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National Tire and Battery worst customer service ever. A bunch of CROOKS
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Rating: 1/51
BAYTOWN, TEXAS -- On Sunday April 29, 2012 my 17 y/o daughter Megan [snip], arrived at NTB #796 at 3902 Garth Rd, Baytown Tx 77521 in reference to getting a right front tire repaired. The tire had a small roofing nail in the center of the tread surface causing the tire to go flat. The flat was noticed immediately and the tire was changed. The vehicle traveled less than a hundred yards on the flat tire. I instructed my daughter to take the tire to be repaired/plugged at NTB as we ALWAYS have in the past with all are tire needs. I received a phone call from my daughter shortly after her arrival at NTB stating she was told the tire was not repairable because, it was driven on while flat. I knew this was not the case and told her I would meet her there.

Upon my arrival I made contact with the Mgr. [snip] Mallard and tried to explain that the tire was not driven flat and there was no signs or damage that indicating it was. It was immediately apparent that Mr. Mallard was unsympathetic and appeared put out by having to listen to me. He was very rude, arrogant and it was obvious customer service meant nothing to him. I asked Mr. Mallard how he determined the tire was not repairable and learned he nor his employees had even inspected the tire for damage but told my 17 y/o daughter it was not repairable, and the warranty would not cover it.

I then asked Mr. Mallard to explain why he would assume it was un repairable without looking at it, and blatantly attempt to take advantage of a young girl who obviously has no clue about tires. Mr. Mallard could not answer the question but very rudely and in a loud tone stated "SIR SIR SIR I don’t know what to tell you" I then asked another employee who was in training to come look at the tire. He met me at the vehicle and pulled the flat tire from the trunk and looked it over. He agreed it did not look damaged from driving on it flat. At this time I observed him as he took the tire to the garage and took the tire off the rim. He then inspected the tire inside and out and even asked another employee to inspect it. They both agreed the tire was fine and was not damaged from driving on it flat. I then observed him inspect the entire tire and found no other leaks or damage. I was told repair would be covered by warranty to come back in an hour.

After approx. 30 min I arrived back at NTB and was informed by a smirking Mr. Mallard that the tire was un repairable because he found a leak on the sidewall. He told me it replaced with a new tire that would cost $86.00. He went on to say he was cutting me a deal. I could not believe what I was hearing. I told him I witnessed two of your employees inspect the tire for damage and leaks and none other than the center tread tire were found. I asked him if the cameras in the garage were working, I asked that the videos be saved for review because, I strongly believe the sidewall was intentionally punctured after I left the garage. I also informed Mr. Mallard I had recorded the entire nightmarish experience on my cell phone and would be making a formal complaint with BBB as well as NTB corporate. Mr. Mallard then appeared shocked and tried to apologize for the entire incident He stated it was a big misunderstanding and he did not want any hard feelings.

I have never in my life experienced or even heard of anything like what me and my family went through today at NTB. Myself and my family have been loyal long time NTB customers for many years but, I will never spend a penny there again and will warn everyone I know about this outlandish experience. Mr. Mallard is a poor excuse for a manager and has no business dealing with customers. His rudeness, and con artist sales strategies have cost NTB my business and everyone else I can warn about NTB. I intend to make a complaint with the BBB as well as looking into criminal charges with the BPD.
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User Replies:
BigAl on 04/30/2012:
I hate to be bearer of bad news but your tire could have had a problem with the sidewall that could not be detected visually. To drive on a flat tire 10 yards let alone 100 yards can cause damage. Safety of the customer is paramount in these instances. I am sure this business would rather lose you as a customer than defend themselves from a lawsuit over the death of your daughter from a sidewall blowout. Consider the $86 as insurance on your daughters well being and move on.
dan gordon on 04/30/2012:
I agree with the comments. While I don't know the reputation of the tire co. but assuming they fixed the flat and you did have a failure you'd be the first to be suing them.
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Poor Customer Service
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RAYMORE, MISSOURI -- Was told on 10/14/11 that sales associate Mike would order Yokohama AS530 tires and call me on 10/15/11. By 3 pm on 10/15/11 I had not been called when I called the store I was told the tires hadn't been ordered and paper work was lost. Was told that it would be looked into ant they would call me back. No from the store called back. Stopped by on 10/16/11 to see if the tires had been ordered and why no call back. Tires had still not been ordered and the didn't know why I wasn't called back. this store has poor customer service.
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User Replies:
NutterButter on 10/16/2011:
Is this the only place you can order those specific tires from? It sounds like you offered them enough chances and it's time to find a better run business.
GenuineNerd on 10/16/2011:
Try Tirerack.com. They can also arrange to have them sent to your mechanic for installation. NTB (aka Tire Kingdom) is known to be a ripoff joint anyway.
trmn8r on 10/16/2011:
Good suggestion, GN. I am biased because I have used the drop ship feature 4 times. TireRack is an outstanding company, and has a terrific website. Basically, you could go there not knowing anything about tires, and in an hour have identified the size for your car (if you don't know it), all the models and tire types (all-season, winter, summer, high performance, etc) available in that size, user reviews on those models, and ratings in several categories for those models such as wet traction, dry traction, snow traction, ride comfort, etc

I highly recommend TireRack - I started using them back around 2000 and have always been pleased.
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NTB promotion
Posted by on
ROWLETT, TEXAS -- I purchased a promotion card from my local NTB store when they came door-to-door a few months back, thinking it was a good enough deal to switch from my trusted oil change facility to give NTB a chance since it was a new service they offered. Boy did I make a mistake!

