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Unprofessional Behavior by Company Representatives
Posted by Office Depot Sucks on 01/11/2005
PASADENA, TEXAS -- I purchased office supplies from Office Depot. Imagine that! My purchase was scanned through the register and I paid for my purchase with a bank card. My card was approved, my order was complete and I received a cash register receipt. However, the employees said my card did not go through and I would have to have my purchase scanned again and use my bank card again. I questioned repeating this action because the first transaction was approved and had obviously gone through. I HAD A RECEIPT with approval numbers!!

They assured me that the transaction had not gone through and that I would have to have my purchase completely done over including the use, again, of my bank card. Reluctantly, after a long discussion, I agreed to let them do the transaction over again. I was assured I would not be charged twice for the same items. As soon as I went home, I looked on my back account and I had been charged twice for the same purchase. The next morning, I went to the store with my receipts and asked the company representative to correct the problem. The company representative stated they could not correct the problem at the store level and the corporate office would have to take care of the problem. We called Office Depot everyday to follow up on this matter. They called us one time towards the end of the week to ask for my bank card number so they could credit our account. To make a long story a little shorter.

The "store manager" and the "corporate manager" that I spoke to on the phone are one in the same. A week later Office Depot representatives were still telling me they had taken care of the matter and it was not their problem or fault but it was my bank's problem that we had not received a credit. I called my bank, a National bank, and there was no record of any contact from office depot. I was given a reference number from the back and they said they would handle this matter. It is amazing that a business like "Office Depot" when asked whom they spoke to at the bank to credit my account or if they had a reference number concerning this matter, answered NO I don't know the persons name at the bank I spoke to. I have NO information. I have been very surprised with the service I received and very dissatisfied with the unprofessional behavior of the Office Depot representatives. By the way, the amount of my purchase was over $200.00 so this was not a small purchase.

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Posted by golddust on 2005-01-11:
QUICKLY!!! Call your credit card company and put a stop payment on that purchase until they get their act together. Explain what happened and asked them to either delete one of the charges or stop payment until Office Depot actually straightens out your account.
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2005-01-13:
If you had a reciept, you obvioulsy purchased it. That sounds shady.
Posted by bigjohn on 2005-01-19:
I can't agree with you more. They are expanding in the East..what a joke. They really should be closing Stores. They don't know how to satisfy Customers. There Stores are never busy, I don't know how they can stay around
Posted by titoM on 2005-05-22:
Sorry to hear about the problem. It's strange, I work at an Office Depot and I KNOW for a fact that they CAN easily reverse a transaction and get your money back into your account. But I suppose every company has it's black sheep stores. A sad but true point.
Posted by LeadCashier86 on 2006-12-17:
You had a poor cashier then. If a receipt prints out for your transaction, then the transaction is valid NO MATTER WHAT. I'm the lead cashier to an Office Depot myself, I may only be 20 years of age and only been in retail for 8 months, but I know enough of my job to know that when the receipt is printed, it's valid. In the event that it WAS charged to your card twice accidently, then all they would've had to do was do a return. By policy we have to "Take Care of the Customer", that's why when it comes to taking care of a serious customer issue, I tend to tell the other cashiers to bring it to me, because -I- know how to get it done right (I don't trust others but myself lol)

I sympathize with you on your experience in that store, you didn't need the frustration.
Posted by hobo1 on 2009-07-27:
I just cancel my office depot card.
I will never buy another product from them.

Posted by ncoclub on 2011-01-27:
U-Haul is a master at double charging! The worst offenders are the ones based in a convience store. The employees are not trained..they will swipe your card before you actually rent, then again when you return the rental. Watch your bill!!
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Computer Warranty purchased through Office Depot
Posted by Lena40 on 11/29/2007
ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- DO NOT BUY AN EXTENDED WARRANTY FROM OFFICE DEPOT. I have been attempting to resolve a computer problem since October 4th (two months. After at least 6 hours on the phone, I still have no resolution. I will sum up what has happened - It would take too long to fully explain all that I have been through.

