertised a puppy (let's call it Puppy 1) for sale on a popular pet-brokering site. We contacted Notz at the end of November, expressing our serious interested in the dog, and wanting more pictures. Notz emailed us a couple cell-phone shots, which for a $900 dog was a bit of a let-down, but we nonetheless decided the dog was perfect for us. We call, and after getting past an answering machine stating something like "you are taking a chance by leaving a message, as I may or may not get it" (should have been a giveaway of things to come), we get to speak with the breeder.

And here's when the first switcheroo happens. She informs us that Puppy 1 was starting to display "showing qualities," and that she therefore may keep the dog for herself. She informed us that there was another Cardigan Corgi (let's call it Puppy 2) that she was willing to sell to us at the same price. We ask for pictures, and again we get a couple cell-phone shots. Still, it turns out, Puppy 2 is just as cute, and we decide to go for it.

Here comes switcheroo 2. The breeder at Notz Cardigans informs us that, at this point, both dogs are displaying showing qualities, and that she will sell us one, but is a bit torn as to which to choose. At this, we say "fine, you decide, we'll be happy with either of them." Yes, you've guessed it. Here comes switcheroo 3. On the first Thursday and Friday of December, we ask for the bank information, eager to pay for and receive either of the two puppies (Notz Cardigan Corgis does not take PayPal). We call, leave numbers, and email again throughout the weekend. Again, no reply of any kind.

On the following Tuesday, we get the punch-line. Notz Cardigan Welsh Corgis informs us that Puppy 1 was placed somewhere else, "at a home in Beverly Hills, CA," as she makes a point of saying, as if the swankiness of the dog's new zip code would justify (or make up for) this runaround. Puppy 2, she states, she'll hold on to for a few more weeks, just in case the dog fulfills the promise of being show-quality. No further explanation. But not to worry. They may have a new litter of puppies becoming available some half-dozen weeks in the future.

So, we were counting on getting a new puppy by Christmas, since our old dog of 17 years had passed away last year just about at this time. We had placed our trust in Notz Cardigan Welsh Corgis, and we were ready to pay the considerable sum for the dog they had advertised, as well as for the shipment to a different state. This was never to be, due to the lack of communication and unprofessional behavior on the breeder's part.

I would never do business with Notz Cardigan Welsh Corgis, and I caution anyone considering buying a puppy from them to think twice. If they are so shoddy about something as basic as communicating with a serious buyer of a $900+ dog, what else may they be shoddy about? I don't want to find out, and Notz Cardigan Welsh Corgis is now squarely in our "don't do business with them!" bucket.

Company Response 03/02/2011:

The bottom line in this situation is that Tom Leoni and his wife twice said they were going to send a payment for a pup and failed to do so at the time they said they would send it. Then after a few days and other arrangements had been made because we felt that they had changed their minds, they contacted us and were unhappy.
It is not uncommon to get many puppy inquiries that seem very sincere, only to never hear from them again. This was exactly what we thought had happened in this case.
Our purpose for breeding is ultimately to get a good example of the breed by which we can further improve our breeding/show exhibition program. We do have some pups that go to pet homes in each litter and in the past years, we have been fortunate to place them with wonderful families, many of whom we hear from frequently. We do feel that Mr. Leoni's anger and drama are uncalled for in his post. He and his wife seemed like nice people, but because they were unable or unwilling to send their payment for the pup/s in question at they time they said they would send it, we were unable to work with them. We Tom wish Tom and his wife well.

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