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Free Delivery Blows
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered a printer online on Saturday, and the website said "If you order by 5pm, you'll receive your order the next business day." Since it was 9pm when I ordered and Saturday, I expected to receive the product on Tuesday. Tuesday rolls around, and I check the delivery status at "LaserShip." "Received 5:30am. Out for Delivery 6:01am," - yippee! So I waited, and waited. Looked back at the website, and it assured me "Delivery by 7pm."

At 7:30pm I called Office Depot, and the recording tells me my order has been delivered. I then press 3 for agent, and got someone who is obviously over 5,000 miles from my location, with a misplaced English name. The person assured me they would help, and proceeded to go to the LaserShip website and read to me the same status I had read. "No further information is available - it is out for delivery." Uh-huh, but the recording at your number says it was delivered. "No sir, there is nothing in the record to say it was delivered." OK.

So Wednesday comes, and I settle in to wait for my delivery. I check the website, and it still shows the item went out Tuesday for delivery (to the moon?). Anticipating how my day will end, I cross my fingers and busy myself with sundry tasks. 7:30pm comes, and I post an inquiry on both the Office Depot and LaserShip websites (who the heck knows which one to use?). I call Office Depot, and am again told with fanfare that my order has been delivered.

3 for the almost-useless agent, who tells me they are expediting a help request, but the help office is closed at this hour. Uh-huh. I am assured there is a 4-hr response time, which in this case means I should get a call in the morning.

Thursday morning I get a call from someone who sounds like she is on a cell phone in her laundry room loading the dryer. "I'm cal-ng to -ell you I will -eck on this and ge- back to you -ly." Gee, thank you. 2 hours later, she calls back from cell phone in the laundry room - "th- pa--age should be deliver-- --tween 2pm and 3pm." Wow, how did they find my package so fast? 3pm arrives and a rental truck comes down the road. Guy swings open the door, and there are like 3 small boxes with "Office Depot" on them. There's my printer!

How did I get this so wrong? I must have used Office *Max* last time. The truck had the company name on it, and the delivery was the same day. Never again, Office Depot. Mark my words, never again!

Late Delivery
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Do I have a good one for everybody!! First you need to know where I live, and my "shopping choices." I live in what would be considered a remote area of Arizona. That is, I live in the NE corner outside a little town called Holbrook. I am 40 miles east of Winslow, and 54 miles North of Showlow. These are the only two towns in my area that have "Super Wal-Mart" stores. I go to Winslow once a month for my office supplies. Wal-Mart usually carries everything I need.

Well I needed ink cartridges for my portable printer. Lo and behold Wal-Mart doesn't carry them. They sell the printer, but they don't sell the cartridges. (I have already told them what I thought of that idea.) So, I went on the internet. I found a store in Phoenix that did sell them. This store was OFFICE DEPOT. Phoenix is 193 miles from my house, with gas prices what they are I didn't want make a 386 mile round trip just to buy two ink cartridges. So, I ordered them on line.

I placed my order January 31, 2007. I received a printable receipt for the order. The product was scheduled for delivery the next day (Feb. 1, 2007) between 08:30AM-5:00 PM. This was fine. Everything was "kosher." Then, the "DELIVERY FROM HELL STARTED." The 1st came and went, the 2nd, came and went. I didn't think too much about it because we did have some pretty severe weather, and I figured it was delayed to that. But, the morning of the 3rd I went on the internet to tract the order, I found out then that Office Depot had, as they put it, "Gave it to a third party for delivery." That third party was UPS.

So, I went on UPS's website with the tracking number and this is what I came up with: 02/01/2007 1:09am Billing Info Receive. 02/01/2007 1:37am Product Scan in Phoenix. 02/02/2007 5:33am Departure Scan in Albuquerque, NM!!! 02/02/2007 3:28pm Arrival Scan in Phoenix? 02/03/2007 3:46am Departure Scan Phoenix. I called UPS and asked them 2 questions that, to this day, they have not and, most likely will not, answer.

1: Why did this product go from Phoenix, AZ to Albuqueque, NM and back to Phoenix?!!? 2: It was scanned in Phoenix at 3:46AM on the 3rd. It is 193 miles from Phoenix to Holbrook (236 if you go by way of Flagstaff). Even if you go the long way it is only a 5-6 hour drive. Granted UPS has stops along the way. But, guess what, this actually arrived in Holbrook at 9:00am on the 3rd. I know UPS delivers on weekends. Maybe not on Sundays, but they do deliver on Saturdays. Why then did this product sit in Holbrook all day on the 3rd when it was already 2 days late???