I purchased an extended warranty for "On Site service" Office Depot. I had the unfortunate experience of having to use the warranty when my Video Display card malfunctioned. When I called for service, I was told that they could not fix this onsite, so I would have to mail the machine in and that they would forward a box and shipping information. I received only a shipping label - it was left up to me to properly package the computer and take the machine to UPS. Instead of replacing the motherboard (the video display in integrated into the motherboard), they simply taped over the original port and added on a new video card in an available slot. The video card they added was not compatible with a typical port for a monitor, so they added an adaptor to convert it to the correct port configuration. The adaptor was missing screws and was loose, so the display only worked if you held in the plug while using the computer. Also the back plate was missing from the alternate slots.

After several more calls, I was promised that someone would call me to schedule onsite service - instead, the repair company from New York phoned, and told me they had no intention of sending anyone out, but they could send me a screw to hold the adaptor in place.

Again, back to the warranty company - They said that I would have to mail the computer back in, and they would again mail me a box and shipping label. I requested that It not be sent to the company in New York, as they had done such a shoddy job with the repair. I was assured that it would be sent to another company. Instead, I received a shipping label only, and guess what? The address is back to the same company in New York.

I have gotten no where with these people, they just lie to you, will not allow you to speak with a supervisor, and I do not believe that they even have onsite service available. I contacted the local store where it was purchased, and they told me that there was nothing they can do to help. WHAT A RIP OFF.
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Posted by topdn on 2008-07-01:
they also refused mine and did dammage to my laptop and after hours of phone i was told they would not hounor thir warenty (it was a shop in ny that did the damagee to mine )
Posted by topdn on 2008-07-01:
the shop in florida is even worse
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Office Depot Rebate Failure
Posted by Rain Man on 03/21/2007
PORTLAND, OREGON -- On October 27, 2006, I purchased a Compaq Presario PC from Office Depot. There was a $150 rebate from Office Depot, which was what motivated the purchase. HP also offered an additional $50 rebate. I filled all the forms out correctly and mailed them in on the same day. I received the $50 rebate from HP but Office Depot never received my $150 rebate submission. A customer care agent said to resubmit the paperwork to the resubmit department and wait the recommended 90 days.

After hearing nothing from Office Depot, I checked again to see if they received my second submission. There was no record of it arriving at the rebate center. I told the agent I could send the receipts in again. She said it was too late and there was nothing I could do to get the rebate.

I've also submitted some minor rebates to Office Depot and never heard back from those as well. Has anyone successfully received a rebate from Office Depot?

A poor fulfillment process is not just poor customer service but also dishonest. Unless I can get some help from Office Depot, I'll need to recommend and use a competitor.
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Posted by Ponie on 2007-03-21:
'Has anyone successfully received a rebate from Office Depot?' Yes, several times. However, I never make a purchase based on a rebate. If one is offered, I'm ahead of the game and won't refuse it.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-03-21:
You may want to contact Office Depot directly and express your concern. I had a rebate problem with a large retailer a few months ago, and after contacting them directly, they not only contacted their rebate processor, but sent me a gift certificate worth the value of the rebate as an apology for the problem.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-21:
McAfee tried to stiff me for a $30 rebate. I emailed every address I could find at McAfee. Called various departments and let them know I would be posting the entire episode on My3Cents. Within 48 hours "they found" my rebate and had it sent out in two weeks. Sometimes you do what you have to do. If only one out of ten people go to the lengths I did to get my rebate that means McAfee keeps nine out of ten! They count on their customers to give up and cave in. It's not just McAfee and Office Depot, it's just about all of corporate America. I don't think Tiger Direct has ever paid a rebate.
Posted by JRuth on 2007-04-16:
I had an identical problem with the Compac Notebook rebate from Office Depot which I purchased November 2006 at the Royal Oak, Michigan store. I was promised a $300 rebate if I also bought a HP printer (for which I could receive a $70 rebate.

I sent in the two request for rebate in the same envelope as each was contingent on the other to be valid. I also provided a very pleasant letter with the ID numbers of the rebate at the top. It seems impossible that other than outright fraud that I would not have gotten the $300 rebate. as a check for $70 was sent to me.

I hope that other visitors to this site will write their state better business bureau and demand that Office Depot uphold their promises to their customers.

