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Beware of NW Auto Care Center
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I took my 92 Ford Escort GT to them back in April to do rebuild my transmission, first off they took over 2 weeks to do it! When I finally got the car I started noticing problems right away with the transmission slipping. This was my first car so I didn't know much, but several friends and family recommended I call them and ask about it. I first emailed the owner and didn't get back a reply. So I called them, the person I talked to on the phone told me this was normal, and the transmission would loosen up after about 3 months. So I took their word for it.

After about 3 months I emailed the owner again. No reply, so I called. I was then told that all the gears needed time to set properly and that this was normal. So I waited some more, it got no better, so I took it in a couple months later. I told the person it had problems during cold weather or when it was cold. They called me a couple days later and couldn't find a problem. I tried to reproduce the problem, but I couldn't due to the weather being warm and the car being warm.

Finally about a month ago the transmission died. I took it in and a couple days later they called me and told me it wasn't their fault and it wasn't under warranty, and said the differential of the transmission went bad and that's not part of what they worked on even though it's in the same housing!

At this point I talked with the owner a few times, and he said he wasn't going to argue with me and he wouldn't negotiate. I said "fine" and said "I want my transmission put back in and I will get the car." He says he can't do that because it will cost money. I tell him "fine, put it in the trunk." He then tells me OK, but they are going to have to charge me $225 dollars for the work done on the transmission! He also told me I didn't want to see the truth and I was trying to pass the buck to them. This is where I had finally had it and told them, no they are liars and thieves and hung up.

Poor Work Done NOT the Best Place for Auto Body Repair!
By -

HILLSBORO, OREGON -- I brought my 2004 Toyota Rav-4 in for front end body damage work to front bumper & driver side fender trim from an accident I got into. After I picked up my car, I noticed my license plate was off centered. Technician misaligned and drilled it in incorrectly. Also noticed one fog lamp was not working. After inspecting it myself I found it was not plugged in and the locking clip was damaged. Fog lamp also had condensation inside it so lamp wasn't installed right.

After a few months I noticed the front bumper started chipping due to some rocks flinging on freeway. After some chipping it started peeling/flaking. The paint on the bumper did not match the OEM paint (white pearl) on the vehicle. it was a flat paint without any clear coat. I went back to NW Auto Care and they wanted to charge me full price for repairs. I ended up taking it to a reputable shop Leif's Auto. Excellent work by the way.

If you're looking into an auto body repair shop, don't take your car here for auto body repairs. Cheap parts and paint, no OEM parts used. They took shortcuts big time! No care taken when parts reinstalled. Quality workmanship stops here!

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