UPS refuses to answer either question other than the proverbial: "I DON'T KNOW..." I realize this is long but you need to know the entire story. I called Office Depot and expressed my displeasure. The first person I talked to was a ** in the Philippines. He offered me a $11.18 credit off the original $55.90. He even gave me a confirmation #. Then this morning 02/05/2007 I got a call from a ** in Argentina. This lady was "in customer service." She listened to my problem, agreed that it was Office Depot's responsibility and offered me a full refund.

I told her that if she wanted I would return the product, and try to find it somewhere else. She said that would not be necessary. I could go ahead and keep the product, and she even gave me a confirmation # for the refund. Great!! Every one is satisfied. Office Depot has admitted their responsibility, they have done what is right, everybody is satisfied. At 11:40 Arizona time I finally receive my ink cartridges. I put them in my printer, ahhh, I can get back to work! MY BIG MISTAKE!!! The phone rings; guess who???!!! It is Office Depot.

Some guy (I never did understand him) saying he is a Customer Service Manager and he has CANCELLED my refund. Then, what does he do? He SLAPS ME IN THE FACE WITH AN OFFER OF A $10.00 DISCOUNT!! Then when I tell him that ** said I didn't have to return the product he says "Then we can only offer you $10.00." He insists I return the product in order to get a full refund. I tell him, "What about the delayed delivery that cost me money (because I couldn't use my printer) that I am not asking for?" He still insisted it was not Office Depot's responsibility.

That is when I sort of blew it. I told him I was promised 1 day delivery by OFFICE DEPOT - NOT UPS. It was OFFICE DEPOT's responsibility to live up to their agreement. UPS would never have entered the picture if OFFICE DEPOT never asked them to.

The real problem here is: There is no one local you can deal with with a problem of this sort. The only number they give you is 1-800-463-3768. When you call this number you get one of two locations: The Philippines, or Argentina. According to all that have answered the phone, there is no direct line for Customer Service in the United States.

I just noticed a 1-888 number on the invoice. I just called it and got a hold of a ** in Argentina. She, after very politely listening to me, (and I was very calm) cancelled the last cancellation and refunded the full $55.90. Yes I did get a confirmation number. We will see what happens. There will be future posts on this both concerning Office Depot and UPS.

School Pencils for Students Are Constantly Breaking - Students Can't Use Them!
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, WASHINGTON -- My husband is a teacher at a Title 1 school in North Las Vegas where the children are living in a distressed community. These teachers received free pencils from Office Depot and when trying to sharpen the pencils so the children can do their work - the pencil lead constantly breaks. I have a bag full of pencils that can not be sharpened without breaking the instant you put pencil to paper. It is as though they were made with pieces of lead so that it will not stay in the pencil.

I spent a hour this week sharpening the class pencils for my husband and EVERY pencil would fall out of the pencil EVERY TIME I sharpened them.. Is this how Office Depot is supporting students? Every teacher I spoke with was experiencing the same problem with these pencils and now my husband and I have to purchase (out of our pockets) some other pencils or mechanical pencils for his 30 students so they have something to write with everyday.

What these kids need and what these teachers need is great supplies without teachers having to pay out of pocket constantly. I am so frustrated with the quality of these pencils.. Please help us fix this problem! Tell me what you will do to make this right! Thank you!

Office Depot "Technology Return" Ripoff
By -

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA -- Me and my fiance recently purchased a monitor from Office Depot on Memorial Day. We had read on the boards that a number of people suggested a certain monitor for graphic arts majors. When we went into the store everyone was helpful in making sure we got out the door with the monitor... not a single person explained that:

There is a 14 day return policy. Oh and by the way, if its a "technology item," you're screwed, we don't give your money back under any circumstance. Days after purchase we realized the monitor had some bad pixels on the screen and the back light for the monitor was terrible. Thinking that like almost any other company they would let us return it for a refund (or at the very least a in store credit), we took the monitor back... The store tells us it's a store policy of no refunds. So, we call customer service, they tell us, "No, you can refund it, we'll send a pick up driver to the store to pick up the item and then send you a refund check in the mail."

We go back to the store the next day and get told "No, we don't allow that, they have to go to your house!" and then proceed to set up a house pickup with Customer service to get the driver to come to our house. We then get a call a day later (now 2 days of back and forth driving) from the dispatch saying "Nope, we won't go to your house, you have to go to the store!" We get a number for their corporate office and they tell us "Nope! We are not giving you back anything, you can exchange it, that's it!"