Interestingly just weeks after I purchased my Compaq at the Royal Oak MI store an Office Depot opened up about 4 miles from my house vs the 20 mile journey to Royal Oak. I hardly ever see a customer in their store. Maybe the word is already out?
Posted by JRuth on 2007-04-16:
Rain Man, I see at the www.rebatereportcard.com website of the 1084 complaints on file - 75 are regarding Office Depot handling of rebates. THIS IS DISGUSTING.
Another website says that Office Depot has a company called Express Group in Walled Lake Michigan that handles the rebates for the Office Depot labeled products sold. Walled Lake is barely 10 miles from my house. I am thinking hard about contacting a consumer protection group and see if they can take action against Office Depot.
Obviously Office Depot is not making a good faith effort to address consumer complaints.
Posted by x64 on 2007-04-28:
How did you send the rebate? Do you have a tracking number to prove that they recieved it? You have just as much proof that they recieved your envelope as they do that you 'didn't' recieve your rebate. Think twice before doing mail-in rebates via USPS.
Posted by yrael on 2007-06-29:

1520 Wesel Blvd
Hagerstown, MD 21740
(301) 790-3405

I bought two Dane-elec 1gb memory USB drives for about 49 dollars each, in their red tag special sales: it saids it will be $7 when rebated $42. Now the problem is I have spend about 100 for these two USB drive hoping I can get $42 back for each of the drives I bought.

I can't read their small prints on the receipt do to my vision so I told the store manager/casher to help me on how to get these rebates, after this guy (his name is Regis Busch) read the paper he told me that all I need to do is fill out my home address and my phone number and send it with my receipt to get this rebate. Needless to said I was happy.

3 month later, I call the rebate center about why I haven't get my rebate, they told me I don't have THE item bar code and they can't do anything unless I go to office depot to solve this problem. WTF???? I SEND THE RECEIPTS (the receipt has items code in it) and the rebate form AND THEY TOLD ME I DON'T HAVE SOME BAR CODE?? WHEN I go to the officeDepot place, they told me it’s not their fault for "rebate center" and Me not getting this right and when I complain I won't leave until this is clear because he told me it wasn’t his fault for not able to send the code with the receipt, that Regis guy actually told me to "get the FU-- out or I'll call the police" What kind of service is this? This is A TOTAL RIP OFF, THEY SCAM MY MONEY, PEOPLE DON'T BUY FROM OFFICE DEPOT!! They are total liars and they’re service is just crap, I’ll never buy from them again and you bet my next business purchase won’t be in that place!
Posted by Kay C. on 2007-07-28:
If I had known what I do today I would of never considered buying from Office Depot. Like you I was lured in by the promise of a $200 rebate on a fancy laptap I was dying for. Like you I waited three months, then four. Another website gave me an email address for Office Depot Customer service in Florida and Jackie Z was assigned to resolve the problem. She told me what to fax her and I did exactly as asked and I never heard another word. Emails, faxes and phone calls went unanswered. I then asked the local Detroit, Michigan TV investigating news crew to help. They got no further with Office Depot 'customer service' than I did. Office Depot simply did not respond. Finally I went to another Office Depot in Clarkston, Michigan and the Office Manager contacted the central office. Three weeks later I was issued a 'customer satisfaction check' for $200. I don't think in this case it was all Office Depot fault as the check should of come from the laptop company - but it wasn't right for them to ignore their customer complaints either.
Summary: Don't do business with Office Depot as likely you will be disappointed. What they actually do in Office Depot Customer Service I have no idea.
Posted by nibbles on 2007-07-28:
I have submitted numerous rebate requests to Office Depot over the years and have had absolutely no problem receivng them within the time frames quoted. I am meticulous in filling out the forms and including everything required. I am careful with my printing so that the address is completely legible. I keep copies of everything I send. I've heard and read these and similar horror stories about not receiving rebates from various retailers and manufacturers - but can only go by my own personal experience which has been very good.
Posted by theodman on 2007-09-12:
I wil say this over and over if anyone on here has a rebate problem call the store they have a special number for Office Depot rebates often all they need is zip adress and last name. However on ocasion they will say what is the rebate for. Please I may be just a under payed manager who loves Office Depot but I truely beleive if you "mailed it filled it out" They will and can get you your rebate. Office Depot is a great place to buy. The employees are not given enough time to help as much as they want but you cant get service as good from wal mart.
Posted by Guesswhat on 2008-03-13:
I purchased McAfee VirusScan from Office Depot back in October of 2007. This deal included a $35 rebate from McAfee and a $5 rebate from Office Depot. I am very particular about sending my rebates out promptly, I received a postcard from them (six months later) informing my that my rebate was received past the deadline date. I mailed it on October the 5th and the deadline was October 27th. When I called them, they informed me that they received my rebate form on December 9th. (?!) I told them that I had mailed it on 10/5. They put me on hold, and came back a few minutes later and said, "We're sorry, sir. We see that we did receive your rebate form in October and you will be receiving your check in 3-4 weeks." Sounds fishy to me when it was resolved that quickly. I was going to pitch the postcard when I received it because it was only $5, but I am sure glad I called. Speak your mind and it pays!
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Return Policy for on-line orders (most inefficient company I have ever worked with)
Posted by Soondae on 09/24/2009
I placed an on-line order for a Texas Instrument calculator. The order was delivered the very next day (which I was very pleased with - extremely prompt with the delivery). However, found out from one of my sons that the model I ordered was not the model he needed for school. I went to return the item to the store on my way to work the next day. I was told that they can not take back any order that was delivered and I need to call the toll free number to arrange the return. I call the toll free number and was told that someone will be stopping to pickup the item (anytime between 8:30 - 5:30). When I asked about how the item should be packaged and the label, I was told to address to Home Depot (no address, no label, etc.). Another question I posed was how do I know if it's been actually picked up by someone, the person said "she doesn't know". She asked if I lived in an area that had experienced bulgary lately or if it's safe.

