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NuEra the biggest fraud of the Century.
By -

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA -- This company is the biggest fraudulent company existing in North America. They will trap customers by calling and promising 1cent per minute calls and tempting them to disclose their information and once they have the credit card or bank information, they will overcharge and rip off the customer by taking away money from credit cards and bank accounts and top of that they charge deposit money too in the bills and finish the money with hefty bills. when you call their customer service, they never disclose their address or real phone numbers and they do not give any bank information where bills can be paid, all they ask for is your information.

I have collected some info about them and also reported to police. its as follows so BEWARE of NuEra Telecom. phone numbers are 18007615708+18007615704+18008594385+18009308698+18776867484+18583095203 and thei address is po box-190959 Miami beach Florida -33119 but also 168-first street SE, Miami Florida-331131 and 222 east 34 street, New York -10016 and 114 caruso street dollar des-ormeaux, quebec, Canada - 8981L9 and they have many fake addresses and phone numbers too which will display on your phone ID as local numbers and when you call back, they belong to innocent people.

So nobody in NuEra telecom tells the truth and they are the biggest ripp off and fraud and cheater company operating somewhere with cheap labour in India and extracting money from innocent people in North America

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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA -- A representative of Nuera Telecom called me, and told me that they have a good rate of 2 cents to Nigeria, no any other charges will be included, and I will get free 500 minutes promotional bonus for 4 months. The representative also told me that I have to give him my credit card information in order to activate a set up an account with them. He collected my name, address date of birth, and told me that the money will be credited back into my account within 24 hours which is not true.

Its been 28 days now, my account is yet to be credited. I was sent a bill and the rate on the bill was 5 cents per minute not 2 cents. Beware of this company, they are fraudulent, and deceitful. I have called my credit card company and filed a dispute for the amount charged. Consumers beware of Nuera Telecom.

The Worst Wireless Company Ever!! They are a Fraud!
By -

I had never experienced such a disgusting, terrible service from any other wireless service provider. I paid approximately $48 to open up the account and prepaid $51 for the month of service. Just three days after I had my phone number ported to this company, my phone's screen broke. I gave them a call to find out how long it would take to activate my new phone with them. I spoke to several reps and all said about five (5) days.

Because that was unacceptable, I went with Verizon Wireless. It took approximately seven (7) days to transfer or port in my number from NuEra Wireless to Verizon Wireless. Even Verizon Wireless Porting Department had to spend hours calling to find out the "OSP" and Password. NuEra Wireless is a complete RipOFF!!! You will regret opening up an account with them! Don't do it!!

I get ripped off!
By -

MIAMI FLORIDA -- I pay this cell company Nuera Wireless $88.85 last Thursday (01/28/2010) for a service that was bad explained to me by one of the salesperson (Miss Beatriz), then I found out what she told me was not right and I want my money back, they have more fees added to this account that wasn't explined to me, I also spoke with a Supervisor who told me my money is going to be refund in 24 to 48 hours.

Today is 02/01/2010 and my money is not on my account yet generating some problems, because when I call them back today, they said that is going to take one to two weeks in order for them to give my money back, so not just the sales person, but the supervisor lies to me, I called several times today trying to talk to a supervisor there, but nobody wants to talk to me, they hang the phone on me or just leave me on the phone for more than 40 min. They denied me the right to talk to some person in the billing department nor with any supervisor there.

Nuera Teleco has to be the worst company ever
By -

In 2008, I received over a dozen telemarketing calls from Nuera Tel. Each and every time they call, we have made it clear that we are not interested in their service and to please put their in their Do Not Call list and to please stop calling me. We've even told them that we are registered in the National Do Not Call Registry and that we have registered complaints and will register another complaint, but these people don't care. I've registered about half a dozen complaints against Nuera Tel with the National Do Not Call Registry -- In fact, I've been registered with them since the day they started that registry. Talk about another ineffective government program.

In one particular night in August 2008, I received over 5 telemarketing calls from Nuera Tel from around 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM. About three of 4 telemarketers kept calling me on that day. I even told them that my son was recovering from a surgery and to please not disturb us during his recovery. That basically fell on deaf ears. This is a game for these people. They basically don't care because they feel they are controlling you.

The next day I called their office in Miami (1-877-686-7484) to narrate the badgering the day before and again told them to put me in their Do Not Call list. The supervisor I spoke to apologized profusely and said I'll never hear from them again. As you may have guessed, they didn't keep their promise. In December 2008, then again in January 2009 and now in November 2009, I kept getting calls from their telemarketers. Nuera tel has to be worst company ever.

Long Distance Service to Pakistan
By -

PO BOX 190959, FLORIDA -- PURPOSE: The purpose of this review is to inform any to-be customer with this company. Please read what happened to me and how the company (NuEra) responded me. The takeaway message is " They Are Thiefs with no prior credibility". I responded to one Indian agent by phone, he offered me 'best' rates to Pakistan (5 cents/min). They assigned me two separate numbers (one for my landline and one for cell phone along with 10 digit PIN). deposited $39.

MY COMPLAINT: Once I got my Bell mobility monthly bill, I was charged $328 for long distance calling. in fact these were the calls that I made in my local free night time. As it turned out to be, NuEra agent had given me WRONG access number, rather be a local access number, the guy gave me long distance number.

Nu ERA RESPONSE: Took me 2 weeks to get the Manager. Worst customer service staff, they can barely speak English. after 1 month of tireless efforts the result is "the company can maximum give me $150 service credit for next month". that is not What I WANT. I need the company to take care of that $328 which is caused by their mal-service agent.

WHAT I WILL BE DOING NOW??? I am committed to file a legal suit against this company soon. REQUEST TO ALL: please beware of their telemarketing. Please make sure you guys have done enough research on NuEra credibility before you signup any contract with them. THANKS ALL.

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