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Nosey Employees, fail to secure customer personal information
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QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS -- I like junky stores like Ocean State Job Lot but in April I had a problem returning an item. At first the return went fine, the item was in new condition, within the 30 day return period, and the assistant manager was standing at the return desk at the time and he even checked the item out. After making the return I went back to my car and returned to the store within a few seconds only to find two random women who appeared to have just entered the store, asking the clerk who the guy was who just returned the item and they had my return receipt in their hands. They were loud and didn't see me come back inside so I approached and asked what the problem was. One of the women smiled, lied, and said they were talking about some other guy so I pointed out they had my receipt in their hands, with my personal information. They tried to smooth things over and I went about my shopping but before I left I spoke to the assistant manager and he began to blame the clerk working returns for the problem and stated the two women were front end supervisors, these women had nothing on identifying them as employees. I thought the incident up front was out order but the assistant manager blaming the clerk, especially when he was standing there at the time of the return and during the incident was unprofessional. My take on things is if there a problem with a return handle it at the time of the return. No random person or employee should be looking at my personal information especially credit card information and talking about it in a public area. In a world were credit card fraud is running ramped Ocean State Job Lot should be more responsible and their employees more professional. At the time of the incident I was upset about the unprofessional behavior and the invasion of privacy so I called the store looking for the assistance manager's name and told him I was calling the corporate office. The assistant manager then pretended he couldn't hear me on the phone and tried to keep me from calling the corporate office by not giving me his name and repeatedly offering his assistance. The only way I got his first name was to tell him I was coming back to the store to get the information. After getting his name I called the corporate office and spoke with someone she listen, apologized, said she'd investigate, though she couldn't disclose what or if anything would be done, and offered to give me a follow up call, but I never got one. The corporate office was professional but I think corporate allowed me to vent and then my complaint went into the circular file, aka the trash. One thing that struck me really funny, when I spoke to the corporate office, was when I told her about the difficulty I had getting the assistant manager's name she told me the employees don't have to give their last names. I thought that's a kick in the head if they are so careful to insure the employees privacy shouldn't mine be just as important.

I read some comments and there seems to be confusion. The receipt that the women were looking at wasn't my half it was the store's half. The part that should have been secured in the registered and not left out for anyone to view. My half of the receipt was with me secure and the big deal is privacy.
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Anonymous on 08/18/2009:
1. Why would you leave your receipt unattended if it had personal information on it?

2. Customers are not entitled to hear what, or if any, disciplinary action will occur resulting from an incident. I'm assuming this is the type of information you wanted to hear with your followup call.

3. At my place of business, we're not required to give our last names either. The first name along with the location number is good enough to track down who it is.
Eloise on 08/18/2009:
I don't understand what the big deal is.
PepperElf on 08/18/2009:
yeah, you left your receipt behind
and they're at fault for looking at it?

Anonymous on 08/18/2009:
If front end employees found the receipt and saw that it had identifying information as well as credit card numbers, they should have secured it in a drawer to see if the customer would come back to claim it. Again, this is what we did when I worked in the retail pharmacy. That is customer service 101, easy to do and will result in an appreciative customer that will realize his privacy was protected as best as we could.

Second regarding knowing what would happen with the employees, when supervising I never disclosed what if any action would be taken with an employee that I received a complaint on. My obligation to the client was to make sure that their complaint is resolved to the best of my ability, including a follow up call, but that does not include telling them what disciplinary action if any would be taken. That's between management and employee.
Anonymous on 08/18/2009:
It has been many years since I have seen a receipt with personal information on it. Take a look in your wallet, you'll see that the card number is not displayed, and the signer's name is the only thing visible, and often not even that. All that being said, I too would have been annoyed if I came back in to find them discussing me.
PepperElf on 08/18/2009:
I just reread the complaint.

Another CUSTOMER (two of them actually) found the receipt and turned it over, according to the complaint. at least that's how it sounded.

He walked in on them while the other customers handed the receipt over and the staff looked down at it.

And he goes on to say that one of the women "lied" and said they didn't think it was his... how do you know they were lying and ...

he never said if the women he spoke to were the employees or the other customers.

nor did he state asking for his receipt back... one would think that if this personal information was so important he'd ask for the receipt instead of just going on with his shopping.
Anonymous on 08/18/2009:
Down toward the middle of the post it says they had nothing identifying themselves as front end employees which made me think they were employees, but not wearing badges or a uniform. "They tried to smooth things over and I went about my shopping but before I left I spoke to the assistant manager and he began to blame the clerk working returns for the problem and stated the two women were front end supervisors"

You are right Pepper, if it were my receipt I would ask for it back.
Jim Schunemann on 06/27/2011:
I been to the Hooksett N.H. three time to get soy nuts and not their . I ask about them and the person who was stocking the shelf said that they receive what they get and don't know what they are going to get .So send some SOY NUTS.
Jon James on 12/30/2011:
The Ocean State Job Lot receipt has a return policy written on it however the big lady at the service desk says there "is no return policy" and refused to exchange a sweat shirt for a different size.

Also they charged me for merchandise I did not get and refused to fix the problem on the spot.

I won't go back to be ripped off again.
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