My complaint are the following:

- how can the store not take back items ordered on-line?
- how can you expect someone to be home to return the item (8:30 - 5:30)?
- how do you not supply return label(s) to track the item to make sure someone actually picked up the item?

I will make sure I never order items on-line from Office Depot again and make sure everyone I know is aware of the policy. This is one of the most inefficient company that wastes resources (money, time, energy, etc.) when we are all trying to cut cost, time, etc. in this recession.

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Posted by goduke on 2009-09-24:
The store was wrong:

Office Supplies:
If you are dissatisfied with your purchase of supplies, you can return it for a full refund, exchange or credit within 30 days of purchase with your original receipt, packing slip or email confirmation ("Original Receipt") to any of our stores. For delivery orders call 800.GO.DEPOT (800.463.3768) to arrange free pick up.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-24:
Why do most stores not take back things ordered online? Because those products don't have bar codes nor are they sold in stores. Hence, why there's an online store... those items are only sold specifically online.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-09-24:
I'm somewhat wondering why you didn't find out what he needed first before clicking away.

There of course IS another option.
Donate your calculator to a charity that supports poor students and then claim the full amount for it on your taxes.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-24:
I hope goduke is correct, and I understand the logic in what bear says. The scenario the OP describes doesn't sound acceptable, especially from a company the size of HD. I've had companies include return envelopes/labels with the order, or send them along when requested. Just to write HD on the package and hope it gets picked up by the right person during the day is not efficient. Perhaps when they picked it up they would leave a receipt with tracking number on it.

I would imagine if a person returned an item to HD that they don't sell in the brick-and-mortar store, they could still accept it and send it along to the warehouse via inneroffice mail. I just can't see it as being a big deal for them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-24:
Well, yes, Mundo... their return policy, as stated online is what goduke says... it's correct. But, some stores have disclaimers that they don't take online products back and that's usually the reason why.
If the OP hasn't sent off the merchandise yet, I suggest he/she go here:


Print out what it says, take it back to the store, and prove the customer service person wrong. But, do it nicely, don't be an a$$ about it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-24:
goduke, YOU are wrong. Read it again:

Office Supplies:
If you are dissatisfied with your purchase of supplies, you can return it for a full refund, exchange or credit within 30 days of purchase with your original receipt, packing slip or email confirmation ("Original Receipt") to any of our stores.

***For delivery orders call 800.GO.DEPOT (800.463.3768) to arrange free pick up.***

Walmart does not take back items ordered online. The online store is different and ite3ms must be returned to the online store.
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Office Depot "Technology return" Ripoff
Posted by Thristam on 05/29/2009
NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA -- Me and My fiance recently purchased a Monitor from office depot on memorial day. We had read on the boards that a number of people suggested a certain monitor for graphic arts majors.