Absolutely disgusting. Horrible Service and Underhanded policies. I could understand if they had made it very clear there was no refunds or credit given (we would have left it at the store and bought at another store where they actually WANT repeat service). This is your warning. DO NOT buy from Office Depot. EVER. They have changed their refund policy and will not refund your money for any "technology item" (like 90% of the things you're going to buy in a store like this).

Computer Warranty Purchased Through Office Depot
By -

ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- DO NOT BUY AN EXTENDED WARRANTY FROM OFFICE DEPOT. I have been attempting to resolve a computer problem since October 4th (two months). After at least 6 hours on the phone, I still have no resolution. I will sum up what has happened - It would take too long to fully explain all that I have been through.

I purchased an extended warranty for "On Site service" Office Depot. I had the unfortunate experience of having to use the warranty when my Video Display card malfunctioned. When I called for service, I was told that they could not fix this onsite, so I would have to mail the machine in and that they would forward a box and shipping information. I received only a shipping label - it was left up to me to properly package the computer and take the machine to UPS.

Instead of replacing the motherboard (the video display in integrated into the motherboard), they simply taped over the original port and added on a new video card in an available slot. The video card they added was not compatible with a typical port for a monitor, so they added an adaptor to convert it to the correct port configuration. The adapter was missing screws and was loose, so the display only worked if you held in the plug while using the computer. Also the back plate was missing from the alternate slots.

After several more calls, I was promised that someone would call me to schedule onsite service - instead, the repair company from New York phoned, and told me they had no intention of sending anyone out, but they could send me a screw to hold the adapter in place.

Again, back to the warranty company - they said that I would have to mail the computer back in, and they would again mail me a box and shipping label. I requested that it not be sent to the company in New York, as they had done such a shoddy job with the repair. I was assured that it would be sent to another company. Instead, I received a shipping label only, and guess what? The address is back to the same company in New York.

I have gotten nowhere with these people, they just lie to you, will not allow you to speak with a supervisor, and I do not believe that they even have onsite service available. I contacted the local store where it was purchased, and they told me that there was nothing they can do to help. WHAT A RIP OFF.

Excellent Corporate Response
By -

I had been saving up my reward points to purchase a nice camera for myself. When I finally had enough points, the camera was out of stock, available by special order online only. I kept checking every couple of days and at last, it was in stock! I placed the order and waited for it to get to me! When it arrived it was a Friday afternoon and my daughter and I spent Saturday trying to figure out how to operate it. Finally, we gave up because something appeared to be wrong with it.

We called Office Depot customer service and got someone in India who could only offer to return it and when it had been returned ship a new one out to us. We were leaving on Wednesday on a long awaited vacation to Turkey and really wanted to take the camera with us - that wouldn't help us at all. We called Canon and they agreed that the camera was defective but they could only offer the same arrangements as the store - mail it in and get another mailed back. No good! We went into an Office Depot store to see if there was something they could do, but they didn't have anything comparable in the store.

Monday morning we called the Executive Relations number that Office Depot has in the US. We spoke to ** and she is the reason that this is a compliment and not a complaint! It took her two days to finagle a resolution for us but she never gave up! Late Tuesday evening I was on my way to the Office Depot store where the manager was waiting for me. Ms. ** had arranged for me to return the $700 camera to him, have him give me CASH for the camera that I paid for with reward points so that I could go to a competitor that carried the camera locally!

That wonderful service to me and my daughter so that we would have a camera for our vacation has made me an enthusiastic customer for life! Love Office Depot and Ms. ** is an incredible asset for them. Thank you again!

Deals Too Good to Be True - Office Depot Cancels Order Without Good Explanation
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I bought 2 small cases of paper (5 reams per case) with a coupon code online and had selected to pick it up in store. The paper was on sale and so the coupon code made it a very good deal. When I went to pick up the order in store, I was told that the manager had cancelled the order. I received no email (and still haven't days later) saying the order was cancelled. I was offered to buy it at the sale price, which wouldn't really make it worth buying as other office supply stores had comparable or better deals.

I was also struck by the way the situation was handled when I went to the store. The man behind the counter at the Orders/Pickup area looked at the order and then called somebody (presumably a manager) and then walked to the middle of the store without explanation. He was looking at someone in the back of the store, nodding as if getting instructions (he was wearing a bluetooth headset) and then walked back over to me to tell me my order was cancelled because I couldn't use the coupon code. I left the store without pursuing it further as I didn't detect that there was much effort at customer satisfaction at this store.

My thoughts are that if an order processes online with a coupon code, it should be honored. If you spend your time going into a store to have a manager arbitrarily cancel an order, I don't feel like it is worthwhile to have a business relationship with that store, and possibly that company, anymore.