We went to use the card for one of the 5 oil change punches and 1 of the 2 tire rotation punches. We were told we really didn't need to make an appointment when purchasing the card; however, when we showed up, we were told we had to make an appointment (even though they weren't busy when we were there). So we did, came back the next day at our appointment time, and were told it would be an hour before they got to our car (there was 1 other customer there, who had been there for quite some time already and was almost finished up). After an hour and a half the oil was finally changed and tires rotated. We were the only customers/car there!!

I thought this might have just been an off day with a new mechanic so I called a few months later when our other car needed an oil change (this was Saturday) to make an appointment. I was told they couldn't get me in until Tuesday night, and when I asked if it would be done in 30 min. or less, was told no. I told them to forget it.

I contacted the company that ran this promotion for them and was told they do not give refunds, but to be patient and they should be better in a few months. A few months??? This card expires!! Their only "consideration" they offered was to transfer the card to another location - all at least 30 min. from my house. Why would I do that when I have two oil change places within 5 minutes of my house?? I told them I just simply wanted a refund since they clearly ran a promotion that NTB was not equipped to meet the demands of.

NTB should stick to tires - they can't compete with the big guys whose business IS oil changes.
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Brake service failed inspection, Inferior parts
Posted by on
NEWINGTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Brought my car to NTB in Portsmouth/Newington NH for new front brakes and State inspection. Even though they advertised they do the State inspection, they don't. They advised me they would do the brakes, rotors and inspect the car as if they could issue a sticker. After paying an arm and a leg for the brakes, I went to another garage for the sticker. The other garage informed me that they needed to fail the car due to the front brakes incorrectly installed. The calipers were placed upside down causing the brake lines to kink and leak fluid. 4 months later my car is shuttering every time I brake. I brought my car back to NTB to find the rotors have warped? I drive all highway, very little braking, how could they warped in 4months? The tech told me they would resurface the rotors and it will be good. 2 weeks after that, the shuttering and clanging made it impossible to drive my car. I brought my car to an independent repair shop for an evaluation. The Mech there called me into the shop to show me the issue. The calipers were installed with the wrong hardware, incorrect bolts were used to hold the hubs on, and the rotor itself was warped all the way through. They advised me that there was no way any kind of driving would cause the rotor to be in such bad shape. NTB has not responded to any complaints I have filed.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/12/2010:
A caliper can be installed only one way. Something isn't making sense here.
BEJ on 07/12/2010:
Will the shop who corrected the work be willing to put all of that in writing? You then could go to small claims court and sue for the cost to repair the shoddy work by NTB.
Starlord on 07/12/2010:
Lakisha is 100% correct, There is no way anyone can turn caliper units upside down. Like a lot of computer architecture, calipers are engineered to only fit one way. Why they would use different bolts to hold the calipers on is beyond me. In my time I have done hundreds of brake jobs, and I never had to replace a caliper bolt. I understand there is a slight mathematical chance of a bolt failing, but I personally have never seen it. Methinks someone is having you on. I love disc brakes, and would rather do fifty disc jobs than one drum brake. I just helped my son do a brake job on their Impala, 4-wheel disc. Lovely. Took us about a half hour.
old newfie on 07/12/2010:
Maybe the left caliper was put on the right side, that's the only way I can see it being done wrong.
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Rip Off All Around, Never Buy From
Posted by on
PLANO, TEXAS -- Purchased 4 tires, and alignment service for one year, last time car was taken in for alignment check was told all is good, but when taken the car in to see if alignment was proper then why front tires are worn on the outside edges, they said they have no records, then after the contract was provided they claimed the alignment service is now expired, when questioned their previous service, again the claimed no records, we looked for and provided our records then they claimed the alignment may go out at any time by for example hitting a curb, then we questioned quality, and the warranty on the tires when we were told there is nothing they can do other than selling a new set of tires and new alignment contract. tires are worn unevenly, and they will not honor the alignment service purchased for 1 year, nor warranty the tires sold at the same time.

I will file a formal complaint with all on line web sites against you for willful, and intentional failure to honor the contract, as well as filing a complaints with Texas Attorney general, and BBB.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/15/2008:
You can pick up your just-aligned car from the shop and while driving home hit a pothole or curb and knock it right back out of alignment. So that part of what they told you is true.

But what did they say when you produced paperwork that countered their system? Assuming the receipt was dated less than a year ago and clearly stated one year of alignments, I don't see how they could deny it.

See if you can appeal to their corporate office.
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