When we went into the store everyone was helpful in making sure we got out the door with the monitor...not a single person explained that:
1 there is a 14 day return policy
2 Oh and by the way, if its a "technology item", your screwed, we don't give your money back under any circumstance.
2 days after purchase we realized the monitor had some bad pixels on the screen and the back light for the monitor was terrible. Thinking that like almost any other company they would let us return it for a refund (or at the very least a in store credit, we took the monitor back.....
The store tells us its a store policy of no refunds. So, we call customer service, they tell us, "no, you can refund it, we'll send a pick up driver to the store to pick up the item! and then send you a refund check in the mail"
We go back to the store the next day and get told "No, we don't allow that, they have to go to your house!" and then proceed to setup a house pickup with Customer service to get the driver to come to our house.
We then get a call a day later (now 2 days of back and forth driving) from the dispatch saying "nope, we won't go to your house, you have to go to the store!"
We get a number for their corporate office and they tell us "Nope! we are not giving you back anything, you can exchange it, that's it!"
Absolutely disgusting. Horrible Service and Underhanded policies. I could understand if they had made it very clear there was no refunds or credit given (we would have left it at the store and bought at another store where they actually WANT repeat service)
This is your warning. DO NOT buy from office depot. EVER. They have changed their refund policy and will not refund your money for any "technology item" (like 90% of the things your going to buy in a store like this)
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-29:
Might be a violation of state consumer law. Regardless of what the store policy might be, they cannot override state law. If the item is defective they must give you a refund.
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Highlighters without enough ink
Posted by Highlighter on 11/12/2007
Foray highlighters, produced by "Swinton Avenue Trading" for Office Depot may look attractive, but they are nearly worthless.

The earlier ones, with a clear window which showed the ink levels, lasted about one book, compared to years for the old Avery HiLiters.

The new ones, twice as thick, have about the same ink and the top won't fit on the end of the highlighter when you are using it.

Given the amount of ink, these products are four to five times the cost of the Avery HiLiters.

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Posted by Principissa on 2007-11-12:
I use the el-cheapo high lighters that come in a black case and the marker is bright yellow. Those things last forever! Try those ones. They are like 2.00 for a package of four. And I think if you go to Staples they may have a larger package. You seem like you use them a lot so you may want to look into it. The brand is called Expo.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-12:
I use the cheap Walgreen special highlighters ~ $0.89 each or two for $1...
Posted by Dol_fan_1313 on 2008-01-24:
Foray work great for me. They last forever!!
Posted by Stampton on 2008-06-08:
Congrats, your lives have been reduced to highlighters. Hope for the best...
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School Pencils for Students are Constantly Breaking-Students Can't Use Them!
Posted by Mollymac22 on 09/24/2013
LAS VEGAS, WASHINGTON -- My husband is a teacher at a Title 1 school in North Las Vegas where the children are living in a distressed community. These teachers received free pencils from Office Depot and when trying to sharpen the pencils so the children can do their work- the pencil lead constantly breaks. I have a bag full of pencils that can not be sharpened without breaking the instant you put pencil to paper. It is as though they were made with pieces of lead so that it will not stay in the pencil. I spent a hour this week sharpening the class pencils for my husband and EVERY pencil would fall out of the pencil EVERY TIME I sharpened them.. Is this how Office Depot is supporting students? Every teacher I spoke with was experiencing the same problem with these pencils and now my husband and I have to purchase (out of our pockets) some other pencils or mechanical pencils for his 30 students so they have something to write with everyday.
What these kids need and what these teachers need is great supplies without teachers having to pay out of pocket constantly. I am so frustrated with the quality of these pencils.. Please help us fix this problem! Tell me what you will do to make this right! Thank you!
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Posted by onlooker on 2013-09-25:
Have you gone to the store to discus or document this issue?
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-09-25:
I work for a school as well. We donations from companies sometimes. One company donated some used computer monitors.Out of the 20 that we got, only 9 actually functioned, and of those 9, about 6 functioned flawlessly. Nothing you can do about it really. Beggars can't be choosers and all that.
Posted by CU on 2013-09-25:
The pencils were free. How do you make something right that was a gift to begin with? I do agree with Onlooker, take the pencils to the store and show them the problem. Maybe they can fix it up with their supplier.
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8-10 Weeks is vastly underestimated wait for rebate
Posted by Trmn8r on 07/06/2012
I examined the rebate form with a magnifying glass and a lawyer at my side. I made sure to follow every rule to a t. Picture it - the month was March.