Being a manager of a company, I buy a lot of office supplies and obviously get excited to get a good deal on something now and then. Getting excited about a deal makes me want to shop at the same store again and again to see what other deals I might run into, while also buying things at normal price. I really do wonder what a company, or store manager, is thinking in creating such a rift with a customer as to just cancel an order and not even bother to try to smooth out the reason why. I will never shop at that store again as there are way too many other office supply stores that have policies that are more geared to my liking.

Office Depot Advertisements and Product Availability
By -

Why I will never buy another thing from Office Depot. Every time you advertise a good deal on a computer, your stores never have them. When those stores call other stores, those other stores never have. Then your sales representative tell me "Oh that's been discontinued" so why advertise it. Every time I order something from Tech Depot that was advertised in print or on your site, I get told "Oh that's been discontinued."

My last order: Purchased online from OD website for store pick up, charged 899.99, although your phone representative say I wasn't. Call me the next morning, state that the store I want to pick computer up doesn't have any and I cannot get on delivered because umm "It's been discontinued." Call store: "Store has 2, we'll hold it for you." GREAT!!! But since OD online is holding $899.99 (901.00 actually) I can't pay for new computer.

Ask OD online to call my credit card company to release the hold, poor English speaking representative tells me that my card was not charged, umm my cc says it was, 901 hold pending could take 3-5 days to drop off. CC company says "we'll gladly drop the hold immediately if OD calls and provides some info and I can buy computer immediately." Again OD representative speaking poor English tells me that my card wasn't charged. Called store for assistance, guy tells me "Sorry this kind of stuff happens all the time, and there's nothing I can do." At least I could understand him.

This year Best Buy and Staples will get all my computer business, which I plan to buy one nice desktop, 2 laptops, an LCD projector, a 42 inch HDTV, and related software titles. All by Christmas. No matter how irresistible your prices are, no matter how many tempting emails I get, I would rather pay more from a Store or Website that provides quality customer service, consistent prices between Web and Store, and actually carries the products they advertise, not discontinuing them the day the ad hits the streets. Thank you for making this so easy for me.

Remember: If I have a good experience, I will tell 2-3 people by word of mouth, and none via the internet. If I have a bad experience, I will tell 10 by word of mouth and MILLIONS via the internet. Thank you Al Gore, thank you for inventing the internet so I can tell the world about crappy retailers and their lack of realizing that without happy customers, the only ones that are happy are the bankruptcy vultures.

Return Policy for On-Line Orders (Most Inefficient Company I Have Ever Worked With)
By -

I placed an on-line order for a Texas Instrument calculator. The order was delivered the very next day (which I was very pleased with - extremely prompt with the delivery). However, found out from one of my sons that the model I ordered was not the model he needed for school. I went to return the item to the store on my way to work the next day. I was told that they can not take back any order that was delivered and I need to call the toll free number to arrange the return.

I call the toll free number and was told that someone will be stopping to pick up the item (anytime between 8:30 - 5:30). When I asked about how the item should be packaged and the label, I was told to address to Home Depot (no address, no label, etc.). Another question I posed was how do I know if it's been actually picked up by someone, the person said "she doesn't know." She asked if I lived in an area that had experienced bulgary lately or if it's safe.

My complaint are the following: How can the store not take back items ordered on-line? How can you expect someone to be home to return the item (8:30 - 5:30)? How do you not supply return label(s) to track the item to make sure someone actually picked up the item?

I will make sure I never order items on-line from Office Depot again and make sure everyone I know is aware of the policy. This is one of the most inefficient company that wastes resources (money, time, energy, etc.) when we are all trying to cut cost, time, etc. in this recession.

Office Depot Rebate Failure
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- On October 27, 2006, I purchased a Compaq Presario PC from Office Depot. There was a $150 rebate from Office Depot, which was what motivated the purchase. HP also offered an additional $50 rebate. I filled all the forms out correctly and mailed them in on the same day. I received the $50 rebate from HP but Office Depot never received my $150 rebate submission. A customer care agent said to resubmit the paperwork to the resubmit department and wait the recommended 90 days.

After hearing nothing from Office Depot, I checked again to see if they received my second submission. There was no record of it arriving at the rebate center. I told the agent I could send the receipts in again. She said it was too late and there was nothing I could do to get the rebate. I've also submitted some minor rebates to Office Depot and never heard back from those as well. Has anyone successfully received a rebate from Office Depot? A poor fulfillment process is not just poor customer service but also dishonest. Unless I can get some help from Office Depot, I'll need to recommend and use a competitor.

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