So I call today to find out what's what, as my check never arrived. The automated system can't find any record of my submission ): Hope springs eternal as I am connected with a cheerful Office Depot rep, who takes my address. She finds my submission, and quickly tells me it was received more than 3 months ago. She asks to put me on hold, and after several minutes returns to tell me the rebate "is just sitting, waiting to be approved." More like just sitting waiting for me to forget about it, most likely.

She told me I can check the status of my check on the OD website, but if the automated system can't look me up by my phone # or address, I have little confidence that will happen...

Golly, I expected to be told I forgot a letter or number somewhere. I've never been fond of the whole rebate concept, so I guess I'm not all that surprised. I'll post back if it shows up.

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Free Delivery Blows
Posted by Trmn8r on 02/02/2012
Just say
Just say "no" to Office De-pot
I ordered a printer online on Saturday, and the website said "if you order by 5pm, you'll receive your order the next business day." Since it was 9pm when I ordered and Saturday, I expected to receive the product on Tuesday.

Tuesday rolls around, and I check the delivery status at "LaserShip". "Received 5:30am Out for Delivery 6:01am" - yippee! So I waited, and waited. Looked back at the website, and it assured me "Delivery by 7pm". At 7:30pm I called Office Depot, and the recording tells me my order has been delivered. I then press 3 for agent, and got someone who is obviously over 5,000 miles from my location, with a misplaced English name. The person assured me they would help, and proceeded to go to the LaserShip website and read to me the same status I had read. "No further information is available - it is out for delivery." Uh-huh, but the recording at your number says it was delivered. "No sir, there is nothing in the record to say it was delivered." OK.

So Wednesday comes, and I settle in to wait for my delivery. I check the website, and it still shows the item went out Tuesday for delivery (to the moon?). Anticipating how my day will end, I cross my fingers and busy myself with sundry tasks. 7:30pm comes, and I post an inquiry on both the Office Depot and LaserShip websites (who the heck knows which one to use?). I call Office Depot, and am again told with fanfare that my order has been delivered. 3 for the almost-useless agent, who tells me they are expediting a help request, but the help office is closed at this hour. Uh-huh. I am assured there is a 4-hr response time, which in this case means I should get a call in the morning.

Thursday morning I get a call from someone who sounds like she is on a cell phone in her laundry room loading the dryer. "I'm cal-ng to -ell you I will -eck on this and ge- back to you -ly." Gee, thank you. 2 hours later, she calls back from cell phone in the laundry room - "th- pa--age should be deliver-- --tween 2pm and 3pm." wow, how did they find my package so fast? 3pm arrives and a rental truck comes down the road. Guy swings open the door, and there are like 3 small boxes with "Office Depot" on them. There's my printer!

How did I get this so wrong? I must have used Office *Max* last time. The truck had the company name on it, and the delivery was the same day. Never again, Office Depot. Mark my words, never again!
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Posted by Alain on 2012-02-03:
Thank you for the heads up, Trmn8r. I've never used their delivery service and given this report of the run around you had with them, I'm not liable to try it. It'd be interesting what their corporate office in Albuquerque has for an explanation [(505) 332-1532]. Wonder if that call would be rerouted to the laundry room, too.
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-02-03:
Can't say that I blame you for writing them off. I can't imagine anyone ordering from them twice.

Thanks for the warning!
Posted by Churro on 2012-02-03:
I would think this complaint is more about LaserShip than Office Depot. Okay, perhaps Office Depot for choosing LaserShip.

I've never had any dealings with LaserShip but judging by the complaints posted by PO'ed Amazon Prime members I'd say your LaserShip experience is not atypical at all.
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RTA Furniture
Posted by Vendorcomplaint on 06/06/2011
AVON, COLORADO -- As a former vendor, and shareholder of Office Depot I am amazed of the merchandising of the RTA office furniture. The VP of Merchandising and buying staff need to learn that prior to buying any RTA furniture, they themselves should be able to assemble the unit. I realize that retail is mostly about "net maintained margin", "turn rate",etc.

However if the buying staff were forced to adapt this simple policy, customer satisfaction would be greatly improved, and the furniture department would most likely be empty.
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